Alex Jones Divorce Gives ex Wife Over a Million in Assets

Alex Jones Divorce
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  1. tamerlame says:

    Has Alex Jones ever warned men about the family courts and child support enforcement?

    BTW why is Alex Jones giving one of the most famous feminist’s in the world a platform.

    I class conspiracy theory as a form of crypto feminism. Both feminism and conspiracy theories are about scapegoating powerful men, who happen to control everything.

    Another great article Bar bar. Hope you had a good Christmas.

    1. If I believe that there are aliens running my local KFC and that is why it tastes slightly different from the KFC on the other side of town, then how is that remotely feminist? Conspiracy theories are as deep and wide as you can imagine, there will always be idiots who think bizarre shit. But that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t right. Writing them all off as feminist non-sense means you completely ignore the conspiracy theory against communists.. which seems pretty damn accurate these days when you consider how many marxists are have in power.

      1. tamerlame says:

        Let me explain.

        Feminist patriarchy theory is a conspiracy is about powerful men secretly controlling everything.

        Most conspiracy theories are about secret groups of powerful men controlling everything.

        Also conspiracy theorists blame feminism on powerful men, not women. It is about letting them off the hook.

        1. Wise Fox says:

          There is a difference between control everything and bring a big support to a movement.

          It is a fact that the wealthiest elites especially the bankers fund massively feminism because feminism spread chaos and chaos is good for the business.

          There are group of powerful men that are behind feminism and help those stupid women to have ideas and build structure in their organization. Without their support feminists would have been a bunch of miserable cunt reduced to prostitute themselves to survive since no man would marry them.

          Conspiracy theories are often an exaggeration of real facts.

          1. Rubi says:

            Well said.

          2. tamerlame says:

            “It is a fact that the wealthiest elites especially the bankers fund massively feminism because feminism spread chaos and chaos is good for the business.”

            Perfect example of a conspiracy theorist nut job right here.

            Feminism has been bad for business idiot

  2. M.G. How says:

    Or… He’ll double-down and continue making bank because his divorce settlement might become compromised if he starts blaming women for deteriorating the family unit.

    43 K per month… Yikes.

    Jones is going to have to completely sell-out in order to make that payment consistently.
    Either that, or Jones should think about expatriating along with his base of operations, and become a divorce-dodger.

  3. Reg Prestley says:

    So much for “neo-masculinity” eh?

  4. TFCNU says:

    Bar Bar, just to clarify what’s going on here with this Deed of Trust. I’m not a lawyer but I’ve got enough experience with legal documents to shed a little more light. If there is a lawyer around, please correct me where and if I’m wrong. From what I can tell, this is likely the division of marital assets. It could include alimony as well but probably this is just the “she gets half” part. So, under that part of the divorce agreement, instead of a lump sum, she gets 43.5K per month for 72 months which is a whopping $3,132,000.00 total. In order to pay this, Alex Jones has set up a trust with assets of $2,727,951 which is basically the present value of the $3.1 million at a discount rate of about 4.65% per annum. Alex Jones likely doesn’t have $2.7 million lying around, so one of the things that has gone into the trust is this house in Austin. The trustee would likely then liquidate that asset in order to determine how much Jones owes in cash so that the $43.5K per month can be paid out. So, it’s not 43.5K per month plus the house. It’s $43.5K per month which is forcing him to sell the house.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      ah i see thanks for the clarification bro

    2. EuroTrader says:


      This is a Deed of Trust — not the establishment of a Trust with present value and all that you write about.

      Simply a debt SECURED by a lien on real property, to-wit: his (former) house.

      Apparently he is so dishonest, so lacking in credibility, so slimy and slippery, so untrustworthy, that his ex — who probably knows him best — requires her division of assets to be SECURED by a lien on the biggest asset he has.

      This leads me to another question, since I was a trial lawyer and have handled heaven-only-knows how many wealthy divorces — why wasn’t the property just Quit Claimed to her in settlement of her claims to 1/2 of the “marital” assets? He owes over $3,163,000.00 so maybe it isn’t worth nearly that much and, if not, all he has to do is default and walk away from his debt to her. Strange . . .

      The divorce itself and ultimate Order — which will list his obligations as far as alimony, child support, etc. is a public record and can be seen by anyone who asks the Clerk of whatever Court in which it was filed. That will answer many questions and I’d much rather see it, or any Interim Order.

  5. Sam Aponte says:

    There’s NO CHANCE Jone’s will reject marriage. It’s part of his conservative Christian values and I’m betting he will marry again.

  6. Grinsekopp says:

    Jones is a fear mongering scam artist in my opinion. He is selling gold and silver and advertises for it with questionable economic theorys. Ah and dont forget all the prepper shit like Water filters and stuff like that. Note i dont think preppers are idiots. It is a very good thing to prepare for disasters. But Jones is telling People that the economic collapse is coming any minute to promote the sales of Gold and silver and Water filters and stuff like that. He is trying to keep his listeners in a constant state of fear so he can advertise and sell to them. Thats why the neo-masculinity bullshit. The collapse hasnt come and the US is coming out of the depression better than anybody else. So he needs new target groups to advertise and sell to.

