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Astronomy Sexual Harassment
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  1. Kyle says:

    this is gut wrenching, it always angers me, the social leverage they have when you measure the fallout to action ratio. It enables them to gain thousands of supporters instantly on bullshit with almost no effort and absolutely no justification. then you measure the effort necessary to debunk all of these things and a person has the right to be infuriated. especially since it is all fun and games to them due to the lack of consequences.

    I mean look at this one.
    ”It somehow seemed normal”
    That’s becasue it probably was normal but now she is looking at through the feminist tinted glasses and sexual harassment cases are about to stem from thin air to alot of unfortunate men.

    As I say though it is all fun and games to them.

  2. Kaminsky says:

    So coffee and friendship mutates into sexual harassment once the ex-prof no longer serves any purpose in her life.

    Never underestimate the hatred women have for these Astronomy Omega types.

    Hold the door for a woman…harassment

    Don’t hold the door…harassment.

  3. PCb says:

    More astronomers and rocket scientists for China, then.

    1. Kaminsky says:

      And way better T and A for those deprived astronomers if they go. They have no idea the HefnerWorld they will be getting themselves into as 6 figure earning scientists in long hair, heels, and legs China. Nice. Well deserved to.

  4. Kaminsky says:

    And yeah, where are those chat logs then? People always forget that e-correspondence is recorded. People often misremember it as deniable social banter and they are free to make stuff up just as they do about face to face conversations. I’ve done it myself. It’s RECORDED sister. Produce it if it’s so bad.

    1. Karen says:

      Kaminsky, I just spoke to the female who rules over you at the domicile you reside at; and she is *very* displeased at your failure to take the garbage out when she ordered you to. Moreover, she wants you to cease & desist from all this “nonsensical time on the internet” (her words) and get back to serving The Feminine Imperative…

      1. Kaminsky says:

        Ha ha. Here comes Karen, carrying with her all the arrogance of another woman’s SMV. Not married here actually though the idea of a woman hot enough to ‘rule over me’ is fun to imagine and it sounds like it would be kinky for awhile until she threw on a cool 30 pounds in that first six months of marriage. Alas. Also, I’m sensing some weird trollishness here and not just the obvious trolling. Weird angle you’re taking.

        1. Karen says:

          On January 18th, “Kaminsky” enlightened the world with this nugget of wisdom:

          > Weird angle you’re taking.

          As Warded Norton once said to Andy Dufrense, “Am I being obtuse?” Well, give him another 50 years under the yoke of my oppression to think it over.

          *Shuts the cell door*

          1. Kaminsky says:

            Speaking of nuggets, has it been a few hours since your last bowel movement? Over-eaters like yourself should always be aware of such things. Keep the cat close and the toilet closer, eh American girl?

          2. Karen says:

            Kaminsky, your propensity for going off on these bizarre tangents indicates that mental stability is not your long suit…

            The amount of V-envy that manifests on these MRA sites is beyond hilarious; and it this intense & pervasive jealousy that is their raison d’etre…as anyone with even a fledgling background in psychology could plainly determine.

        2. dudeschmock says:

          Don’t give in to Trolls, they won’t go away otherwise. Just don’t respond to them anymore.

  5. Kong says:

    Can’t help help thinking maybe we should segregate the sexes. Women can can f*** off and set up their own astronomy labs and universities that only admit women and the men can keep theirs too for themselves.

    Anyway having calmed down after reading that I now think a foolish little girl like her really ought to have no future in this field. It’s obvious her mind is more concerned with other things than becoming an astronomer, unless she knows she’s not quite clever enough to make the cut and is using sexual harassment to improve her grades. Either way this shows a clear difference between the male and female minds. If there is any truth whatsoever in anything she said its 99% more probably she was showing interest in him first – interest in an inappropriate sexual manner.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Pure folly. Women would never tolerate it – their power comes from manipulation of the male and they are aware of this. It is no big secret that women tend towards getting (frankly speaking) useless degrees and the primary motivation of enrolling in higher education is to get closer to males with higher provisioning ability. Additionally women will never admit to their victim status (which is tied to the above) – if more males are in a particular college is means ‘oppression’; ie. if less males are in college it means there are less males for potential manipulation. This is why women will complain one way or the other about education and professions and must be barred from them.

      Women’s desire for male manipulation, and ultimately resource acquisition is also why they are literally obsessed with the invasion of male spaces. Women are unable to produce their own resources or create functioning living spaces of their own so they are naturally parasites upon men’s.

      Females wish to have their cake and eat it too, so they will demand society concede male spaces and rights while at the same time elevating their own. However, they don’t understand the degeneration this inflicts on society over time; they can only follow their natural desire to demand more and more of the male, never being satisfied.

