Hybristophilia , The Female Attraction to Violence

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Star Trek episode “space seed” comes to mind.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      Always look to science & true philosophy, especially to understand sex differences. What is generally required to understand the female mind is a masculine mind because the female mind is mostly shameless – generally not self aware. Females’ narcissism is often mistaken for being “more introspective”. Most that is true about females has been written by males. The mainstream culture’s falsehood is inculcated by females. Don’t look for deep truth there or any practical idiot telling you “what you need to do” to “understand” females.

      What ultimately led man to achievement today was not being physically stronger or meaner than all other animals. It wasn’t the testosterone laced risk-taking behavior that cost many men their lives. It was intelligence. Physically, we are one of the weakest animals on this planet. But intelligence allowed us to side-step biology. We didn’t have to be the strongest animal, we just needed to know how to kill the strongest animal in the most proficient way from a safe distance. And it was not just risk taking that allowed us to advance as a species, it was calculated risk. Being intelligent enough to know when and when not to take on those often fatal liabilities.

      The whole “Alpha male” facade is just a ploy to commercialize the desire other males have who want to be like them that has been molded by bad logic of females. Just as females have an inherent drive to see themselves as valuable and males as disposable in contrast, some males desire to see themselves as the one who is different – one of the few males who females actually value. It is as instinctive to men as gynocentrism is to both men and women together. This is where the brutal “alpha” aesthetic comes from that tries to compensate for their lesser intelligence & lesser achievement by pretending he is special with less merit & acting meaner to boast “worthy” of the prized vagina. Because a man dominating others historically attracted women, that is what appeals to these males, & many powerful males are going to capitalize on this desire men have to be the “Alpha”. The source of this “alpha” attitude to be mean, subtly or explicitly, comes from the females’ position to select the tools. One instance of a female being attracted to a perceived “intruder” will only cause these “alpha” primitives to react meanly or skeptically – the de-valueing of another innocent male for “getting out of line”, which females often do as well if such a male offends her. This is sometimes referred to as a “sigma” male – a male who appears “alpha” momentarily because his approach from the “zeta” position that does not fit pronounces his image. Intelligent males are realizing this stupidity & they don’t want play the “tool” game that is set by her judgement anymore. They don’t want to expend energy catering to the female while she passively places her demands.

      Males who think they are conquering something when they have lots of sex are really not because all they’re doing is promoting females’ egos & their traits. Females are only good for birth & related.

      Since females are naturally collectivists, they’re not going to be attracted to, & often condemn as “gay”,”sexually insecure”, (Haha, 2 can play at that game: people are intellectually insecure.) or a “psycho with mother issues”, what p.u.a.s. shame, like those smart, “nerdy” guys, because those guys are often too smart to be ordained by females.

      P.u.a.s. & the related like to believe that they are somehow in control but they’re really not. If you have to act a certain way to be approved, how are you in control? Being fake, flattering, &/or manipulating is often what constitutes as success with females. How is that not being like a female? These deluded gyno-centrists are not thinking clearly because they are allowing their rational to be tainted by being easily amused. We could be advancing scientifically & philosophically right now, but all the cheap people out there are holding it back.

      1. Not Saving These Hoes says:


        1. Rationalia says:

          Please both of you, all of you here, put signs on your head saying “women: please avoid me, for I am a woman-hating stupido”
          This will allow actual women, not the ones in your twisted heads, to avoid you without having to take the trouble to speak to you.
          Yrs, an intelligent woman married to a great, non-violent, rational man without the huge hangups you have.

          1. Jessie Nagy says:

            ♂ Rationalia, you misunderstand. Anyone who studies linguistics knows that words have multiple meanings. For example: The shift from alpha to theta brain-waves is violent & unpredictable. The fact that you are unable to grasp this abstraction proves how superficial you are, & only answers why it is that pulling from the latest head-line of “What Trump said today” will make you believe you know how reality works, yet you can’t even understand what’s so obvious. ¶ The only thing twisted here is how you’ve twisted/reversed definitions of personality disorders. You’re trying to turn it around & make us seem like the bad ones for “hating”, when, more accurately, we MISTRUST women.

