Free Movement and the Future of MGTOW

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    I wouldn’t day right off the bat that men in less developped regions are necessarily traditionalists. I’ve met plenty of immigrants who know full well the true nature of women and I’ve even met some escaping a woman and child.

    I don’t think immigration is an issue which need concern MGTOW.

    1. flailer says:

      I agree. But not for the reason you state.

      I am not a Marxist by nature, I am a Libertarian, thus I refuse to walk down the road that Feminism has.

      I also agree on your traditionalism point, as America is quit immoral, and these Men will be titillated and will start compromising their moral beliefs (for those that have them.)

      Business card with links to PUA & MGTOW topics may help (to influence them, not to “recruit” them the way Feminism does.)

      But sadly few have their own computers, get online, or read ENGLISH well enough to follow a 7th grade dialog.

      meh. who am I?

    2. gary says:

      I have lived in central america for the last 20 years as an expat american.
      I can tell you that the culture is right behind us on draconian divorce laws, fat and nasty sluts, feminism, and domestic violence prejudice etc…

      in fact I may suspect its worse, and I would be very wary if I was an american male to take up with ANY latina… the young men here are very angry, and universally say all their women do is cause fights and rag for more… working in the US as second class citizens is probably a relief.

  2. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    Exceptional achievement requires bachelorhood. The greatest achievers in history were bachelors (Tesla, Copernicus, Michaelangelo, for example). Women just drag men down.

  3. LabbyRoad says:

    Perhaps there are two different strains of traditionalism; traditionalism by circumstance and ideological traditionalism. The former slowly evaporates as the economic pressures diminish. We see this with traditionalist women who immigrate to North America and, within a couple of years, become entitled if not out rite feminists. Might the same not hold true for men arriving on our shores?

    1. flailer says:


      But awareness takes time.
      And Feminism BEATS it into them with emotions & Hatred…. While MGTOWs withdraw WITHOUT a fight.

      I should start passing out MGTOW business cards

  4. Jon the Ex-Squid says:

    There was a recent information release from the Center for Immigration Studies ( that actually brought the impact of illegal immigrants to my mind and how it might affect both MGTOW and feminism.

    I should note, given the multinational audience of this site, that I can only really speak from an American perspective. While I can read about what is happening in other countries, I am not -OF- that country and therefore cannot truly grasp the changes occurring there.

    The influx of illegal immigrants will likely have sweeping impacts across the US but in regards to specific affects towards the MGTOW lifestyle, I do not really see much of a change. Aside from those immigrants who are here legally and filling high-paying technology roles, a majority of those crossing the border are not sliding into middle-class territory. As such, its doubtful they’ll have the income potential most often sought by Western woman. In addition, the cultural backgrounds of immigrants may prove too “masculine” for a Western woman and so the backlash will eventually settle against the immigrants. Women drive change here so there won’t be any changes until it directly affects women.

    Unless of course immigrant women begin taking Gender Study jobs.

    For now, I think the liberals are completely on-board with various versions of amnesty and paths to citizenship because they see these “poor, desperate immigrants” as more hungry mouths that must be fed on the tax-payers’ collective dime. As the cultural clash inevitably follows, so too will the backlash.

    Of note, a friend of mine hypothesized that the US Democratic party is supporting the influx of illegal aliens because the marriage rate and child-birth rate in the US is dropping. By bringing in fresh meat, they may be hoping to avoid a Japanese-style population decline. A swarm of new tax-payers to support a Baby-Boomer exit from the workforce.

    I digress. As a MGTOW, I fall solidly in the middle-class range and have an IT-focused job that cannot be replaced by non-English speakers or robots. The only significant impact to my lifestyle which I can foresee would be the resultant rise of taxes to support a larger welfare state.

    I fear my fellow MGTOW brethren who work in transient fields or roles that may become displaced by various elements of unskilled labor would feel the impact more directly in a financial manner. I’m not so arrogant as to attempt to offer solutions for those who may lose their jobs due to an abundance of cheaper labor aside from the ol’ tried and true “get out of debt, pay off your home/boat/RV/condo, and save whatever money you can”.

    Society? I honestly don’t care. I didn’t become MGTOW to change the world. I became MGTOW to change myself.

    Be well my brothers.

