Female Drone Pilots and Proxy Violence

Female Drone Pilots
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  1. Wise Fox says:

    This is gynocentrism in its worst part.

    Those females that have been too much white knighted in their life feel feel like superhero and think they have the power to dispose of the life of others.

    It is time to take down the biggest white knights by economically replace all those companies that fund political gynocentrism, starting by the banks.

    1. John says:

      And the best of all? In these active combat zones any male above the age of 16 is seen as an active combatant no matter who he is. It is the ultimate gynocentric power fantasy. Whether they are just a local farmer or just a poor guy who happens to pass by a surveillance zone they are seen as the enemy as long as they are male. They get praised as heroes and get incremental monetary rewards for slaughtering people indiscriminately. You can only let psychopaths with a lust for power do these kind of jobs.

      1. Andy says:

        Every male above the age of 16 is a combatant. This starts way earlier. In Afghanistan, soldiers have children in their crosshairs who carry ammo for the Taliban. I don’t care why they do this, i don’t care if they are forced, or paid, or what ever. Bitching about how soldiers are psychos and murderers is something for hysterical whiners.

  2. JayDoubleGee says:

    From being mothers, carers, housewives and homemakers, to cold blooded army killers. Well done women, your path to equality turned you into what you hate most about “those evil men” you keep shaming as cold blooded killers.

    Don’t step back in the kitchen, you can’t kill anyone from there, pot down those sandwiches ingredients, and go kill those soldiers (and civilians) you don’t even know. Don’t listen to your husband, who the hell is he to give you “orders”? Listen to your superiors (usually other men), who give you other orders, mostly about killing people who did nothing wrong to you.

    You freed yourself from the evil enslavement to your family, husband and children, only to be subordinated to army generals and commanders. Yep, that’s some serious liberation. You go girl, kill em all. Show your superior empathetic skills and your well known “women’s way of knowing”.

    And at that point, I all men:
    Do you really believe you missed someone special? Because if I were you, I’d be glad to stay the hell away from a woman like that. Thank goodness society has changed to the point that I don’t have to get married to a woman like that. Thank goodness there is no societal imposition or social pressure.

    Men, be glad of your freedom. Whatever that means to you. May that be mgtow, red pill, mrm, antifeminism, asexuality or homosexuality, today you don’t have to deal with women like that. No one can force you to be with them or put up with their madness. Unlike the “patriarchal 1950s”, nobody nowadays can psychologically manipulate to get you into that extremely bad deal known in the blue pill dimension as marriage.

    Marriage is a french word and it means “to get a husband”. Don’t let her get you, and turn you into her puppet. Stay away.

    She’ll just destroy you, the way these power girls cowardly destroy other humans from the comfort of a video game like computer screen. And you know what? Honestly… nothing new. That’s exactly how domestic violence works. Because no matter what… they just don’t fucking care.

  3. Beaker says:

    “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.”
    – a quote from Hillary Clinton.

    What about the men?

  4. Tim says:

    Men are truly easily manipulated morons.

    Men have been manipulated and exploited by women for centuries. Women expect men to bring more to the table than women do financially and physically – or they’re not “marriageable”; hence the provider and protector role with which men have been sadistically saddled.

    This sexist and exploitative role for men was socially induced and enforced by women upon men as well as by other men – meaning that society held men up to provider/protector role/standard to be considered marriageable or as a candidate for decent employment. What’s the most common theme on the internet for men and marriage these days? The lack of “marriageable men”. The message is – if you can’t provide money to women – as a man – you have no worth.

    “Traditional”, in the context of relationships between men and women, is a term used to describe the financial, legal, physical, spiritual and psychological exploitation of men by women.

    “Chivalry” is the social manipulation of men’s ego and sense of worth for purposes of encouraging men to sacrifice for women – even if the sacrifice means men’s deaths. Chivalry is gynocentrism and a women first mindset – AKA male disposability.

    Fortunately, marriage rates are dropping the globe over and women are having to learn to fend for themselves. For every woman that opts out of marriage, another man is saved from the life destruction of divorce. To counter men’s escape from this most misandric of institutions, many nations are now enabling de facto marriage – which essentially forces marriage upon men after X number of months of cohabitation and gives girlfriends the rights to alimony and asset division should their boyfriends dump them. In the UK – it’s called the Cohabitation Rights Bill.

    Rape culture is the latest of the hypergynocentric (feminist) inventions. Both progressives and conservatives can get behind ‘affirmative consent’ because it demonizes men and potentially stops hookup culture – all with the foundation of deeply fraudulent, almost entirely made up rape statistics. Such manipulation of statistics to push a political agenda should in and of itself be a crime. It’s mass fraud on a global scale.

