Men’s Rights Reddit Sounding a Little More like Mgtow

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  1. Darth Folwart says:

    The sheep are many and the shepherds are few. Learn to tend the flock and speak their language and they will follow where you lead, even toward directions they oppose. We must learn to control the perceptions as the opposition has done. Control their perceptions, bring them to your side by any means possible. Achieve this and you have mastered the Force.

  2. Vagabond Soul says:

    I think humans are flawed beings, and are still animals. We are only 1.5% away from being a chimp. So while we try to rationalize our opinions and decisions, a lot of it is driven by our instincts and biology. The basic goal of biology is self-preservation and procreation. Males’ role in the ancient nomadic life-style was that of hunters and gatherers – so men’s biology leans towards self-preservation a little more. As humans started organizing into small groups and then into societies, the definition of ‘self’ in self-preservation expanded to include everyone else that belong to the same group as them. Being self-preservation-oriented thus came to mean to guard those of their own and to destroy any threats. So men became more comfortable being in violent situations, and engaging in life-risking behaviors. The negative side of male nature, if there is one, is this: being open to violence, that we’d let a confrontation escalate to fists being thrown, because we really don’t find much of a problem with punching our differences out. The primary victims of male nature, thus, are not the other gender. It is those who’ll stand in our way to securing a safe future.
    However, it is a different case when it comes to women. The primary victims of female nature ARE men. Women’s nature is procreation oriented, because it is their bodies that carry the wombs to gestate and deliver the next generation. It seeks to secure a stable inflow of resources while being incapacitated in the process of child-rearing. This makes men,the resource-procurers, the primary targets of female nature. In this paradigm of things, there is no incentive for the women to actually give a damn about the well-being of the man/men providing for her; in fact, it is in her best interest to not be attached to a single man in particular, but keep monkey-branching to a stronger, better provider. Lionesses don’t particularly care when the male of the pride is killed by a new, younger male and then kills the cubs. They go on about like nothing’s changed. most women are not evil, they are un-empathetic to men’s plight, and heartlessly oblivious to our suffering.
    So, naturally we have the odds against us, but the gynocentric westerns society turns it up several notches. Every harmful aspect of male nature are restrained and kept well-checked by the law. That’s why most men are not murderers, Though many men are perfectly capable of murder. Any and every aspect of male nature that’s unsuitable for the modern civilized life have been outlawed, with severe repercussions if engaged-in.
    But no such social or legal protection exists against harmful aspects of female nature- women’s tendency to take advantage of men, their actions that drive men to harm themselves and others, and the systems built over men’s corpses for the exclusive benefit of women. Combine this with the fact that women are unsympathetic towards men, and we have the perfect recipe for disaster. Women are oblivious to the harms they cause, and any voice trying to educate them are muffled and marginalized, and women are encouraged to engage in their careless ways by the society, of course, at the expense of men. So, no, I don’t hate women…. they are just completely, and irredeemably unlovable.

    The only logical thing for men to do is to educate themselves and each other, and stay away from women as much as possible. Find ways to discipline one’s sexual neediness- through practices like martial arts, meditation or things like working out that’ll leave you too tired to be horny. But what ever you do- do not touch a female with a (your) ten-foot pole.

    1. James P says:

      Interesting bit of information –thanks for sharing your theory. However, I do not come to the same conclusion that you seem to think your premises necessitate.

      There’s still a reasonable amount of decent women, who are modern enough and so don’t require being provided for (from you), but still are in touch with their biological desire for a man’s man, not a feminist pushing politically correct panderer. I ‘m with one now. If you understand human psychology, like it seems that you do, there are plenty of resources out there to help you make sure you are sufficiently confident and educated enough to find and filter for those types of women.

      Short term or long term, there are a number of relationship arrangements that don’t require you to enter into binding contracts. Removing yourself from all women is just sad. Personally, I love women. That doesn’t mean I take them seriously. But not having sex, not having positive interactions where you feel you can listen and also be heard, that’s bound to keep sending you inward away from great potential. You have but one life, create your story, or someone else will.

