New York Post Wants Jared Fogel Raped

Jared Fogel
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  1. bob loblaw says:

    Our society still tortures male prisoners except now we get other prisoners to do the dirty work so we can pretend our hands are clean.

    Norway treats prisoners like mental health patients and they have one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world, unlike the US which has one of the highest. Turns out when you treat people like animals they don’t become well adjusted citizens.

  2. RationalistFaith says:

    Yet again, examples of male disposability.

    From small boys being ignored during rape cases (adult females doing the raping) to encouraging prison rape.

    The abundance of societies coupled with lack of spirituality or at least gratitude is stagnating progress and in that stagnation rendering male prowess useless.

    This is temporary, for other societies which implement a healthy form of spirituality and gratitude, celebrate their genders and in that celebration have momentum to push and grow stronger, forever.

  3. Astrokid NJ says:

    This is the rape culture you’ll never see feminists talk about.

    New York Post To Jared Fogle: ‘Enjoy A Footlong In Jail’. Andres Jauregui. Editor, The Huffington Post
    Stop the Jared Fogle “footlong” jokes: Why do we still find prison rape acceptable, let alone funny? The New York Post goes for a tacky (and predictable) headline about the former Subway pitchman. MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS
    I saw the above articles circulated a little bit in Left Wing circles.
    I am an MRA and a MGTOW, and I dont like feminists one bit either. But there is a degree of truth to their concept of “toxic masculinity”. Where feminists fall short is that they think its directed at women.. when in reality its directed at other men. esp men in out-groups (different races, different nations, etc). History is full of evidence for this.
    This Jared Fogle case is one good example of that.. NYPost is TradCon-type. TradCons hate “failed men”, hence they spew this hatred.

  4. Plutonian says:

    If female they’d comment on her being mentally ill but for a man mental illness is just an “excuse”.

  5. jay says:

    Prison rape should be an offense that would merit an immediate death penalty.

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