Mexican Feminists Murdered, Called "Femicide"

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  1. “Our ancient ancestors would have simply left the prehistoric equivalent of a feminist to starve, ostracizing her from the tribe for sowing discord among the group. Mexican feminist women are going to have to learn that they have no potency without the protection of men in the form of the state, feminism doesn’t work unless you have armed men willing to point guns at other men, who will then be vilified and taxed to fund feminist delusions.”

    Exactly. The sooner we understand that feminists only have power because we, men, supply it to them, the sooner that type of insanity will fade away.

    Also, “femicide”?? Reeeaaally? These women are becoming egocentric at an unbelievably retarded level.

    1. Never mind that men get brutally killed by the score just for posing a threat to the profits of the cartels, and police officers, magistrates etc. are threatened to be killed along with their entire families if they fail to assist these criminal organizations. But the moment some feminist gets killed it’s: “Stop the presses, everyone. Mexico suddenly has big problems.”

  2. Gyrus says:

    Same old, same old. Kill a thousand men, nobody bats an eye. Kill a woman, launch a thousand ships.

  3. Plutonian says:

    I was wondering when you all would cover this “femicide” thing. I read about this a few weeks ago and immediately recognized it for what it was. It’s to be expected that males will get mass murdered these days in Mexico but as soon as women are targeted, even though the ratio is still by far more men than women, it’s a crisis calling for special U.N. attention.

    Guys, I’m starting to wonder if I am even human anymore. I think I may be another being just trapped in a human body. I look around and see everyone behaving in such a predictable manner with a lower self awareness. Cocky sounding as that may be, just imagine being a chimp that has a flash of awareness like that of humans. Would you communicate this to the other chimps, or would you keep it to yourself? You would likely risk death even though you had some human awareness because that would threaten the balance.

    I think we human males who are studying this just realize something more than what average humans realize. No doubt it seems threatening to point out gynocentrism. That threatens the evolved balance. It doesn’t mean that it’s inherently wrong. The question is, how would you as a super aware chimp, use your awareness?

    1. ukg says:

      I agree!

  4. TFCNU says:

    Femicide is actually a separate crime in Mexico and apparently other Latin American countries. I don’t speak Spanish so I can’t verify, but from what I’ve read in the gringo press, it sounds like they treat it like a hate crime. How do these traditionalist MRA’s continue to believe that feminism is the only problem men face?

  5. Kali says:

    I’ve noticed this since childhood ever since i got busted for hitting a girl. How can gynocentrism be so powerful that everyone immediately reject all reason and cant see the hypocrisy for what it is? Do woman realize how bullshit they are but like everything else they do just act like they dont notice? Is it cognitive dissonance? How does this work? Do they really all just think the same, or is there some unconscious resonance? Or Maybe male deaths are REALLY invisible to them. Like an ant dying, who cares…

  6. Andy says:

    Lets not forget that many of the women who get killed are associated or even part of the cartels. Its criminals killing other criminals, men and women. Spoke with a mexican girl once about the whole borderland issue, and she said, which i found at first pretty resigned, that if you are not involved, you won’t get in trouble. A few secounds later i understood that this resigned attitude comes from the fact, that they have no other choice then to resign. The only lobby “modern people” have to express their outrage to is basicly government, which means men with guns to do their bidding. If this isn’t the case, there is no point in outrage and you rather cover your own ass and fend for yourself.

  7. Tim says:

    The primary imports from Mexico into the US are drugs and cheap male labor. The manufacturing sector can’t get enough cheap male labor, even with mass immigration, so they’ve relocated elsewhere, or are in the process of doing so, with Mexico being one of the most attractive locations. This gives them both the opportunity for cheap male labor and the opportunity to avoid paying American taxes. The construction and landscaping sectors are now almost entirely dominated by illegal aliens. Any private sector job that could possibly have been exported have been and will continue to be. To where? To countries where male labor is cheapest. At the same time, as many immigrants as possible with advanced skills are being legally imported into the US to replace highly-skilled male labor. Why? They work for less than their American counterparts.

    If you’re a feminist, the countries that manufacture the cheap male labor should not be on your list of favorite places to live. If you do decide to go there – if you’re murdered and/or raped – you have only yourself to blame. You’ll get zero pity from me. Best to live in a predominately white country. Predominately white countries are the ones most favorable to gynocentric rule, most favorable to male disposability and most favorable to misandric attitudes. These are the countries in which the existing male leadership will gladly throw the majority of men under the bus to stay in power, to be re-elected and to appease hypergynocentrists (feminists).