    1. flailer says:

      Agreed, on all points. BUT:

      – Where I live, Calif, the immigration rate is astronomical, and has been for a long long time. But yes, the rate is getting even higher.
      – The Males are Beta as all Fuk’n get out! I get out and mingle often, and a majority of them are looking for wives – not just women. The women are full of confidence, far more so than the average male (of the same race.)
      – Many, not all, are quite religious, and the women leverage that to their benefit.
      — BUT perhaps most important: these women get assimilated into the Left-coast-women’s-privileged-attitude-game, generally speaking. And this causes DIVORCE.
      —- So, all that said, I believe that MGTOW will spread through their ranks, just as it has our’s. And it is likely that it will spread FAR faster, as they have us to look towards as role models, and situational awareness.

      Then again, I could be full of you know what.

      1. Jon the Ex-Squid says:

        Vote with your feet, my friend. From all I’ve read, California is a sinking ship that cannot possibly sustain itself given the sheer volume of welfare recipients from the influx of immigrants. That, and its running out of water.

        I have come to view California as one giant college campus.

        In regards to women snapping up illegal immigrants, let them. I’m MGTOW and could honestly care less if those men fall for it. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the influx of low-paid male workers who eventually divorced from higher-paid white American women cause the family court system there to change its alimony policies.

        1. flailer says:

          Once again: I agree, on all points.

          I don’t know what you have heard, but Calif is politically driven…. at a personal level. In other words many have “sold their souls” for someone else’s political agendas. IDIOTS! The Leftists’ drivel is everywhere. Right-wing responses are rare. And useful idiots are abundant.

          Interestingly, hippies are often the least political, the most independent.

          Mark Dice only posts the stupidest of them. If it isn’t Leftism as a Religion, they are practicing mysticism. Yes, as in crystals, herbs, magnetic flux, numerology, beach-glass & surf-polished stones.

          Sadly it brings the IQ of the entire groups- even apposing groups- down by double digits.

          As I pay almost no taxes, I feel okay about remaining above the fray & idiocy. Nor do I feel like I am supporting their stupidity. I take the good, and side-step the bad.

          Besides, I don’t consider Calif my home. It is just a convenient stop in my global circum-navigational-travels.

          ?Where do you feel is the best place to put down roots? (not that I am putting roots down anywhere.)


  5. Anonymous says:

    This topic will no doubt ruffle some feathers, but it needs to be discussed nevertheless. As Stardusk have mentioned, the islamization of europe is not exactly beneficial for us MGTOW. The ever increasing influx of tribal, traditionalist, devoutly religious men can pose a problem in the long run. These folks take their business very seriously, and probably won’t look kindly on “unproductive” bachelors, who are useless from a traditionalist viewpoint. They could also suspect MGTOW of being homosexual, which is worthy of corporal punishment in more extreme circles.

  6. flailer says:

    It is NOT a hampering MGTOW!!

    Just why in the heck are you MGTOW anyway? Perhaps you should be MHRM person?

    MGTOW is a reaction to unfair market forces. The Hate Movement Feminism being, by far, the primary “force.”

    These other market forces are in a state of natural upward shift (of secondary options, on the Hypergamy selection ladder.)

    Yes, there are these other things filling in the gap. I have already seen it, as have we all. And we can NOT expect people to not do what is best for themselves. Would you CRAM something down someone’s throat?

    FACT: Feminism’s tactics are Marxist and Totalitarian in nature.
    FACT: MGTOW is about freedom.
    FACT: And one can NOT fight against Totalitarianism with another round of Totalitarianism. Fighting for, and keeping, our FREEDOMS is the only tactic that works against Radical Leftism (“Left” by USA standards, not by a Communism’s standards)

    Last week i was walking, taking a short-cut to a restaurant, through a small city park. There I saw two beautiful (very beautiful) blonde-haired, blue-eyed well-dressed women talking to each other. About 5 steps behind them were two Men, both pushing baby buggies, both looking quite irritated with the situation. Neither were of the same race as the women, in fact I believe the SMV of their race consistently gets places at the BOTTOM of the scale for the males, but VERY high for the females. I took in the entire situation in a moment as it was WILDLY transparent (and while I could be wrong), & this is what I saw: Beta as all FUK, these Men were being trained, on public display, to “sit” , “come” and “stay”. More than anything, it was the tone & topic of the women that gave it away (they were horrid in topic & tone.)

