White Nationalist “MGTOW” Regurgitates Red Pill

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    As far I’m concered, they can HAVE “our” women; let THEM deal witht the bullshit…

  2. Gyrus says:

    Race nationalists are a special breed of crazy. They drone on about the problems of their community and refuse to accept the truth in front of them. The man in this article saw the truth before him LAID BARE and ran the other way to embrace a lie so fiercely my head spins. No better example of the power of pussy.

    Race Nationalism == The Bluest Pill

  3. Himeo says:

    Racists are people that don’t understand evolution.

    1. Mostly Listen says:

      I respectfully disagree. They understand it completely. Some racial separatists do hold the women of their own races completely accountable, and the fact that none of them have chosen to discuss the matter with leading MGTOW content producers does not mean they do not exist. MGTOW philosophers’ recent fascination with the modern “diversity is holy” narrative is unnecessary and counterproductive. It is always low hanging fruit to dismiss pro-whites as non-thinkers and garners positive feedback from those seeking approval. However, I don’t read or hear content from many leading MGTOW criticizing Jews, Muslims, or Christians for believing in pie in the sky and fry when you die, which are beliefs I personally find difficult to reconcile with a thinking man’s philosophy such as MGTOW. Having said all this and being a white separatist myself, I have nothing but respect for the intellectual ability of MGTOW of other races and those with deeply held religious beliefs.

      1. Zag says:

        Bingo. All this MRA/MGTOW commitment to the status quo of White Replacement propaganda appears to me as either a) self-serving, in the case of non-whites, or b) MGTOW radicalism — meaning “create the biggest tent for MGTOW by denying any and all other redpill causes.

        It seems impossible to me that anyone could see through the Frankfurter propaganda pervading out society, yet not see the reasonableness of white nationalism. It’s gotta be a) or b).

        1. Zag says:

          Is there no Edit feature here?

          Edit: It seems impossible to me that anyone could see through the Frankfurter propaganda regarding the true nature of women pervading out society, yet not see the reasonableness of white nationalism. It’s gotta be a) or b).

        2. Himeo says:

          > reasonableness of white nationalism.

          It’s natural to want your offspring to survive and thrive. Enjoy your house party, don’t mind me telling you the house is burning down, even if you can’t smell the smoke or feel the flames.

          1. Your mom says:

            Yeah, but if your offspring only breeds with your offspring, you won’t have a house party, you’ll have one of those creepy suburban “get togethers”.

      2. Himeo says:

        I’m doubtful that you understand evolution.

        Fact: Homo Sapiens have been around for 100,000-250,000 years.
        Fact: Australopithecus Robustus was around for about 1.3 million years.

        You aren’t fighting against other “races”, in the long run it’s a fight against evolution, and in time evolution will win unless you rely on technology like artificial wombs and genetic engineering to preserve the sacred “white race”.

        One million years from now, ten million years from now, homo sapiens won’t be around anymore. Your cause is doomed, but take heart good sir. The non-white races you’re fighting won’t be around either.

        1. Mostly Listen says:

          Brilliantly explained. For the sake of discussion, I suggest that we change the words in your second full paragraph from “other races” to “gynocentrism” or “traditionalism,” and then all of us who are MGTOW, white, ignorant in comparison to you, and lacking your clairvoyance can stare glassy-eyed at a wall until our much-deserved death comes. I suspect that you are struggling to get your zipper down at that mental image. Do you spew that nihilistic garbage at members of other races and cultures or just the hated white man? Your silly response is why people rarely hear from rational white nationalists or separatists. It is just too tiring to be lectured by narcissistic thought police who are undoubtedly hypocritical in their personal views and actions.

      3. Nonconformist Misanthrope says:

        Can I ask where your beliefs come from and what keeps you a practicing separatist? I’m just curious. Never considered it as something being similar to a religion.

  4. “However, the mind set of most of these men didn’t rhyme with what I was familiar with.”

    That was basically the problem, he never even broke free from his previous illusions. He was never willing to step out of the comfort bubble of his traditional values and to shed the ego, therefore he is stuck in a setting where men “lay down their lives for their women” etc.

    Not everyone can stomach the red pill. The hardest part of the process is when you realize that the whole world has been deceiving you all this time. And he folded. He just couldn’t handle the hard truth.

    1. Peter says:

      It’s almost as if he WAS offered a choice of the red pill or the blue. He had some insight but was scared of following through to where that might take him turned down the red pill in favour of blue pill slumber.

    2. tim says:

      Gregory Becker argues that men and women handle new information similarly. We (men) take in contradictory information and churn it around with the old and replace old when it becomes clear that it absolutely *must* be discarded due to cognitive dissonance. In contrast, women chuck everything and start fresh (most noticeably when they get new boyfriends, hence the description of women as “chameleons”).

      As such, there will be periods after taking the red pill when a man has blind spots that are obvious to those of us further on the path to red-pill knowledge than he is. I myself dabbled in white nationalism for a few weeks while taking the red pill. Their ideas are cute, but gynocentric and flawed in other major ways. You can almost always dismantle their arguments by asking WHO is running the anti-white conspiracy and WHY, so don’t shy from talking to these people.

