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  1. Kyle says:

    Women are better at putting others into lose lose situations than men are. This propaganda is the smog that brings with it the guilty before proven innocent nonsense.

    Want to know what immediately creates a misandry attitude? The belief that men cannot face greater, more or more prolonged struggles than women it eliminates all empathy. Just try it for a second and watch what you become inclined to doing. lack of empathy promotes a lack of understanding and this propaganda is born from that.

  2. Andy says:

    For me this looks like a desperate nanny that tries to teach a career criminal not to do bad things, because it is a desperate nanny that tries to teach a career criminal not to do bad things.
    I just wait until he kills off nanny so that there is no one to lecture me when i take his scalp, ears, head.

  3. Tamerlame says:


    This blog post from pro male anti femimist tech sums up the anti feminist hypocrisy over the cologne sex attacks.

  4. I’ve read in a recent article that migrants in Norway are forced to attend classes that teach them not to rape and to respect women. No wonder that there will be resentment if men are told that they are rape-fueled fiends before they do anything at all.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Sounds analogous to how many young men are forced to take ‘women’s studies’ in US colleges.

  5. ChandraSekhar says:

    Re: at the same time have absolutely zero desire to live in a world where their abrahamic tradcon nonsense would be imposed on me….

    What power do Muslimimmigrants have to IMPOSE any law on Western lands? Do they have any Govt power or cultural power as of now? esp when Constitutions already exist that separate Church and State

    Re: if these migrants are going to be allowed into the west, they will have to respect the west’s customs and laws, bottom line.

    As for “When in Rome, do as Romans do”.. Thats fair, but the hypocrisy is that all these rules were absent for 100s of years when the West INVADED other people’s lands ..on an unprecedented worldwide scale.. and killed and plundered, while claiming that they are bringing “civilization” to those countries. And WHITE WOMAN’s Holy Vagina is always TOP OF PROTECTION list.
    for e.g one episode from my Native country India.
    Prelude to Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, 1919
    On 11 April, Miss Marcella Sherwood, an English missionary, fearing for the safety of her pupils, was on her way to shut the schools and send the roughly 600 Indian children home. While cycling through a narrow street called the Kucha Kurrichhan, she was caught by a mob, pulled to the ground by her hair, stripped naked, beaten, kicked, and left for dead. She was rescued by some local Indians, including the father of one of her pupils, who hid her from the mob and then smuggled her to the safety of Gobindgarh fort. After visiting Sherwood on 19 April, the Raj’s local commander, Colonel Dyer, issued an order requiring every Indian man using that street to crawl its length on his hands and knees. Colonel Dyer later explained to a British inspector: “Some Indians crawl face downwards in front of their gods. I wanted them to know that a British woman is as sacred as a Hindu god and therefore they have to crawl in front of her, too.” He also authorised the indiscriminate, public whipping of locals who came within lathi length of British policemen. Miss Marcella Sherwood later defended Colonel Dyer, describing him “as the ‘saviour’ of the Punjab”.

  6. tamerlame says:

    Do we teach Arab women not to abuse their own kids?

  7. Kong says:

    The only people who were hospitalised in that New Years fiasco were men, yet the media only reported on women being groped and robbed. Funny that isn’t it? They are setting up aware campaigns to tell migrant men not to grope women, but there are no campaigns telling them not to phsysically assault men.

    Anyway that groping issue was likely exaggerated and furthermore I don’t give a fuck if even one woman got her ass pinched. Plenty of women have groped me before so I have NO concern whatsoever about a poor, precious darling little princess being groped. If indeed they even were groped.

  8. Templar says:

    I have been trying to say something along these lines but with little success. No one want’s to live under Islam (or any religion in my case) but the treatment of whole groups of men for the wrong doings of very few men exaggerated in the news is a scenario that plays out time and again; yet shockingly men in the mgtow community who should already be skeptical about this were so quick to believe the wrong doings of other men and flew into what I wanna call Gyno-rage because they were so angry that these outsiders were touching the women!

    Where were the angry mobs when it came out that clergy (yes nuns included) from all backgrounds were sexually abusing alter boys, where were the nationalist crying in defense and well being of they’re son’s ass-wholes?

    I propose (and please think this out) that the anger we see among western men (including many in the mgtow community) concerning this “1000 man rape army” is a manifestation of old animal concerns of keeping rival groups of males from messing with “our women,” that is one of the few answers that make sense concerning the ease at which we males can accept the guilt of other males, we assume some moral high ground thereby accidentally creating a situation were we can deal out justice to the criminal (remember the mass lynchings of the black rapists any one?). I believe that this ease of acceptance stems from some inbuilt process of culling out dangerous competition in human male, and one that complements what has been noted in human females having a tendency of perpetually identifying those that they do not feel safe around which leads to an almost culling like system of identify the unwanted element and then destroy it .

    Before I start to ramble I have to say that when I hear the rallying cries of the nationalist (all of them, black, white, Asian and pickles) I cannot help but think of the frustration of chimpanzees and baboons when they discover one of they’re females copulating with a male of the opposing troop (consenting or non-consenting,) they fly into furry and first attempt to kill the trespasser then depending on whether or not the female was copulating willingly they may punish her (WWII France anyone?,) but then again that’s just a thought.

