MGTOW VS Internet Censorship, Who Wins?

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  1. Jessire Nagy says:

    One of the reasons that I am a misanthrope is because most people have excessive unearned ego without any real reason to be.

    The internet brings all these people together with their lazy opinions & presumptions that is triggered by their extempore. This creates no progress but just mere unapt gossip.

    Those who “know too much” are just digging themselves into a position of perpetual misunderstanding. This is the tragedy for those who fully understand what the maxim “there’s a thin line between genius & insanity” really means. Hard work that has taken epic time of dedication can be vitiated by just feeble people who feel the desire to make everything they come into contact with their business; a whole page that could be the equivalent of an entire book could suddenly be ruined by just a moment of one faulty sentence from some smug idiot who has enough secondment, as people tend to naturally be ignorant followers, to turn a great work into trash through amplified dispatch of canard. In lay mans’ terms, it would be like a castle they’ve made out of playing cards for 3 hours at one of their frat, puke parties would suddenly be taken down by a mischievous kid. To the apposition, the latter case a worthless pursuit out of boredom but would create a similar reaction in them that could give them a tiny glimmer of understanding of what it would be like to experience something they cannot understand.

    Reality is much, much more complex than you could ever imagine.

    The more intelligent understand that mediums such as F.B. are really surveillance systems posing as “social” networking. Have you ever noticed how well some of these other disgusting mediums that degenerates frequent like ‘College Humor’ are capable of encapsulating cliches of people so well? It’s because they have people working for authorities as surveyors who record down what people are like & are interested in. This must seem very magical, but it’s actually just very human. Those who are in a position of power are generally clever enough to have gotten that position & are enough of evil geniuses to know that to maintain that power & profit, one must also know its subordinates. That is how the upper class of politics & business thrive. I used to work for market research & we would have to survey people to give back reports to the presidents of corporations & businesses because they need to know the psychology of demographics. Let me give an example of why such surveillance would be involved: If one were to gain much fame & a huge revolutionary following by writing on how women have a tendency to exploit men for their addiction to meaningless materials they consume from major businesses, these corporations are not going to want to lose any of their profit, so they have other factions working interlinked with each other to uphold their profit. In conjunction to utilizing the scattering of superficial gossip from the masses because they understand their psychology, what would result is counter claims on such individuals, generally indirect dis-info., such as superficial gossip provoking memes from mediums like ‘College Humor’ & cynicism provoking from ‘The Onion’ to create mass distraction to keep people away from actual, important matters. Again, it has nothing to do with “green aliens & u.f.o.s”; it’s just simply a natural human phenomena of how business & politics works. In fact, such ideas of “green aliens” etc. are implanted into the culture for the very purpose of insinuating that those who “know too much” to be “crazy people who need fresh air”. They want & encourage all the superficial gossip & opinions to circulate so that the masses of average & mediocre can just outweigh the few who truly understand. You know, the ones who “need to get laid”.

    If you happen to be a blogger with important things to state, be extra careful in who you talk to for you could be usurped through slander by an idiot who has a huge number of associates who will just automatically repeat what that person has stated about you. Half of those followers wouldn’t even really know what they’re making fun of or deriding but would do so because people are pathetic in that they desire to feel good by being a part of whatever. Don’t really emphasize so much about yourself & try to diversify your content to be much more elaborate so that it is not easy for others to try to make quick assumptions about you. Don’t post pictures or only a minimal amount of pictures because, in this feeble culture, people are superficial, which you could use to your advantage; If you post mainly writings without pictorials, it is a sure way to weed out the idiots who would get bored easily while maintaining the focus of more objective people.

  2. diss identity says:

    There are a couple good points here. Agreed on funding problem, but it all depends on what the content is; hosting text (blogs) is cheap, binaries (videos) is not. Sysadmin and moderator duties could be done on voluntary basis or based on donations.
    The threat of MGTOW channels and blogs being shut down is a potential one regardless of its existence, and that risk must be eliminated. A friend of mine Dutch MGTOW was also saying the same for long: self-sustenance.
    However, I want to present an alternative to 2 & 3.
    I am completely convinced that MGTOW can produce only so much content about anti-marriage, gynocentrism, female vs male nature, anti-feminism, evopsych, etc. The content gets quickly stale after one becomes aware of these things. But if content producers would start integrating the MGTOW mindset into their other outputs, a. it would be harder to prove some supposedly blatant hate rhetoric and thus shut down channels b. the content would be much richer and useful.
    What kind of content this might be? Anything which involves men: hobbies, health, money, job, technology, self-improvement, education, news… kinda some of the channels and blogs, incl. this one, or Ordinary Life already started doing, mixed with MGTOW mindset. Feminists infiltrated all kinds of media and this worked very well for them.

    1. I completely agree. I’m burned out on the standard anti-feminist talking points, but so are many others in the community. Which is one of the reasons another platform would allow non-anti feminist MGTOW content to find a larger audience. You pull people together into these areas and start to grow their interests outside of the one talking point we mostly agree on.