    Affirmative consent is a very simple concept – yet people seem to want to make it complicated. It was never intended to stop rape. It was intended to stop hookup culture and give women the power to destroy the lives of men when women don’t get their way. Affirmative consent means that if you can’t definitively prove she said yes throughout the sexual encounter – all the way through the sexual encounter – then if she accuses you of rape or sexual assault – you get expelled and your future as a man is destroyed. Major backers have even admitted that AC was intended to make men fear sex with women. Hypergynocentrists (feminists) have been pushing to have ‘Yes Means Yes’ made a part of VAWA or a facsimile thereof ever since mattress girl and the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax.

    Ever notice that adult women go after adolescent boys when they rape? Know why? Because young boys are weaker, less powerful, naive and are not yet able to counter adult women in sexual situations. Ever wonder what would happen if society drilled into these boys’ heads that these women were rapists in the same way they drill into women’s heads that drunken regret sex is rape? What happens instead? Women are given probation – not prison like men – and the boys are taught that they were lucky. As always, hypocrisy and double standards are the hallmarks of hypergynocentrism.

    Ever since white-knight Ronald Reagan enacted no-fault divorce (the divorce rape of men) in the US, marriage and committed relationships have become anti-male. There is no worse decision you can make as a man than to give a woman the ring of power – or any power for that matter.

    How is it empowerment for women to eschew marriage and traditional roles but weakness and misogyny if men act in kind? How did women imagine that they’d walk away from their traditional roles and not expect men to do the same? How is it that men suffering 98% of workplace deaths and deaths related to national defense isn’t cause for a gender based national outcry – but rape is considered the most horrific of crimes? Hypocrisy and double standards – that’s how. Between suicides, workplace and national defense deaths, tens upon tens of thousands of men, in the US alone die every year. Know why there’s no national campaign to stop this horrific exploitation of men? I think we all know why.

    It’s important to remember that women demand all of the special treatment and exploitation of men listed above – but it is other men that enact the policies and legislation that enforces male disposability, hypergynocentrism (feminism) and destroy men by the hundreds of thousands in divorce court every single year.

    When it comes to femsplaining and toxic-femininity, the hypocrisy and double standards are usually thick enough to choke a horse. You can find examples of femsplaining, discrimination against men, sexism against men, toxic-femininity, hypocrisy and double standards all throughout feminist discourse. The best way to stop this campus rape would be to have men and women only colleges – yet women demand more and more coed dorms and fraternities. Know why? The answer is more simple than you thought. Women can’t control men’s speech in male-only spaces, nor can they manipulate, exploit and/or destroy men’s lives without close proximity to their targets. This is why women are fine with women-only gyms and other women-only (safe) spaces but protest male-only fraternities and other male-only spaces.

    Most men have been so “indoctrinated” into a woman-first mentality since birth – they become anti-male (AKA – white knights) and enact legislation that is deeply harmful to other men in the name of women’s rights. These men are cowards and unable to defend themselves or others against the fallacy of female oppression. The more women complain – the more men are oppressed – especially by other men. This is another reason why women despise male-only spaces. They can’t force the social and financial ostracization of men that might expose the truths listed above unless they have the power to socially and financially ostrasize men that stand up for themselves.

    If you ever wondered why feminists wish to stop anti-feminist speech on the internet – wonder no more. It’s almost comical to see a man try to speak such truths in public. As a matter of fact – it’s dangerous for men to speak publicly (non-anonymously) against the supposed oppression of women – especially if you want to get elected/re-elected. To speak against feminists in this manner has been halted through a form of social and financial blackmail. “If you don’t support us – we’ll see that you’re fired, unemployable and hated by women everywhere.” This is the foundation of “rape apologist”, “stare rape”, “man spreading”, “man splaining”, boycotts and ridiculous claims of misogyny should you dare arrive at the possibility of an opposing view. A man that defends himself against the open hatred of men by women is equated with a rapist or murderer by women and especially by other men.

    1. Mike Brown says:

      Tim, you got the seeds of an article there, you should be writing if you are not already. Big Like.

  5. Tim says:

    When killing men becomes as easy as pushing a button – with zero possibility of risk to the button pusher – men will no longer be necessary in feminist/women-first/gynocentrically controlled nations. At such a point men will be disposed of entirely. By whom? Women and white knights.

    Allowing women and white knights the power to destroy men’s lives with impunity has always been the goal.

  6. Tim says:

    Men spend the first nine months of their lives trying to get out of that thing and the rest of their lives trying to get right back in there.

    — George Carlin

  7. Tim says:

    Milo is Gay. I’ve always thought of gay men as patently gynocentic. Apparently, I might have been mistaken. My bad.


    As a heterosexual male, I’ve always suspected there was a reason that I secretly harbored a deep respect and fondness for gay men. Now I have my answer.

    1. PontificusPinion says:

      How could men who are sexually, romantically, emotionally attracted solely to other MEN be considered gynocentric? :-)

      1. Reformed Mangina says:

        If those men worship their mother, yes.