          2. Jessie Nagy says:

            ♂ Most MGTOW minded males don’t care to get married anyway, not with the way females enjoy the corrupt system. It takes a great deal of narcissism –  obvious female nature, which even ignorant men intuit, hence no citations needed – to believe that others should stop or slow productivity – an obvious masculine trait –  for what females think as themselves as the ultimate, when there’s much more serious phenomena. Life is not supposed to be a fun-house, making  apathy,  naivety, “gluttony”, etc. – the way men become for the female herd. ♂

          3. Jessie Nagy says:

            Actually, switched that, cunt. That reply I gave to you was typed when I disliked females to a less degree. Now I’ve atually accepted much more hatred.

            We’re taking over the whole fucking internet, bitch, especially because you have proven your inability to allow debate, a common trait of hybristophilia.

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      The whole “alpha” aesthetic is also mostly determined by hormonal rating while disregarding the neuro-scientific factor; what constitutes as “hypermasculinity” is reactive males sexually to females. High testosterone levels signify higher sexual desire & impulsivity. Because females essentially define masculinity by their own sexuality, quite an immature sexuality, actually, we have only this archetype that isn’t based on a realistic science, but just by females’ desires. It’s just an aesthetic. There’s much more complications in terms of what defines hypermasculinity, not just hormones.

    3. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ & for all those who think the ‘Batman’ reference is absurd, bar bar is using the ‘Batman’ reference as mnemonic device. ♂

    4. Jessire Nagy says:

      A more accurate title would’ve been: ‘Hybrisophilia, The Female Attraction To Evil, & Sometimes Even Violence’.

    5. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Search for this idiot named G.G. Allin. That guy got females instantly. ¶ A lot of m.g.t.o.w. don’t understand, whcih I’ve stated it before, is that it doesn’t necessarily correlate to a symbol of protection & provision. Many females are drawn to the phenomena of stockholme syndrome simply for novelty. In fact, many women actually leave productive, logical males because they DON’T cause commotion, they don’t argue, etc.. ♂

    6. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ The next one should be something like: ‘The Female Attraction To Retards.’ To paraphrase the great mathematical genius Christopher Langdon, almost in league with the legendary, & celibate, William Sidis, The people who are running our social-political & economical structure are dunces – people who don’t have a clue. Many of them are called c.e.o.s. Not to connote Lord-Of-The-Rings, considering that females see these top cliques that isn’t even realistically attainable, as they are accepting the next kenghis Khan to replace, you have to realize that these unattainable cliques entails the females’ have absurd fantasies. Kenghis Khan was like this bad “needle in a haystack” that females are just dreaming about while she gets to loot these other males. ♂

    7. Jessire Nagy says:

      The interesting thing I’ve noticed about this phenomena of hybristophilia/Stockholm Syndrome being much more common to female nature is that it also, since hybristophilia, etc., is a spectrum of female psyche., discloses society for what it is. Case, I was harassed & banned from a shopping center because i dared approached a female that didn’t like me. The “patriarchy” is a product of the hybristophilia.

    8. Jessie Nagy says:

      I just had to delete my social-media profile & my blog. Long story short: I was trapped, & this kid from my past started to slander, causing pressure to my social life.

      Get this: the new age community likes to use this common sentence: Clingy & being needy psychology is a bad thing. They say this because women think – “My ex was clingy/too nice/ needy, & now I have a new guy who forced me to wear diapers because he fists my asshole every single day.”

      The new age community perverted Buddhas teachings. Buddhism was originally misogynistic, (Not the sexual kind women like.) & all those fucking new-age whores care about is manifesting. They don’t care about ethics, etc.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    “It’s a chance for a woman to be in control” More excuses for female behavior. One thing we will never hear in any media is that perhaps, the women who keep going back to their abusers… enjoy it.

