Affirmative Consent Contracts are Delusional

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    We are doomed.

  2. Tim says:

    Congress put forth the “Safe Campus Act of 2015”, which if passed, will nullify the “Dear Colleague” memo by Kim Jong Obama and write off “Yes Means Yes” entirely. Judges across the land are overturning college kangaroo tribunals en masse. What does this mean? Every single man expelled via college tribunal now has nearly a 100% chance of winning big against the target university in civil suits – AS IT SHOULD BE! Presumption of innocence and the right to due process can only be overturned via BLOODY REVOLUTION – no matter your current gender!

    Congress stood up for men even in the face of the feminazi fascism – which is something I personally, greatly respect.

  3. Plutonian says:

    Meh.. you have to pay way too much to endure a culture that seems to do little with learning facts. All I ever wanted was to take some classes and get a degree and leave. College should just be like any professional workplace. You go to class, do your assignments, and go home. This culture stinks.

    1. Echhijoker says:

      We already lost the war when consent could be withdrawn during the act. Everything after is just a slight shift in perception. I remember in the 90s when people were talking about this and saw the slippery slope for what it is. At this point i would love the contracts to be the only law of the land, as long as it starts when you agree to hang out and there is a clause for not going through with the act. Like many other business deals. Something like a 15% blueball fee. Or you pay the man for their time if you don’t go through with the act. If a poor young man can be compensated for his valuable time, I’m all in for that.

  4. hahahaha….

    couldn’t a snake oil salesman,erm I mean a PUA neomasculinist like Roosh get a bunch of these contracts then put forged signatures of femmies like Valenti and “contract shame” them on social media????

  5. The Plague Doctor says:

    This post would be incomplete without mention of Terrence Popp’s “COITUS CONSENT FORM” and its various addenda. Download it at the bottom of the page at .

  6. Tim says:

    The women’s movement is/was about (1) the sexual liberation of women, (2) the destruction of the patriarchy and (3) freeing women from the slavery of marriage.

    Marxism: The forced redistribution of wealth and power from one group or person to another group or person. Eg, Title IX, Yes Means Yes, Affirmative Action, No-Fault Divorce, Alimony, Child Support, WIC, SNAP, Affordable Housing, etc, etc, etc.

    Feminism: The forced…

    If you’re a man…and you believe feminism is about “equality”…then …

  7. Tim says:

    If the purpose of having a male child is to later enslave that male child financially to a woman, then simply abort male children. Instead of giving birth to male slave children, give birth to lower class women (aka – lesbians). By aborting male children and giving birth to more “male like” lesbians, you have a work force to continue the public works of the now defunct male workforce.

  8. Yurian says:

    Next stop the glass houses of Zamiatin’s “We” and the soma of “Brave New World”. Thank Christ we’re still largely barbarians in this country.

  9. vortex says:

    “…a student could always claim SHE was too drunk to know what SHE was doing when SHE signed it.”

    Aren’t they supposed to hide their misandry?

  10. vortex says:

    Off topic:

    Apparently now a seven year old boy in india is accused of rape ( by a 3 year old girl ).

    Well, when i was seven i certainly was’t able to rape anybody. Where in the world is it okay to be a non-female ( formerly known as male )?

    Not in Afghanistan:

    Just wanted to let you guys know.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The safer our environment gets, the more hysterical women become. All this will lead to is more frustrated young men, who did all the “right things”, yet women are not attracted to them. What do we expect? Women have all the power, men have all the responsibility.

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