  6. Karen says:

    Betelgeuse is like really red and really cool & really massive (diameter beyond that of the orbit of Mars were it placed where Ol’ Sol (not Solomon Roth “I shoulda gone home long ago!”) is currently & really not dense & really old (probably not long before it goes Nova (not Linda Harrison “Taylor!” lol) & really far away (like 100 light years I think).

  7. Kong says:

    Thought Experiment: Why don’t we ban women from working beside men?

    Let’s make a law saying women are banned from working with men or in any company, organisation, building or authority that men created and work in themselves. It seems a common story that when women enter into fields typically occupied by men they cry sexism, harassment and discrimination. Of course it’s bullshit but let’s believe them for a second and come up with a solution if we can. If women want to work in the fields perhaps for their own safety and piece of mind we should allocate enough funding to them to go to some uninhabited island where they can build their own telescopes and observatories – and build their own they must for selling them telescopes invented and built by men is surely sexist as well since it suggests women aren’t capable of doing this sort of thing without men’s ingenuity.

    So send them off to an island and give them all the money they need, see what they can build and also what they can achieve for themselves whilst unhindered by men sexually harassing them and holding them back at every turn. I’m also given to believe that women are intellectually and morally superior to men so I’m sure building their own telescopes and observatories from scratch with their own bare hands will be a doddle. Plus with the absence of men they should be able to make some real scientific break throughs and strides in the field of astronomy.

    Also why stop here? For every woman who wants to work in an industry created and built by men, to be a company CEO with power and money whether it’s the insurance, finance, banking, technology and computing industries let’s send them to an island where they can build these things themselves from scratch with their own bare hands. Ban men from going anywhere near them and see how much better they can do it, let them teach us stupid men a lesson.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      You know that would never wash, because women by their very nature can’t get shit done without men. As Bar showed us with the episodes of ‘Naked and Alone’, women can’t achieve anything close to a primitive society; they end up victims to the elements, predators and even other (see how the women constantly bickered and argued among one another). The producers of the show had to effectively go back on the gender challenge and send men from the opposing side in or the women would have lost completely. This can be seen in the black community here and on a larger scale, Africa. In the US, the women can be freely promiscuous and practice polyandry because the state will always extract resources from individual men or by proxy of the taxpayer. Its essentially a lesson that shows us the true nature of women and how they treat men when their resources are assured – they no longer have to pretend to respect or like men. I’ve hypothesized Africa has such a society due to its climate; women are able to get away with this behavior on a similar scale because the country as a whole tends to be very humid or warm – so women don’t need to worry so much about men providing and protecting them as European races in colder climates did. Conversely, because of this lack of male involvement in the family unit the society will never advance past a third world country.

      Feminism and Gynocentrism are hypocritical notions; they insult and denigrate males but they’ll still demand men provide for and protect them at all costs. One can see this in western laws, which essentially remove the male from the household at the whim of the female but still entitle her to the male’s resources. This is so egregious that women no longer even require marriage, cohabitation or most recently even having the man’s child. In fact, men as a whole are required to legally support all women collectively due to taxes (men pay 70% of taxes, and in addition men work all jobs and professions essential to the maintenance of society).

      So yes, hypothetically speaking if what you proposed were to occur in reality women would change their tune rather quickly or perish. However, our gynocentric society would never permit it in the least. Society is literally built on the backs of males and all humans subconsciously realize this. This means despite men giving women ‘equal’ (elevated) status, the collective will still retain women’s privileges and men’s responsibilities. This means, when previous social taboos like single motherhood are made acceptable, society will not leave these women to their own devices but literally break previous precedents of law to ensure these females are provided for, regardless of whether or not the father is known.

      Gynocentric society will always double down on the male to provide for the female, while at the same time eroding his rights. Anything imposing responsibility upon women will be ignored or transferred to the male, either individually or collectively.

  8. Karen says:

    The male may have his strong points…but in one of the most important areas…the one that is rooted in one of Newton’s Fundamental Laws of Motion…that being how a body in motion will always seek the path of least resistance…he is an utter fool…invariably ceding his power and putting obstacles in his own path…he is at war with Natural Law because he is in denial of basic human nature and absolutely refuses to accept this fact generation after generation…blindly following the “profound” pronouncements for acceptable male conduct from the past and the reason for this is his devotion to bizarre morality and customs derived from patriarchal religion…if history is any example, the chances of him altering course are slim to none. Thus, with women rapidly ascending the .power structures throughout all sectors of society, I would anticipate the male’s status in society will fall like the gravitational constant over the next 25 years.

  9. Quiles says:

    What a terrific post!

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