White Nationalist “Tough Guy” Tells MGTOW To Man-Up!

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  1. M.G. How says:

    Oh thank god.

    I thought he was going to say super smash brothers.
    Then I would have been in trouble.

  2. Lekhosi says:

    Men who are racial nationalist or have race supremacy tendencies are ussually gynocentric. Why do i say so? well all it takes is woman to stop breeding or breed with someone of an “inferior” race to collapse their world view. Pussy worship is common with these morons, i have met a few black guys like this clown. They are all the same.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      oh the black nationalists are even worse lol

      1. John lord says:

        Have you ever had any contact with any of them? What was their response to your views?

    2. Hedon says:

      Yup. You’re right.

  3. M.G. How says:

    A quick note:
    Even with rape crimes occurring at

    9 per 100000 people per year in Germany,

    they can still happen at the national level at average rates of

    140 occurrences per week,

    simply due to population size. In my opinion the media is manufacturing a non-existent rape epidemic. 9/100000 is one of the lowest rape rates you will find in the west. MGTOW with stats and situation-awareness know better than to fall for this type of plot.

    1. Alex A says:

      Look at the latest series of videos from Stardusk. He is promoting this. Many MGTOW will join the white nationalists.

      1. Keith says:

        All I saw was his video about Cologne which he dismissed as Gynocentric propaganda. In my opinion correctly. Then a bunch of different videos getting perspectives from guests speakers in different nations. I think they were all chat sessions lasting more than an hour so I didn’t have time to watch them all. Are you sure about this?

  4. 9r33b says:

    “all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.””

    1. M.G. How says:

      👍 multiplied by a factor of 10 ⬆️⬆️ 10

  5. GalacticBedouin says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Barbarrossa would find out about minoxidil boy!

  6. hinforta says:

    I kept saying it and I always will – there’s nothing MORE dangerous, repugnant and vile for a man than tradcon. The subhuman authoritarian cretins who represent this mentality, they will ruin your life much faster than even the vilest swedish feminists, MARK my words.

    1. hinforta says:

      But he is funny, at least!

      His response to me (I’m so proud):

      Virgins like me LOL? I’ve dated more NORMAL, beautiful women then your sorry ass could ever dream of. That’s why I’m not some cry-baby faggot like you and your retarded MG-GAYERS are. Clearly, you losers can’t even get women so you joined this childish he-man woman-hating club so you can all have on big circle-jerk and feel better about yourselfs…BTW, I’m married now to a wonderful woman who isn’t these stupid whores all of you think are a majority because you watch too much jewtube. My wife is loyal and doesn’t care about money or other materialistic nonsense. Sorry you faggots can’t differentiate between a whore and a house wife and have taken your frustration on all women. I also have a wonderful son who is going to be raised to be a real man, unlike you faggots. The only faggots promoting virginity and sterility are you losers who failed to get women in your life and choose to run away from challenges and say “NO, I will not fight I will run away like a bitch.” MUH freedoms” are more important than everything else…WAHHHH I’m a real man LOL… Now go play with you toys and pretend that you can be Peter Pan forever. Faggot.

      1. barbarossaa says:

        lol some of his comments are word for word what feminists say

        1. hinforta says:

          Exactly, especially his writing, he’s clearly emotional there and the way he’s simply written the response suggests he doesn’t even straight.

          I never ever shame men and I don’t care if someone’s a virgin or not, but based on his psychological profile (it’s very easy to do, because he’s genuine in the video), I’d assume that accusations of virginity would trigger him. My God, the result. It was worth it.

          Truly, truly the other side of a coin and far more dangerous.

        2. Kong says:

          He reminds you a little of another baldy nationalist posing as an MRA

    2. Lekhosi says:

      Agree, most these guys know women are not interested in them naturally so they sell their souls as barganing chips to women.

  7. Roger says:

    While I agree rape is a terrible crime; but I have not personally witnessed any, the law is the law and it must be observed and respected until proper measures have been taken to change the laws. One must also recognize that rape is a crime that the meaning of can be ambiguous and used manipulatively. What is your definition of rape??? If rape has occurred with such frequency, how come I have never witnessed any. Rape to me is when a man uses physical force to penetrate a female vaginally with his penis for the purpose of getting his rocks off…. even though she clearly was not a willing participate through her words and actions, not acting like she likes it as a defensive measure that is supposed to dwindle a rapist sex drive…. Rape is a crime of logistics: where and when not so much as by whom or even what….. be it dog, horse, of any other type of animal…..

    1. barbarossaa says:

      Do not forget that women also rape

      1. Adnan D says:

        when do you want to publish your book? soon, maybe :(

        1. barbarossaa says:

          very soon, it would have been pubslished already but a new job with a heavy period of training got in the way.