      This guy is fairly new to the manuresphere (as the Black Pill calls PUA’s and the conspiracy theorists)– he noticed that women were behaving poorly 10 months ago. If I were to be optimistic, I would say that his white nationalism is itself a “cul de sac”, as he describes MGTOW, that he will outgrow, just as many of us outgrow similar false ideas and Red Pill Rage as we spend more time talking to different people online and in real life about this sort of stuff.

      In fact, his active participation in his part of the manuresphere may even bring him to his senses sooner, as people can shoot him down for gynocentrism and help him see that a self-designed bachelor lifestyle in accordance with MGTOW knowledge is better than capitulation to women and his biological programming.

      Although gynocentrists like our correspondent (James Bronson) are disturbingly close to blue-pill men, I think we should view them as Works In Progress, rather than lost causes. MGTOW isn’t really that hard to understand, but it may take this poor, under-informed bastard a few more months (or years) to recognize and abandon his worship of White Pussy.

      1. tim says:

        Jesus christ, i fucked up the first sentence.

        >Gregory Becker argues that men and women handle new information DIFFERENTLY.

  5. lone says:

    but MAH GENES

  6. Cale says:

    Race nationalism that tries to be popular or win power through democracy is crazy. Racialism that is informed by the mainstream is crazy. There is race nationalism that informs itself, observes, enjoys the decline, naturally upholds ancient values and is creative. I am MGTOW, this fits my situation 100%. But I’m still getting value from Skaldvargr. Burzum is wonderful, his you tube channel ThuleanPerspective is very nice. I’ll do it bachelor style though.

  7. Flatcoated terrier says:

    White men built the western civilisation, white women destroyed it

      1. Dave85 says:

        Well, not really, but the irony always gets me, whether it be in the context of a household to that of an entire civilization.

  8. collin says:

    This is the danger of not defining terms before discussing them, this leads to false equivalencies that we see in this article. Given Bar Bar’s Dominican background, this doesn’t surprise me. “The White Mans Burden”or “Manifest Destiny”ushered in white nationalism/white supremacy. To be more precise, the KKK, which was state sanctioned, some argue they still are, was the genesis of a less refined and more militant version of “The White Mans Burden”, its called white nationalism. With all that said, as a black male, I have a peace of mind when I limit contact with women and those that espouse whiteness.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      “The White Man’s Burden” was a poem by Rudyard Kipling as has nothing to do with Nationalism. “Manifest Destiny” refers to the political imputus of the United States government to expand U.S. territory to the Pacific and had nothing to do with White Supremacy. No incarnation of the Klu Klux Klan was ever state sanctioned.

      I’m not sure what you mean exactly but your comment “Given Bar Bar’s Dominican background, this doesn’t surprise me.” sounds kinda racist. What does “espouse Whiteness” mean?

      1. collin says:

        Really? Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The white Mans burden” and “manifest destiny” had nothing to do with white nationalism/white supremacy? LOL. Okay. Anybody can do a quick google search and easily find this information that both issues have everything to do with white supremacy/white nationalism. The KKK was never state sanctioned? Read an article called “When Colorado Was Klan Country.” “Sounds kinda racist”?Interesting, what’s your definition of racism?

        Bar bar comes from a country that’s very color conscious, and this has a lot to do with a very complex relationship between Haitians, Dominicans and Spain, I sense this with bar bar when he talks/writes about race, he sounds very confused, and understandably so. Henry Louis Gates did a very interesting documentary on that country and its race issues.

        1. Tamerlame says:

          You sound like a passive aggressive race bitter to me.

          1. collin says:

            An ad Hominem. Not surprising, no counter points for my arguments. Look, I agree with bar bars’ points about “racial nationalist”being manginas. And, as usual, bar bar did a good job of dismantling the white supremacist arguments against MGTOW. However, ba rbar and I have fundamentally different reasons why the black community looks like its been “bombed.” Did gynocentrism lead to some of these conditions? absolutely. But, the argument that gynocentrism is the sole or major cause of what’s going on in the black community is untenable when we look at the history, blacks have been living in ghettos long before “my baby momma” explosion. Also, given the context of history, this is why I argue white nationalism and black nationalism aren’t equivalent terms.

        2. john Lord says:

          Well Henry Louis Gates would know all about racism. He’s quite the racist himself.

  9. Ob says:

    I just want to make a small remark off topic: It seems that the racial supremacist mindset is the equivalent for male of the sexual supremacism in female.

    1. Dave85 says:

      Mostly racial supremacy is an expression and expansion of a feminine mindset. A typical racial nationalist will generally just want to preserve his race and often his country. A racial supremacist is essentially an Imperialist who wishes to vanquish and enslave other nations in order to.. You guessed it, appeal to the hypergamous demands of Gynocentric Patriarchy (there is a big case as to why Judaism is the way it is thus, recall “Jewish Mother” syndrome, and by extention, the Abrahamic religions in general and their expansive, invassive and absolutist natures).

  10. flatcoated terrier says:

    Well, i agree with the “our women” thing in that matter. But it’s not to be confused with wanting to preserve your way of life like any other people on the planet.
    The tibetians, the rainforest indians, and also white europeans.
    This multicultural hypersensitivity and forced tolerance is making me sick. Multiculturalism is trying to fit a bird to live in an aquarium no matter what people we are talking about.
    Only a voluntary diversity and natural immigration without the state redistributing resources can make that happen. Which is not the case in the western world today.