    That both relationships are headed straight into the sewer I had only marginal doubt. The “sewer” being any or all of the following: divorce; separation; desperate loss of status (for both male & female partners); loss of power & authority in the household; loss of income; loss of choice; loss of freedom of will; lack of meaningful sex; resentment; & of course full-blown hatred.

    The Men bought the package, based upon looks (what a F’n mistake); and the women bought the package (played nice at first to the best they could target) as they were both approaching the wall.

    What I am saying is that MGTOW is made up of DIVORCED Men to a VERY large part…. and it is SPREADING rapidly ….
    and my two test subjects, discussed above, are already looking at the turds in cesspool they they dove into….
    … I could see it in their eyes….

    — I only wish I would have had a MGTOW business card, with links, to hand to them as I walked by. …. AND PERHAPS THAT (idea) ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION AS WELL ….

    but, who am i?

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Yeah, who ARE you?

      1. flailer says:

        Good question! I am me, and have my own point of view, and I will continue to live my life as I see fit. Today that is called MGTOW. Previously it was called autonomy, a Master (to use eastern terminology), or even Sovereignty (if willing to interject a political tone into the discussion.)

        I’d had a great & successful life, so far, because I have made great choices — with one exception: Marriage. It was a horrid choice, and a mistake I’ll never make again. Happily I got out, but not without making a detailed plan first. I’ve got time, money, and a plan (I am constantly tweaking, modifying) to maximize my joy & honor.

        Who are you?

  7. TFCNU says:

    Immigration does not change the culture. The culture changes the immigrants. Their children will go to feminist schools just like native-born. They will watch the same gynocentric media. It used to be a big deal to be Irish in North America. They were the new immigrant de jour. Now, Irish-Americans are just part of the mainstream.

  8. SSJ says:

    These immigrants will be the manginas of the future, they are so thirsty for white woman it’s not funny. They seek to upgrade their social status by dating and marrying white women (even if they are fat, thus lowering their SMV). I’ve seen it over and over again, where these thirsty males will put up with bs all because of their pussy addiction. This applies to latinos and arabs btw… I’m not familiar with blacks or their culture and thus will not refer to them.

    BTW I’m a mixed a arab/hispanic and this has been my experiance. A lot of these guys will also be feminist in order to get laid, look at gian gomeshi or matt binder, these guys are ultra mangina and need to be slapped. Binder especially is an ultimate tool and an idiot. These immigrants will grow under feminism.

    On the flipside, I’ve noticed a couple of mgtow guys that are that wouldn’t label or see themselves as mgtow, they tend to be rich (from being entrepeneurs) and won’t marry cause they used logic to determine that it’s a bad investment. They tend to be business oriented and look at things from a cost/benefit ratio and return on investment point of view. These guys were arabs and tend to be more PUA guys in the sense that they sleep around but won’t commit or spend monetary resouces on women.

  9. Martin says:

    I still believe that we must start seeing men as primarily the cooperating half of the species. It is when men start doing things together that shit really start to happen.

    Most of us enjoy working because we like to do stuff or at least see it as meaningful to contribute in a small part to society.

    So men liking to do stuff together is eg. a sportsteam, a theater company, a business company, a trade union or a political party. When we shed the ego and cooperate in groups and the group with all the other groups men will be an unstoppable force for the evolution of mankind.

    Our hope is in mens ability to shed the ego. An ego that is defiened as it benefits the keeping of that man, and all men, in servitude. So if you enjoy watching a sport start enjoying that sport played well regardless of team. The same with products and political views. Try as best as you can to always move towards the purpose, its reason to be, and refrain from identifying with a part of the process.

  10. vesois says:

    The good thing about immigration that the immigrants are more traditional, they have different socialization, they don’t tolerate feminism. This means that immigrants are going to crash the western, feminist civilization. (If not the immigrants, then the other things will cause the collapse of the western world, like global warming, overpopulation, decreasing food, decreasing oil, …). Chaos and anarch is coming to the western society in this century. There won’t be feminism in a world like that.

    I hope all feminists and liberals are going to get raped by immigrants.

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