Conspiracist Alex Jones: “Men Are Meant to Die for Women”

alex jones
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  1. JayDoubleGee says:

    A man is the guardian who has to save, protect, prioritise females at all cost. He is her saviour, her provider, her worshipper. He will give her absolute priority no matter what. Whether she’s right or wrong. Wether she’s good or bad. Whether she’s mother of delinquent men or sabotateur of good men. Whether she’s daughter of cruel men or false accuser of innocent men. He is the follower of the greatest secular religion of all times. The cult of woman worship. The idolatry of Vagina, the holy reliquie of life and death and everything in between. He will worship her body, he will venerate her non accomplishments, he will excuse her faults and flaws, he will betray and backstab whomever won’t adhere to this cult of woman worship. And he will destroy any man who will be accused of blasphemy or apostasy. He will execute other men who will refuse to accept this religion, or even try to escape and find refuge, away from the madness and hatred of this blind, dark, sinister and deadly veneration.

    Some men will dare to criticise and object, refute, deny and even oppose this sick, hateful and malevolent millennial religion of Gynotheism. Some men will even dare to help and support other men, sinful subhumans unworthy of any kind of love and respect. A man has therefore the duty, and the absolute priority, to detest, hunt, and murder those men who have abandoned the cult of Gynotheism. A man has to destroy all other forms of love. And everything else which does not belong to Gynotheism, will be crushed, and terminated.

    A man is a nothing, an absolute nothing, he has always been nothing. And he will be nothing, for eternity.

    1. D.C. says:

      Female worshipers are as old as time itself. They are the Baal-Astoreth worshippers of old. Jezebel’s followers.

  2. Alex Jones is a nutter…

    no wonder rosshiepoops wants to be his buddy…

    he is an okay heavy metal/metalcore singer…

  3. You’re all just jealous because you don’t have mitochondrial DNA. Don’t look it up, the elite disseminated a bunch of false information about it.

    1. D.C. says:

      I can if I buy 3 mega packs of Tangy Tangerine!

  4. M.G. How says:

    What’s annoying is how a legitimate issue is tainted by Alex.

    He started off talking about homosexuality in a school setting. To a certain degree, I agree that children should be sheltered if not made ignorant of trans and gay issues until they’re closer to adulthood. Even people from the gay community agree on this as parents. No one wants to put their kids in a more difficult situation lifestyle/trauma-wise.
    It’s a consistent position with not exposing kids to sexual education topics in schools until the child reaches or shortly passes puberty.

    But, then he accuses everyone of… well you all read the article.

  5. Decoherenc3 says:

    The left say that you are evil and the right say that you are disposable. Have a nice time picking from those options.

    1. ob says:

      I think you explained in one sentence why I am neither from right no from left.

    2. Mark says:

      HHHHHHa pretty much the way I see it. well said

    1. barbarossaa says:

      lol dude thats hilarious

  6. Logan Alexander says:

    If what Alex said is true, then the ghetto would be a paradise

  7. D.C. says:

    Alex Jones is an irrelevant moron whose job is to sow fear to increase his Tangy Tangerine profits. He is a liar. Everything coming out of his mouth on this subject is ANTI-CHRISTIAN in spite of his claims he’s a Christian.

    The bible says point blank that…

    -WOMAN was deceived and not man.
    -WOMAN was cursed with eternal servitude to men in the garden.
    -WOMEN are commanded to obey their husbands and submit to them.

    The wars in the bible were fought in the name of GOD. They were all fought for God and with God’s backing. The “heathen” nations were the ones that worshiped the female (Baal worshippers, Ashtoreth worshippers, etc) and they were all destroyed by the MEN fighting in the name of God.

    So it sounds like the female worship is reacing a fever pitch with the help of this conspiracy nut attention whore, in collusion with the stiletto licking, sycophantic, Neo-masculine invertebrates over there at RoK.

    P.S. I don’t care what you believe so keep your atheistic ramblings to yourself.

    1. tamerlame says:

      I am not going to let anyone to tell me passively aggressively to keep my atheistic ramblings to myself. You sound like an entitled to feminist to me with that attitude.

      The fact you told people not to comment is such a bitchy way, made me want to comment.

      God is a fictional character full stop.

      1. DC says:

        It was only a matter of minutes before one of you lost your mud!
        So predictable. So hilarious.

        1. tamerlame says:

          I am losing nothing. I am just calling out your entitlement. If you do not want replies do not comment

  8. Tim says:

    All I’ve learned about romance and women in less than half a century:

    As a man, never give a woman social, legal, physical, emotional, psychological or financial power over your life. If you do, one day, you’ll come to deeply regret it. You may think me wrong today, but you’ll rue the day you disagreed one day in the future.