    There is also this bias against whites and ONLY whites. Name any anti racist group made to make another group (not white) less racist?
    Also, name any complains about too many chinese or japanese people in gaming, or something simular. It’s always whitey who are too homogenous and it’s always whitey who is wrong.

    Let alone that arabs had slavery as an institution for many thousands of years, so did the jews and other groups, like the black men who caught other tribes during the slave trade to the US, an institution whitey abolished after 90 years but always hear about.

    Another thing is the holocaust, well.. one Israeli newspaper mentions Genrich Jagoda, the man with
    the hitler mustash who was jewish and responsible for Holodomor and the murderer of white russians before WW2.


    But we never see jews getting constant blame for it.
    I dont think they should, but neither should I and im not playing that game, which is simular to the feminist blame game.

    1. Peter says:

      “Well, i agree with the “our women” thing in that matter. But it’s not to be confused with wanting to preserve your way of life like any other people on the planet.”

      But just like racism “wanting to preserve your way of life” is the sublimated “selfish gene”. An own group preference instinct which on average favours like genes but which can manifest into areas not directly related to genes or only loosely related. Biologically emergent but culturally directed.

      It is useful to learn that although we are assembled by our genes we are not our genes. We are only the fruiting flowers of our genes, the vehicles carrying our genes. What is in the interest of our genes is not always in our interest. That is why people can be very irrational and self destructive in relationships. When we are worn out the are abandoned by our passenger genes like a wreck by the side of the road and our genes continue their journey in other vehicles.

      This insight is useful. It allows us to lose our chauvinisms which after all is just the “selfish gene” talking.

    2. john Lord says:

      Actually it was Stalin, the Georgian bank robbers who was ultimately responsible for ordering the subsequent execution of the Kulaks and the starvation of the Ukrainians.

    3. Dave85 says:

      More WN MGTOWs need to just get together and pretty much tell it as it is because WN is so excedingly blind on this very important issue in regards to the accountibility of white women and the diminished standards for them within the movement.

      White women really need to wake up and see that they’re not merely being indolant, not merely calloussly participating to our destruction both as men and the race as a whole, but are also going to undo themselves in the long run unless they wake up and realize that this isn’t some fairy tale universe where entitlement is rewarded and that only the strong and the self-sufficient are truly ensured in this world (and no, being a cheerleader, a kitchen appliance nore just popping out white kids isn’t going to be enough in the long term, either).

      Until they learn to pull their own weight and actually act as equals and show they really care as much as they claim they’re not getting any attention from us, and even then that isn’t a licence for them to expect to settle down with any of us one day, because whether or not we’re living in a monoculture or not won’t really change the dynamics of female nature, and it is Gynocentrism and the acquiescence to female nature that got us all into this mess in the first place.

      And as always; yes, at the end of the day we’re all men, white, black, brown, yellow and red, and we must realize it is our own women, and/or cultures that have become dominated by femininity, that get us into conflicts with one another at the end of the day.

      Respect other peoples. Love your own.

      1. Dave85 says:

        Well our own women/femininity, AND the “Alpha” Manginas/Machismo that seeks approval of the former to the detriment of us all.

  11. apparently Mandy Marcotte and Jack Don-0-van are fighting for the same demographic-white supremacist “men” who are down with things being shoved up their backdoor…


    alright, if I pissed someone off with that comment, go back to AVfM and get a hug from Dean Esmay (yes, I know he is the former editor.)

    but seriously, Mr. Blackpill already discussed this in depth…


    1. Cale says:

      Not necessary to worship women at all, all we need is a Joy Division. I get why it seems ok to pigeonhole racists. It’s easy to do and I can hardly blame anyone, but shit I am just not that limited or easily defined.

  12. Glaurung says:

    First comment here, after following your blog/vlog for over a year.

    The WN in question was never MGTOW:

    MGTOW offers various psychological hacks in order to control, deal with and understand women… Most weren’t business owners, veterans or community leaders. Many were dedicated to the bachelor life style… work hard, make money, play video games, get bored, go bag a woman, kick her out in the morning, don’t return her calls – repeat cycle. Just like feminism, it seemed to isolate the men from their very own natural ally; women.

    You point out that this is befitting of the PUA lifestyle; I go a step further and contend that he was never MGTOW in the first place. More probably, he was “red pill”, which is a cluster of vaguely interrelated men with varying temperaments. Many a red pill who struggle with their cynicism never fully come to terms with the grimmer realities of our time:

    By the time they came across my path, the current Marxist system has had them firmly in it’s fetid grasp.

    Wherein he blames the dubious entity of “cultural marxism”, rather than coming to terms with the fact that it is women to blame for the “low birth rates” of white children. WNs, more than anyone, cannot grasp this concept as it shatters their idea of a white race under attack by foreign forces. It was fellow whites, namely, elites and everyday women, who facilitated this “attack” in the first place.

