Amnesty International Ruffles Feathers on Prostitution and Consent

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  1. Peter says:

    This issue is the reason I allowed my membership of Amnesty International to lapse. AI has departed from its core purpose of speaking up for prisoners of conscience, imprisoned for non-violent speech. I am really disappointed with the direction of the organisation I once admired.

  2. Out-sid-er says:

    Great article man, i know i’m off topic, but all these people ( including feminists) who claim women can’t decide a fucking thing for themselves not misogynists? Like women don’t have brains and don’t have a thought in their heads. Can anyone explain this to me?

    1. Plutonian says:

      I think in regards to shaming “prostitutes” it is to keep a high market value for sex with a woman. Prostitutes (and porn) would lower the market value for all women and therefor lower the power women have over men. I think it could be similar to how male patriarchs are misandric in the sense they expect lower status males to die in war for themselves to stay in power. Keep in mind, this is just off the top of my head. I’ve not heard a lot about “alpha females” being mentioned but it seems like it could be analogous, maybe I am wrong.

      But anyway, why should a man become a slave to marriage so he can have sex when sex is everywhere? Uppity, prudish older women don’t want this for their daughters. They want their daughters to find nice servant men who will raise their grandchildren well.

      So I say prostitution and porn are good public services. It’s just very unfortunate that prostitution (of the obvious kind) is banned because it could be a lot safer for both men and women involved. But that’s what happens when we drive people with their natural desires to the underground.

      1. Plutonian says:

        I guess I mean it might seem misogynistic to shame porn and prostitutes but I think overall it’s to protect the perceived inflated sexual value of women.

        1. That’s why you have those chinese wives beating up their husband’s mistresses. They don’t appreciate losing value in the struggle for resources.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      It’s just a tactic to maintain the propaganda: If women behave in ways that contradict Feminists propaganda, it gets explained away by claiming that these women are under the influence of “Patriarchy” and are somehow brainwashed into doing things they don’t really want to.

      What’s scary is that there’s an elite who claim that THEY know what someone is really thinking and the person in question doesn’t know themselves; if that’s not Big Brother, I don’t know what is…

    3. Max Hydrogen says:

      Indeed it is misogynistic of Feminists to deny female agency but they need to remove all responsibility from women in order to maximize female benefits in society.

  3. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    Earlier today I was researching stuff on prostitution, and it’s the very same BS: “Oh, those poor enslaved women, that were abused, and were forced into brutal lives, blah blah blah.” Man, my afternoon was a barrel of laughs.

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