      1. john Smith says:

        All men marry believing that the wife to be is the special one like you claim to be with. Fifty percent or more of those men will find out the hard way that she is not. If you are not providing monetary resources to her then you are probably ringing her bell sexually. If having her bell rung is a driving force in her life, what makes you think you are the only one playing her bells?

        Female nature and behavior is well understood as a social science. They are programmed by Mother Nature to perpetuate the species by putting themselves first in all matters. End of story.

        You seem to be enamored with snowflake and I’m betting things are pretty easy in both your lives right now. Put her to the test by removing or decreasing one of the resources you are providing to her and see what happens. I’m betting you will find an AWALT when the winds of diminished resources provided blows all the snowflakes off of her.

        Good luck, but remember there’s a 50/50 chance you will be a member of the MGTOW brotherhood.

        1. Vagabond Soul says:

          Thank you, couldn’t have put it better myself

  3. David says:

    This was a great read, bravo. Don’t stop posting to this tiny corner of truth on the Internet:

  4. The Plague Doctor says:

    Check out this important post in Reddit, about the true MGTOW manifesto:

    1. tamerlame says:

      Very good post, thanks for sharing bro :)

  5. tamerlame says:

    I am disgusted at the plan of allowing single men to perish and allowing “families” in.

    The thing is violent males come from abusive mothers, and Arab women are the most violent abusive women in the world outside of Africa. So allowing just the women and children in would not even stop the problem of violent males.

    To be honest I would rather let none of them in.

    There is a false dichotomy of letting them in and not helping refuges. We could build humanely run camps to feed and look after them.

  6. Kong says:

    A little off topic, but since it was mentioned in the article I thought I would point this out to show just how many women are on our side.

    When I was on Facebook yesterday a recommended group supporting male victims of rape popped up. Over 130 people clicked like on it and of those only ONE was a woman. Yes I scrolled through them all and it didn’t take long. I then began reading through the comments, again over 100 of them and not a single woman had anything to say. Furthermore the comments had a theme and that was somebody was trolling the website and the comments section making fun of male rape victims. The supporters and victims on this thread were constantly asking how they were ever going to be taken seriously when people behave like this.

    Frankly it disgusts me and shows perfectly how women do not give a shit about men and boys. On this specific subject it should be noted that women have an inbuilt abhorrence to rape and even the word rape grabs a females attention like nothing else. But when when men are the victims of this crime it’s of no interest to them whatsoever.

    No, most women are not decent people who view and treat men equally. Anyone who thinks this really needs to get that shit put their head right now.

    As for me personally I am completely indifferent to women. I care nothing for them or the few issues they face in society. They are becoming more and more invisible to me everyday.

  7. MGTOW MO says:

    Women who seem to be on our side at first glance like women against feminists pose a greater threat to our freedom than radfems like big rig. These women only care about mens issues when it starts to effect their male relatives in a negative way but they don’t want to make changes to the system because they want the powers to be taken away from them i.e. a woman would divorce her husband, take half of shit and the children and claim alimony and child support while denying access him to his kids and telling them daddy doesn’t want to see them but when her son grows up and his wife does the same to him she would call her a whore, golddigger, heartless bitch and men in the manosphere mistaken these women’s anger at what happened to their son as a sign she’s a NAWALT not realising she’s only upset she can’t see her grand children AND her son doesn’t have any money to take of her into her old age.

    Another example is women who complain that men are failing behind in schools – getting bad grades and less men applying to university – but they only do this because hypergammy dictates a woman finds a man who makes more money than her – so these women are only complaining they can’t fulfil their hypergamy.

  8. Oh man, the “magnanimous brownie points” part just reminds me of those girls that decide to do “volunteer work” in Africa or South America, and will inevitably post on facebook the gazillions of pictures of them posing next to a jeep, or doing a “thumbs up” next to some miseable looking kids. It’s as if every single picure could be captioned: “Look everyone, I’m helping! I deserve a cookie.”

  9. Tony says:

    MGTOW MO is Right. Take a look at “the red pill women”

  10. Varnado says:

    I know what it is you are trying to indicate and your purpose does make sense however I can’t
    say I totally agree with you. You see, there might be some complications when it comes to the issues you have said.
    But I enjoy the time you spent in explaining your view.
    I am interested in this topic and will certainly dig
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