  7. Grinsekopp says:

    BTW didnt you all know that you (MGTOW) play into the hands of our reptilian overlords?
    PLS watch this video

    OMFG! Quick i need to marry, make Kids and pay for everything or the world is coming to an end.

  8. Ergeniz says:

    I hope Alex enjoys seeing his wife use his money on screwing other guys. But I mean, he said men are meant to die for women and (I presume) serve them right? So he should be happy for his wife right? Right?

  9. Vektor says:

    Neo-masculinity….meet neo-slavery.

  10. Andy says:

    Years ago i wasted to much time listeing to that fat fuck. Serves him right. The scamer got scamed. Greedy bastard couldn’t have enough, had to cheat on his wife on top of that.

  11. kyle says:

    I it usually takes a man to experience first hand and overcome bravado and that is what alot of these hardcore idealists are, spouting bravado for fear of not being a real man.

  12. Mary says:

    So, he has a nice house. You don’t report on how all the other media fat cats live or the “Super Elite”. He does not give “Conspiracy Theories”, but gives Conspiracy Facts about how our government has been infiltrated. Many “in the know” former or present CIA, FBI, Generals, University Professors, and Special Ops people have been interviewed on his show. He also backs up all the information he reports in writing. If he didn’t, he would have been taken to court long ago.

    You people who criticize or do not look at the show “” or are close minded, or brainwashed (idiots) who are afraid to look and see what the Truth may be.

    1. Smedley says:

      Conspiracy is simply when two or more people plan to do something illegal and/or immoral – period. Conspiracy is a part of the human condition. That being said, IMO, Jones is controlled opposition, meant to make truthers and patriots look like lunatics. Although he never bashes Jews or any other group (except for the global elites), “Infowarriors” spew all sorts of racist, anti-Semitic garbage every day in the news article comment sections. These posts are NEVER deleted.

      Thus, the majority of people interested in the world of “conspiracy theory” and who check out Infowars or Prison Planet out for the first time, upon reading the comments after news articles, will conclude that “patriots” and “truthers” are neo-Nazi trash. Indeed, not all, but many in the world of “conspiracy theory” do, in fact, blame Jews (either all Jews or Zionist Jews) for all of the world’s ills. Couple that with Jones’s occasionally bizarre or caustic behavior and you have controlled opposition meant to discredit the very message he is giving.

      I listened to Jones for 6 years on an almost daily basis and he did awaken me to many political realities that most are, indeed, to cowardly or brainwashed to believe or even think about. Unfortunately, he does just enough to give fodder to all of those who criticize him. IMO, COINTELPRO never died and Jones is one proof of that. I wish I was wrong but that is what I have concluded about Alex Emerick Jones.

  13. Mary says:

    Oh, Sorry, I just noticed the time difference. You are not in the USA I guess.

  14. Karenc says:

    I always thought his wife must be a saint to stay with him, I see now she had her fill of it all. smh.

  15. DENVER says:

    I’m a big AJ listener. I listen to his show every day and this is the first that I’ve heard of this scandal. Thanks for the info! Nevertheless, I can’t say that I blame AJ for screwing around with Lee Anne MacAdoo though. She is hot! Having said that, understand that AJ does cover many real and serious issues that you obviously aren’t aware of. On the other hand, AJ did his listeners a big disservice by not discussing his divorce on his radio show. Speaking as an AJ style patriot, I’m forced to admit that traditional marriage is a financial death trap and that MGTOW is the only way to live. Maybe, after this disaster, AJ will someday come around to our way of thinking on this issue?

  16. Russky says:

    I’m a MGTOW, but I also love Alex Jones and I really appreciate what he’s doing. And I’m not mad at him for having tradcon views. He got 3 great kids and it’s good for him. Sure, his marriage fell apart, but this just proves how impossible is to keep a woman happy unless you turn into a graveling mangina, which he’s not.
    I love Barbar too, but this is kind of a low blow painting AJ as enemy for some of his views. Sure he’s misguided a little, but who’s perfect? By the way I learned a lot about feminism and war on men from him.
    I also think it’s now fair to poopoo on Alex for “blaming it all on boogey men” and then blame it all on women in the next sentence. Do you really think women has malicious intent and they’re to blame 100% for everything that’s rotten in the society? The vast majority of those women don’t know what they’re doing. You’re giving them way too much credit.

  17. Pete says:

    I’ve personally experienced this crap in Texas and it isn’t true. He hasn’t slept around on his wife.

  18. Lol says:

    Nice repeating foxnbc’s smear campaign and dissing an American’s freedom to live fairly well off. What has Jones’ done that the average human hasn’t? Envy is a deadly sin. That’s probably the real reason you hate on him, barkly.

  19. Seema Plyler says:

    I spent a couple of minutes reading and checking the facts.
    Everything is crystal clear and understandable. This one is of that type.
    Moreover, I like the way the author organized his ideas as well as the visual

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