    Never give a woman the ring of power. If you get married – whether your recognize it or not – your balls are on the chopping block. Men gain zero through marriage. If you’ve already done it, enjoy it white it lasts. A rude awakening is most likely in your future.

    Men getting married is the equivalent of elephants paying through the trunk for ivory sculpting classes.

    My skilled hand + good porn + good lubricant + creativity is far better than any sex I’ve ever had with a woman. Plus, there are no risks of pregnancy, divorce, alimony, child support, false accusations or incurable STDs.

    Women don’t love men. Women love what men can provide to women.

    The only thing more detrimental to your life as a man than a feminist is a white knight.

    There are many ways to give a woman the power to destroy your life. One of the easiest ways is to give a woman the opportunity for false accusations. Have fun parsing out all the ways that could happen. The primary way men give women power over their lives is male idiocy.

    Porn is so good now, you don’t need all of the potential risks and costs of relationships with women.

    Vagina is not worth the true cost of vagina and potential life destruction vagina represents.

    A man that has learned to live a good life without giving a woman the power to destroy his life is smarter than most.

    Men represent easy suckers for child financing on women’s behalf. A woman need only stroke the male ego and inflate the males self-esteem to collect financial rewards many times more valuable than their own efforts.

    As a man, being labeled as a provider and protector is the equivalent of being used as a pit bull and ATM. No one cares if you die so long as they collect their money.

    If you need a woman in your life to pump up your ego and self-esteem – you will most likely be destroyed by women.

  9. Tim says:

    Every time I watch a news program – now dominated by mostly female anchors – I find myself wishing that “free the nipple” pans out in favor of freeing the nipple. There are few things I’d enjoy more than topless female news anchors.

    1. tamerlame says:


      You post some random comment about wanting to see nipples? Are you that obsessed with women?

    2. NotSteve says:

      There’s already a few sites for this. (Seems to cover Hollywood and Pop news)

      I seem to recall another Russian site that did something similar, however my Google-Fu seems to be on the fritz.

  10. Tim says:

    For men, getting married is the equivalent of becoming an outspoken white Christian in an ISIS held stronghold. Your greatest challenge becomes trying not to lose your head.

  11. Tim says:

    In many ways, the Mizzou minority protestors mirror the terrorists in France. It’s mostly blacks, joined by other minorities, joined by feminists, forcing the transfer of wealth and power from those that earned it (white males) to those that demand it (women and minorities). Such is the Marxist, feminist, minority way. Marxism is the forced transfer of wealth and power from those that earned it to those that demand it.

    I see the black and minority protestors in the US through the same lens I view Islamist terrorists and feminists. Hopefully, we figure out a way to rid ourselves of all.

    The terrorists use AKs and bombs. Minorities and Feminists use false accusations and the life destruction that follows such accusations. Both are deadly and both should be eliminated from your life.

    1. Wise Fox says:

      The best description for those terrorist is Muslim not black. In France the guy who’ve done the attack are north African, not black.

      To be more specific they are fatherless children who grew in a society unable to give them any limit nor positive identity nor life ideal which made them easy prey for the fundamentalists predicator. Race has only a little to do with that.

      Stop poisoning our mind with your racialist and racist mindset.

    2. tamerlame says:

      Ah. you are one of those types who bang on about Marxism, even though Marxism has nothing to do with anything any more? I always find the cultural Marxist types are women worshippers deep down that is why you posted a random post gagging for female nipples.

  12. Tim says:

    The Muslim attack on Western civilization represents an existential threat to the white race.

    Minority and feminist agitation is a major part of the Islamist radicalization of the West.

    Another world war is likely unavoidable. Selective service and the draft must now apply to Western women and Western minorities. If Western women and minorities refuse to fight for their own rights – instead of demanding that white men magically provide these rights through the white man’s death – if white men are forced into war by these narcissistic sociopaths – then Western women and minorities should be tried, convicted and hanged for treason. It is white men that represent the majority of life sacrifice in the US for citizen’s rights.

    I’m a white male. If I meet the enemy in battle, which I’ve done in the past, the first thing I”m going to do is offer him a drink and a white or minority female sacrifice. If he sacrifices that life when he’s done, who am I to complain? Women and minorities have no issues with sacrificing white male lives for their lives. I’m happy to return the sentiment.

    1. Wise Fox says:

      > Minority and feminist agitation is a major part of the Islamist radicalization of the West.

      No the real origin of the Islamic problem is the corruption of western elites that accept to keeping collaborating with the terrorist Islamic government starting with Saudi Arabia. The day west stop transferring to those countries money and technology, things will go better. The day our corrupted medias stop lying about what Islam really is, stop openly pandering to Muslims criminal things will go better.

      > Another world war is likely unavoidable.

      I you want some world war please go and die in it, leave us white people and the other alone.
      If we work hard enough to neutralize corruption in the west no such thing will happen since it is more and more obvious that Muslim fundamentalists are nothing without the support of the western networks of corruption (as money, weapon and logistic).