    Christy Mack is the perfect hybristophiliac right up to the “Property of War Machine” iron branding tattoo. As soon as she recieved his violence in a manner other then her choosing it became attempted murder.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ The common reply to all this would be: “Not all women are like that.” Firstly, doesn’t concern them then. Secondly MOST of them are the like that of some percentage from extreme, moderate, to subtle. What people tend to completely misunderstand is the multiple meanings. Violence also has more than one definition. ♂

  3. Adrian Roshu says:

    So many sick female puppies out there…

  4. I wonder if PUAtards and incels are hitting up Jodi Arias?

  5. anyways, something vaguely related, but if anyone is smart enough to articulate the connection I think it will be Mr. Barbarrossa…

    PUA scammers like Heartiste and Roosh are obsessed with berating other men, in fact their shitty blogs are long racist rants against lower status men. I think this is because they know the “game” they peddle is bogus but if they cut down enough of their competition and there is a veiled threat of violence, it’ll get them some pussy.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      P.U.A.s & related are just too stupid & cowardly to hate what they should hate. They internalize the frustration they have from what they seek – females, & rather then understanding the source of their frustration, they replace it onto mostly other males by calling them “gay”, “virgins”, etc., or it often “leaks” out in sado.-masochistic sex acts.

  6. Mike says:

    Very insightful post.

    Similarly, we know that many men enjoy dominatrix sex, and that many white men have a fetish to see their wives violated by black men.

    Cleay, this tells us something about the male psyche at large. All men to some degree wish to be dominated by women, even if not entirely, and clearly all men enjoy being cuckilded by other men.

    Think back to ancient times. In the egalitarian social structures of hunter gatherers, men knew they must alow women to dominate them in order to have access to reproduction, and to foment bonding in the tribe men understood the value of sharing women with other men.

    Today, a residue of that is still at work when we see modern men enjoying cuckold porn and dominatrix situations.

    1. Chaos Preacher says:

      Lol, don’t you just love evo-psych? You can literally make it say whatever the fuck you want, just so long as you have a logically consistent ‘just so’ story that makes ‘common sense.’

      1. Jessire Nagy says:

        ♂ & to reply again, female sexuality is so saturated in society that we can’t even pause to analyze it. Therefore, because males have a natural tendency to just fix things, they adopt incorporation ofexcessive aggression into sexuality by instinct. ♂

      2. Nick says:

        Care to have any input as to why these things happen then? I think evo psyche is a good model for why things occur. Since ive learnt about it, I have made predictions about relationships with people I know with great success. And it also gives me a model to understand why certain things happen. Granted, I am open to it being a bad model and perhaps my perseption is flawed.

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      Actually, males being aroused by the fantasies you explained are a minority case. Male sexuality is much more fetishistic – involving body parts/object. In contrast: female sexuality is rampant with simulation. The smaller percentage who do enjoy the sexuality you refer only do so in a much more indifferent mode. They are not buying books about it. They think: “Well, a bitchy hot woman being sexual. Cool.”

  7. MGTOW MO says:

    All women are attracted to violent men, they only vary on the level of violence. They were multiple occasions in school were female classmates showed romantic interest in me but ended when they saw me get beaten up in front of them. After the assault they longer wanted to hug me, kiss me or even sit next to me and stopped displaying all indicators of interest bullies were the biggest cockblocks.

    There was documentary on NatGeo were a man who was 7 foot goes into a bar and simply takes other mens drinks and no man stood up to him except one who was with a woman and before he reached out and took the drink from the 7 foot giant he paused, looked at the woman he was with who was starring to see how he would react. All men know deep down women are attracted to a) violent men or b) men who aren’t violent BUT have a the capabilities to do a lot of damage of they chose.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      “All men know deep down women are attracted to a) violent men or b) men who aren’t violent …………………” The truth is that females actually have a dichotmous preference. So called “betas” – doctors, etc., that they are in relationships simply to USE, but the one she really wants to love is the “ex-convict”. Just because you can observe, that does not entail complete truth. What matters about the human female is what is latent. Even the book ‘The Female Brain’ explains this. I’m not a huge supporter of the author of that book, but it does give realism.

  8. Peanut Gallery says:

    Lot’s of arm-chair psychologists in here…

    1. Nick says:

      Care to give any input instead of just trying to discredit people?

  9. Pellaeon says:

    and clearly all men enjoy being cuckilded by other men.

    I strongly disagree with that statement. Perhaps you meant “many” instead of all?

    I know for myself, seeing a chick in a pen day something like “you’re so much better at giving me than my husband” is a HUGE boner killer. The same goes for any of the humiliation acts that a dom (male or female) engage in. I can get over it if the chick is hot enough and if they quickly move on to actually having sex, but humiliation and inflicting pain is a huge turnoff for me.