          1. The Plague Doctor says:

            Try getting your book published at a reputable publisher. For example, “ENCOUNTER BOOKS” might be interested, which is the publisher which published Helen Smith’s book “Men on Strike: : Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters”:
            That way, your book can be used as a “reliable source” for Wikipedia:
            It is not a “reliable source” if you self-publish it.

          2. hinforta says:

            Just wanted to say that wherever you publish it, but I have had the best experience on Amazon so far.

        2. The Plague Doctor says:

          And be sure to include in your book all the major claims in this revision:

          For example: the fact that MGTOW is synonymous with herbivore men, grass-eater men, marriage strike, marriage boycott, and the sexodus.

  8. The Highwayman says:

    I do encourage men to fight for GOOD, NON-MISANDRIST women that they have a reason to personally care about. With regards to total strangers, however, there is too much misandry and apathy towards men going around to warrant risking your life and physical safety for a random woman who for all you know might be a total ingrate and who might be all for men going to jail for looking and talking to women the wrong way or paying for sex…etc.

    If any of these Cologne rapist types were trying to force themselves on my niece, my cousins or even some of the Escorts and Massage parlour girls I’ve regularly patroned…you bet your ass I would go down swinging but that is a choice I made for women I care about not some BS that it is my duty as a man. When it comes to women in general however…well I’ll call the police but that is probably as far as it goes.

  9. Plasma Mongoose says:

    Unless this guy is all bark and no bite, will he end up in the news because he went all trigger-happy in a mosque or some other nasty shit?

  10. anon2016 says:

    Whats always striking is the utter lack of imagination. Without a hole of your own/good women/housewife, a continuation of your line, a war to fight and possibly a battlefield to die on your life has no possible meaning or purpose. Acourse sometimes it’s necessary to fight… And meaning and purpose is oftentimes hard to comeby…

    His Marine Corps buddies should have a quiet word. He’s letting the side down.

  11. Niko Choski says:

    The scariest thing in all this is that he is 100% serious. Maybe he does boxing and got punched too many times in the head. I can answer his video by simply saying this:

    ” Women have stopped being the responsibility of men ever since they wanted to be independent and equal. Any time any sort of control is exerted by a man on a woman he is deemed sexist (at least by other women, a woman can enjoy that) so how is it my responsibility to protect the entire female gender of a country from the imaginary rape apocalypse of 2016? In one answer it isn’t. Goodbye “

  12. TMG says:

    They are among the worst gynocentric simps on the Internet.

    Actually recently they aren’t even as bad as they used to be. There has been some red pill distribution in that community, although it hasn’t reached this guy yet.

    I wish I had saved a blog post I once found of a prominent white nationalist raving about how holy and blameless the “Empowered White Goddesses of the West” are.

  13. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    “Our women!”
    *crosses arms and puffs chest with depressed ebrows
    “We have ancient warrior bloooood!”
    “We have to protect OUR women you faggots!”

    So cringe-worthy but so amusing! Comedy gold!

    I never knew such infantile obnoxiousness existed! Watching these retrogressives is a clear example of the moronic macho, homophobic, gynocentric, and tribalistic male subculture that includes everything George Carlin joked about in his routines. These white nationalists are a walking punch line!

    I thought the feminists provided me with entertainment but these… these guys are the mark of a fun-filled new year! :)

  14. Paco el Cruel says:

    I think he forgot Latin Lovers! According to genetics, we share between 60 to 99 percent with trees to primate…. I wonder if this guy and I I actually share anything in common.

  15. Bob says:

    Stormfront has a “For Ladies Only” forum. It was created as a safe space for WN women due to the bad behavior of WN men. This video is a case in point.
    Cologne has unleashed a wave of gynocentrism, with people saying that German men have no balls.

    1. dudeschmock says:

      If having Balls is meaning that I have to do anything to help clear up this mess others have created, I for one, gladly have no balls.

      Shaming gets old really fast, and most of my German Brothers seem to agree with me – by their (in)actions, not by their words.

      Truly an interesting time!

  16. Bob says:

    If he had the physique, this guy could apply to the WWF.

  17. Neroke says:

    In just one video this stunned idiot disproves a few points that SJW’s and Feminists have been saying about MGTOW and by extension the MRM in general

    1) That MGTOW and the MRM are a bunch of frustrated white guys. This guy is a Neo-Nazi and he wouldn’t be going off on a mindless rant against something that is “supposed” to be on their side. Kind of hard to back that up when you have a white nationalist railing against it

    2) That we’re all just a bunch of extreme right wing idiots.

    3) He also at the same time has killed the stereotype that Gamergate was also a group of extreme right-wingers as well.

    Right now what I’m doing is telling this idiot to go fuck himself while at the same time screaming out thank you. Because make absolutely no mistake in just one video he managed to just out and prove major crticisms about MGTOW, The MRM and Gamergate are pretty much false.

    So yeah John Angelo Gage…Thank You and Fuck You at you at the same time

    1. Trigger says:

      A white man IS labeled “far-right terrorist”, “radical extreme right-winger” by merely stating that Europe can’t support unregulated immigration.

