Gender in post-government societies

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  1. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    As much as many complain, I think now can be a Golden age for mgtow minded men. All we really need are a few legal corrections and a few technological advancements for this society to be perfect for mgtow. Enjoy the rise men.

  2. tamerlame says:

    After CS MGTOW takes his channel down, I hope he carries on posting content here.

  3. Tim says:

    There has never been a better time to be a man. Half of all adult men in the US are now single. If they remain unmarried – which has been the trend for many decades – fewer and fewer over time will suffer false accusations, parental alienation, the divorce rape of asset division, alimony and child support, suicidal ideation and of course gynocratic and white knight induced stress and depression related early deaths. Had a debate with a woman on this not to long ago and she was shocked – shocked I tell you – that I reveled in the fact that men’s lifespans were coming more in line with women’s and vice versa. She was shocked that I thought this a good thing. Gotta love that.

    Unwittingly, feminism freed men from the slavery of marriage. Unwittingly, feminism exposed the lie of rape culture. Unwittingly, feminism exposed the the myth of the evil patriarchy. At no other time in history have more men been enlightened – and it’s all thanks to the lies and fraudulent statistics feminists and white knights perpetuate.

    “Affirmative Consent” is a joint between feminists and cuckservatives to stop hookup culture and to promote marriage and family – the very thing that destroys men. Everyone knows that rapists never ask for consent. The Safe Campus Act has zero chance of passing. Why? Because feminists and cuckservatives want to be able to destroy naive men and use them as examples of why hookup culture is bad and why marriage is good – hoping you pay no attention to those divorced, destroyed men hidden carefully behind the societal cloak of cultural misandry and male disposability. It’s all about social conditioning. It’s all about keeping men and women primed for cultural misandry and male disposability.

    So desperate are governments that they’re allowing women into combat roles and even considering women for the draft. Why? Because the number of men that are fat and happy and unfit for battlefield action grows each year. Because those still numb enough to enlist are forced by anti-attrition laws to serve multiple deployments, well beyond their originally agreed upon enlistment terms – further ensuring their combat related deaths.

    Information in male oriented groups such as this fly to your eyeballs the instant posts are published. Everyone now has the ability to see that the numero uno mistake men make in life is giving women psychological, spiritual, physical, legal, social and financial power over their lives. The greatest mistake a man can ever make is giving a woman the ring of power. Why? Because for the remainder of his life, he’ll never know when that ticking time bomb of a NAWALT he married will go AWALT and use that ring of power to alter his destiny and destroy his life. What better way to keep married men living on bended knee for the gynocracy?

    Marriage only benefits women – despite the highly manipulated “men live longer, are happier and make more money when married” statistics. Those stats are as cherry picked and massaged as the 1 in 5 sexual assault/rape statistics. In fact, you have to have been living under a rock for the past few decades to put faith in any statistic the government delivers. The agenda driven fraud underpinning government statistics grows exponentially as each year passes.

    So desperate are government to maintain and/or grow their populations that, rather than admit that feminism is the cause of declining fertility and social collapse – which is forbidden under feminist, hypergynocentric rule – they illegally mass import millions upon millions of new wage and tax slaves from impoverished countries – bypassing the need to disturb native women. One more reason to open combat roles and the draft to women.

    Obviously, the keys to the continuation of male oriented forums such as this are anonymity and free speech – which is why you go to jail in some parts of Canada for posts such as mine and why the UN and feminists have merged in an attempt to create cyber bullying laws. Opening additional avenues of cultural misandry and male disposability is always the hidden forefront agenda. Every effort will be made to rid internet posters of anonymity and free speech.

    Cultural misandry and male disposability have been the mainstays of civilizations for all of recorded history. Thanks to unwitting feminists and the internet, things are changing rapidly for the benefit of men. You need only do three things to become happy and content as a man anymore. (1) Pick your income generation strategy wisely, (2) never give a woman or white knight any level of power over your life and (3) replace the blue pill with the red one. It really is that simple.

    Patriarchal Societies – Men are blamed, hated and disposable. Women are privileged.
    Matriarchal Societies – Men are blamed, hated and disposable. Women are privileged.

    (1) Pick your income generation strategy wisely, (2) never give a woman or white knight any level of power over your life and (3) replace the blue pill with the red one .

    1. yur says:

      I like that you emphasised “white knights” in your excellent comment. In many ways, the more dangerous of the species.