  9. Tim says:

    Oh – you got raped? Well that’s too bad dear. You wanted freedom from the big bad patriarchy. Everyone knows that men and women are equal, now. All I can say is – enjoy your freedom. I suggest you take a self-defense class, work out, buy a gun, mace and/or stop dressing like a damn prostitute – cause if your mouth were on fire – I wouldn’t piss in it to put it out.

    Am I “victim blaming”? Nope. I’m holding women to the same logical and reasonable standards of accountability and responsibility for self defense as I would any man – because we are equal. If a man gets raped, do women run to his rescue? Nope. Men get raped all of the time in prison. Are there armies of women fighting to change this barbaric treatment of men. See any SheForHe in prison rape? Nope. Instead, you hear women and white knights alike celebrate men’s rape in prison as effective punishment – and most importantly – AS A CONSEQUENCE OF HIS ACTIONS. Men that are raped are seen as weak and unable to take care of themselves. That’s exactly how I see most women. Weak and unable to take care of themselves.

    This same “poor woman/bad man” logic is commonly applied to men that can’t afford to take care of their kids. What happens to him? He’s given a prison cell, a cold slap in the face and hated/shamed by society for not being financially capable of caring for his offspring. What happens to a woman in the same position? She’s given child support, free or low cost housing, free or low cost health insurance, free or low cost food and free, low or no cost college tuition. In other words, society openly and unabashedly hates men and privileges women. That’s just one small example of the culturally accepted hatred and rampant disregard for the health and well-being of men. In short – cultural misandry + male disposability.

    Ironically, it’s the destruction of religion – i.e, misandric, gynocentric ideology created to privilege women and white knights over the masses of men – that has helped the MGTOW mindset proliferate. No religion – for the average man – is a good religion. Religion mainly benefits women and white knights and oppresses the vast majority of men.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      I’ve seen people actually suggest men accept Islam as an solution to the problem of misandry ingrained in anglo-western societies.

      They don’t realize that Islam places women on pedestals no differently than any other society or religion.

      Sure, women must ‘cover up’ but who are the ones still being killed in droves? Men. Whose shoulders does the financial responsibility fall upon? Men. Who are coaxed and shamed the most in regards to marriage? Men.

      Women still get to stay at home, imprint upon and manipulate the children and reap the benefits from the male working himself into an early grave.

      I also agree this entire ‘rape crisis’ is an appeal to men’s tendency to rush to the defense of women. Conveniently, this will take men’s minds off of the wrongdoings of women as they don their white armor and prove that those dirty migrants won’t sully their fair goddesses.

  10. Karen says:

    Timothy, your posts have become quite intolerable of late. You need to accept your Goddess-ordained fate as a member of the disposable masculine slave gender immediately; if not sooner.

    The Goddess has placed you on earth to spend every waking moment in service of the Superior Feminine Gender. This can be accomplished in various ways: Using the masculine size and bulk the Goddess endowed you with to serve as an effective Beast of Burden, keeping your head bowed and your mouth closed when in presence of The Superior Female, and encouraging all of your masculine siblings to behave in a similar fashion. Also remember to uphold the centuries old code of Chivalry that safely ensures that the Ruling Female Gender is *always* accommodated long before your far less important needs are even considered.

    Although you claim to be one of those nefarious “MGTOW”, the Goddess is carefully constructing (as I type this!) a very complex web of regulations that will insure that “going your own way” will be quite impossible. The first will be the masculine curfew, then the loss of the right to drive, own property and enter into contracts for all endowed with a phallus, and lastly a reduction in status where your kind will have absolutely no rights whatsoever under Gynocentric Law.

    Enjoy your limited freedoms now boy; for it is very much the 11th Hour for The Slave Gender…

    *Giggles happily at their fate*

    1. Tim says:

      “Timothy, your posts have become quite intolerable of late. You need to accept your Goddess-ordained fate as a member of the disposable masculine slave gender immediately; if not sooner.”

      Listen up, hun – Timothy submits to no one. My preordained fate as a member of the masculine gender is to redden your fat, fair @$$ with the power of my bare, muscular manhand and to teach you to respect that which rules you – men. Got a problem with that? Call someone that cares. Otherwise, suck my mansplaining.

      1. Karen says:

        Timothy, you and your kind “rule”, at best, the toilet bowl. All you need to do is *look* at either Me or Any Other Member of The Sisterhood the wrong way and you will have a protracted sabbatical as a Guest of the State.

        1. Tim says:

          ” All you need to do is *look* at either Me or Any Other Member of The Sisterhood the wrong way and you will have a protracted sabbatical as a Guest of the State.”

          Karen Dearest,

          Recently, four women were murdered by a man who’s life was ruined through our nations anti-male child support laws. Proudly, he walked into a police station in which these women worked and shot them all dead – in the head. These women were responsible for tracking down and incarcerating men for non-payment of child support. After he shot them – unfortunately – he took his own life.