  3. M.G. How says:

    Many people who find and accept MGTOW claim they were MGTOW before but had no way of affirming it to themselves until the community was found.

    I would argue that MGTOW can always go deeper underground. From World Wide Web to Social Media Platforms. From social media platforms to IRC channels and video hosting services. From video hosting services to torrent servers and cloud hosting. From normal dns servers to tor servers.

    The best example of failed censorship that MGTOW can learn from: illegally uploaded copyright material. Want to watch a netflix show without paying for it, you can do that, no problem. Want to know what Scientology is really about? Go torrent for it.

    I think this article gives a slight of hand to the real issue plaguing MGTOW, how do you keep people engaged enough to keep producing content without burnout or leaving the community for non-going-your-own-way-reasons.

    The current approach being encouraged is everyone starting their own channel or venue to make content grow in their own corners of the community. The article concludes with this as well. But the article’s specific slight-of-hand is suggesting a funding and content platform that wont be compromised.

    So let me ask the more immediate version of this question:

    If I pay for YouTube Red, only to watch and download paywall MGTOW content, will YouTube Red censor my content creators and be willing to lose my subscription to their service?

    I would answer no because:

    $10 / month subscription * 12 months * 23, 128 Bar Bar MGTOW subscribers = $3 million annual income.

    $10 / month subscription * 12 months * 225, 235 Sargon of Akkad anti-feminist subscribers = $27 million annual income.

    $10 / month subscription * 12 months * 450, 347 Thunderfoot free-thinker subscribers = $54 million annual income.

    Obviously there are more channels, but it seems a bit much to outright censor rather than reclassify as 18+ content.

    1. Piracy is different to MGTOW content in that MGTOW is not mainstream marketed. Lets take the new Star wars for example, the second it goes online it will be pirated on mass, millions of people will download it. How many people will download a Bar bar video put up on a torrent site? The internet will always find a way to get around problems, but people have to be aware they want to get around this problem and that’s part of red pilling people to begin with.

      We have seen Youtube shut down channels that were making them money in the past. When you’re a billion dollar company your error of margin begins to look in the millions region. Many of these scams we hear of in big business aren’t really smart people exploiting the system, they’re simply accounting error exploits. When your numbers get big enough you don’t have to care about losing a couple of thousand dollars, it’s less than 1% of your total income and chasing it wastes more time than it’s worth.

      Your numbers also don’t make sense. Not every person subscribing to these channels is going to pay for Youtube. I would never give money to Youtube for content, I don’t care Youtube content because the supply is so huge. If all the MGTOW channels went pay wall then I would refuse to watch any of them from here on out. On the other hand if MGTOW started it’s own platform, I would be willing to support the platform that I think needs to exist.

      1. M.G. How says:

        The Youtube Red numbers were meant to break down a potential sales funnel.
        Basically, MGTOW is a potential 3 million dollar piece of a larger 27 – 54 million dollar per annum pie.

        They also illustrate the relative size of revenue that could potentially go back to MGTOW content creators. I think what some people overlook about YouTube Red is that even bad publicity for MGTOW on Youtube Red will translate into money for content creators since they are still getting views.

        This is something you can’t really say for their main competitor Netflix.

        Channels shutting down can be mostly broken down into funding, copyright, and complaints.

        The last one can be solved by self classifying as 18+ content.
        The second one isn’t really an issue for MGTOW unless they’re going for social commentary of media.
        The first one would likely be rectified by YouTube Red as long as the content is classified as 18+ and the copyright isn’t infringing.

        I’m not sure if I can give a satisfactory answer on getting around the problems for viewers, but let me give you an example of why I think we aren’t using all the resources available to us: archiving youtube videos.

        So if every MGTOW content producer learns how to do this ^ and consistently does it for every new video, then any time a video is taken down, you just put up a new video telling viewers to click on the link in the description leading to the archive of that specific video.

        Similarly, if a channel is taken down, you create a new channel and redirect people to the channel archive in the description of the channel, while continuing to make content where you left of.

        Hopefully that got across my view point a bit more clearly.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    You say MGTOW needs to “truly go its own way” and get off Youtube etc. Well isn’t that what is…? One dumb criticism of MGTOW is that “going your own way” means being completely self-sufficient like you’re living in the woods or something; let’s get back to planet Earth please: “Going your own way” refers to social life-choices primerely not getting married.

    MGTOW has never and will never be an organized movement: There’s no point in trying to collect our forces together on some platform as if we’re launching a coordinated attack. Has it occurred to you that ANYTHING on the internet can be attacked; even an independant platform can be targeted by all kinds of digital weaponery; it might actually be safer on Youtube (!)

    1. MGTOW is not an organized movement but it is a group of people with similar interests that require the right environment to be able to survive. Keeping your fish bowl filled with fresh water requires you not letting your water supply to turn bad, which is something we all need to do. CS MGTOW has a great article up about the reasons why.