    2. Mike Brown says:

      Dont get carried away Tim, NAGALT. Some are feeding the gynocracy by being the shoulder to cry on for these hags, the sponge for their attention whoring nature. Many gay men come from dysfunction and are looking for allies. But these hags keep them in an infantilized state where they can nuture their mother needs and have no responsibilities but to party and look fabulous, which is exactly where the hags want them.

  8. Tim says:

    Trudeau needs to die the most horrific of deaths imaginable. Given the chance – I’d most certainly take this honor for my own. How could a country elect such a gynocratic, feminist, butt kisser? Every year – in the US alone, many tens of thousands of men commit suicide, die in work related deaths, die homeless and/or are the pawns in war related deaths on women’s behalf – the very same women that blame men for their problems and hate men to their very core. How did a country elect such a low-life-pretty boy-privileged-family-ass-kisser-up-her-butt feminist leader? It must be the most horrific of things to be born male in Canada.

    It is now, more than ever, an embarrassment to have Canada as an ally. Let Canada fen for themselves. Cut off all US charity to that man-hating, vagina kissing, gynocentic shit hole.

  9. Hann Lockhart says:

    This is one of the things even more than Men sending Men to war. Generally, all Men are involved at some point in some risk to their lives in warfare and so gain the `authority` to command other men. But now we can have women safely in war- As long as they sit in the back and command other Men to their deaths.
    In ancient days, Men would have rebelled and tore down the system if they saw this happening.

  10. Andy says:

    From “bush lied, people died” we go to girl power death dealing. Under the Obama Administration more then 9000 people where killed already in drone strikes over the last 8 years, nearly three times more then were killed by the spanish inquisition which operated over 350 years. This isn’t about moral right or wrong, this is amouth ruthless self interests of a kind of people that use every morality you have yourself against you. Personaly i don’t give a single fuck about the people getting killed in drone strikes, i’am way more worried about the rotting down double standart morality we deal with as a society about killing them. Bayonetting people and cutting of their ears and fingers means mediocre to bitchy little women pushing butons and then feel like they are some terminator killing machine.

    1. Ob says:

      The problem with those killing is that once the units are trained to kill without asking question and once the drone are fully operational, it is highly probable that they will be used to commit extrajudicial killing all over the world, even on the ground of United States.

      And if a person has been killed by a drone it will be very very hard to investigate and find who was at the commands it. Those executions are a threat for everyone not only terrorists or even political opponents.

      1. Andy says:

        Doesn’t scare me.

        1. Ob says:

          Can you tell me what is your trick to protect yourself against drones used by a fascists government to terrorize its own population? I am very interested.

  11. Tim says:

    Know why men don’t have sexual assault issues nor training classes for women geared specifically towards educating women on men’s issues – AS A PART OF BEING ALLOWED TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES? Because unlike women, men are strong and independent by nature. Men don’t blame women for their own shortcomings and vulnerabilities. We don’t voluntarily put ourselves in positions to be raped or we just shoot or stab people that give it a go. Men don’t need women to solve such problems for men – but for some reason – women are forever dependent on men for protection and the epitome of perpetual victims of those from which they demand constant protection. Sounds crazy – but it’s true. Really – it is. Women are strong and independent? Hmmm…

    As a man, you’re now a rapist if (a) she’s had too much to drink – even if you have as well and/or (b) didn’t ask permission throughout and at every stage of “THE SEXUAL ENCOUNTER”. Proceeding from pulling down her panties to touching her vagina must be met with permission or be deemed the most horrific of crimes: “LACK-OF-PERMISSION-TO-MOVE-TO-NEXT-STAGE-RAPE”. It’s doesn’t get any more pathetically victimized than that. Oh wait – there’s stare rape now, too. Who can forget man-spreading and/or man-splaining and the forced, non-consensual patriarchal mind phuck those misogynistic-rapey acts represent? All men are rapists! All PIV sex is rape!

    Too bad men and women aren’t equal. It’s sad that men have to be so frequently and unfairly shamed over women’s inability to protect themselves – all throughout their lives – FOREVER. Also, you should let those ridiculously fraudulent rape and wage stats go, ladies. Everyone knows they’re false now. Keeping on with them makes women look even more pathetic that they already do – and that’s getting increasingly hard to accomplish.

    When do they start the “Teaching Female Teachers Not To Rape Underage School Boys” classes, I wonder? I had my fare share of adult women prior to turning 18. Can I go back and sue them and have them put in prison – cause I was such a victim of the matriarchy? Bad, bad, BAD MATRIARCHY! I was told that I was lucky to have sex with such women. Isn’t that blaming the victim? Shouldn’t female teachers and other professionals that deal with underage boys have to take a don’t-rape-underaged-boys class? I’m thinking that there’s a MASSIVE under reporting of ADULT-WOMEN-BOY-RAPE happening right under our noses.