      Stardusk was accused of being a racist, because he did that.
      He already covered the issue with Multiculturalism and the Rapefugee crisis.

      The right-wing = modern heretics

      It’s a Heresy supporting the views of Stardusk about the “the non-whitey”

  18. Dave says:

    Is it ok to use a military uniform like that?

  19. Andy says:

    I would understand it if the WN Tough guy would say something like “leave society, go into the hills, build a new one, be better parents to your own children”, but instead he does this whole captain save-a-hoe dance, trying to save something that doesn’t want to get saved.

    You know what reaction in germany i see a lot? Men who just don’t give a fuck about the “rapes”(mostly finger fucking). Young women and leftis were the ones who welcomed these savages into OUR territory, so just let em have it. Over generations Men killed dangerous animals and other men, whole tribes even, to make the perimeter saver for their own breed and their own women. And now these spoiled women just threw it all away in a blink.

    Even worse, now you have all these lefti artists, actors and even models who say dumb shit like “Men, you need to protect women”, which they ofcourse will never do if they want to go on modeling. But the ordenary men, they shall risk their health to protect some women going home at night from partying, drinking, doing drugs and giving head on the club toilet from some muslim rape gangs. I don’t risk my neck for this rotten society. For my own family, thats something diffrent, but not for the people outside my kin. The rest can suit themselfs.

  20. Kaminsky says:

    To take things a level further. It’s not necessarily right vs. left. It’s collective vs. individual. Trad-cons (especially military trad-cons) are just as collective as any communist. Their sense of individual freedom is at an anemic level. It’s all “Hero, hero, hero. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.” You could argue that they are the most collective-minded people on the whole spectrum.

    “GROW YOUR BALLS BACK!!” He screams as he prostrates himself before the gynocracy, willing to die or be jailed to defend some 196 pound cunt’s freedom to stumble around drunk at 3am in Germany with her tits halfway out.

    1. Andy says:

      If you get older and surround yourself with actual friends, maybee you will think diffrently about time, and death, and sacrifice.

      1. Kaminsky says:

        Can you elaborate?

        1. Andy says:

          What is your whole philosophy worth if you have no one to teach and raise by your own creed? And those who are your kind, not kin, who follow such a creed, what are they worth to you?
          If you mock the Hero who sacrifices, i wouldn’t want to have you in my circle of friends, since i guess you would bail when the heat is on.

          1. Kaminsky says:

            What’s the value of your time on earth if you don’t enjoy it?

            Go ahead with your ‘circles’ and your collectivism then. It’s uber heroes like you who are being exploited. You great ‘sacrificers’ are being used and allowing the collective degeneration to keep cruising along. Good luck.

    2. Trigger says:

      What do you mean by “Traditionalism”? SOME MGTOWs use it, while the WN MGTOWS don’t.
      Your version of a “Traditionalism” is this
      “The good ole days in the 50s”

      Traditionalism for the Fascists and Ultra-Nationalists mean something completely different.
      Evola’s version of Traditionalism: fighting actively decadence, instead mere hating it (example: you see a gay couple, instead hating them… you must express your hate in Action, by physical attack)O; going back to Paganism – the ancestral spirituality based on your bloodline, hierarchy, blood and soil. Ancestral worship. Worship and Promotion of extreme sexual dimorphism. The male should LOOK and BEHAVE as a hypermasculine douchebro alpha, the female should look like estrogen-filled JB slut.

      That’s the real meaning of Traditionalism… bunch of white cucks and black nationalists try to change the meaning. Fuck that.

  21. MGTOW MO says:

    This guy is complaining the poor women will get “damaged and commit suicide” – doesn’t he belong to an organisation that damages men to the point were they commit suicide? Isn’t suicide the number one cause of death in men? But when some poor white girl slits her wrist its time to make a video and rant about it.

    “A rapist should be executed” I’m gonna assume he means only male rapists here. This thinks if someone belonging to his gender rapes someone of the opposite gender they should be killed BUT if someone from the opposite gender rapes someone from his gender, well it isn’t even rape and he’s a faggot for not liking it.

    1. Andy says:

      The actual suicide Rate among military men is acutaly very low compared to the numbers that get thrown around by leftists and ISIS videomakers. Most of the time they count suicides of every person who ever served in the military, while many of those are over the age of 50 when they take their way out. Also, most suicides of actual serving military personal are done by people who never were deployed. The feeling to got left behind and are not able to be with your friends and protect them takes a way bigger toll on a man then some combat trauma. The actual fighting force has a relativly low suicide number, because the dirty little secret is, that men actualy like fighting, like war, like to face danger and death.

      1. my cousin is a bully, he joined the military….

        to misquote darth elam “he just wanted to fuck someone’s shit up.”

        he was bragging about military deployment and talking about some incident where a little kid got killed when soldiers kicked down a door. Yeah, “real man” there.