    Notice the bolded section above. He states that MGTOW is coeval with feminism–a counterpart. Since he is really referring to PUA, he is correct. PUA is a reaction to feminism–the dominant culture of Western+Japanese women–and it does not really oppose it, as it is subservient towards womens’ whims. Unlike those pussybeggarts, MGTOW truly opposes feminism, and thus, most [white] women. It is for this reason that it threatens WN’s possible pool of young recruits. The bulk of hit pieces on MGTOW are by self-ascribed conservatives, whether they are neo-con, WN, redpill/PUA, traditionalist, etc. Sure, feminists/liberals dislike MGTOW too, but it’s not like they were ever going to recruit those men in the first place.

    1. Mostly Listen says:

      Please take a look at the racial composition of the women who led the feminist movement. They were nearly all jews. I understand that individuals of other races foolishly categorize Jews as “white people,” but they are not. They are a very distinct race, with a holy book that refers to white (and every other) people as the Jews’ cattle.

      Having said that, white women are individually and collectively guilty as Hell of selfishness, stupidity, pathological altruism, and white genocide. MGTOW aside, I will never forgive them.

      On a side note, the hostility that you read in the words of my white European brother’s posts are the white race’s equivalent of red pill rage upon discovering what is being done to them. It is very similar to the red pill rage from which a solid MGTOW is born. It is every bit as right and proper for aware whites to experience that stage. As has been said, there is more than one matrix.

      1. Dave85 says:

        That is a very well written. Racial and Ethnonationalists and Sexual Nationalists are both valid positions and stem from the same realization that equality is a scam with a seemingly endless struggle with ever transmutating goals that never reaches any definite resolution, and most of the proponents of it (who as you pointed out are predominately Jews) have a stake in class hegemony and Imperialist Supremacy, whereas it’s recipients (women, minorities) just become worse for it in the long term.

        I’ve been delving back into WN for most of the year (mainly listening to Renegade), and there are a few times I cringe when I hear some of the people in it do a little tap dance routein everytime the subject of family and feminism comes up. They will do everything humanly possible to absolve white women of their participation in the anti-White agenda, usually by noting that WOC, immigration and Islamophilia take precedence over white women’s needs and totally missing the point that inspite of this being an unforseen side effect, white women _still_ chose to participate in it when they thought it would benefit them personally to do so, and even continue to participate in it due to all the benefits they perceive from helping to destroy their own race, and only raise issue perhaps when it’s their toes that start to get stepped on in the process by all their ‘intersectional’ allies (and when they do come back into the fold it’s essentially like any other “anti-feminist” female; they will just ego-stroke the men into providing for them and put in the minimal of effort themselves into the movement).

        The only time white women really start to do anything is when the shit has already long hit the fan and they find themselves in a situation that FORCES them into a life or death struggle, such as the situation in South Africa, where it’s been noted that mostly white women are the ones active in campaiging for Western countries to allow political assylum for SA whites. I’ve heard some WNs use this as an example of how capable white women are and how we should be kinder and gentler to them, when logically the opposite argument is implied, and that we should be using this as both a warning and a demand for higher standards of white women already in the movement and do their share of the work, since these women seem to be doing just fine in fighting for themselves WHEN THEY HAVE NO OTHER OPTION.

    2. Dave85 says:

      Pretty much that is the closest thing you ever find in the WN community to MGTOW is PUA. Lately Andrew “Daily Stormer” Anglin made some noise about a month or two ago where he essentially just promoted PUA nonsense about “putting women back into their place so they don’t sneak out to get gang-banged by Jose and Tyrone” (he did also say that women where worse than Jews). Of course a bunch of people have him blacklisted for that, and his comments are pretty over the top and rediculous from what little I’ve heard, but they aren’t what can be called “MGTOW” as some have compared it to.

      The WN crowd is also where you find folks like Donovan and Aurini sometimes associating with so PUAs what generally passes for “Red Pill” in the Racial Nationalist community (which is funny, since both Jack and I can only assume Aurini are both homosexuals, who are essentially in the same position as MGTOW in that they don’t associate with women on a personal basis, and like homosexuals MGTOW can contribute to the gene pool via surrogacy, so for WN to favor homosexual elements in it’s movement as it does but exclude MGTOW makes little sense since both imply similar situations and predicaments).

      Also, lots of WNs are pretty much InCels anyway due to the very fact that women are superficial and only seek out serface qualities. It just so happens that they’ve been taught that black = alpha in this culture so they will seek that out (that’s probably about as much as “cultural marxism” could have a hand in how women behave, it’s more about exploiting latent feminine instincts than it is in constructing them). They are practically MGTOW in practice, just that they refuse to admit the horrible fact (or they acquiesce to it) that women have no accountibility whichever race they are until they are absolutely forced into it, and if we want women to be better we have to treat (and more importantly raise) them as we would one another and stop enabling them, regardless of what cause or identity you are affiliated with.

  13. Andy says:

    I invite all “white nationalists” in North America to move to Europe, where they will be surrounded by other Tribes of White People, all hating each other for diffrent reasons. The hook is just that non of these tribes will have enough sons to spare to wage war against one another. So what looks like peace is in reality just impotence.

