Females Don't Know How Sex Works, Or Much Of Anything | by Jessie Nagy

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  1. F says:

    Interesting thoughts, Jessie. I was hoping for a little more depth initially after reaching the end, but sometimes less is more. If men want increased influence it is possible, but not probable. We only need to exercise self control and behave as the selectors, but it requires a large portion of men to participate. I don’t see that happening.

    We need to alter the playing field, tweek the rules a bit, and force women to adapt. It’s not really their fault. They just aren’t equipped to adjust to the new environment on there own. It seems to me that women fight for there own self destruction. Equality didn’t help them adapt to our new technological world. Solid relationships, love and all that could exist in greater amounts if we can find a way to redirect an entire societies behaviors and get what we men want and give women what they want simultaneously. Women seem to have a loose idea of what they want that is on constant flux. It can often be summed up in one word, “more”. I think what most people that are geared toward a monogamous long term situation want are relations with less risk, less pressure, less fear, less doubt and a partner they can count on, that makes them feel special and valued, where each gives as much as they get, that has some excitement and energy, yet is still secure.

    All of this is possible. It’s all perception. We as a society have a serious problem with expectations. We end up disappointing ourselves because our expectations somehow get way out of whack. Women are more susceptible to this due to their emotional nature. Maybe people feel these high levels of emotion and become desensitized, so they end up needing extremes to get their fix. It ends up being black and white, missing all the colors, shades, and hues. Most women aren’t equipped to fix this. Many people probably wouldn’t even give thus a second thought. “What? I have to change and try a different approach to increase my quality of life? No way!” They don’t even realize that their quality of life could be so much better.

    The average woman does not think like the average man, not anywhere close. They can’t see beyond what is right in front of them. Men can see out to the horizon and beyond. That alone leads to self destructive behavior. There are exceptions, and I’m not just talking about your day to day stuff. Look at feminism. Women and many men only saw what was right in front of them. Women saw what they had to gain (but because they can’t consider distant repurcussions, I mean really consider. One can talk about it without understanding it). The manginas that bought into feminism saw what they had to gain, female approval, and it blinded their distance vision. Those men failed the big shit test. Shit tests exist to so women can tell if a man is capable of protecting the woman from herself by doing what he is supposed to be doing, navigating, guiding and protecting.

    I’ve heard it said that women are the gate keepers to sex. Men are supposed to watch out for the best interests of themselves, and of their “tribe”. There is a “tribe” of men out there in the upper echolon of socirty that want division. Divided we are conquered and our power is diminished.

    Our social, technological, spiritual and economical advancement is being stifled because of this. I don’t see a way out without violence. People are too stubborn, they hold onto false beliefs too vehemently and can’t accept that their view of the world is wrong, skewed, self destructive or all too narrow. It’s a paradox.

    The only thing one can do us try to spread better ideas in subtle ways and try to coax people into coming to the conclusions themselves. People struggle with accepting that everything they thought they knew, their very perception of reality is flawed, self defeating, and/or a pile of lies. That would mean accepting that you are crazy, were duped like a fool, or that you are stupid. Nobody wants to, few can accept that. Their mind says, “It’s not me. I’m not crazy, they are. I’m no fool, they are. I’m not stupid, they are. I’ve believed this stuff all my life so it can’t be wrong.” They have to come to it on there own or have something so powerful that it triggers mass epiphanies. You absolutely cannot convince someone that doesn’t question everything they were raised to believe, regularly question their beliefs to update them and can’t see their own lies they tell themselves to keep their reality in tact.

    Sigh, we’re fucked.

    1. Ob says:

      We only need to exercise self control and behave as the selectors, but it requires a large portion of men to participate.

      Not necessarily.

      Remember that women only see the top 10% of men.

      What we need (It is probably what is going to happen) is a few men that put sexuality and chasing women at the bottom of their priority to arrive at the top of the social ladder or at least the economical one.

      I think that gynocentrism should be fought by economically replacing all those corrupted individuals/companies that promote it.

      1. F says:

        Good points. Agreed.

      2. Jessire Nagy says:

        ♂ I have to repeat myself again because I’m constantly misunderstood. One of the main points is this: Females generally have a very basic yes-or-no type of thought process. It’s just bounded in a more scattered way so society often mistakes it for “complexity”. I’m using very provocative language with the b.d.s.m. reference to emphasize that when a male does not give her pleasure at the “right” moment in the “right” style, females then, from their simplistic dual thinking, will then extrapolate either “dominant” or “whimpy”, when it’s often actually a lot more complicated then that. ♂

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ In a sports tournament you have experts rating the competitors. Females can’t rate intelligence because they don’t even know what that is. The way they evaluate males is generally by their sexuality & females’ n.l.p. manner of interpretation, body language, facial expression, style, tone, etc.. Females are not experts. They can’t be because they don’t have the same types of systematizing brains as males do. That’s why the gynocentric model, including p.u.a.s, etc., needs to be completely refuted. Feminism is just a macro politicized faction of these aesthetic interpretations, & female m.r.a.s are not exempt from this; they’re just “bi-polar.” Females shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the narrative. ♂

    3. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ This is not a scientific article. This is a broad philosophical one with provocative, insulting, shaming language. Hatred & anger are motivational tools. Triggers, especially done to sometimes sabotage with the enemy’s own poetic language – they are often immune to what is advanced over Jerry-Springer-barking; “you need to learn how to talk-shit l.o.l”, science, pretentiousness, philosophy – I mix all of it. What could be more scientific than to use appliances? Point: Feminine repurcussions must be checked due to their messy agency. ♂