        If he stepped on an IUD and wound up like the soldier in Metallica’s One video, it would’ve been funnier than shit. And I’d gladly pull the plug if asked…

        1. Andy says:

          Your Cousin sounds exactly like the guy the military wants, the military needs. Who else should do the dirty work? Family Father Wilson with his Kid at home? You? Don’t judge. I rather have babykillers fighting on our side.

          1. Sociopathic Revelation says:

            Cannon fodder for the elites to bank on . . . right?

  22. I think I’ve yet to encounter a racial nationalist who I would describe as an emotionally well-adjusted individual. Most of them tend to be a creeps and misfits who seem to be dealing with massive anger and insecurity issues, and I doubt very many of them had a normal upbringing. You only have to browse a site like Stormfront to see the sort of people that these kinds of ideologies attract. Misfits, losers, creeps, weirdos, malcontents, and people who have a bizarre sexual obsession with Adolf Hitler and Ernst Rohm.

    1. tamerlame says:

      Don’t creep shame! LOLOLOL

      Seriously though, perhaps you should consider guest blogging on this site!

  23. Some day in a more enlightened future, we’ll look back on guys like this in a sort of National Geographic style documentary:

    “Behold the nether ape. This most peculiar creature displayed his bravado in his mating dance, promising to kill any foreign competitors that he regards as a threat to “his” women. Little does the nether ape know that he is the subservient one in the relationship, going so far as to willingly send himself to prison, in hopes that he’ll get gratitude from the female of the species.”

    1. Trigger says:

      What future?

      Demography is destiny you know.
      Soft, gracile, FAT, impotent men like you can’t dictate the future.

      You will not leave any genetic legacy.

      So… what “future”?

      1. Kaminsky says:

        “Gracile” and “Fat”?

        1. Trigger says:

          “Gracile”, PC word for a fucking useless MANLET

      2. Alex A says:

        Demographics is destiny. Golden rule of history. It makes me wonder why Israel provokes Muslims so much.

  24. Kong says:

    How embarrassing. Everything about that guy is just cringe worthy from the way he talks to the uniforms on the wall behind him.

    I think he has no clue to the possibility these “rape attacks” are made up or exaggerated. Several reports now suggest that the majority of the crimes committed in Cologne were simply thefts. Now, a woman feeling a strange man reaching into her pockets is very likely to also say she was groped. And so far their is only one reported attempt at sexual assault on that night.

    Anyway Mr White Nationalist here is the most gynocentric, IDIOTIC fool I have seen a good long time. This is exactly the kind of guy we need to be fighting against and exposing. Fools like this who’s heads are filled with honour, duty, nationalism and protecting women are the most gullible drones society has programmed to do its dirty work for them.

  25. Elvis says:

    I must say I laughed so hard watching this I think I woke up my landlady! I’m usually not speechless, but this is an exception. Is this guy for real? I’m Swedish, and if he feels “our” women are worth protecting, he is by all means free to come and defend them, I won’t stop him. Actually the chance is that me and my non-existing balls will be busy playing Fallout4.

  26. William Wallace says:

    I posted this on his video last night. I know he’s been back since to respond to others, but he hasn’t responded to me yet.

    “How did MGTOW suddenly become the culprit here? We’ve been asking “where the men have gone” long before MGTOW came into existence. I did it myself when I embraced nationalism and traditionalism. Most of the absent men are not MGTOW.

    You know where your battle actually lies? With women. Who has been wanting to bring all these people into the West out of a sense of tolerance, compassion, and diversity? Who has treated the West with such contempt for so long? Who kept saying, “War is not the answer”? It has been women and men with feminine mindsets. And they have done a bang-up job shaming masculinity. Many (including me) warned them about this until we finally realized that they didn’t care. So now here we are.

    Basically, you’re asking us to risk our lives to kill other men for the sake of women and their own silliness. They get away with it because they can count men like you to never let them fail. But those of us who are MGTOW finally saw through it all and we’ve had enough.

    It’s tragic that it’s come to this, but it damned sure isn’t my fault.”

  27. Tim says:

    Did MGTOW cause the marriage collapse? Nope. That started decades ago when MGTOW didn’t exist. Did MGTOW cause out-of-wedlock births to skyrocket? Nope. MGTOW didn’t exist when that started either. Did MGTOW cause women’s sexual revolution? According to women, MGTOW = Women’s Sexual Revulsion. Did MGTOW cause mass abortion? Did MGTOW cause no-fault divorce? Did MGTOW cause divorce rape. Did MGTOW cause parental alienation. Nope, nope, nope and nope. What really caused these things? Women, white knights, cuckservatism, feminaziism and various other forms of gynocentrism. Nevertheless, rather than look inward, many will ignorantly and maliciously chose to blame MGTOW.