    1. Cale says:

      Civilization is impotence. The enemy of the white race IS civilization. Greece and Rome were this sickness before Christianity, Christianity was the white ISIS. The sooner MGTOW can’t crash civilization fast enough. All white males are racist by civilizations standards, if not in life, then in death the status of racist dead white male is automatic. As history repeats, the most likely scenario is that Islam will win, it is taking control from within. Western politicians are peadophiles.

      1. Andy says:

        Wow, you are realy full of shit, ain’t you?

        1. Cale says:

          Does history repeat? Romans were scientific and technological, then Christianity. Now Christian civilization is more like Atheist Rome and opening it’s arms too hordes of Muslim refugees that appear to be 90% fighting age men. There will be no assimilation. Sharia law is the future, technology will lose again.

          I have always been completely full of shit, side effect of coming from a fundamentalist christian background.

          Big business will fail to create a space frontier, the money is not focused, all resources should have been focussed. I do want to be wrong. Futurism sounds nice. Some people are natural pessimists. MGTOW is fucking brilliant. Humankind should just stop breeding, our souls could float for the aeon, reincarnate in the next universe.

          I can understand all points of view, really understand, but I can’t make sense to anyone.

          1. Grinsekopp says:

            Romans like the greeks were a slave owning society. Nothing really good about them.

            Regarding Muslims. Yes there are Problems with assimilating them into Europes societys. But up until now they are nowhere near of getting the majority population wise. BTW in the second and third generation birth rate for muslims dropping to european level. The Question is, is Islam able to reform and can this religion made to work with modern society. Today Christianity is all but dead in germany. People go to church only on Holydays. More because of culture and tradition not necessarily because they are hard core believers in god.

            The Prussian state which is stll the core of the german state will destroy the Muslim threat. It defeated the catholic church in the 19th century and it will deform islam until it has not much to do with its original form. They have a very powerful tool at their hands you know. Its called german buerocracy! ^^

          2. Ob says:


            The people that wanted the destruction of Christianity have nothing against Islam.

            Actually I even think that those people will sabotage the work of neutralization of islamism from the inside. Ex: In France after the 15 January attack. The great media invited some pseudo experts 3 days after the attack to say that the behavior of the terrorists has nothing to do with Islam.

            And Muslims are not Christians, if you criticize Islam you will live under death threat contrary to Christianity.

  14. jim says:

    It’s funny how all these “white nationalists” are like women.

    When older women realize they are no longer that attractive, their looks alone won’t get them the attention/gifts/etc that they did in their youth, they get bitter and angry at the world.

    The white nationalists are mostly older entitled men who’ve realized they no longer have any advantages they did when they were younger, and are now lashing out. Everything is everybody elses fault (non-white peoples) as they deserve everything handed to them on a platter, their entire lives.

    1. Andy says:

      Not to forgett their permanent victim mentality.

      1. Akito says:

        The ADL, AIPAC and the holocaust industry comes to mind aswell.. look at the history channel, it should be called the holocaust channel.

    2. Concerned Wotanist says:

      It’s fun to pretend that it is NOT the young European whites who still lynch brown little guys…

      We all love our little role-playing games. The mighty Social Justice Warrior vs the Inferior Barbaric Nazi White Evil Men.

      As for MGTOW, it is a leaderless movement consisting mainly from very aggressive white nationalist men. Are you afraid from that?

      Because personally, not only as a WN but a White Supremacist – i don’t mind sharing a movement with truly inferior… “people”(???)

      In the End – We Win.

      1. Ob says:

        Yes you will win, the same way the German and Japanese supremacists won the WW2.

        Tribal (racial, cultural, ethnic) supremacisms are poisons for the male brain that are equivalent of what sexual supremacism (aka feminism) is for female brain.

        Racial supremacism is the absurdity the judge the value of one person by their appearance and not by what they really are.

        Racial supremacism leads to a society in which some people are refused some jobs because they are not of the good race, not matter of their skill and their willingness to work to improve the society. On the long run it creates social injustices that lead society to civil wars.

        And I remind you that there will always be someone to think the you are of some inferior race. Remember that white German supremacists thought that white Russian people where inferior human beings just good to be exploited and reduced to slavery.

        Japanese and Arabic supremacist think that white people are a degenerate race.

        And think about that: It seems that societies are in an oscillation between two extremes and we get from feminists as dominant mindset to tribal supremacism.

        1. Let’s ignore the supremacist part, let’s ignore my personal belief that nigglypuff “men”(NO!) need to be used as pet-food for our dogs, their bodies used to sharpen our knives and for medical experiments (in fact i believe and DO something for my beliefs).

          Let’s ignore all that and personal biases and focus on the REALITY. Until there are many sub-races or call it “different appearances” there will be Racism.
          So, the end goal of National Socialism is indeed living in non-Racist society, zero racism. Peace and Love.

          But how this can be achieved?

          Well… in order to live in a future progressive, non-racist society – we need to do “Mass sub-Human Depopulation”. And we are moving on that path.

          No more moral BS, the end of black and brown “men” (i will refer as “myn” when i mean blacks and brown midgets) will ensure Peace and Racism will be eradicated.

          EU is at the verge of Race civil war, in Ukraine last year the neo-fascists managed to carry out coup detat, in Italy – the neo-fascists are arming, breeding and preparing for coup detat as well, Southern Europe – same like Italy, in Russia – the highest neo-nazi population is there btw, is preparing for Russian Maidan, in USA – the separation of the Redneck States is a matter of time not opinions.

