Brendan Fraser Child Support debt in excess of 900k

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  1. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    According to current divorce law, Title IV-D, family court judges get a kickback (extra income wages) when awarding alimony and child support to ex-wives. It’s a nice supplemental income for judges and lawyers.

    See these youtube videos:



  2. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    It won’t be long until women (or men?) can be replaced with life-like robots:


    They also talk about the Black Mirror episode: Be Right Back? (season 2, episode 1).
    (A woman gets an identical robot replacement for her boyfriend after he dies.)

  3. Gyrus says:

    Wow. Just wow. This reminds me of Robin Williams. Straight up dollar rape.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is! $900,000 a year to be a nanny? Right. And if he can’t pay, he goes to debtors jail.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    Just like Dave Foley. Let this show young men what they’re in for if they get involved with a woman.

  5. vortex says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t do the Robin Williams. To be forced to give your to a person who holds your children hostage, with no means of self defence, can be quite grueling.

    1. vortex says:


  6. Niko Choski says:

    The cost of bringing up a child in the US is around 150 k in the child’s lifetime. Anything above that is an abuse on the man. If the judge does not recognise that, he must think that the child of a famous person shits rainbows and requires rainbow cleansers.

    LOGIC sucks.

  7. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark…err…Connecticut. It’s a matter of providing the court proof of his “income” for a given period and having the support payments adjusted accordingly. Unless his ex has a better lawyer who convinced the court that the previous 900K lifestyle was essential in maintaining the children’s education and upbringing. But as a previous writer wrote, is a legal racket in which the system benefits by hosing such men. He would have been better off with a de facto (being estranged from his wife) rather than a de jure (according to law) divorce.

    This way at least he could have more leverage in deciding how much to pay. I do it all day long with my wife. I use the power or the purse. When one of my best friends a couple of years ago hinted that he felt his wife may want a divorce, I told him to immediate get a lawyer and do whatever he had to, to settle out of court. He basically felt I was being paranoid, despite the fact I knew what I was talking about from experience. He ended up being raked over the coals and barely kept a roof over his head and through some miracle dodged a (false) abuse claim.

  8. tamerlame says:

    Child support enforcement is rape, it is as simple as that.

    The level of contempt towards men is unbelievable. Women control the family unit but men are made to pay, it is as simple as that. It is straight up theft via the state, with prison rape used as a threat to coerce men into paying.

    1. Nonconformist Misanthrope says:

      So men being raped, whether financially or literally is the real rape culture? 😛

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