    Was watching Son’s of Anarchy a little while ago. It’s hard for me to watch TV shows, news and movies anymore. Really sucks. For the most part, I just sit their rolling my eyes and then fall asleep. I’m so attuned to white knighting and gynocentrism now that I’m limited to enjoying about 10 percent of what’s available on the whole. It gets frustrating when you hear people talk up a supposedly great movie or TV show – only to watch it yourself and feel you’ve been robbed. Anyway, that show is chock full of hypermasculinity, white knighting and gynocentrism. Great example of mass idiocy. It’s one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched in my life.

    There was a time when I used to lap up white knighting and gynocentrism. Was young, dumb and full of cum. Was never quite as stupid as the guy in the video – at least not openly – but I know that if I watched Son’s of Anarchy in my 20s, I’d a bought it hook, line and sinker. How many teens and young men of today would love to be the Cobainesque, Harley riding lead of the show – white tennis shoes, willing vaginas and all. That’s how social conditioning and brainwashing work. You train ’em while they’re young, dumb and easily influenced.

    The only thing MGTOW has brought to the world is a wake up call to the sheer ignorance of white knighting, hypermasculinity, cuckservatism, feminism and gynocentrism (just another form of feminism). The MGTOW mindset carries with it nearly unfathomable wisdom for men. I know for me personally – understanding and practicing the MGTOW mindset has been the most rewarding and challenging journey I’ve yet experienced. To deprogram oneself is a wonderful thing.

    With the MGTOW mindset comes the experience of being cleansed, in the same way one is supposedly cleansed through baptism. It’s sad to see the MGTOW mindset so ignorantly maligned – especially since it has more wisdom to offer men than any other paradigm in life. The chap in the video will most likely learn the hard way. MGTOW will be there for him when he does.

    1. Kaminsky says:

      What a great post Tim. Yeah there is no way to ever overestimate how influential pop culture is. Sort of like you said, just because you outgrow the idiocy of it, doesn’t mean the young peoples’ minds aren’t being shaped as easily as silly putty. And they’re voting in the tens of millions, more coming soon. Any talk of ‘feminism peaking in 2015’ or ‘SJW’s being exposed’ etc is so misguided. Look at what the kids are learning. That stuff is only gaining steam as amazing as that seems. 50 years of feminist illogic and we’re just scratching the surface. Feminist/leftist insanity is now mainstream. Once insanity is the status quo then I think we’ll be seeing a world that no one could have ever even imagined.

      Women will never be accountable for anything. That is the absolute guiding, baseline, spinal, central principle of feminism. So women, for example German women, ever saying ‘Wow. Look at what we’ve done,”….not happening.

      MGTOW is simply a natural counterbalance to what’s been done to men in general. It’s a defense mechanism to counterbalance how screwed white males have been by identity politics and policy. MGTOW is simply men responding and reacting to incentives or the lack of them. That’s all humans ever do…seek reward in whatever way. There is simply NO rewards offered by the traditional life anymore. Maybe a kid and those cozy memories but that kid is very expensive at the least and will likely be taken from you or raised by this culture to be some little swish.

      People shaming MGTOW or just generally telling them to “Man Up” are basically saying “You are not allowed to seek reward in life. I can but not you. You, of all people who’ve ever existed, as a white male, DO NOT get to seek rewards in life. Everyone else does, but not you.” It’s phenomenal. The brainwashing is so total.

      “Cleansed”…exactly. And it’s not easy because I look back on my life and see whole, years long emotional eras were underpinned entirely by the blue pill. Sacred memories are lost too. But walking around clean and ‘narrative-less’ is very pleasant if a little bit stunning at times. Wake up tomorrow and live a good day, not in the context of any prefabricated narrative but just a simple, clean, good day. Then tack on another one.

      I gave up TV and movies. (I will watch The Revenant) but only one or two movies a year. Getting Hollywood out of your life is like having a huge tumor removed.

      1. Ergeniz says:

        ” It’s a defense mechanism to counterbalance how screwed white males have been by identity politics and policy”.

        As a black male then, I’m supposedly not getting screwed by gynocentric society? I assume that the media’s portrayal of black thugs and hip hop culture is somehow making me irresistible to the female masses.

        Last I checked, blacks have an abysmal rate of employment, intact families, IQ and respectable communities. Statistics that black males do ‘excel’ in are out of wedlock births, crime rates and violent deaths (many are which our own making).

        Even affirmative action primarily benefits white women first, followed by minority females. I don’t deny white males have it bad in our current society but if you think black males are somehow faring better you’re grossly mistaken.

        The disadvantages of single motherhood are well known and documented. The very existence of ghettos is primarily due to single motherhood.

        I’m still playing catch-up to mold myself into an individual I feel I can be proud of due being under my mother for so long. Most black males never even get that chance or realize it.

        Finally affirmative action is a double-edged sword. While women reap the benefits of getting to fill quotas and ape men’s jobs, it also means many employers will not hire a black male; due to AA its impossible to assume that he’s truly qualified for the job. Who’s to say he didn’t simply ride on his minority status? It leaves the the status of one’s abilities in doubt and I certainly can’t blame them. I constantly feel I have to overcompensate for my peers so that I’m not considered another statistic.

