Men Crying pt 2: Repressed masculinity, Let's Count the Ways

men crying
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  1. Regardless of gender, I’ve always despised emoticons as they’re insipid (“emoji” makes them sound even more ridiculous).

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    What ever is defined as Masculine ends up appropriated by women: Clothing, employment, male spaces, male traits in general. They do so under the guise of equality and rights and yet they reserve for themselves the female equivalent of all they take from men.

  3. Plutonian says:

    Trying to buy clothes as a man is depressing. Every now and then you find something a bit unique but unless you have lots of money and can afford to shop at high end shops, everything feels like parts to a uniform. Not only that, it’s difficult to find anything that fits as the stores assume every male has a big beer gut or “real men” must just be big in general. I get thin shamed all the time.

    Now, women on the other hand, have a plethora of variety and choices and I rarely see them wearing things that don’t fit properly unless they are wearing too tight of clothes. Mostly though, they seem to find a variety of things that fit their form.

  4. Plutonian says:

    I had a couple of events later in my adult life that made me cry a good bit and it was amazing how freeing it felt. I think holding back such emotions and not crying is why I liked drinking so much when I was younger. You need that release.

  5. Class-Punk says:

    ‘All of a sudden we insist that we know what “real music” is, or we discover that the illuminati is in control of the world economy and proselytize to others about 9-11 “truth” or we dress like goth’s or hipsters etc.’

    Two of these things I will never outgrow.


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