Reddit post shows Characteristics of Abusive Women

characteristics of abusive women
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  1. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    Marriage sucks blog:

    Discussing the dream crushing routine, work and sacrifice of a married man.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      Who owns this blog?

    2. Gyrus says:

      This blog is a great find. Thanks.

  2. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    @Bar: Stardusk made a shout out video about this blog:

    The Resigned Man and the Free Man:

  3. Peanut Gallery says:

    Man, while our stories aren’t exactly the same (I wish I made a quarter that much), the behavior sounds real familiar. I’d think with 350k a year he’d be able to hire a good lawyer. It’d probably save his remaining health, and it’s not great for kids to be in those situations. They’ll just seek the same shitty relationship the parents are in. (or so I hear) Maybe if he gave her enough, she’d let him keep their daughter. Oh wait, nothing is ever enuogh. I really feel for this guy. I at least had enough self-respect to finally start my egress, but like you said this guy is totally broken. I managed to maintain some defiance. And she was arrested for domestic violence, so I lucked out there. I was so afraid to go to the cops, but she admitted to it then pled guilty. My fight isn’t done, but at least I’m out from under her thumb. I hope he finds the light of the darkness. (And records his wife telling their daughter shit like that so he can show it in court.)

    Barbar, I sometimes browse at work, any way to keep nips hidden or something? Like, when do I have time to read man-stuff when I’m into intense games of peek-a-boo and block building with my son after work. I don’t need the boss asking why there’s a lamia. He might want to play D&D or something. Ugh, my boss would be the worst DM.

    1. Peanut Gallery says:

      Ugh, I forgot to spell check and it’s filling me with shame.

  4. Nils Dacke says:

    I watched screenwriter guru Robert McKee talk about marriage and career. His conclusion is simple. We know this already but i did not expect it in this video which is not about MGTOW.

  5. Paul M says:

    ” I’m too worn down and exhausted to challenge her on almost anything. ”

    Ah. Sleep deprivation. The abusive wife’s #1 tactic. Explained here:

  6. Debar Dogma says:

    After buying a larger home at my ex’s urging, gutting and renovating it top to bottom my ex announced – “I don’t feel that I need you any more”. She still loves the house and lives there, but with another guy. I just visit monthly to drop off $.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Powerfull stuff

  8. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    The way to a long life:

    Don’t fool around, don’t chase women, and don’t eat too much: World’s oldest living twins aged 102 share a room at their Belgian nursing home and never married after disapproving of each other’s partner

    Read more:
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  9. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    @Bar: Check out this guys’ youtube channel (Larry Rutan) on corrupt family and divorce courts:

  10. Rickard says:

    Wow, this is a terribly cruel situation for this poor man. The worst thing about it is that it could be EVEN WORSE!

  11. ct says:

    I was in a five and a half year relationship with a woman, Dash. In the first two years, we were in the puppy love stage, having intimacy very
    frequently and picking each other up from work. Dash got laid off about a year in, and called me at work as though it were a confession, this horrible
    thing had happened to her and she was terrible.

    “You probably don’t want to date me” she said.

    And then she said it again about her PMDD before I had seen how it affects her
    “You probably will not like me during my period and afterwords, I get very angry and throw things.” At the time I thought, ‘How cute’.

    She says the ball started rolling downhill for our relationship with a friendly gathering that occured, participants being myself, Dash,
    my brother Sam, and longtime
    childhood friend visiting from NYC, We had some drinks and Ryan was asking an awful lot of questions. We got into some philosophical debates
    that I admit, made me a bit queasy, one was a lengthy discussion about “pride”. In hindsight, I should have knnwn this may be an issue, because this is something that a
    puerto rican person may not make for polite dinner conversation. White people can make anything, “a game of wits”, when it really
    is not a game at all and there is no judge, no points, and no gravity to it, it means nothing. Now I just don’t think that white people should stray into this
    territory. Within a few months of back and forths with Dash (the long wait time is to my discredit), and I wrote Ryan an email about it.
    But I got an uneasy feeling in my conversations with Dash privately in those months. She wanted, to exorcise Ryan for talking like this,
    and then the bomb: she said, after the fact, that when I was in the bathroom at the club she overheard Ryan call Sam’s drink an “nigger drink”.
    I admit I was shocked that Ryan could say something like this, as I knew that even though I did not choose the same path of Ryan, he was still
    an independent observer of things, that he wrote well and was very deep in thinking, and it just didn’t seem possible, and above all in my
    gut something didn’t feel right.
    but present day discourse as it was, and giving Dash the benefit of the doubt, I had to address this immediatelhy and I did so, in an email,
    the defensive reponses to which made me cut off contact with Ryan for several years.