          We are moving slowly to your end. Literal end. By you, i mean brown turds.

          Best wishes,
          your friendly WN MGTOW

          1. Ob says:

            I understand more or less you logic . but in that circumstances those to blame are those who created and funded civil wars and corruption in the countries where the migrants come from and did everything they could to avoid speaking about the problems of immigration. Among those criminals you find blacks, Arabs and white people.

            The trouble is that when violence has started it is very difficult to stop it. When it has been decided that a part of population is only a group of rats to exterminate it is only a matter of time before the group of untermenchen get extended. You know the story first they came for the communists, I remained silent I was not a communist. and at the end there was no one left to speak out to me.

            After for the idea of superior and inferior races I raise to observations:
            * Groups are not individuals and even if at the scale of a group we can observe difference of average IQ, it doesn’t mean that among each group there are full idiots and brilliant people. So it is important to let any one prove its value no matter the color of the skin.
            * There is an observation bias: people tend to minimize the bad part of their tribe, minimize the good part of the concurrent tribe and see the comparison always to their advantage. And this is very problematic because it is a source of dangerous prejudices.

          2. barbarossaa says:

            “Let’s ignore the supremacist part, let’s ignore my personal belief that nigglypuff “men”(NO!) need to be used as pet-food for our dogs, their bodies used to sharpen our knives and for medical experiments (in fact i believe and DO something for my beliefs).”

            Dude you sound like a sociopath, not really interested in having you here, go peddle this shit somewhere else, maybe stormfront.

          3. Arseny says:

            Russian Maidan? Nazi population? Oh, please. Russia is tired of leftist shit, she suffered 70 fucking years of communism not to fall before next bunch of socialist retards.

          4. mono says:

            You should call yourself anything other than MGTOW with that mindset.

        2. On your side you have sloganeering and Hakuna Matata/Kumbaya mantras “We are all the same, One World, La La La, lets sing together”.
          It’s not even cool anymore, we don’t live in the 80s or 90s.

          On my side i have the reality. Fascists are great biological realists.
          And the reality is the following: when you have different groups (from race to politics or religion) coexisting in one area, without separation and segregation – there will be conflicts and blood enmities. This is the dynamic which can be observed in human history. The two groups fight for domination, the dominant group suddenly becomes more “tolerant” and they are being dominated from the group which started as a minority.

          Two or more groups into one place = Hate, conflict, tension and war. The Communists used segregation, the borders were heavily protected in USSR and Yugoslavia and people lived happy isolated from one another. Then the borders fall and we saw the largest genocide after WWII in Yugoslavia and rise of extremist racists in Russia.

          There are two options for a peaceful existence and progress:
          1. Segregation

          2. Complete biological annihilation (i personally favor this in the long therm… but this is for the End Game)

          Let’s start small and simple.
          When you have leftists – there will be political conflicts, divisions which can tear families apart and hate

          When you have niggies – you will have racism

          When you have christian faggots or muslamics – you will have religious conflicts

          But… when you have straight white male, neo-pagan, ultra-right wing homogenous majority = you have Peace. Why? Because they are like brothers, they share common ideas, they work together. There is no inner fights between them.

          Homogeneous societies are always more peaceful – from the Amish to 90’s Japan to fringe Communes. Because even in Satanist communes, there is a silent agreement and mutual understanding even when the community members do some sick shit. And i know because i was raised in such community.
          There is always a respect, love, understanding, caring, people are like ONE.

          And i think that the Humanity had enough Hatred and Division.
          Let’s bring the true age of Love, brother.

          Let’s participate in the LAST WAR against the shit stirrers and walking and talking human fecal matter from Africa, Arabia and Mestizostan.

          No more hate, no more wars after that. Equalizing everything. Oneness. Togetherness.
          Don’t you want that?

          1. Ob says:

            The wise position is located between two extremes. Disagreeing with one extreme doesn’t mean that you agree with another.

            Your position is that the racial group determines the value of an individual and that the white race is superior to the others which makes you a racial supremacist.

            SJW’s position is that we are all the same there are no differences between people but only social constructs which makes them fascist egalitarians.

            My position is that there are differences between groups of humans, there are differences between individuals and that the best attitude to have is to give all individuals a chance to prove their value while acknowledging that the differences between groups will have a statistical impact on the results of individuals.

            > when you have straight white male, neo-pagan, ultra-right wing homogenous majority = you have Peace

            Unfortunately I think that you don’t understand the human nature at all. The supremacism mindset in which you are is a consequence of gynocentrism. And gynocentrism is the ultimate fuel for all wars: men killing each other to have women.

            Which mean that even if we would have killed all non white people (and by the way where is the limit between white and non-white people?), new criteria to define inferior human races will appear: Superior race will be tall people, blond people, German speaking people, and so and so. Open any history book and you will see where this mindset leads the society. And believe me : at one point either you will be included in the group of inferior human being to be exterminated or you will become a criminal who participated in the mass killing of millions of people and, in the end, get yourself killed like many fanatic SS soldiers.

