men compared to women

This Is Not Categorized As Philosophy. This Is Science.

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  1. Kali says:

    What we need is more male pride. Men being proud of doing things that males like to do. Our physicality, our industriousness, our systematic construction of our society. And preferably things that are not for direct benefit of females. We need to praise our competitive nature and the progress it brings. We need to understand man’s capacity for passion and the productivity that it brings. I need to start getting people to produce art for me to do just that

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ There could be some confusion because, not to read as smug, just illustrative, this is a more technical article. Basically, in a simplistic format: What it essentially states is that females’ minds are too busy scattering before it could ever do any hard systematizing, & that’s why they are so prone to social “intelligence” Sarcasm: Yeah, a real “skill”. A real skill to be able to discern baby facial expressions, etc.. ♂

  2. elementaltruth says:

    Guys need to understand that they have intelligence. When they start understanding their intelligence, we will progress into the future. Intelligence will teach you all about the red pill by processing.

    1. Mr. says:

      True that man! I used to think that girls were the smart ones, but thats just because society promotes extroversion and sees people that, “Mingle” to be smarter. I say fuck that shit! I’m an introvert and with articles like this i’m proud to be a man. I’m not trying to be a female anymore and be social. I’m gonna embrace my male traits full force!

  3. bwayjunction says:

    Hmmm, that was tough reading. And a shout out to my man Ali-G. One of the things that I hope will be put bed by future research is the idea that the difference intracranial dynamics/communications causes women to have more empathy than men. What they have is more emotions with respect to the human condition while men are trained to suppress theirs to tough it out. If you define empathy as the ability to become the other, men as hunters, excel in that ability to enter into the mindset of our quarry and to use that mindset capture it. We, also, in my opinion, have a better sense of fair play and justice -two thing which have put us in our current predicament.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ I have another neuro-scientific article that states some of what you commented on just waiting to be published if bar ever does. ¶ There needs to be more such content. I suggest every m.g.t.o.w. do their part in neuro-scientific research regarding the sex differences because, once this specific type of info. expands, m.g.t.o.w. will really progress. ♂

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Also: I don’t like the word “empathy” to describe the female character; I prefer amorality – allowing too much, or what can also be described as liberalism. ¶ The description of “empathy” is one used by deluded scientists. You might ask: But how can scientists be deluded? Like this: Professional academics & scientists are obsessed with maintaining rank. They are preoccupied with other stuff – living accomplished lives &, therefore, being happy enough to not scrutinize their little trophy of wives. Good thing I never became distracted that usually ensues from success by conventional standards. ♂

  4. Cat says:

    Reading that I think I identify more with those female traits. I wish I was more male brained.

  5. Dave85 says:

    Women like to express themselves and socialize/barter and think in terms of consensus-based sentiments, whilst men like to build and organize things and think in more concrete and literal terms. Women perceive and men do etc.

    It is true that ultimately ideology is a purely feminine too as it’s mostly a manipulation of common desires and fears. It’s concerned with narratives and drama. In essence, politics.

    Science and social policy are more masculine and is oriented in terms of results and efficiency, which is why political expediency most often never reflects effective courses of action but always reflects specific interests.

  6. Kong says:

    I think emotional intelligence is a misnomer as quite often they suggest women have greater levels of it because they are more emotional. Being more emotional as a woman (and it’s arguable whether they are) does not relate to intelligence on this issue.

    Consider Mozart, da Vinci, Van Gough, Shakespeare, Robert Burns and so on. These are men who can express in a piece of music, poetry or art feelings, thoughts and emotions that most of us can barely put into words. Things that can at times reduce many of to tears because of its sheer beauty and expression of feelings. Like most things in the human world women have been unable to match this ability.

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