Fear Into Excitement and MGTOW

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  1. Hedon says:

    Incredible short piece. It provides the needed motivation while it simultaneously painted the purpose of this unique journey of a mgtow. Dope lol.

  2. Rolling Tin Fist says:

    Yes, it is hard after the red pill. Especially if you’re married, like myself. However the red pill rage is just a stage. If this stage is worked through, and the red pill digested, there come a whole new kind of freedom. To quote Paul Proteus, “freedom ‘from’, to freedom ‘to'”.

  3. john Smith says:

    The worst part, for me, in digesting the Red Pill is the realization that everything I had been taught to believe were universal truisms about what it meant to be a man are now proven to be universal lies. In ancient times the same DNA programing of my ancestors that courses through my being was true. From its inception so called civilized society, be it organized around Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman emperors, crusading Popes, kings and queens of yore, nation states of the Renaissance, the rise of the political class, to its current incarnation of world wide financial elites has turned the truth of a man’s ancient DNA against him so as to exploit him for their greed of the time. The historical ruling elites knew it was in their best interest to keep the common man their voluntary servant by letting him have enough crumbs to fill his belly and maintain his delusions of respect. That doctrine of benign tyranny died with the passing of the WWII generation from power. The unbridled greed and self-centeredness of the baby boom generation was loosed upon the world with the presidency of Bill Clinton. The financial elite and feminist united to exploit their common target – ordinary men. Today, 1/17/16, millions of ordinary men throughout the world have awakened to the tyranny of the new reality under the yoke of debt imposed by the financial overlords and female nature amok with the law backing them up. Fighting this tyranny is futile. The only answer for the common man is to go his own way. To do so, he must reject the universal lies and his ancient DNA programming, leaving a massive void in his soul and creating a maelstrom in his mind. What do I do now? Do I have a purpose anymore? How do I get out of this mess? I struggle with this everyday. Some days I curse the Red Pill. Others, I sing its praises for setting me free. The Red Pill is really a vaccine against lies. Once vaccinated, a man can’t go back. Let’s see what the morning Sun has to illuminate for this ordinary man. Cheers to all.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    Fuck! I wish I could change all the typos!

  5. Kong says:

    That’s a brilliant article. Will need to build inner strength to do as it suggests, but that’s my goal. And yes there is light at the end of the tunnel

    1. Max Hydrogen says:


  6. Ik1 says:

    If this was penned 4 years ago I’d persuade you to youtubing it, not nowadays tho.

    A great piece, well done max

  7. Blackbushido30 says:

    That was beautiful

  8. Bozar says:

    Thanks, i needed to hear this right now

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