    I had never heard of Hybristophilia before, thanks for the post -there is definitely a lot of food for thought.

    I find it incredibly disturbing to find that there are women infatuated with Elliott Roger as a result of his spree. Particularly because that, to a small degree, actually validates some of his claims.

    Please note that I do NOT condone his actions, nor do I wish for anyone to repeat them. I’m just merely noting that despite so many claiming that his actions would fail to attract women (PUAs, feminists, tradcons, white knights), the truth is that they did, albeit a minority of women. I’m a strong believer in facing hard truths rather than trying to sweep them under the rug.

  10. Jessire Nagy says:

    What is alarming about the human female is not what is necessarily observable, but what is latent. Considering that this is just one aspect of female nature, imagine what is not revealed. Understand how many females “came out of the closet” when ’50 Shades Of Female Depravity’ became more popular.

    Most females can’t rate intelligence because they are not familiar with intelligence. They are familiar with the sly. Sly & intelligence are not the same. Females are only occassionally acquainted with intelligence when they are using it for practical ends. In the same way that some will state womanizers who use women are misogynists, most women are misandric of real masculinity by way of how they use intelligent males with no real respect. Females’ lack of abstract aptitude unfortunately designates misconceptions & poor engagement.

    Just like how the politically inclined deludes itself by reducing much to left-vs.-right in order to try to make sense out of what is too mysterious to them, simplistic & meager categories predicated by feminine collectivism & subjective extrapolation of masculinity & femininity simply defined as active-or-passive, shy-or-confident, prude-or-obtaining, dom.-or-sub., gentle-or-intense, etc., is, to be thorough again, highly misleading & not even accurate. The only accurate binary conclusion in this context is actually logic-or-energy. Energy as masculine & logic as feminine. I’m being sarcastic with the previous sentence.

    The dichotomy of beta-or-alpha is farcical considering that it was “beta” males who were the ones who established most of what is important & functional. “Betas” gave “alphas” language, condoms, etc.. We fucking created you. This means that “beta” males are truly alpha because they are the ultimate mastering force, but the abuse by females of “beta” males in conjunction to their immature sexuality & collectivism – attraction to males that mimic them – creates wrong answers. “Beta” males truly dominate society & harness nature. They are unemotionally detached. They are the true, ultimate meaning of masculinity. The only thing they tend to not dominate is the arena of sex, & so females don’t regard them highly.

    As I explained how females’ lack of abstract aptitude indoctrinates faulty, simplistic categories, often binary, such as: mother-issues-or-not, gay-or-straight, etc., females also don’t know how sex works, as indicated in their rampant fascination with b.d.s.m. & other digressions they favor to try to make themselves believe they are central – expressing the extra journeys & trinkets they think “should” be given to them, or the frequent tiresome restraining they demand, which is due to their, historically, willingness to be mesmerized by males who have a characteristic that is strongly influenced by femininity & tendency to mimic it. The only reason many males share similar sexual interests is because they are addicted to pleasure & have not had the opportunity to be conclusive – they have not fought off the mental sickness that accompanies such sexuality. Females’ natural tendency to make themselves central ingrains their preferences & traits. Females are anti-science/anti-logic/anti-masculine, so society is “emasculated.”

    You would think that females would be more attracted to this rarity of genius males who, in an evolutionary psychological context, would’ve cultivated their own gardens & better means of attaining food as sort of like a gem or an exotic species, but the truth is that females would’ve chosen the hustled journeys & commotion. This is an instinct, & instincts are emphasized more by females, that is no longer suited for the present & future. Femininity represents the past & the feral. Masculinity represents the future & progress. Females should not be allowed to exorcise their entertainment desires because it has dire consequences, consequences that saturates so much we can’t even pause to analyze it, in society. If female psyche & sexuality makes them bored, shamed, or in some other way dissatisfied, secretly or obviously, as shown in many long, spanned divorces with their ungratefulness, with serious, rational, better males, I would dare blame that female sexuality & psychology is unhealthy & a major onus to the functionality of society.

