What Would the Illuminati look like?

the illuminati
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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    An organization trying to control every human being in the world…? Sounds like Feminism…

    1. sometwo says:

      feminism is the “useful idiot” for corporations and the political elite

  2. M.G. How says:


    I’d say if an Illuminati did exists, they’d be a group of Security-Market, Banking, and Reinsurance executives all sharing information or conducting insider-trading.

    You have to be truly detached to play with people’s savings in order to grow wealth for everyone, while still being scrupulous to get ahead.

    I suspect the reason Hollywood is bad with depicting the rich and powerful has more to do with how mind-numbing and bored writers must get when learning how the financial system works.
    Seriously, who goes into a writing career only to get bombarded with math they’ve likely tried avoiding since high-school? Anyone who’s gone into a STEM field knows math just explodes into a ridiculous number of sub-fields past multivariate-calculus.

    I think this is the same reason there is so little fiction about Economists, Mathematicians, Statisticians, Computer Scientists, Engineers, etc. without hand-waving everything to be about some human characteristic / flaw or some simple accounting procedure / analogy.

  3. Nate says:

    When it comes to such groups, one would imagine that after getting bored breaking every taboo possible they would seek to better themselves via unethical science or troll the rest of humanity with previously held-back disruptive technology.

    Besides what is the point of enslaving humanity and reducing the human population to 500 million when robotics makes enslaving humanity redundant, while reducing in human population can be easily achieved without risk of destroying the planet (via chaos, war, destruction, etc) simply by having the 3rd world (via good governance) reaching the prosperity of the mechanized world causing birth-rates to plummet below replacement level as is currently the case in the mechanized world?

  4. They’ve got to go through all those women because they’re still looking for that NAWALT… I’ve always hoped the Illuminati was like jerkcity dot com. Dudes would just sit around trying to think of every dick joke possible. That’s what I’d do.

  5. tamerlame says:


    Looks like feminists are trying to take down the article already.

    1. That was from an attempt to delete it in 2006.

  6. Dave says:

    A young man’s fantasy. All the money and power in the world, and all they want to do with it is have sex with a hooker? You can do that without robes and a password.

  7. Andy says:

    “It was almost poetic, reminiscent of the death of the idealized female that a mgtow must swallow at some point or another on his path to go his own way,”

    You know some of us where raised by their dads, never idealized females in the first place, didn’t get traumatized by some disappointments and breakups. This sentence has some ungood taste left, cause it reminds very much of other clubs of lost boys and their motivations rooted in teenage angst of rejection.

  8. tamerlame says:


    This link debunks the cultural Marxist conspiracy theory.

  9. Mallan says:

    The best depiction of the illuminati and the most realistic imo, not that I care. Is in Evan Genesis Evangelion. This is because japan is the closest country being ruled by a shadowy elite.

    The anime portrays them as so powerful and paranoid that this elite don’t meet in real life but only through hologram and never show their faces.

    They also are united by a common extreme and super secret knowledge. This again is inline with true secret societies the most popular and effective being the masons, but also jewish and islamic secret societies. And they get together to achieve some stated goal of this secret knowledge. Which is why you always get the occult coming up in elite western circles.

    Overall this really stems from the elites after at best only a few generations becoming corrupt and being too proud to devote themselves to organised religion, which is by far the most organised and profound, and instead they reach for the more far out cult leaders, who eagerly wanting power give them what they want.

  10. bullshit says:

    no, secret societies usually deal in power. there are only two forms of power, discipline/self control and power over others.

    I’d imagine if the illuminati were ever real the greatest game would be to see how much you can twist a mans ideology, convictions, beliefs, etc. by exploiting character flaws

    at the end of the day, the hardest part would be to part such one from truth/fact, skepticism and pragmatism

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