The Rebranding Of Traditionalism

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  1. Kenneth Cox says:

    Source of progressivism’s strength:

    Perhaps this can help traditionalists strategize.

  2. Jettison Blast says:

    ” if “growing up’ and abandoning leisure, peace and video games was such a good deal, why would one need these people to sell the idea to us.”

    -Bingo. Humans are going to naturally gravitate to what looks like a better deal to them. If you are going to try to convince me that changing diapers at 2am is more enjoyable than shooting at virtual heads on my XBOX with a beer you are either delusional or lying.

    Or how about landing on vacation somewhere and instead of just grabbing your baggage and taking a taxi to where ever the hell you please, you have to herd a bunch of restless kids, spend a great amount of energy just to get everyone to the hotel and checked – in. And then probably want to just pass out for a few hours of rest, instead your hyper kids won’t let you and you’ll maybe get time to visit one place you wanted to see after spending four days in say Paris. Seriously, next time on an international vacation, compare the 20 something single people and how happy they are on arrival versus the family that just arrive and how the dad always looks stressed, angry and depressed. I see this re-enactment every time I land somewhere and this always reminds me of why I don’t want to breed.

  3. Jettison Blast says:

    Also on another mention, lots of men in the world are becoming fathers, notably Arabs and Africans. The only segment of men that aren’t becoming fathers are white men.

    I have a bit of a suspicion that a lot of these same conservatives aren’t so much in favor of just more children being born, but want WHITE men to start having babies in that to them that’s better than men of other races having children.

    Again just speculation since many men in other parts of the world there is no lack of children and I have seen a lot of white nationalist movements that do openly say they want more babies of the white race. Just that the racism in this case is more covert.

    1. √2 says:

      It’s because of the #whitegenocide meme. They don’t get it that they won’t fix this for white men. If they want to “fix” the situation they should ruin the deal for non-whites more, so a lot of blacks and arabs go their own way too. Feminism for the 3rd world I suppose.

  4. Wally says:

    More shaming from the Trad-Cons via a wholesome looking book. That last sentence in the article about looking back at my father and if he had time for his hobbies was spot on!

  5. yur says:

    I have to: never, ever, ever, ever get married.
    If there’s ONE lesson I can honestly say I have learned from my fathers life, it’s this.
    I’m 32 in two days. If I live another day as a MGTOW I consider it worth more than any amount of marriage years. Pure hell. Oh, I learned that lesson well.

  6. CosmicArab says:

    My father is not happy at all and is chronically stressed out. He’s been married for about 40 years.

    Marriage is dead. I’ll never go back to the plantation. I never want to be a father. I see what marriage and relationships do to men. I just want to relax my entire life away, play video games, travel, and enjoy my own company. The great thing is that I’m still young, and I’ve still got my late 30s, 40s, and so on to enjoy life.

    Marriage is terrible. Fatherhood is terrible. Women are terrible. Stay away from all these and you’ll live a nice, comfortable, and contented life without a great deal of stress and health issues.

    MGTOW is medicine for men.

  7. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    I think fatherhood as a planned co-parenting deal, wouldn’t be so bad. You and the mom would both be in it just for the kid(s), so no past hard feelings to deal with. You can agree to plans before the child is even conceived. You can both decide on the best arrangement for both in terms of time and to some extent money. The best part is that you still get your mgtow free time when the kid(s) with the mom. After about 15 yrs, you get most of your time back, after 20yrs, all of it. And you reproduced.

    1. Shockwave2145 says:

      I think they do have parenting contracts in the states and a few other places. The problem with that is no contract that violates public policy will be upheld by a court and right now that policy is that men pay women or go to jail and women demand more and that is fine. I think there are a lot of men coparenting children with their mothers, to whom they are not married, who suffer from the delusion that the court would enforce the contract is the mother decided to sue for custody and child support.

  8. Duke says:

    Well you can do it like this single white father of two awesome white children. Surrogate mother.
    All child rearing singlehanded. Worked my butt off.

  9. PaulProteus says:

    Sitting in departure waiting to board after two weeks in the Caribbean. Short flight to Newark, probably get a hotel room for the long layover, take the train in Penn Station and wander around Manhattan until I find an elite controller for my xbox, and then head back and fly home.

    All paid for and not a credit card bill to be seen. Good fucking luck telling me that raising kids and having a wife is more fun.

  10. Rolling Tin Fist says:

    Great and important article. I’m an Awakened While Married father. These men are just trying to get MGTOW and potential MGTOW in shackles. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t believe the hype! If they really were concerned about single men missing out on the benefits of fatherhood, they’d recommend being a Big Brother, mentor, or volunteer camp conselor or sports coach. They certainly have a lower cost of entry, and exit.

    The assumption is that the wife in this fantasy marriage with children is actually doing her bit, and hasn’t checked out.

    I suspect they are thinking, like I did back when I got married, that my wife would pull her weight “just like momma” did.

    Unfortunately Western woman today want to be like men now, minus the responsibility. They essentially want to be teenagers. Old enough to be paid, but still young enough to be legally irresponsible.

    Fatherhood does have many pleasures and it’s something I’ve always desired. However it’s very hard and taxing, and you need to have your own shit together first, because of the legal responsibility. It’s like no other.

    Also, if your wife isn’t on the same page when it comes to raising the children it increases the effort and stress-level, and worse, the kids notice and then play you against each other.

    However, you can the non-genetic benefits by being a Big Brother.

  11. Andy says:

    To much defeatism for my taste in this article. It reads like “bu-hu, live sucks for dads, so better lay down and die.” Face it, not being a dad is a dead end and for myself, i would find such a end for my existence, that was made possible because my kin struggled for millions of years before me, realy pathetic. Same should go for you, leaving this place for lesser kind of people to inherit.

    1. mike says:

      99% of all species that ever existed are extinct. We probably will be too. Fuck genetic legacy.

    2. mike says:

      99% of all species that ever existed are extinct. Humans will be too. Fuck genetic legacy.

  12. MGTOW MO says:

    So these guys host a media day to sell a book encouraging signing a legal binding contract with a woman that gives her your money and genetic material (marriage for blue pillers) and one guy jokes about paying his ex wife a million dollars in alimony – this proves these guys know that marriage is a raw deal. What man goes through divorce machine and still promotes marriage? Just ask yourself how much of the money he makes from this book will go to his ex wife through alimony

    1. Kaminsky says:

      These guys all have the same jokey, self-effacing, self-deprecating “I’ll have to check with the boss” tone to their lives. Rerouted shaming attempt detected…easily.

  13. asfesa says:

    That doesnt sound like fun and what these children preach in the name of ideology is akin to everything they hold diametrically opposite (communism, socialism). Imagine them telling young men:

    “fuck you, heres my ideals, follow them to the T, become several economically, physically and emotionally handicapped as a result (or choose to kill yourself due to the agony inflicted) and pass it on to your friends!”

    Very much like how the USSR, by enacting agricultural plans that failed and caused mass starvation, resulting in ~50million deaths yet even while villages were dying *still* refused to allow people to help themselves by “hoarding” food so that less would have to result in cannibalism

    its funny that if someone (stock broker, lawyer, dentist, accountant, doctor, insurance company, supervisor, friend, neighbor, relative, etc.) told them to risk a 50% chance of losing their current life savings and a sizable chunk of future earnings, they would say hell no.

    Thats the divorce rate. How about an almost 27% of killing yourself after it happens due to an increase of the suicide rate?

    Last, imagine worrying after every argument with your wife, every normal human debate/difference, that she would decide the above will happen (divorce)

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