        The media seems to enjoy playing up the ‘lifestyle’ of blacks for some reason but like most depictions the media plays up, reality is far different.

        So what are these advantages I’m supposed to be enjoying?

        1. Trigger says:

          If you were smart Black man, you would realize that the Feminists are your ALLIES. Especially (or even maybe – your only) WHITE Feminists (both male and female).

          There are many cases of gang-raped feminists by muslims/black. Who after the rape convert Islam and just blame the “White Devils”.

          With the recent case in Koln, Germany. The feminist reaction was to completely avoid the issue and revert the attention to the statement “white men also rape”.
          Ignoring the extremely low rates of white male rapists in Europe.

          As a Black Man, you are Worshipped! Litterary… watch a MSM and the Popular music. Black men are sexualized, fetishized… it’s like White Women who bitch about being sexualized and fetishized, while in the same time reap the benefits of that worship.

          As a Black man, you have a huge power in the west. This Power was given to you by Liberals and Feminists. Both groups.

          A black man hating feminists it’s like a ungrateful dog who bites his good owner.

          1. Ergeniz says:

            You’re an imbecile.

            Feminists (and the government) support affirmative action which I already explained ultimately harms minority men. Feminists support welfare, EBT and mass distribution of male wealth which directly provides incentive for women to have kids by multiple men. Its the primary reason ghettos exist. Feminists support women having primary custody of children and men being able to be incarcerated for not paying child support and alimony (debtor’s prison is supposed to be illegal). Feminists support female on male violence, which is especially high in single mother homes and is about equal in ‘domestic disputes’. Feminists are hands down responsible for enacting laws that disadvantage all men at the expense of women.

            “As a Black Man, you are Worshipped! Litterary… watch a MSM and the Popular music. Black men are sexualized, fetishized… it’s like White Women who bitch about being sexualized and fetishized, while in the same time reap the benefits of that worship.

            As a Black man, you have a huge power in the west. This Power was given to you by Liberals and Feminists. Both groups”.

            Now I know you’re just talking bullshit.

            The incarceration rate for black males is through the roof. The fatality rate is extremely high.

            That’s what you call having ‘power’? You’re a fucking moron.

            “A black man hating feminists it’s like a ungrateful dog who bites his good owner”.

            This pretty much speaks for itself.

        2. Kaminsky says:

          That is some AAA Grade solipsism there. I was addressing the white male’s current environment. I wasn’t commenting on black males at all. WOW.

          1. Ergeniz says:

            I assumed something from your post you didn’t intend. Its just the implication I’ve been gleaning from some posts is that somehow minority men have it better in anglo society and that isn’t the case.

            I think acknowledging this fact is a key point so that men know we’re all aligned towards the same goals. Feminism is something designed to harm all men.

            Anything else saying that these men supposedly have it better here or worse there are little more than distractions to the real issue.

        3. John lord says:

          You mean to tell me that you don’t feel any sympathy at all for all those poor oppressed rich, white females?

      2. Tim says:

        Thanks for your reply, Kaminsky. It’s easy to tell your words are the result of much life learning, experience and wisdom – which makes your reply very valuable. It’s so great to come here and read posts like yours. I’ll save what you’ve written to read again from time-to-time. Thank you for your thoughts. I really enjoyed reading them.

        1. Kaminsky says:

          I’m glad. Pre-manosphere, I had none of this knowledge and none of these takes, so it’s been just a case of corralling the general ideas of the whole thing. The main thing that I’ve learned to think about is;

          Why have I always felt so much pressure to live a lifestyle (very nearly) 180 degrees from what I simply want?

          It’s been manipulation. The first class citizens (feminists and the vibrants) have simply found a mule. Nearly everything in our culture is designed to keep mules at the bit to pay for all of their extraordinary privilege. Raging blacks whose “lives matter” get to simply walk out to their mailbox and pick up cash, like it’s an ATM. Extraordinary. Females dominate college, turn into a hobby zone and make up rape culture to ensure that no one ever notices how they’re dominating it. It’s phenomenal. Every narrative from age two on is designed for the gynocracy.

          1. Karen says:

            You need to stop all this nonsense and accept your fate as a member of the Slave Gender…

            “Nature has given the Female so many advantages over the male that the law has wisely given her very few…”
            ___Samuel Johnson

            “The tyranny of women is really the worst tyranny of them all…for it is the tyranny of the weak over the strong…and it is the only tyranny that endures forever.”
            ___Oscar Wilde

            “A young male is generally raised to worship women…while a young girl is generally raised to worship herself…when the two meet, can there be any doubt as to who will rule over who?”

          2. Kaminsky says:

            So…providing quotes that confirm my ‘nonsense’?