  5. tamerlame says:

    Anything MGTOW tries to build, we have to be aware of co-option attempts from tradcons to conspiracy theorists.

    They would be more than willing to eject us from any platform they control/

    The broad alliance strategy will therefore not work.

  6. Rolling Tin Fist says:

    I’ve been thinking about the diversification of platforms for some time. I did start a Tribble torrent a few months ago as a backup to my YouTube channel, after the recommendation by Vention1MGTOW, but my efforts waned. Time is an even more sacred resource as an Awakened While Married parent. Generally platforms such as YouTube and Twitter are more flexible and have a larger built-in consumership, so it’s easier to ramp up and reach critical mass sooner.

    Still, platform diversify MGTOW content must. I was thinking about an app or maybe even an ebook. However that would still be with Apple, Google, and Amazon as platforms, which I use as my original personality for non-MGTOW content.

    Maybe I’ll do all of the above, in some fashion. Right now I’m at least joining the conversation on and, where I was recently invited. It will be incremental for me I think. Thanks.

  7. Hann Lockhart says:

    Good points. While I don`t have the answers, I`d be glad to help in artwork and even a mgtow comic book just as a boost for Men. I`ve been doing one such book for a while now.

  8. dreamsoffreedom says:

    Building and sustaining interest in the community — Interesting discussion! The ingredients are already there IMO. What is needed is some organization of the loosely labeled content creators, and more careful packaging. Just like channels that hold interest for other groups, MGTOW could benefit from having content creators tag their stuff. Such an effort by the community could offer the following without much top-down control–

    1. news channel that would focus on content that is related to recent events.
    2 theory and philosophy channel to discuss the underlying science and hypotheses;
    3. personal interest channel that just focuses on individual stories in all their richness;
    4. MGTOW lifestyle, lifehacking, personal expression, DIY examples, homes and personal space
    5. culture change
    6. political/activism channel that focuses on efforts to create political change.
    7. biography channel (MGTOWs of history, like Sandman’s series)
    8. sex — sexual expression and fulfillment for mgtow, covering topics like prostitution,..
    9. religion,…

    this is my first post!

  9. Textra says:

    The independent platform thing is doomed to failure. Many have gone before, sometimes giant e-celebs with 100s of thousands of subs, and falling flat on their faces. People are sheep and the only platforms they are going to populate are the giants like Google. I’ve lost count of the number of big name youtubers since 2007 who were going to go their own way and create an alternative platform free from Google’s rules, only to slink back a few months later with their tails between their legs. They expected their audience to follow them; they were wrong. Google et al cannot be bypassed and it certainly can’t be toppled. They ARE the internet now. I don’t like it any more than you, but the internet as we knew it is dead. It has been tamed. My prediction for the next 10 years is you won’t even be able to connect to the internet without 3 forms of ID and agreeing to tracking software so the police can locate any and every thing you post.

  10. Hedon says:

    Jesus christ, guys. Go your own way. Mgtow ultimately means indifference if i were to sum it up in one word. It means male autonomy. We don’t need all these extra tech ideas you guys are drumming up. It’s about doing what tha fuck you want to do. That’s what Stardusk, Bar Bar, CS, and all of them do. People have already, wrongfully, identify us as a cult. Do we really want to carry that banner? The name MGTOW is self explanatory on its own. That’s why they haven’t been able to nail us down. Mgtow is an individual thing.

    No offense but this is a badly written article and even worse are the comments but you guys are still awsome. Go your own way, guys. Let reputable mgtow content producers keep dishing out great videos to educate men like they’ve been doing. We don’t need anything else. Go your own way.

    1. Tamerlame says:

      So acting in a collective manner is the definition of a cult?

  11. Jason says:

    How to make Mgtow a household word:

    Tell your male friends about Mgtow, email the media, create a blog, share on other groups on Facebook, write a letter to the editor, email male celebrities & sports stars telling about Mgtow, put a Mgtow sticker on your car, write a Mgtow book, create a mgtow store selling Mgtow goods, wear Mgtow t-shirts, ask your local library to carry Mgtow books, protest with Mgtow signs, drop off mgtow rants and pamphlets in male public places, create a Mgtow documentary, call talk shows and ask them to do a show about Mgtow, create Mgtow memes and make them go viral, create Mgtow videos and post on YouTube, write newspapers & magazines and ask them to cover Mgtow, post Mgtow on anything that is trending, make Mgtow your icon on Facebook & other blogs, create a fake female dating profile with Mgtow info to reach single men, send Mgtow info to politicians & other political groups, have a Mgtow table or booth set up at large festivals, create Mgtow groups, if you have the money buy a billboard or other advertising to spread the word, create Mgtow websites & forums, hold up Mgtow signs at sports events or large gatherings, create a Mgtow magnetic sign to display on your car.

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