Men crying : Our Hypocritical Problem With Male Emotion

Men crying
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  1. RationalistFaith says:

    It’s not encouraged for men to ever deal with their emotions, and that is not healthy for our species

    I’m not saying cry whenever just like a woman, but men should be taught how to deal with their emotions. Including but not limited to:

    – Meditation
    – Gym
    – Prayers (if spiritual)
    – Network of stoic friends

    The power of men, compared to females is that we are very self reliant but society doesn’t encourage us to learn such ways because men then we’d be independent of said society.

  2. The irony is feminists say they want a sensitive man and then they berate a man who shows emotion and cry…

    At this point in my life, I can only shed a few tears after HEAVY drinking–and I haven’t cried in years…

    I actually have no desire to cry even when I think of the most wounding and traumatic things that ever happened to me.

    When I was a small child, I learned not to cry very early on, mommy would only hit me harder.

    I suppose this has reduced my empathy towards others, but what’s bad about that?

    Now, I don’t think you would be responsible saying that men should cry openly-that will only get them ridiculed by womyn and “men.”

    And if you think men should cry, I think the real way to react is that realizing a desensatizing process makes you more calloused and you don’t owe others an empathy you, yourself are not given…


    Remember, feminists bathe in male tears…

    Remember M(h)RA’s like Fiddelboggen say feminism is the fire and men are the house and he’ll piss on the house but if you cry, he’ll laugh as feminism eats you up…

    So I’ve noticed that you have allot of stuff about circumcision, and that is also a form of desensitization, is it not?

    So, what’s your endgame, Mr. Barbarosssa?

    Try to make the world see men as human, and thus more like womyn???

    Or let men see a truth that a world that see’s you as a disposable utility to be thrown away like a used condom is a world of shit, and one that you should care about as little as possible…

  4. Jay Double Gee says:

    You don’t allow young men and boy’s to cry because:

    1. If you have a solution to problems or issues, you just solve those problems or issues. Crying is the inability / impossibility to solve problems / issues and it’s also the last resort / attempt to solve problems. A child cries: patents show up and solve his / her problems. Meaning: crying is indirectly a solution. You cry means someone else is going to solve your problems. A woman cries means that a man will solve her problems. But if a man cries, that’s the end of everything. Because nobody is there to solve men’s problems. If a man cries that b means that the society is doomed. Men crying is scary to most people because it means that no solution is there to be found. Nobody will help us because the one who is supposed to help doesn’t have a solution and is crying.

    Have you ever imagined God or Allah crying? No because they are omnipotent. They have all solutions therefore they do not require crying. Indirectly it means that oit species knows that women and children aren’t omnipotent, but we do expect men to be. Men have to function as problem solvers, trouble shooters, omnipotent human doings. A man who cries is the ultimate failure. A woman who cries is likey a religious person praying. Dear man please help me.

    2. If you don’t allow men and boys to cry you can then accuse them of being dry and emotionless. “Men don’t possess emotional intelligence, women are much better because they are in touch with their feelings, emotions and empathy” (after we have brainwashed young men and boys to not cry, hiding their emotions and feelings so they can grow up into adult omnipotent human doings).

    Car factories today are full of robotics arms put there to build cars and do hard and repetitive jobs, costing car companies less than human workers. The real meaning of a profitable machine. Work more, work harder, work for longer hours and costing you less. Do you see those robotic arms crying? No. They can’t. They aren’t supposed to. They weren’t built to. Nobody expects to see them crying and there would be no reason. A robot is not expected to cry but to act. To make. To build. To do things for us. Like men.

    In a way, the fact that our species doesn’t allow men to cry, unlike children and women, is another proof that unconsciously we all know that men and women / children aren’t equals. We unconsciously consider men the real problem solvers. The real doers and makers. The real builders and the real protectors and providers. We know men are superiors because we have incredibly high expectations. We aren’t surprised when women cry just the way we aren’t surprised of the fact that women fail and aren’t the real trouble shooters and problem solvers.

    Men can’t cry means men can’t fail.
    Women can cry means women can fail.

    And that is proof that both men and women secretly believe that women are just incompetent and not to be trusted. At the first problem they won’t be able to solve, they’ll just cry hoping someone will show up and take care of their issues.

    One of the many reasons I prefer men.

  5. MGTOW MO says:

    The reason why boys aren’t allowed to cry is because those boys are being made ready for when they became men. In the UK 106 people died at work in one year, out of that 106, 104 were men.

    Ignoring is a tactic society uses to invalidate mens feelings. You don’t want to join the military because you are scared of going to war and don’t want to get killed? Stop being a pussy and this is why you see men running towards machine guns in WW2 battlefields or running into burning buildings today.

    If men acknowledged their vulnerability and got in touch with their feelings they wouldn’t be so eager to be disposable and women and society can’t have that.

  6. Hann Lockhart says:

    Men do cry. They just cry deep down inside. Society won`t let us show it and so society thinks we`re less than human.

  7. Max Hydrogen says:

    Society only accepts male tears when it’s used by Obama to further his agenda by exploting dead kids.

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