            Samuel Johnson and Oscar Wilde were voices from the era of chivalry. That’s what is ending. Good luck.

          3. Karen says:

            The quotes confirm that gynocentrism spans all cultures & all epochs…and your efforts to constrain it are as futile as attempting to prevent the earth from spinning…

          4. Karen says:

            Hmm…quite sad how the simple masculine brain immediately chooses to characterize a girl as obese after she has effectively schooled him in a debate…even though the two of us have never met…much to my relief.

            Though I am no authority on the culture in Yemen, I have read commentary which posits that the Arab world is far less hostile to the interest of Women than conventional wisdom would have you believe. But that is quite besides the point…since barring the unforeseen, the culture of Yemen has a rather diminutive chance of becoming a template for the balance of the planet in the immediate future.

            I previously asserted how most of your gender is oblivious to their ever encroaching thralldom; I may well need to add you to that control group. The mere fact that a fairly well read online publication can post an article the other day proposing the effective deprivation of your gender’s physical liberty to move about during a portion of the day “It’s Time We Consider a Male Curfew” / The Feminist Current…and the fact that the pros & cons of such a proposition are being debated within the mainstream of our political culture in the same fashion one would debate protectionism vs free trade…tells me all I need to know about the current zeitgeist and the status of your gender in the Western World.

          5. Karen says:

            Headline News:

            *A triumphant Karen declares victory over Kaminsky and all the other simple minded members of the masculine slave gender…beasts of burden….the disposable sex… who post here*

            *bitchy smirk*

          6. Karen says:

            I actually laugh almost constantly and am a very outspoken individual; both in public and on the internet. Part of it is based on my very nature; but another aspect is that society *allows* me, as a member of the Ruling Female Gender, essentially free reign to share my thoughts, my emotions, my joys, and my dislikes. Males, in sharp contrast, are taught from a young age (as they should be) to withhold all of their emotions and thoughts, and *especially* any thoughts that even indirectly criticize the Superior Female. The male learns early that his well-being comes long after the needs of all females have been adequately satisfied…like on the Titanic, for example.

            As for my visit to this board, my parents taught me from early on that one of the most important things to do is to study one’s enemies…and I have some pretty good specimens here.

            As for your continued and tiresome inquiries about my weight; you are no different from the foolish people on the other side of the aisle who dismiss your sides arguments with a “he must live in his mom’s basement and be a loser”. Note that I do not resort to such unsubstantiated inveighing; my castigations of my foes are all fact based & verifiable.

        2. Karen says:

          I also strongly disagree with your assertion that the power of women is waning; though your Men’s Rights activists have picked up some followers; the vast majority of males in the western world are quite simply oblivious to how a metaphorical collar is slowly tightening around their gender as a whole.
          Moreover, I believe that the synergistic interface between feminism & traditionalism will continue to benefit Women enormously; at the obvious expense of males. The former allows Women the requisite access to education, financial resources, and endless professional opportunities (while concurrently restricting males from reaping the same benefits), while the latter keeps males in their disposable role as Beasts of Burden. It is this combination of philosophies which …when properly channeled as state policy and accepted by the masses as the Natural Order of Things…will be intrinsic to the successful transition to full fledged Gynarchy…a veritable whirlwind of positive social change punctuated by a protracted period of feminine suzerainty and masculine thralldom.

          1. Kaminsky says:

            After that nightly tub of Haagen-Dazs you really get those fat girl fingers moving…..Wow.

            Others might be wondering why I kept reading after your inane

            “Gynocentrism spans all cultures”

            comment. Like in Yemen, right now? Hmmmm….

          2. Kaminsky says:

            So you effectively ‘schooled me’ with this line;

            “gynocentrism spans all cultures & all epochs”

            when I can blindfold myself and throw a dart a map of the world and disprove that 4 times out of 5.

            You reveal your feminine childishness by mistaking your deepest emotional wants for reality. It’s a testament to how spoiled Western women are that you have never had to make that distinction. THAT is what will soon be ending. Your gender is being replaced by robots as we speak. You should probably use that fact to develop some humility.

            The power of women is waning as your ice cream bellies expand. 90% of you are entirely useless.

          3. Karen says:

            I’d argue that you have already blindfolded yourself if you are, as Daniel famously noted thousands of years ago, unable to see the writing on the wall.

            The balance of your latest “argument” (and I use that term rather loosely) is characterized by invective precipitated by the frustration of your present predicament (deeming me “spoiled”, “childish”, “eminently replaceable”, “lacking in humility”, and the old reliable “fat”).
            These are adjectives, not arguments, and only serve to betray the inherent weakness of the case you are ineffectively trying to make.

            The plain fact of the matter is that the Superior Feminine Gender has always dominated the inferior masculine slave gender…leading a veritable life of ease for the most part while the male toiled away in the mines, the mills, the factories, at sea, or in armed conflict. In the past She controlled him mostly through Her physical beauty; now the long arm of the state has been added to this dynamic and is likely here to stay. The codification of this relationship between the Female and her male are being rewritten as we speak…to insure the male has no potential recourse should he ever seek to question his status at the bottom of the human hierarchy. Since this process is a slow one…done in the slightest of increments…most males are entirely unaware of it…until it will be too late.