            > Homogeneous societies are always more peaceful

            I agree with that: Japaneses with their cultures of samurai fighting each others, Arabics and their inter-tribes conflicts were homogenous and peaceful society. There had been no wars in Europe before the apparition of Christianity, the 99.99% white and neopaganist Germany never went to war against the 99.99% white Poland.

            The main criteria for peace are one of those:
            * Leaving in the fear of some greater danger
            * Put a strong break to gynocentrism.

            The second is the better.

            And a high level of education can complete the stability.

            > There is always a respect, love, understanding, caring, people are like ONE.

            The willingness to create a uniform community led to the most violent fascism that mankind has known and at that point you are at the same level SJW: you want the same society that they want but use mass-massacres instead of mass-lies as a mean to this end.

            All war mongers promises to their victims that they only want to fight the last war for a greater peace. You are not the first to do it neither the last and you will probably die in the war you wanted because you are more a useful idiot than a bad guy.

          2. Ob says:

            Put a strong *brake* to gynocentrism.

          3. mono says:

            Can honks be any more stupider than this?

      2. Dave85 says:

        So mr “Wotanist”.. Are you FBI/ADL/JIDF by any chance or are you just under their payroll? Go and be a Hollywood Nazi somewhere else, this is for serious discussion for serious volk.

  15. Tim says:

    Jesus barbarossaa – it’s like we have the same brain.

    The women’s movement was about (1) the destruction of the patriarchy, (2) the sexual liberation of women and (3) the liberation of women from the slavery of marriage.

    No-fault divorce was written by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) for the express purpose of making it simple for women to divorce their husbands while simultaneously keeping their husbands assets and present/future income. NAWL takes pride in this accomplishment for women. Women don’t like that men know what I just wrote.

    Men lose nothing by staying unmarried. In fact, 99.9% of men’s problems go away by remaining unmarried. Feminists and their hatred of marriage is the best thing that ever happened to men. It was women that taught men how screwed in the head men were by getting married.

    Feminism is the greatest thing that has ever happened to men. When gynocentrism hit the hypocritical, misandric iceberg of feminism, gynocentrism was doomed to sink faster than the Titanic.

    Feminism gave rise to MGTOWs, who have spent, at least, the past six years documenting and exposing the lies and hypocrisy of “female oppression” and feminists. Not only have they accomplished amazing feats in exposing the evils of gynocentrism and feminism, but they’ve also exposed the nature of cultural misandry and male disposability so popular among women and white knights in Western nations.

    At no other time in history has the man hating concept of gynocentrism suffered such a quick and painful death. The great part is that this time, gynocentrism will be gone for good. Thanks to technology, the lessons learned in this age by men will not be easily or quickly brushed under the rug of time.

    We now have sites like gynocentrism.com and hundreds of sites dedicated to exposing the lies and myths that feminists perpetuate – which guarantee the quick and permanent death of gynocentrism in our lifetimes.

    Were it not for feminists, gynocentrism and cultural misandry would have never been exposed nor would they have suffered the rapid eradication we’re witnessing today.

    From the bottom of my heart – thank you feminists.

    But for real – thank you barbarossaa. You’re the best of the best.

    MGTOW ditty:


    One of my other favorite MGTOW dudes:


  16. Tim says:

    Having gynocentric withdrawals? Wanna hear some queers discuss the gynocracy and the failure of men to man up? Here you go:


  17. Concerned Wotanist says:

    Hm, you missed an important change within White Nationalism. I will point you to that later.

    First let me introduce myself – i am a WN AND a MGTOW.
    For the readers here, believe it or not but the concept of MGTOW was not started or even defined by “Bar Bar”. It was in the 2004 when the things started to form in the field of ideas.

    In 2005, the website “Niceguy” and blogs outlined the concept of MGTOW or Male Separatism.

    So Bar Bar, don’t feel bad as a brown guy that you are not the owner of this social movement MGTOW (and it is in fact LEADERLESS movement) or that evil big white men are also part from it.

    And now, we are reaching the point of this change within the NS or WN community. Most of the readers here are not nationalists, they are not even white – so your (n)ignorance is absolutely understandable.

    The change is the following. White Nationalists stopped the praise of white women… That’s it. And if there is a praising of female beauty, we praise NON-white women. And this praise is not worship or devotion. It’s done for a purpose, devaluing of WW. The white poon is overvalued. You know it, i know it.

    The gender relations are broken, and as a (heterosexual) Male White Separatist i don’t have any desire to fix it. Why to fix something, which is still working?
    Let me clarify what i mean. To find a good, loyal, loving white woman who is worthy for LTR is rarer sight than a fucking unicorn. WW are not meant for romantic relationships… non-white women are for that purpose.

    And now, you scratch your brown or white liberal heads and ask “But the 14 words… how you will continue your legacy”. As i said, the majority (95%+) from WW are whores… but WM can use those whores. The Pump and Dump polygamous strategy – impregnating as much as possible worthless whores and LEAVING them (there are many ways to do that).

    And within this strategy there is even a room for a proper racial discipline for the (abandoned) white children. Purely psychology speaking, the father role is much more bigger in the eyes of the kid, the Father is the “fun parent”, the parent for plays and adventures. And when the missing father silenlty RETURNS in the life of it’s children… the kid will look at him as some GOD. He/she will absorb his words as sponge, like the words he says are some divine manifestation.