    Armor piercing, anti-feminazi capable drones. That’s the ticket.

    1. Andy says:

      Get a life Tim, get a life.

      1. Tim says:

        “Get a life Tim, get a life.”

        I have a life, Andy. It’s a good one at that. It’s rewarding. I work to enlighten other men on the hypocrisy, double standards, idiocy and life destruction that women and white knights bring to naive, uninformed men. My job is to make sure that every man has heard everything I have to say at least once. What I write isn’t for you. Instead, it’s for the men that stumble upon this place seeking answers. I hope to be an extension of barbarossaa in the same way other mere mortals hope to become an extension of Eisenstein and all greats before him. I’m going to do my part. Don’t care who objects.

        I’m not going to let up, Andy. I’m going to do what you see here every day for several more decades – all over the net – and all in the faces of the anti-male gynocentrists. Though I’m grateful for the forum in which I speak, I don’t need this place to do what I do, Andy. I’m inescapable. I’m forever present. I’m omnipotent. My voice, rather than dying, will be incorporated into future generations of men’s voices. I’m privileged in that sense. Why? As our voices continue to coalesce and strengthen, we’ll will be freed from the one true slavery we men refuse to acknowledge.

        I have a good life, Andy. I have a very, very good life.

  12. Logan Alexander says:

    The information in this article is just one of many reasons why I got the fuck out of the Army. I’m sick and tired of these conservative assclowns waving a flag, talking about “We support our troops” then we you get deployed and your legs blown off, and PTSD they send you to some lame ass VA hospital where they have to do an exray to prove that your leg got blown off http://insider.foxnews.com/2015/04/01/va-forces-army-veteran-get-x-ray-prove-his-leg-missing

    1. John lord says:

      Your buddies on the left also don’t have a problem with male canon fodder. I guess it’s okay as long as it’s an international mission for ” humanitarian ” purposes.

  13. Max Hydrogen says:

    “Women are the primary victims in war.” Sure and Vince Foster committed suicide, right…?

  14. Cary Harris says:

    this broad is an absolute coward, psychopath, scumbag. Gloating over killing combatants safely in a chair somewhere, enjoying watching dismembered limbs on the screen. If it were a guy he would get institutionalized but this hag is held up as an example of girl power.

    Broads are worthless. A guy invented the shit that gives her any illusion of power. Broads want to convince us they are all Rousseys within, yet they are incapable of defending themselves against what they claim is rampant rape culture and domestic violence culture. They are incapable of personal responsibility while drunk. With the so called pay gap, they cannot assert themselves in the workplace . They cannot withstand body shaming. They need the government to protect them at every step and legislate protection for their manufactured victimization, yet they are assuring us they are strong, empowered and capable. Pure garbage.

  15. Radium J says:

    I just read the book “Kill Chain” about drone strikes. The number of civilians killed is staggering. And the criteria used to kill someone is basically military aged male (MAM) with a gun. This basically means it is legal to kill any male over the age of 12 no matter what because everyone has a gun. Of course, once dead, they are by definition “terrorists”. The circular logic used is they would not be targeted if they were not terrorists.

    The book posed the question as to why this is happening, and at best, I think it’s because its fun and career boosting. The CIA has told the president that they need to kill “terrorists” or there will be terrorist strikes in the US. Of course, drone strikes are creating terrorists. However, the president has to give consent or he will be criticized for not doing enough if there is a terrorist strike in the US. The drone operators have been training their entire careers to fight “bad guys”, and this is it for them. Flying drones is a lot more fun than pushing paper. In addition, their agencies receive lots of money to maintain the drone program, which boosts career opportunities.

    I found the “you go girl” attitude of “Sparkle” disturbing. However, to be fair, this is not an uncommon attitude of drone operators. They kill people because they have demonized their targets. I firmly believe that brutal force is sometimes required. However, it should never be taken lightly. When it is, you get people like “Sparkle” and a casual disregard for the collateral damage your actions cause.

  16. Kong says:

    There is a steady and growing rise of female jihadists, so I wonder if women like her will take as much pleasure in killing them as she does the men. Although I have a nagging suspicion that female terrorists may be exempt from the instant death warrants and torture that male ones are given.

    Sparkle represents the most ignorant and stupid type of woman on the planet. She uses technologies, systems and procedures entirely developed by men, and behaves as though she is an independent self sufficient woman. Well…. Her job and pleasure wouldn’t even exist without men. And as for Hilldog Clinton this represents another problem most likely heading our way in the next year. The chances are Clinton is going to be the next President and besides the endless nonsense we are going to hear about a female Prez and how women are still battling the patriarchy, she will be a woman with the highest authority able to send men to die in war. Don’t know about you but I don’t think it’s right that a woman should have this power when neither she or any other woman will ever have to lay down their lives for the country.

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