    4. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ As another foot-note to: …….male wants it, especially due to repression, but they sense or speculate something is wrong, so they usually gain some kind of anxiety/neurotic disorder due to the inhibition & tension due to dualistic “tearing”, then female observers superficially just label “awkward”, etc.. This is also exactly how bipolar disorder often manifest in many males; they’ve been psychologically ruined so many times they develop severe triggers, then other people only analyze the observational level of that & conclude: “It must’ve been his fault”. ♂

    5. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ With the whole circumcision-due-to-“patriarchy” argument. It’s not true. Yes this is done by the “patriarchy”, but the truth is is that females have always been attracted to or ordained to be reactionary males. The call rational/civilized males to be “pathetic”, “creepy”, or useful. ♂

      1. Hedon says:

        I pretty much look forward to your post. Insightful and always fun to read.

  2. Jessire Nagy says:

    One of the most important quotes I need to reuse is: What is alarming about the human female is not what is necessarily observable, but what is latent. Considering that excessive aggression mixed with sex is one aspect of female nature, imagine what is not revealed. Understand how many females “came out of the closet” when ’50 Shades Of Female Depravity’ was marketed.

  3. Jessire Nagy says:

    & just to fix a possible assumption: I’m not promoting an agenda of some kind of puritanical sexuality; what I’m apposing is the amorality & anti-rationalism that accompanies female sexuality, hence the common assumption I’m replying to, which causes such simplistic dichotomy of masculinity, when masculinity is actually quite complex. Further, what I also appose is that female amorality & anti-rationalism that accompanies their sexuality does not allow similar intense relationships of dirty, passionate, fast, hard sex with intelligent males.

  4. Cary Harris says:

    Sounds like sad beta apologism to me. And its not clear to me why the betas would need to assure themselves of their higher status over alphas.
    It wasn’t the betas who were winning the wars or driving industry and economic growth. And the efforts of betas, in what I assume from the article is the sciences, and arts, would not have occurred had not the alphas secured peace and built the institutions.
    There seems to be a trend recently in the manosphere where alphas are shamed, and alpha behavior is discouraged. I say fuck that. The shaming comes from fear and insecurity, and I believe an internalized gynocentrism. It mimics the feminists in their attempts to shame masculine behavior such as competitiveness, physical strength, assertiveness and confidence.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Wrong; I’ll answer this way: Not always well known: Very similar to how predator-&-prey attitudes operate in prisons – that one must show he will not be taunted in order to earn respect, females are the most prominent holders of this attitude in less explicit levels. So called”alphas” just adopt feminine traits in order to appoint sex or potential breeding/collectivization because they have not yet learned detachment to become scientific – hyper masculinity – because that’s boring, especially to females’ standards. ♂

      1. Jessire Nagy says:

        Just put your hand down her crotch whenever the time feels right, whenever you’ve guessed right in confinement to the fluctuations on the radio. Then after you’ve conditioned her to evaluate on her petty feel-good terms, you can exhaust yourself leading to ruin, & others can claim: “You aren’t alpha, bro.”

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      It’s this “alpha”, trophy, & other versions of it, most seek just so that she can have her adrenaline-rush, predicated on her narcissism, that causes a lack of cohesion in society.

    3. Jessire Nagy says:

      “Beta” to “zeta” to “alpha” have nor real meanings. They are predicated by feminine sexuality & aesthetics, not by logic. Scientists & psychologists might’ve coined those terms, but they are predicated from a gynocentric point

  5. Reflections says:

    I like your articles and the way you present your material. However it becomes difficult to read, at least for me, when you use such long sentences. Example:

    “Just like how the politically inclined deludes itself by reducing much to left-vs.-right in order to try to make sense out of what is too mysterious to them, simplistic and meager categories predicated by feminine collectivism and subjective extrapolation of masculinity & femininity simply defined as active-or-passive, shy-or-confident, prude-or-obtaining, dom.-or-sub., gentle-or-intense, etc., is, to be thorough again, highly misleading and not even accurate”

    Try to cut it up a bit.


  6. C says:

    No, they don’t. The top operations in the medical institutions are hysterectomy and GB removal, all mostly woman. Since the U.S. medical care system ranked 38th among developed nations by W.H.O. really only knows how to cut and/or prescribe, they are nothing more than a profit center. Women are also prescribed the lions share of anti-depressants, etc. because they are masters at ruminating while they idle about having lost their trades in life to automation.

    Same for consumerism that drives the U.S. economy, who is doing quite allot of the consuming?

    I’m not going to go into more detail, this is just an example of her downfalls.., guess maybe it all started with the happiness machines. Gotta agree with the self destruction thing regarding men but women do it much more subtly.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      Nice comment. Citation please so that I can build another article. ¶ Science is concerned with objective facts, philosophy is concerned with making broad truths by subjective reasoning in addition to objective facts, & the political manipulations of feminism & related is concerned with neither.

  7. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ Those people who can’t accept the reality of what masculinity is & who wish to maintain an act are obsessed with an aesthetic. By gynocentric inculcation, being rational makes one look “whimpy”, “sensitive”, etc.. It doesn’t matter what the aesthetic of the mainstream culture dictates. Staying true is logical & that’s whats important. ♂

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