Infant Circumcision, Fibroblasts and The Cosmetics Industry

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  1. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    Can they make a cosmetic cream using circumcised baby girl clitorises? I wonder how people would react to that?

    1. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

      Possibly. I think that infant foreskins are more packed with these because the penis is fused and male sexuality, like female sexuality takes years to develop.

      Few people know that the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis and slowly detaches at around pre-adolescence (variable times.) This also goes for the clitoral hood in young girls too.

      The phenomenon of society circumcising baby boys is like plucking the petals of a flower that hasnt sprouted yet and stealing it for themselves.

      Here is a link showing just how much 1 ml from an infant goes for, see for yourself:

      Note that the properties are indicated as “adherent”

      In hospitals, consent forms for parents list the excised foreskin tissues as “medical waste” and they do with it as they see fit, such as selling it to the highest bidder.

      Waste, that is what society thinks of your genitals men.

    2. George A Rieder Jr says:

      What little bit of a foreskin, that you would get from girls, isn’t worth it and females would raise holy hell.

  2. Adrian Roshu says:

    WTF, America???

    1. Plutonian says:

      These are not my people. :(

  3. Michael says:


  4. vortex says:

    To think about it, if one is circumcised ones foreskin is probably worn by an old hag. And we as a society despise cannibalism? I wonder how everyone would react if i use my patented “tit-nipple-eye-mask” against my so hated crow’s feet wrinkles.

    The dehumanisation of men is proggressing in seven-league boots and the only ones that speak out against that are “internet trolls”, “misogynists” and “weirdos”.

    Good job, wider society.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is disgusting!! It’s another form of human trade (organ trafficking) and worse is no one is outrage! They should make face cream out of Oprah’s genitals, and see how she likes!!

  6. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    Circumcision is unethical, immoral, and evil. Circumcision is an entirely unnecessary procedure. Any surgery like this should only be done, if at all, when the child becomes an adult to give his consent.

    I am incandescent with rage about this issue. I think I will write a strongly-worded letter to my congressman.

  7. Kong says:

    I’m glad women find male circumcision so funny.

    Remind me to laugh my ass off the next time a woman gets mutilated. If it’s good for the gander it’s good for the goose, right?

    You know that may be one of the most appalling things I have ever seen, an audience of women laughing at male mutilation and it’s commercial driving force.

  8. George A Rieder Jr says:

    Or perhaps limiting their access to foreskins they can use to only men that have been voluntarily circumcised would make the costs too exorbitant?
    From what I have researched, the reason being that the older the foreskin is, the less useful it is, meaning over four month of age is useless. Newly born baby boys and fetuses are prime.

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