      > I’m a white man.

      I’m pretty sure that in one of your past comment you said that you were part of a minority. I don’t remember which one.

    2. tamerlame says:

      Okay a “real realist” to boot. Why are you here if you worship women and you hate rival groups of men?

  13. Peter Wright says:

    1102 AD: Gynocentrism meme first introduced to European military and aristocracy:

    William IX, Duke of Aquitaine, the most powerful feudal lord in France, wrote the first troubadour poems and is widely considered the first troubadour. Parting with the tradition of fighting wars strictly on behalf of man, king, God and country, William is said to have had the image of his mistress painted on his shield, whom he called midons (my Lord) saying that, “It was my will to bear her in battle, as she had borne me in bed.”

    1. Peter Wright says:

      William IX started the tradition of men fighting wars with a letter of photo of their sweetheart in their top uniform pocket – clutching the image to their deaths.

    2. tamerlame says:

      You are acting like gynocenterism was something just invented by someone and not a deep innate human instinct.

  14. Andrew says:

    Jones isn’t completely wrong. He just said it in a kinda stupid way.

    The simple thing is this: Men and Women need each other. Neither would exist without the other. Otherwise we would be an Agender species that wasn’t dimorphic.

    Feminists, for example, wouldn’t be able to have their “strong, independence” if it wasn’t for men building everything which they now take for granted.

    1. The Plague Doctor says:

      Exactly. The question is whether Alex Jones meant his words descriptively or prescriptively:

      Descriptively: men and women have a evolutionarily-derived division of labor (sexual dimorphism) in which men sacrifice for and defend women.

      Prescriptively: men have a duty to sacrifice for and defend women.

  15. Blood Moon says:

    I thought Jones would be privy to female nature by now, considering the fact he just got taken to the cleaners in divorce court. I like Alex, he is quite entertaining, charismatic, intelligent, and entrepreneurial. Sure some of his theories are a bit out there, but if your open-minded his theories shouldn’t irk you too much. I don’t really believe that Alex believes this though, I theorize that this is just a marketing stunt to appeal to women, the same way a guest speaker would appeal to women by saying if, “women ran the world there would be no wars.” Or, that “the reason women stay home with the children is because they’re better parents and teachers.” Naturally, this guest speaker would get an echoing round of applause. You have to realize that a lot of men are far too busy providing for their family’s to get a chance to watch InfoWars. So, whose watching InfoWars while the man is working? I believe that what Bar refers to as the “libertarian groupie girl” is a growing demographic among our society, and as the old dinosaur news networks (Fox, NBC, CNN etc.) have started to become obsolete, more and more homely housewives take to the internet to view alternative media. I theorize this is why Alex Jone’s InfoWars shop has been doing so well as of late. These “libertarian groupie girls” are ready to join the fight for liberty, but fortunately for them (and their husband’s bank accounts) Alex informs them that they can’t properly fight the Globalists without Super Female Vitality, OxyPowder, Liver Cleanse, Survival Shield X-2 and his newest product, Douche Force, because even an InfoWarrior can’t afford to have a foul-smelling cunt. LMAO. Great post Bar.

    1. tamerlame says:

      So if you are open minded you won;’t mind a liar and a con artist who has narcissistic rage fits all the time?

      If that is the definition of open minded, I will give it a pass.

      Conspiracy theory is for mental defects and people who are self marginalizing.

      1. Blood Moon says:


    2. Andy says:

      Jones was never that smart or entrepreneurial as it seamed, mostly because others pulled the wagon the whole time. He had a few good producers in the past, but when Jones had to do something on his own, he screwed up. I watched it from time to time because it became more of a freak show week by week. When this Lee Ann McAdoo Chick with the big tits showed up, i said back then Jones will totaly fuck that pussy and now it seams i was right on that. So much for his family values. Also, for some reason he becomes more and more of an esoteric and hangs around with that other Fraud David Icke. Bet these guys do or did some ACID together. Jones is a fraud and there are many things way worse then a stupid comment about “men are meant to die for women”. Infowars had a good run for a while but, as it goes, it will come down. These guys themselfs are totaly rotten and not one bit better then the people they rant about.

  16. Tim says:

    Never forget The Official MGTOW Anthem:

    Can you say “These men were far ahead of their time.”?

    I sure can. Screw anyone that thinks otherwise.

  17. Rob says:

    He sounds like a white knight. Feminists and white knights have much in common. They both put women up on a pedestal and believe that if a woman does something wrong then it must be a man’s fault.

  18. Frank says:

    Yeah – not too big on the whole “dying for other people” thing. I prefer to live for myself, thank you…

  19. Multishadow says:

    If women are truly holding the reigns, it’s a wonder we’ve made it this far.

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