    To use a commonly misunderstood reoocurance that will be more recognizable to explicate how such innacurate binary categories manifest by derivation from anti-science/lack of abstract reasoning: The archetypal “Nerdy” male wants it, especially due to repression, but they sense or speculate something is wrong, so they usually gain some kind of anxiety/neurotic disorder due to the inhibition & tension due to dualistic “tearing”, then female observers superficially just label “awkward”, etc..

    One of the most common retorts is: “Stop being afraid of your penis. Females are desirous of surrendering to you.” “Do you even realize how easy it is to attain a female sexual partner?”, etc., etc.. Sure, it’s easy to attain such, but this is what they disregard: It’s MAINTAINING it that is burdensome. Like caring after a child & not getting paid for it, other than with sex & affection, which will eventually wane.

    Sure, males have made some blunders throughout history, but that’s just a natural extra product of leading. We would have made far less mistakes if females didn’t have as much influence in terms of selection.

    1. Hedon says:

      If you ever decide to write a book on this (which I strongly recommend), consider me the first buyer.

  11. It’s quite important for everyone to understand how women are drawn to these feared men, and consequently fall in love with the idea of wielding violence by proxy, so that perhaps some day there can be a proper reform of the legal system that will judge the women who direct violence with the same harshness that the men who commit it, receive.

    Those of you that were around during the 90’s will certainly remember when Tonya Harding had her ex-husband and her bodyguard cripple her rival, Nancy Kerrigan. The result: the men involved were locked up, but Harding dodged that bullet.

  12. RubberPunch says:

    They would say that rape is not about sex, not of pleasure, but for power. In here lies a truth, but a reversed truth. Male sexuality is painted as power because power is the core of female sexuality. For the female, the power dynamic is the essential part of sexuality.

    It is not power static, but power dynamic, the flow of dominance between bodies descending into flesh, the disappearance of consciousness. The more dominant, violent and oppressive, the more power potential the man represents. The male sexual climax constitute the reversal, even revolution, of power. Climax is the loss of control, when a controlling man climax, all the power is transferred to the source of that reversal, the female flesh itself.

    When they say that All Men are Rapists, I say, Wishful Thinking. It ain’t me babe. All Men are Rapists are not a statement of fact, but of longing, even demanding. It holds the promise of the reversal of power, through the male climax. But I am not a rapist. I do not long for the climax, I enjoy most of all everything that comes before. The dynamic and the play.

    When the male climax, he lose himself, he returns to flesh for a few seconds, enough for the female to experience a reversal of the power relation. To leave a woman unsatisfied, is to deprive her of that reversal. Deny a woman the male climax, and this will leave her more unsatisfied than anything else. Worse than rape.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      This is absolutely 100% accurate. In other words: females claim to want a guy to be angry or “stand up for himself”, but this is simply not true in the context that it would be translated to masculine context. Females don’t speak the same language as males do. They’ve even done scientific studies to confirm this that females speak a diffusive, approximate, subjective version, while males speak minimally, tersely, & much more literally. Females only want males to get angry at them in a sexual way. You can’t actually get angry at females in a healthy way. They prefer that you get angry at them in a sexual way because that anger that would otherwise be transferred to analyzing what & who she truly is instead gets thwarted to cessation of rational thought. That’s why the rape fantasy, etc., is so popular with females – it ensures that that sexuality would never bring critical analysis of her that would take away her power.

  13. Chaos Preacher says:

    I’m willing to bet that the worlds fattest woman gets far more letters and marriage proposals than any male serial killer. She also probably has thousands more men masturbating to her photos.

  14. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ Not always well known: Very similar to how predator-&-prey attitudes operate in prisons – that one most show he will not be taunted in order to earn respect, females are the most prominent holders of this attitude in less explicate levels. ♂

  15. Jessire Nagy says:

    Of course, females naturally feed off of histrionics. I hate to reuse this again repeatedly, but fuck it, it’s due tot the climate we live in: Why do you think ’50 Shades of Grey’ is so popular with females, & why females deflect males that try to use civility with them, ranging from “gay”, “mother issues”, “can’t get laid,” etc.? ¶ The study of lesbian relationships failing & being more chaotic is not precise, however, it is a SPECTRUM, just like this post is, of female nature. Females are receptive to histrionics, & that’s why they’re anti-science, in a broad sense, that is. ¶ Just an anecdote, but………: The number one reason why females would tell me they watched soap operas when I was growing was because there was always one hot-headed main male character that restrained the drama that females caused. The “abuse” that females crave is started by females abusing relationships, & so society has adopted this idiotic “you have to be alpha, bro” mentality because they purged their ideals to be accepted by female hood. Fucking traitors.

