Male Pattern Baldness, Men Will Trade Life To Avoid It

Male Pattern Baldness
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  1. Bjørn Friedrichsen says:

    only thing i thought of while reading this was… mann they’ve got quite some confidence issues.

  2. Wally says:

    It saves a lot of money on haircuts, then again I see a lot of guys go into a barber shop with a fringe and yell in my head just shave it off and be done with it.

  3. TheKangarooBoxer says:

    Im losing my hair at 30 years old. I really don’t mind it. Im a long haired metalhead, but it still doesn’t bother me that much. Hell, i eventually plan on having a Skullet. might as well.

    What bothers me about this trend, is it’s the “body issues” thing that you constantly hear women talking about with other women, and to society in general. Not a word about the extent that men will go to just to pretend to “remain attractive”. This of course has it’s roots in Male Disposability among men, and Female Solipsism.

    If men cared about other men, we would be tackling “body issues”. If women realized that their Borg Consensus wasn’t the only thing in the universe, they too, would be tackling men’s “body issues”.

    I honestly don’t see us digging our way out of this one without more men finding themselves through ideas presented around this corner of the internet, or real life practice of MGTOW. The Blue Pill is indeed toxic.

  4. The Plague Doctor says:

    As you might expect, I disagree:
    Longevity is not a superior value over quality of life.

  5. How many years would Matt Forney have chosen to sacrifice, so that he could improve his chances of banging more bland, sub-standard, overweight chicks?

    1. Bob says:

      How many years and how many pastries.

  6. Francis Roy says:

    I’ve often wondered, with the prevalence of male pattern baldness, if it is an indicator of some form of evolutionary fitness. :)

  7. Bob says:

    This is a hypothetical trade-off, with consequences that will not occur until late in life. I wouldn’t draw too much from it.
    What if castration were shown to not only preserve your hair, but to extend your life… how many men would choose that option?

  8. Traversable says:

    Im embracing my male pattern baldness but , Im pretty sure it just relocated to my back . Oh well . Im pretty sure evolution is pulling down to my feet and will give me some great insole protection cheaper then gel packs . That would be a great secondary sex trait of natural walking comfort . Thats all we really want anyways . smooth comfortable walking away .

  9. not me says:

    I have the opposite problem actually, and cannot find a good method of getting rid of my hair permanently (I know I can just shave it but still…)

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Laser surgery.

      1. not me says:

        even electrolysis is not good enough actually and it’s far better than laser.

  10. Robert Wayne says:

    I would gladly give away up to five years of my life for a full head of hair again. I guess it doesn’t matter to a man who’s married or at least has a girlfriend if he’s stuck with male pattern baldness but I’m divorced and usually never get a second look from women nowadays. I had a pretty good personal life before I get married. Of course I had a full head of hair at the time. But any time a man loses his hair and is on the market as they say, he might as well be castrated, because no woman will bother giving him a chance. It’s not the women’s fault. It’s just the crappy way of nature and the world.

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