    Meanwhile in years 2 and 3 of our relationship, other things started becoming an issue, that I didn’t honestly know how to address. One, we were
    at a diner getting food. I noticed Dash suddenly didn’t want to eat. She said “no thanks” to the waiter and to my discredit I began
    eating. Then after we were through and got in the car, Dash admonished me “Were you looking at the waittress?” She thought I was ogling the waitress with my
    eyes. I honestly said “no, but I can see why since my eyes were looking around the room looking at what the walls contained.” She kept asking the
    question, over and over. It was like an interrogation and I was sweating it out. I remember perfectly where we were, parked along the street
    next to our apartment, and he questioning must have lasted hours. A barrage of insults, calling me every name in the book, saying
    she “knew I was just like the others, just a pedophile, basiclly a rapist, a piece of shit, a pendejo.

    I finally just said “FINE, I LOOKED AT HER”, and the discussion ended some time later. It was all I could do, even though to this day
    I didn’t have any sort of sexual intention, was not flirting, not even with my eyes, and was not even looking at this waittress in a
    pornogrpahic manner. and definitely not like the dude in True Blood that ogles the main character in the opening episode.

    Without a job and much fighting happening in her family, I knew she wasn’t going to have a place to stay soon, and I offered that she come stay
    in my apartment. The problem was, my brother was there. This was a problem that I’ll readily admit I started. Dash said, Sam had to move.
    I wasn’t using my brain nor my negotiating abilities. Now you see I love my brother more than anything. We were roommates in college, which shows
    how much friends we are. I missed him terribly when I first went left home. We had a non-competitive relationship based on mutual

    However, she made me give him a few weeks to get out. I was devastated, and knew it wasn’t right. I hated every part of it, but I thought, ok we’re starting a life together. Just promise me this, guys: IF YOU FEEL WRONG ABOUT A GIRL MOVING IN DONT DO IT. Even if you don’t trust me in this, even if you think im being dramatic, at least promise me that you will consider, just consider, that you will break up one day and it will be much tougher.

    Anyway, the next two years are total cutting off of my social relations other than her; eating delivery with her, cooking with her, etc etc. The only thing I do is go to work. Every time I am visiting someone I’m made to feel guilty. She offers to pick me up from work, I think it’s just a kindness, but it’s to observe which girls are coming out of my job and interrogating me about it. Just utter bullshit.

    Lots of drama happens in her family, she is always getting in fights with them, her mom is dying, she claims she has some sort of reproductive illness (every doctor says she is healthy). All of this stuff confuse me over the years, and I try my best to be a good boyfriend. Taking her to appointments, even taking off a week of work when her mom was in intensive care. Now, I know I don’t need to score points for this but it’s just to highlight that im not a typical asshole.

    One day I’m being interrogated and I finally become totally over it. I have too much self-respect. I realize that this person has brainwashed me to think my own loving FAMILY are against me, to think that my depression was caused by my mom’s negligence . I say i’m leaving, she blocks the door. I say wtf are you doing, she starts slapping and hitting me, spitting on me. Wow. Can’t believe i’m a domestic abuse case. It starts happening again and again, with increasing frequency. I finally moved out. It was still hard coordinating everything. I had to get out quickly. I had all the money, everything was mine, I was just wanting a companion and this is what I got.

    Exactly what abuse centers (that are pretty much all only for women btw) say about men, happened to me with the perpetrator being a woman. Don’t be dull, always be a shark, always thinking to not trust anyone but people that deserve trust. Don’t believe feminist lies. Dont’ date any insecure people. Don’t date people that use anger against you, don’t date jealous people, they *CAN* end up getting violent even if it’s a slow build.

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