    1. Ob says:

      “Predominately white countries are the ones most favorable to gynocentric rule, most favorable to male disposability and most favorable to misandric attitudes. ”

      I must disagree with this. Gynocentrism is present everywhere on or planet and so is misandry. The only difference is that occident developed the feminist version of gynocentrism and misandry which not less violent than the traditionalist version.

      Ask the native amazonians men who are more or less forced to fight and die in useless ancestral intertribe wars what their opinion of gynocentrism is.

      And for those murdered feminists, I would not be surprised if their murder was a fight between mad women by men interposed.

      1. Tim says:

        You must be right, which explains why white women are migrating en-masse from predominately white male ruled countries for a chance to live in Mexico, South America and the Middle East. Great logic on your part.

        1. Ob says:

          Women don’t emigrate because of feminism but because of the level of economic development of western countries; they are running away from poverty.

          And feminism is the version of gynocentrism associated with rich societies.

          Male disposability exists and is violent in Mexico (Men killed in drug wars)

          Male disposability exists in India and is violent too, male disposability exists in China and is violent too.

  8. MacOisdealbh says:

    These women may have been murdered but my bet is that this hint of “Femicide” is nothing but bullshit, nothing but more hyperbole to wave the infamous victim flag in an attempt to get a little or a lot of sympathy. That is what feminists do, it’s all hyperbole, lies and victimhood. I look forward to hearing more about this story.

  9. Jimmy Bowyer says:

    “I believe that Mexican feminists are making the mistake of perceiving their American counterparts as safe to express their feminist beliefs on account of some kind of “empowerment”, some sort of strength that American feminist women are drawing from.”

    “In reality, the ability for American feminists to spew their nonsense is protected, under the right to free speech by men with guns.”

    This is bang, smack, right on the mark. Women think that there is some kind of ‘girl power’ that they can tap into to demand things.

    No. It is provided to them out of male compassion, and frankly, male sacrifice. Otherwise, they would spontaneously have this power, and not demand things of men. The fact that this stupidity is terminal in this case is overwhelming evidence against women deserving to take the rights of men. Women suffer from incredibly stifling delusions of grandeur and do so by heavily burdening men. There is no ‘girl power’, it’s man power on temporary loan. And the costs of this burden are far outweighing any returns.

  10. Carolina says:

    “Feminicidio” in Mexico is clasified as a different crime than murder and the penalty for it is different. It becomes agraviated by the obvious hatred against the woman for the sole reason of being a woman.

    You might ask yourself, why is killing a woman different than killing a man? To answer that question we have to look at the numbers and most common reasons of death between men and woman in Mexico.It is true that since the start of the “Drug War” violent deads among men in their 20’s killed by males outside the private spaces has increased, but the rise of murder of women inside their homes by men cannot be explained by the violence of cartels. But looking further than the numbers, it’s the nature of the violent dead that differentiates one homicide, dead from cartel war, and femicide.

    The dead women of Juarez have been appearing since 1995, far longer than the duration of the war between cartels. Furthermore the signs of rape (even incest) and beatings in the corpses have incresed. They not your typical dismembered tortured corpses that send a message to the other cartels through their morbid symbol language by being placed in a very public place. This are female corpses with sings of rape, mutilated genitals and brests, disfigured faces, and signs previous struggle that are dumped in abandoned lots or thrown to rivers. See the difference?

    Because this is a crime that comes from a different source, the State must address it as a different social problem to give it a proper solution. It is quite silly to think that you could end this kind of murder by banging into each home with big guns and “terminate” the men who are judged as potential killers of women. While it is true that men should cooperate to provide all of the society with security, the problems of violence that woman go through have to be first defended by women because it is us who know there is something wrong.

    The defense of rights that are severed for women by the authority IS FEMINISM. It isn’t a “luxury” as you put it, it is the pushing back of women to the status quo that perpetuates inequality between male and female.

    Read before writting:


    1. barbarossaaestabienpendejo says:

      Also, Femicide is usually related to stuff like levantamientos and killings sprees so women specifically. Whenever you hear about a shootout, you NEVER hear about the men kill count and a women kill count labeled as Femicide just because they were women, you just hear about a shootout. I don’t even live in a specially dangerous area, and 3 of my female friends have been victims of attempted abductions. About 10 of my friends (male and female) have been victims of robbery, to put into context. One of my female friends was masturbated to in the metro as well. I must admit I think the last one was kind of funny, but it still sucks. Mexico is anything but gynocentric, I think we make fun even harder of women when a new meme comes up, (see lady 100 pesos or the police officer whose nudes where released.) No feminist outcry about that, which is something American Feminists could learn from. Americans can be so stupid sometimes, and this article is proof that both sides are extremely stupid.

      1. barbarossaaestabienpendejo says:


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