    MGTOW/White Separatism and White Supremacy are perfectly compatible.
    But you are allowed to hate it.

    1. Cale says:

      Personally, I cannot seduce random women at will or stick my penis into a non white woman. I’ll focus on developing gardening and home brewing skills, being creative while watching nations feel sorry for Islamic refugees/committing suicide. My race is Caucasian folks who hail the old gods. We have survived over a thousand years of Christianity, this will soon be replaced by Islam. I think time capsules that contain science and mythology (Atheist Religion) could be useful for distant descendants in-case a few of us are still around in the distant future.

      There will be enough brand new German Muslims too infiltrate the bureaucracy, German bureaucracy will soon be Islamic German bureaucracy. Taking out key Islamic militants cannot be effective, there is an endless supply of replacements. White alpha males have a history of converting to Islam and thriving under that system. I could have done allot better in a fascist setting, but this is reality, get stoned, be entertained and wait for death. Jingoism ruined fascism.

      1. One thing i admit, USA is lost case. The only hope is for the southern states to separate from USA. My best wishes for the Rednecks.
        The rest from America is lost case like Sweden.

        As for the supposed end of the White Race and Islamization of Europe. xD
        The game just started.

        I will say few words only.
        A huge provocation against the Brown Man(terror act on unseen scale), declaration of open war against the whites… We Win.

        After this provocation, ordinary whites will not have a fucking option – you will fight or… else.

        The choice will be removed from the average “good whitey”. There will be no place for being Liberal, Progressive or Anti-Racist for the whites. No such luxury.

        Support the White Men DOING SOMETHING for the coming End of Kali Yuga

        1. jim says:

          Delusions of grandeur. Common among white extremeists/nationalist. Common amongst the powerless who’ve accomplished nothing in life.

          1. Dave.JC says:

            Bingo. I think his choice of going MGTOW has a hidden benefit. He can’t breed. But all the best I suppose in his quest for some white utopia.

        2. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

          Rednecks lack the culture and values that are key to building a civilization. All they wanna do is lay about, have sex, drink beer and be ignorant.

      2. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

        “I think time capsules that contain science and mythology (Atheist Religion)”

        Interesting. How do mythologists view their gods and goddesses. Non-theistic religions like Jainism, Buddhism and others are interesting, rational and the future of global human spirituality.

        1. Cale says:

          How do mythologists view their gods and goddesses?

          If you are interested to know, read some articles on The Odinic Rite website.


    2. Dave85 says:

      Either you’re a troll, a CryptoJ00 (same difference often), or a usefull idiot (refer back to troll).

      Also, the folks that started “MGTOW” where just angry InCels and TradCons. Barbar pretty much contributed along with Vention and Stardusk to our current understanding of the concept. This isn’t a “which color invented/discovered it first” war.

      And race really shouldn’t even figre too much into this movement at all (I say this as a White Nationalist btw, there are issues that actually do trandscend race you know). We all have our own issues with Gynocentrism that are particular to our respective racial identities, but we can all agree on this; that Gynocentrism is a primary motivator in pretty much all conflict, racial or otherwise, and that it is the most Gynocentric societies that are the most dangerous and imperialistic (note that the Abrahamic religions are particularly notorious for incurring this in any nation that adopts them).

    1. Stephen says:


      1. Cale says:

        Not at all. Civilization is bringing the Islamic hordes. Civilization is feminism. Technology makes men weak. Civilization does not exist without slaves. Workers are slaves. My nation with it’s media and democracy is bad for my blood. My unique genetic strain that evolved in Europe is not protected by civilization so I will not defend it. The Pope has spoken, a powerful mouthpiece. Multiculturalism is civilization and civilization is multiculturalism. Only a barbarian can remain separate and pure. Try and remember how to live with the least convenience, science is at a dead end.

        Unless a Germanic Islamic Caliphate takes science by the horns and reaches for the stars, unlike defeated capitalist Germany. What kind of mushroom cloud will illuminate the final dust?

  18. Mostly Listen says:

    After further thought on why this article was written and the condescending comments of my apparently more “evolved” MGTOW “brothers” toward white racial identity, I will spare this site my wicked racist readership. I have been listening and learning from BarBar for years, but it ends here. Ultimately non-white hatred of whites comes out and race is made an issue by non-whites and whites brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. I formerly felt a kinship with all MGTOW, but since it is fun for the MGTOW to insult “rednecks” and white nationalists, this southern white male ally to your cause for years is out. This article and most of the comments are racist, but since whites are the target, I guess it’s ok for MGTOW like every other fucking aspect of our culture.

    1. tamerlame says:

      Good riddance.

      this post is the perfect example of why WN are self marginalizing mental defects.

    2. Dave.JC says:

      Don’t let the door smack you on the ass on the way out.

    3. Wise Fox says:

      Barbar promised that he won’t let his site become an echo chamber and by this refuse censorship. And maybe that the guys who came here as white supremacists are other propagandists that try to spread confusion among MGTOW and let external people believe that MGTOW is only a phenomenon of angry white males full of hatred.

      If you are angry about this go outside, take a breathe, wait for the smoke to disappear and come back when you feel better.

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