  16. Radium J says:

    What you describe is inner city life where pretty much only the D/F student boys become baby daddies. In addition, you also see the girls sleeping with their boyfriend’s friends to create conflict. The reason that you see this so clearly in the inner cities is because inner city women have little concern for finding a man to provide for them. They are free to unleash their primal biological impulses.

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  18. TravisMup says:

    Cursing, Rorge kicked at his stump again. Jaime howled. I never knew there was such
    smile might have been meant to be reassuring, but without a nose it only made him look

  19. Class-Punk says:

    I like to look at human beings from attachment first before evo-psych leaning concepts. So to me, this attraction to violence might primarily be the result of extreme avoidance from past social trauma. Assuming most of these women are single, they have some kind of present incapacity to find a more normal man, so they are essentially looking for a man who can protect them from the negative future they project for themselves, based on the negative platonic and/or romantic relationships in their past– most specifically the relationships they had with the most emotional depth. And this negative future that has repeatedly happened to them, is not only the result of past social trauma, but its formation of their personality– both of which cause a perpetual feedback loop if they don’t have a positive relationship with one or more people, or their environment, in such a way as to cause a positive identity shift. I’m not saying nature or genetics has nothing to do with it, but I’d be surprised if it was the primary factor. For instance, two identical twins can be radically different depending on their lives. So to me, the majority of these women could potentially be the result of broken families, but are likely the result of broken, meaningful relationships.

  20. mfriedrich2012 says:

    Great post. Perhaps this provide us all an entirely different perspective to that favorite longing female phrase of
    Mister “tall, DARK and handsome”.
    By “Dark” they never meant in the context of brunette or black hair, or a high melanin count.
    They meant “dark” in the context of mysterious, dangerous, villainous, wicked, malevolent and heinous.
    Who knew these were the actual attractive attributes?

  21. Lovekraft says:

    Black Mirror season 2 ep 1 is up on Netflix for those who care.

    Also, the Johnny Depp/Amanda Heard affair recently reflects the underlying motive of these gold diggers. I suspect she was coached and encouraged by them, since she gave the lion’s share of the $7 million settlement to feminist groups.

  22. MgtowSwe says:

    I heard about this phenomena before, where young girls slice animals and torture them.
    I wonder if this has gotten any attention, other the individual cases.

  23. Jessie Nagy says:

    Yep, harmless guys are “creepy” & nice-guys are either “pathetic” or useful. That’s female “logic”. ¶ Don’t forget that the female m.r.a.s see all of this knowledge as just mostly entertainment. Very similar actually to hybristophilia, & they do some public activism because it’s just “the thing to do.”

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  25. Dave says:

    This guy does great content. MGTOW may be declining, but there are still great content makers making video on male issues.

  26. Karyn says:

    Oh look at this…

    teh men couldn’t keep this place a run-in’ all by their lonesome.

    you are the disposable gender and nothing without your mommies.

    so when is your glorious leader releasing his MANifesto, er, book?

    Did he take the money and run like his hero Paul Elam would do?

    Or, maybe this is what he spent the money on:

  27. Fist In The Face Of MIsandry says:

    When Is bar bar coming back.

    My blog is up and running though.

    Pro male forever!

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  31. MGTOW Beware!!!

    A psycho known as Fist In the Face of Misandry (formerly known as AMS/Tamerlane) is doxxing anyone who dares disagree with him.

    Be careful in any interactions with him or his crew of psychopaths

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    1. Jessie Nagy says:

      Is this a fucking Turd-Flinging-Monkey comment? That “kid” is a fucking pawn for neo-cons, which makes him a pawn for whores. Tunnel-vision does horrible things to you.

  34. K says:

    I have hybristophilia, I think it was caused by being told growing up that when men were violent towards me it was because they were attracted to me.

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