Planned Parenthood Harvesting Organs Without Consent?

planned parenthood harvesting organs without consent?
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  1. Seebach says:

    Planned Parenthood is harvesting child organs, and always have been through paperwork slights of hand. They collect specimens, the specimens are “donated” for “disposal” through various sub-contractors which may involve “assessment procedures”, and once these “procedures” are finished, the specimens are incinerated with nobody the wiser.

    For those who have any doubts that this is the case, you need to consider what a fetus is, which is a tiny human. Depending on the term, it is the perfect time to collect stem cells, brain tissue, bone, connective tissues, liver tissue, lung tissue, etc etc etc, and all of it with the same DNA and fit for petri dish cloning. Simply ditching the fetus is flushing the perfect opportunity for any medical research imaginable. This is why it can take 10 thousand dollars to get bones mended, but an abortion is 1/20th the cost. The collected tissues more than covers the cost, and the money the girl pays is just a premium to cover operations. Not selling tissues, is flushing gold.

    Abortion is a mulitbillion dollar industry. Since 1980, there have been over 1.3 BILLION abortions worldwide with a million abortions per year in the US alone. If we lived in a society where we considered unborn children people, this number is more than the all casualties of war and a decent chunk of those dead by famine and disease in the past thousand years. Abortion is ultimately an unnecessary procedure as the number of abortions through incest or rape is less than 2%, with 98% of all abortions preventable. How often are we told that “if we didn’t offer safe alternatives, they would turn to dangerous ones! We have to save the *mother!”. This is bullshit because women have more than 10 contraceptive options and Planned Parenthood pushing the ones with the highest user failure rates. Planned Parenthood’s goal, like any business, is to make money, and that means getting women to have abortions. For this reason Planned Parenthood, even though abortion gets men off the hook, is opposed to male contraceptives. You think men would forget to take their daily pills with so much on the line?

    There is no avoiding the conclusion that in the current system, women have literally been reduced to cattle for the medical establishment, and women are so stupid that they are even PAYING them to do it. I’m not going to say that women need saving, but in absence of strong men and strong families to lead them, they have been lead astray and preyed upon by external, civilization destroying entities. Feminism is being bank rolled by the medical establishment. Feminism is being bank rolled by foreign NGOs. Feminism is being bank rolled by corrupt government. Feminism is committing the greatest genocide and unnecessary loss of life in the history of the world.

    I’m pro-life, if only because the earliest you can argue that a fetus is a human being is conception, and being pro-life in this case, doesn’t mean stopping abortion or fighting the feminists and medical establishment on their terms. Pro-life means fighting for and getting male contraceptives. 1.3 BILLION abortions since 1980 proves that women are incapable of handling this. Let’s do it.

    *A woman trying to claw a baby out of her semen stained womb being called “mother” is an insult any person, man or woman, who respects life and wants to create life responsibly. Fuck political correctness.

    1. Veritech Ace says:

      Just imagine how many multi-billion dollar industries could be created if we just threw all ethics and morality out the window.

      1. Seebach says:

        Imagine! We could buy sterile clones of attractive celebrities, turn them into sex slaves, gladiators, and replace our entire workforce with clones of a single Mexican immigrant. We could even clone human muscle tissue for emergency rations.

        Brave New World, same as the Old World, but with bold new dietary fixtures.

  2. StemExpress has been referenced in several previous videos as the primary customer for tissue and organs harvested from children aborted at Planned Parenthood clinics. In this video, O Donnell alleges that such harvesting was often undertaken without the knowledge or consent of the pregnant women.

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