White Nationalist Women Repeat “1 in 4” rape statistic

White Nationalist Women
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  1. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ All those white nationalist types miss the point. They’re control freaks. Yeah, I agree people of European descent have contributed vastly, & that’s exactly why, rather than being distracted with trying to control other ethnicities, they should really be multiplying like rabbits. ♂

    1. Would I be considered a white nationalist control freak to you because I would prefer to have a majority white country? I think there are racial differences, it would be stupid to think creatures who have evolved different skin colours to survive different climates haven’t evolved other differences. We could debate if this is big or small all day and we’d just end up agreeing to disagree at some level, but I would prefer racial regions over a multicultural one.

      I don’t care to control any other races, I simply care to have a country that I feel comfortable and safe in. That means as a white man, I would like a majority white country that promotes the traditional white culture. That isn’t to say traditionalism, but the way our legal systems work vs how say Sharia law works. The type of food native to the region I am from and the type of society that I have been handed down through my ancestry.

      We have a lot of evidence that multiculturalism makes people unhappy. There is more tension, more mistrust and people still stick mostly to their own groups in these wider communities any way. I’d rather we were realistic about it and tried to set up a workable system that promoted diversity of cultural regions with 1 of 2 melting pot countries (like Sweden.. ahem) if that’s what some people want.

      I think MGTOW lack some of the cultural awareness of the big picture, where as I think nationalists lack the awareness of sexual dynamics. As someone who considers themselves a knowledge seeker, I often have to read from nationalist blogs to get accurate crime statistics (i.e. the US government doesn’t split Hispanic and White races up on a lot of their reports, so if you want them split up you need to delve into these groups data and fact check it yourself). This leaves me torn between two camps. Racial realists (and some racists, but that’s not the majority I’ve seen) and female realists. Neither have the complete picture, but I see pot shots being fired both ways. I try not to pick a side because I think both sides need to have dialog and red pill themselves on their naive areas to make a functional society out of the ruins we’re heading for.

      I think saying white nationalists are just control freak racists is a straw man at best. For the nationalists I am too MGTOW, got the MGTOW I am too nationalist. You’re both fighting straw men and instead of looking at what each group is saying and the data they present, you’re squabbling. In the case of this article, Sweden defines rape very broadly, but there has been a very clear rise in sexual assaults in Sweden because of mass immigration. The 1 in 4 figure maybe debunked, but the reality is getting close to that number because we’re importing people who don’t hold the traditional white ideals and are abusing a system built around the assumption that the majority will. Angry Foreigner on Youtube has some great videos on this, he is worth the watch to understand whats going on with Sweden.

      1. Jessire Nagy says:

        ♂ You’re missing my point. ¶ I have a lot of respect for people of European descent, & that’s not just some sheepish appeasement. ¶ What I’m typing is, for example, Adolf sent thousands upon thousands of healthy, intelligent, strong Europeans to go die in a war, when he really should’ve told them to have lots of kids – mansions worth of kids. I personally believe Adolf had ulterior motives though. ♂

        1. there’s nothing funnier than when some alt-reich/hbd guy cry’s white genocide and then he’s got links to Jack Donovan on the sidebar of his blog…

  2. M.G. How says:


    … I’d applaud you if you hadn’t used the old statistic, which these women used.

    The original source of the number:

    I’m sighing because of the stupidity of the number I have to correct you with, not your treatment of the numbers in the article.

  3. Jeff says:

    The way rape statistics are collected in Sweden is completely different from everywhere else. They count it as separate rapes when someone gets raped multiple times.

  4. Gyrus says:

    This video is gynocentric bullshit propaganda. This reminds me of my constant encounters with men whose situation I have much in common with, but are convinced I am an existential threat to their existence and way of life. I for one cannot and will not concern myself with the crying of those who want to hurt me and my brothers. Sadly, too many of us will stab a brother on behalf of those who hurt and betray them.

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    It’s the oldest propaganda they’re is: The savage brutes are rapping our women! Look at that religion: They don’t respect women!

    Some choose to denounce the refugee policy that way even though there’s plenty of valid arguments to choose from.

  6. Radium J says:

    I think the video is a backlash against the diversity message. In general, diversity plus proximity often means conflict. Thomas Sowell wrote an excellent book call “Ethnic America” where he traces the history of the interactions between ethnic groups. In the past, each ethnic group that came to America had institutions to help new immigrants assimilate into American culture. Today, diversity is the weapon being wielded by the SJW to break the culture and institutions of America and the other western democracies.

    The video is also using the protection of the group’s women to force the men to take action against other groups. Of course, this is a tried and true means to unite a people. It is also at the root of misandry.

  7. Andy says:

    This broad makes a good deal for herself. Everyone knows female run Youtube Channels get more Subs then the male ones, and because female white nationalists are rather rare, speculation on landing a hit with such a concept are relativly solid. She doesn’t need “facts” as long she can supply content.

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