          I won’t bother you, Karen, nor your closest friends, with a protracted sabbatical as a guest of the state.

  11. Karen says:

    It is like *really* sad when people cannot recognize the obvious satirical nature of many of my posts…

    1. Bob says:

      And I thought you and Tim were flirting 😉

  12. Tim says:


    1. Karen says:

      I like that noun “fornication”. Has a definite 17th Century ring to it…which, of course, Timothy hopes to return us all to.

      1. Tim says:

        Timothy hopes to free the world of Karen and ensure that lifelong commitments are free of Karen’s preferred nouns.

        Timothy hopes that Karen’s vagina catches a virus which disables her pretense in the future.

  13. Tim says:


    1. Karen says:

      If a female ever gave you the time of day or asked you to carry her bag or groceries for her, you would forget this MGTOW nonsense as your phallus stiffened and return, like a good male, to The Plantation.


  14. Karen says:

    “Disables her pretense”? I soo don’t get that colloquialism.

    You also need to work on your passive / aggressive game…an impartial observer would probably characterize three of your last four posts as overt threats by you against me…which tells me you are a little nuts…especially since we have never met.

    1. Tim says:

      Leave MGTOW be, Karen. We’re not the answer to your entitled princess mentality.

  15. Karen says:

    Say what you may; you must concede that many of the observations I made about your gender and its status in the current zeitgeist are inarguably accurate…

    1. Tim says:

      The spirit of the times represents the disposability of men and boys, Karen. That you’re proud to be a part of that is most certainly telling.

  16. Karen says:

    Well, we all have to go sometime as life is rather short…and for most people, including many women, rather unpleasant. Life is nothing more than a battle for resources…and once secured, holding on to those resources. In many ways, it is a “big nothin”…and instead of petty conflict, it would probably behoove mankind to concentrate on something important…like eradication of disease and taking steps to achieve immortality for its citizenry…

    1. Tim says:

      “Well, we all have to go sometime as life is rather short…”

      Know how many 20 something men had to go in WWI and WWII, Karen? They didn’t get to live near as long as you did, spoiled twat.

      Let it go, Karen. The feminaziis lied to you. Women are the privileged and have always been the privileged. Men have always been the suckers. You know that, Karen. And now – everyone knows it.

      1. Karen says:

        Let it go, Karen. The feminaziis lied to you. Women are the privileged and have always been the privileged. Men have always been the suckers. You know that, Karen. And now – everyone knows it>

        Not something I wasn’t aware of…though your crediting the balance of the people with a similar awareness seems rather at variance with reality.

      2. Karen says:

        >Know how many 20 something men had to go in WWI and WWII, Karen? They didn’t get to live near as long as you did, spoiled twat.

        And if there is a Hell; I think I have a good sporting chance of being cooked alive for all eternity…so nothing to be too envious of.

  17. Karen says:

    >Know how many 20 something men had to go in WWI and WWII, Karen? They didn’t get to live near as long as you did, spoiled twat.

    Eh, it was nothing more than pure luck…

  18. Tim says:

    In WWI and WWII, millions upon millions of men gave their lives willingly for the sanctity of women and women’s children. They called it chivalry because men sacrificed their human rights to life and the lives of their similarly aged male friends and sons for the benefit and longevity of women and women’s children.

    Today, thanks to that, you have feminism. What is feminism? The destruction of men and boys.

    “I need feminism because I want men to buy into my man hating bullshit.”

  19. Tim says:

    Karen – You ignorant cunt.

    1. Karen says:

      Your feeble attempt at an insult only reflects your jealousy. As I mentioned in the reply to Ergeniz, I am a post operative trans woman who now knows such delirious joy after taking her rightful place as a member of the Superior Female gender than no words could ever hope to describe it.

      The assertion by Nixon (during the denouement of the eponymous Oliver Stone film) was on the mark: “Only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know the indescribable joy that comes from standing on the highest mountain.”

  20. Tim says:

    The very best friend you’ll have in life is the one you love most without the requirement for sex. For me – that’s my dog. I love him unconditionally. He’s my best bud. We’ve been best buds for thirteen years.

    When you find this person, you’ve found your perfect match. Why? Because you love them for who they are – not for what they give you sexually or for what they have to offer you sexually or financially.

    Warning: Any woman that comes into a man’s life without at least 600K is a gold digging whore. A woman like this is of the “pump and dump” sort. Get rid of her ASAP. She represents only trouble to follow.

  21. Ergeniz says:

    I can’t believe anyone actually believes Karen is a woman.

    Stop getting trolled Tim.

    1. Karen says:

      Ergeniz is on to something; though he is not correct. I am a post operative trans woman who lived as an ostensibly male person for the early years of my life. I am in the very unique position of seeing the matter from both sides; and can say categorically that the overall life experience of a female in the contemporary West is so vastly superior to that of what the male experiences; well, there are quite simply no words to describe it….my only regret is I did not make the needed change when I even younger. The average female today has experiences & privileges males could only dream of.

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