Israeli Intactivist Threatened With Death by Stoning

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  1. Peter says:

    Have stolen the “Creates Foreskin” meme. Will use liberally.

  2. Tim says:

    Men are the majority of homeless, but women have the VAST majority of homeless shelters. Men are the majority of the unemployed, but the focus is on the made up pay gap. Domestic violence is pretty much an even split – but the focus is on male domestic violence. The majority of discretionary spending for health, education and welfare goes to women. Women now outnumber men on college campus – so unbelievably fake statistics were made up to persecute college men for rape. Women get lower sentences or probation for equal crimes. That – or they just don’t get arrested at all. You have Yes Means Yes – a movement by women to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. The list of con-games against men goes on and on. I’m tired of reading it. It enough to make you want to suck on the end of a shot gun.

    That women were the historically oppressed, not men, is the biggest scam ever pulled on men, right after marriage-is-good-for-you and the captain-save-a-ho-inspired laws for alimony and alimony+ (child support). If society didn’t create the idea of provider and protector and drill this man-hating concept into men’s heads through religion and media – most men would never have gotten married – and later destroyed as a result.

    The most important thing I’ve learned regarding relationships with women is MGTOW.

    1. vortex says:

      Amen, brother.

  3. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ Otto Weininger was m.t.o.w. in the early 1900s. ♂

  4. Rndmguy says:

    God created the human male, but god did such bad work that we have to cut off a part of him, so that he can be a full human. Abrahamic religions guys, not even once.

  5. Plutonian says:

    sorry but I can’t even watch this. Just the thought of some old lady speaking to me this way brings potentially angry feelings up. The fact that people use their god delusion to justify violent acts is bad enough but the vindictive, presumptuous, and patronizing way she expresses her delusion makes me see her as symbolic of all I depise of the human race

  6. thefinn says:

    “If I wasn’t a lady, we’d stone your dickless ass to death!” – kinda says it all.

    “No matter how I act, I am to be considered a lady.”

  7. Kong says:

    That is unbelievable!

    I cannot get over the way that ugly, disgusting, vomit inducing BITCH spoke to him. She threatened him, attacked his masculinity and her body language was aggressive and confrontational.

    She believes, as you said, it’s her religious right to mutilate boys. Its absolutely tragic and somewhat infuriating to hear a fucking woman speak like that. She is probably as gynocentric but will never extend the same humanity she believes women ought be treated with to men.

    I hope the day comes when boys who have been mutilated by shitbags like her will turn round and prosecute them with full backing from the law. Women like her are criminals, pure and simple.

  8. Israeli MGTOW says:

    She’s not even an Israeli. Probably a tourist from Brooklyn based on the accent. Most Israelis are secular, will work (work even means using electricity) on the sabbath, eat non-kosher food and whatever that they feel like doing.

    But they’ll still mutilate their male babies without even realizing what’s wrong with that.

    There IS an alternative called Brit Shalom ( which means celebration but without harming the baby. But Israel’s religious authority is a bunch of hardcore orthodox jews who don’t want to acknowledge nor give religious freedom to any other form of Judaism.

    In general secular Israelis are not very fond of the orthodox Jews, but I have no idea why they don’t take a stand on the circumcision issue as well.

    1. Kong says:

      They probably don’t take a stand because they just don’t care. If girls were being mutilated for the same reason then all hell would be let loose.

      Anyway I doubt the Israeli government would ever make circumcision illegal, even with pressure from the majority of people. But the woman in that video is repugnant in every sense of the word. It’s amazing how women have absolute control over their own bodies and even a great deal of control over men’s as well.

  9. Israeli MGTOW says:

    There’s also this:
    Support group for parents of intact babies.

  10. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ “Dickless”. Haha. Foreskin means you have MORE of a dick. ♂

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