          4. Kaminsky says:


            –Co-opts and discusses the power of the attractive 23 and unders of her gender though she is not one

            –Types ‘giggles’ in vicarious victory

            –drops her head and cries into her ice cream bowl

            –pops an anti-depressant and watches “Girls”

          5. Karen says:

            OMG Kaminsky, the inferences you make about me are soooooo funny! Someone once said patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel; I suppose casting aspersions against your betters is the first refuge of those who have lost not only the debate, but the Gender War as well!

            I do believe your little MRA movement will actually gain momentum over the next 48 months or so…as the noose continues to tighten around the 49% (the phallus bearers). However by roughly 2020 the Gynarchy will be in full command; and your little attempted insurrection will be confined to the dust heap of history. Enjoy it while you can; as it is very much the 11th Hour for all those w/o a vagina…


          6. Kaminsky says:

            Karen “laughs” but never denies she’s fat. I’m sensing that internet battles are your life and I’m also sensing that your clipboard of ready-made, go-to missives is getting depleted. “Patriot..scoundrel” What ??? Strong non-sequitir game there. Your laughter is empty because there is no way a woman under two bills would intentionally troll a board of men discussing their issues. So a lonely, miserable fat girl would have to type ‘laugh’ because I’m sure you never really do it. Unless your cat does something funny, I guess. Good luck. Try hiking. Also, fruit can be filling and might help wean you off sugar. It doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself a year and you can be down to a buck eighty. I wish you the best.

          7. Alex A says:

            Karen you seem to be oblivious to the male awakening. We will set things straight, first in our lives and then in society. Your expression of vindictive triumph has many holes in it. Men carry their potential with them and create the spaces for self actualization. Women merely invade male spaces and leech off of male accomplishments. Women have successfully perverted the legalistic institutions of the west and men created new spaces. With mgtow men have the silver bullet. Women will suffer in the long run as you are left without male productivity to usurp. Also your invectives expose severe inferiority complexes which are marked by the pathological overcompensation of your rhetoric and diction. In laymans term, go fuck yourself.

  28. Trigger says:

    Stardusk already covered the Rapefugee crisis.

    As for that guy in the video. He already support the idea of WN MGTOWS. So he is not my enemy, but yours.

    Only white cucks and brown haters don’t like men like him.

  29. @MMA_MGTOW says:

    I knew it was a matter of time before you got a chance to expose this guy for what he is, Bar Bar. And i agree with you that this only the beginning of the man up fest. This only the tip of the Iceberg. And as MGTOW gains more notoriety, we’re going to get a lot more clowns like this jerkoff pandering to women by trying to force men via shame and ridicule to but their own safety and survival at risk for the purpose maintaining the “Honor” of a female they don’t know or even give a damn about. And i expressed this idea on twitter-excuse me, TWATter- that it’s not the responsibility of all men in a certain country to defend or be expected to take care of women in their country. In short, it’s no-one’s “Duty” to protect or fight anyone you don’t want to. And the other thing is that it’s not Men’s fault the Muslim rapists are in the feminized countries in the first place. Most if not of that is on the radical “intersectional” feminists. And as i’ve read or heard from Sargon of Akkad, they don’t care as much about ACTUAL WOMEN BEING ACTUALLY RAPED when it’s Muslims. THEY CARE MORE ABOUT BEING CALLED RACIST THAN THEY DO RAPE VICTIMS. And then you have the guy in the video above basically calling to arms as if he has some form of authority over all men to take responsibility for this atrocity, to fight and possibly die for women. GET. THE. FUCK. OUTTA HERE!

  30. it’s funny how wn’s talk incessantly about saving the white race…

    but they all love jack donovan….

    maybe they have those mangina’s elam always talks about and they can get preggers from buttsex….

    (haha, just thought I’d throw in some offensive humor and watch the liberals throw a hissy fit.)

  31. just to throw flames on the fire…

    when some pure aryan broad ™ goes to the bar looking for some nordick and gets smashed, starts wandering home, pukes in the snow and is approached by roosh v….

    well, when he offers her more drinks and waits ’til she falls asleep for some “enthousiastic consent”…

    Is roosh v

    A) a moslem invayder

    B) a sex positive male feminist and a white guy with a tan

    I’d like to see how neo nazi aryan warrior answers that one…

    1. Bob says:

      They’d kill him for defiling their nordic goddess.

    2. Andy says:

      Why would you even care? Pull their leg? Get a life.

  32. tamerlame says:

    He has taken his videos down! AHAHAHAHA.

    He was getting pwned and he rage quit.

  33. Brad says:

    I can’t find the link to the video…

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