      1. Tim says:

        Thanks for the compliment. If ever falsely accused, it’s not the women you have to worry about. Rather, it’s the white knights atop their fiery steeds, racing with swords drawn to be the first to the beheading and the first to gain women’s approval.

        It’s not the women demanding the removal of men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process that one need worry about. It’s the white knights that fall over one another to write “Dear Colleague” memos – negating men’s constitutional rights via anti-male, discriminatory, sexist laws like Title IX – all with the stroke of one powerful mangina’s pen.

        I once read that if men were given lighter punishments – punishments equivalent to those given to women for the same crimes – four out of five currently or previously imprisoned men would never have been imprisoned. It just makes sense. When it comes to personal responsibility, accountability and agency – men are held to a far higher standard than women – by both men and women. Why? Because it privileges women over men and keeps men in their place as slaves to the gynocracy.

  4. Ty says:

    It is quite disappointing, but it is also true. There is really not much escape… barring some type of MGTOW-land (which has a near impossibility of happening), the only realistic way for men to go their own way is to understand when a country begins showing its decline and then heading away somewhere else before the country declines even more. You can see the signs with Western Europe, Canada, the US. Governments typically are going to be expecting more income to come in (taxes) to support the welfare state. With well off societies, it usually results in less children, and when the governments aren’t receiving as much money as they would like, they import cultures, that are not likely to be compatible with their own culture, creating even a faster increase to a decline of a country.

    I think MGTOW in the future should probably look for countries to live in that aren’t 3rd world war zones, as well as countries that aren’t closing in on the “end-game” like Western Europe is. I am still thinking of countries that come to mind, but it is hard to list down, as each country has its own issues. The most important thing to do is constantly being aware of your surroundings and knowing when to leave before SHTF. An area might be good right now, but it might not be like that one year from now, 5 years from now, and so on.

  5. Vektor says:

    Nobody wants a collapse…soft or hard. I like playing Fallout and watching The Walking Dead, but I have no delusions that I would want to live in that world. However, men realize that change will not come without crisis….a crisis that directly hurts women. I don’t want the government to collapse, but I do want it weakened. Smaller government will never return willingly. The welfare state will not shrink of its own accord.

    Marriage, a century or so ago, was called ‘slavery’ for women by some. I disagree with the definition. Men were just as bound in their roles as provider, however they had the right to keep their children and wealth. Now, men have nothing but obligations. Divorce is slavery for men. Real slavery. Indentured servitude and the loss of his children. Women are fine with this.

    Women don’t have the power to enslave men by themselves. Police, courts, lawyers, etc. give women this power. Women shrieked and men chose to enslave themselves just to get them to shut up….but they will NEVER shut up. It will continue to get worse until it can’t go on.

    It is a great time to be MGTOW. However, there are so many converging trends, it’s hard to conceive that things can just go on like this much longer. Collapse may come regardless of if we wish it or not. Hopefully some lessons can be learned…probably not.

  6. Beaker says:

    The Ancients understood female nature and their destructive inclinations very well, unlike most men today.

    From the ancient Roman senator and historian, Cato the Censor (234 – 149 B.C.), in 215 B.C.:

    “Recollect all the institutions respecting the sex, by which our forefathers restrained their profligacy and subjected them to their husbands; and yet, even with the help of all these restrictions, they can scarcely be kept within bounds. If, then, you suffer them to throw these off one by one, to tear them all asunder, and, at last, to be set on an equal footing with yourselves, can you imagine that they will be any longer tolerable? Suffer them once to arrive at an equality with you, and they will from that moment become your superiors.”

    “Our ancestors thought it not proper that women should perform any, even private business, without a director; but that they should be ever under the control of parents, brothers, or husbands.”

    “If the law ceases to limit the expenses of your wife, you yourself will never be able to limit them.”

    “Be assured that when a woman once begins to be ashamed of what she ought not to be ashamed of, she will not be ashamed of what she ought.”

  7. Plasma Mongoose says:

    All I know is that as selfish as it sounds, I just need things like welfare(I’m on a Disability Support Pension) to exist at least until I die(Which is most likely in about 20 years at most(and that’s being optimistic)) cos I know if society collapses, my remaining life-span will be measured in weeks not years.

    1. asfesa says:

      soo people with guns should *force* us to pay for you? youre not my responsibility, regardless of gender. Remember, that type of entitled thinking got us here in the first place

  8. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    “However, there are so many converging trends, it’s hard to conceive that things can just go on like this much longer. Collapse may come regardless of if we wish it or not.”

    And I believe mgtow should be trying to prevent, even though we are also trying to just go our own way.

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