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When Men Beat Women

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  1. Andy says:

    Stupid Story.

  2. Did I just click on AVfM?

  3. Hedon says:

    Tha fuck?

  4. tamerlame says:

    Ending was rushed.

  5. Templar says:

    And the process repeats….

  6. barbarossaa says:

    lol am i missing something guys? i thought the point of the article was to show the double standards of primary agressor laws… given that perspective what’s wrong with it?

    1. Andy says:

      Maybee i’am spoiled, but this is badly writen, boring and not authentic. No angry woman talks like “is this love?” when they catch their man watching porn. The fighting is not authentic at all. The role of the man is that of an shamed child that got caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar.”hides his face”. What a pussy whipped charakter is that supposed to be? That guy hitting her feels desperate, and when a guy is desperate the woman knows she has the upper hand and she can throw the book at him.
      And whats the moral of the story? Should i feel sorry for the charakter? Should i be upset about the double standart how society handles violence? Where is the lesson for me? Where is the part where i learn something and can better myself? You know i have a friend who beat his GF at a garden party when we were all realy drunk, and he is still together with her[and both are happy]. How that works is a lesson i wanna learn and not some “[angry hippie voice] yeah man you see society brainwashes us so that there is a double standart in violence and crazy bitches pray on you man.” Doesn’t help anyone. Stupid story. Victim mentality.

      1. Andy says:

        ofcourse i mean “prey” and other typos.

    1. above comment was supposed to be a reply to Barbar’s ?

  7. Vektor says:

    If he has resorted to watching porn, he should dump her. Really, why is he with her otherwise? To associate with women is to incur costs. Women are the most expensive thing in the universe. If you are not getting value from her, then you are a fool.

    “You’re a liar and a cheat,” she screams in his face. “Give me your phone!”

    Number 1, women are pathological liars. I have yet to meet a women who couldn’t tell a bold faced lie straight to me face without batting an eye. I was cheated on by my ex-wife.

    “Shelly’s eyes turn to vicious slits. The back of her hand connects with his face. “Give it to me!” she screams. The rage in her voice is palpable and frightening.”

    Number 2, any woman who display the slightest aggression is done. A women that makes demands or threats….she is done. DONE. In this example, she stuck first. She is the aggressor.

    I am particularly sensitive to this. My ex was a BPD psycho. She punched, kicked, spit, and threw objects. ZERO….ZERO….ZERO….ZERO TOLERANCE. If it happens even ONCE…..DONE! Anything else is consent to allow it to happen again. Do not think it will get better…it won’t….it will get worse. DROP THE HAMMER….LEAVE!

    1. hahahahahaha, that’s funny…

      looks like I called it right….

  8. Traversable says:

    An unspoken Rule The Alpha must always keep his stature and remain in control. Jack was reacting to a aggressive invasion of privacy. If we switch the genders Jack would have claimed a theft and Charges would have been brought up for communication tampering . A felony like cutting the phone wire to the security system . In today’s age a man can be arrested and charged with kidnapping if he grabs a women’s phone but , A women can aggressively force herself into the privacy and leave a man helpless with no way to call and record his aggressor to prevent a false charge or an invasion or privacy .
    as far as Im concerned Jack had every right to defend himself from future aggression . Lets look at it logically without emotion If a thief enters your house and clips the phone line a felony is committed , If any harm come to the perpetrator that committed the felony by the home owner its in the act of committing a felony . hence the thieve fault .
    Shelly was committing a felony and Jack had the right to defend himself . But gynocentrism has unspoken rules about keeping composure but allows women to lose theirs and violate mans rights . Yes its a double standards of primary aggressor . Its a barrier to legal right and that call bias and racism .

  9. Traversable says:

    One domestic violence case involved an angry person who deliberated cut their estranged spouse’s phone line then forcefully gained access to the home and committed other acts of domestic violence.

    A less violent case involved a man removing the battery from his former wife’s cordless phone during an argument. He was found guilty under California Penal Code Section 591 PC.

    Both cases involved phone lines being disabled, leaving their alleged victims unable to call to get help. Jack was innocent because shelly had broke the law .

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Its irrelevant. Under Western culture and law, women can literally get away with murder at this current time.

      A drastically reduced sentence (if any) is the best one can hope for in the case of a violation, a slap on the wrist at worst. Women, especially white women are a protected and privileged class in the US and Europe.

  10. Travis says:

    Yeah the ending was rushed, but no one has posted in the comments about the emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of a manipulative chick.

    You dolts are blaming him for the way he was rasied. She just suffered a consequence of over stepping her boundaries. Mind you she is going off her program of how a man shoukd be to. Its all just wrong. In that, respect is respect and truth is truth.

    Yeah he was checking out a chick and if his chick was a boss she would say how she really felt ir at least understand she should be fucking glad he’s checking out another ass. What I’m saying is this; because people are steady trying to live up to unrealistic standards and projecting their false self we create these stupid ass expectations.

    We are all in denial and living in ego living day to day with these dumb as rules that no one can live up too. Its just another case of dishonest vs. truth, ego vs altruism.

    I’m not blaming women I blame men for putting up with the shit. Fuck that tell these infants whats really good. Yeah bitch I’m beating off you want to help a brother out or you gonna be wack and act like your pussy is the bomb.

    Go be wack by your damn self. I’ve never chased a woman. I always chase them after I trusted them and fell for their bullshit. No more. I’m a king a bitch you gotta work for the dick – not the other way around.


  11. Karen says:

    Travis (sounds very Alabama-like…hard to believe someone as refined as Zelda Fitzgerald came from the same jurisdiction) says:

    “I’ve never chased a woman. I always chase them after I trusted them and fell for their bullshit. No more. I’m a king a bitch you gotta work for the dick – not the other way around.”

    The inherent contradiction “I never chased…I always chase” is delicious!

    Very symptomatic of the simple masculine mind; the profound inability to reconcile two conflicting clauses…

    I’m certain that the women “you trusted” appreciate you falling for them. Hopefully they extracted as much money as they could from you over the course of the relationships…and then giggled later when they thought back on how easy you were to manipulate.

    As for your hopes of reversing things in the future; well, don’t hold your breath boy. Girls are much smarter than males; and always have been.


  12. Karen says:

    The writer Travis actually sounds like Travis Scott; per my evaluation of the general tenor that punctuates his incoherent rant. I read an “article” (and I use the term loosely) of his on AVFM; and I can say categorically that I was embarrassed for him as an adult; since the number of grammatical and syntactical errors in the body of his article were nothing short of astonishing.

    I assumed a website that wishes to be taken seriously would at least engage in proofreading prior to allowing such an article to be seen by the general public; but that would likely presuppose that MRA’s have anything serious to communicate to begin with.

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