Circumcision, Why we Mutilate our Boys

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  1. lord of minerals says:

    I was circumcised before the age of consent and think it was a violation of my person, obviously. But, in some ways, I’m strangely grateful (learned quasi-stockholm syndrome/masochism, perhaps?). Chiefly, it serves as a reminder that according to society I am something to be used and mutilated. A costly lesson that took years to learn, but, ultimately, a valuable lesson (it simply makes me more adequately cold toward most people… Most people lack a depth of empathy). Society wants stoic near-eunuchs, so be it. But I am a free man now, beholding to no one. Ironically, sex has less sway in my life, thus. In some ways I’m glad that society is hostile to my masculinity because I know not to invest, nor trust, in its goodwill. It’s far better to invest (so to speak) in the brotherhood of excellence that is masculine power. Circumcision helps me know where things stand, for that, I’m grateful.

    1. Plutonian says:

      I remember mine and yes, I felt very violated. In fact, it’s one of the few memories I have from being a young boy which is depressing in itself.

  2. Jessire Nagy says:

    Just like how attempting to destroy the family unit only made female nature better known, you can sometimes learn from evil. It’s a form of scientific experimentation. Many males can attest to how doing certain things to females will bring out their latency. In this context, females are more likely to be receptive to the profaning & reactionary character of males who have been perverted by circumcision.

  3. Melody says:

    I am firmly against forced genital cutting. But I must say this is one of the most sexist and hypocritical things I’ve ever read. How can you be only pro bodily autonomy for baby boys but not full grown women? Shame on you.

    1. PontificusPinion says:

      Be specific.

      1. Rickard says:

        She probably refers to the abortion thing. But the point is that abortion is NOT about women’s bodily autonomy, it is a violation of a child’s human rights, specifically the right to life.

        1. Plutonian says:

          Logic matters not to the self-absorbed female.

        2. Max Hydrogen says:


    2. Jessie Nagy says:

      You have more than enough say. This is for us, you stupid “Mtv” bitch.

  4. Skeptic says:

    I fail to understand why people care so much about this. If I ever knew anybody that was ashamed of their circumcised penis then I would understand, but that’s just it, nobody cares. Everybody likes the penis they have, for the most part. You’re going to have that tiny fraction of disgruntled people on both sides, a very tiny fraction.

    Circumcision is not even close to the same ballpark of a problem as female genital mutilation. It’s not ruining their junk, at all. Most porn can verify that it works just fine. If you are in a country dominated by a specific type of penis then by going against the grain you are potentially and probably subjecting your child to future ridicule, which I have seen mildly for a couple guys that weren’t circumcised.

    Suggesting that being circumcised is going to ruin the boys life or make it worse in any way is just nonsense. If you really care about this that much, you have too much time on your hands, the world has real problems to deal with.

    1. mike says:

      Hundreds of infans die every year. Countless more have non functional dicks. Is that not important?

  5. Kong says:

    You can bet if women by and large demanded it circumcision would be made illegal.

    Comparing female circumcision to male circumcision, a mans foreskin has 22000 nerve endings in it where as a woman’s clitoris only has 11000 nerve endings. Removing the clitoris is the rarest and most radical form of female circumcision usually performed in subsaharan Africa. The most common form is simply either a pin prick to withdrawn a ceremonial drop of blood or removing the clitoral hood. Neither which even compare in the slightest to male circumcision and its potential harm.

    The truely shocking thing as mentioned is the issue of fibroblast for women’s skin care products. Just imagine we cut off part of a baby girls body and used it to manufacture a cosmetic product for men, it’s unimaginable and if in some reality is occurred women would cry out oppression and mutilation. But this really does happen to boys for women’s vanity so I must ask how do you define oppression?

    Male circumcision is done to control men, aesthetically alter them and is subject to ridicule, jokes and even encouragement or indifference. People at times like it, they might find it funny and have no concern for the dangers involved.

  6. Rick says:

    I too wonder why this subject of circumcision is brought up in MGTOW discussions, it’s not the first i’ve seen it. I’m suspicious that anti MGTOW wish to cloud the issue of MGTOW with extraneous subjects.

    If i’m missing something, please enlighten me why circumcision is a MGTOW subject.

    1. mike says:

      Its an issue that affects men.

  7. Jessie Nagy says:

    The ones who implemented MGM (male genital mutilation) are only a small portion of masculinity. Feminists, etc., might claim this is masculinity, but they’re like Kangis Khan (spelling?) – a “needle in a haystack” with power.

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