MGTOW , Is It Worth It?

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  1. ElCadejo says:

    Shitball. Is that the technical term? I just hate it when brigands and usurpers try to steal my shitball.

    1. Cary Harris says:

      Ha ha. I can let you have mine next time. I dont feel like rolling for the female any more.

  2. Ty says:

    It is amazing that throughout the animal kingdom, the males fight each other for the sole purpose of mating with the female, even if it means the male will perish. This is almost an instinct for not only animals, but humans. It takes a lot of mind/will power to be able to snap out of that instinct, something that most humans are doomed to fail at. Nature only cares about living organisms procreating for future generations, anything beyond that and nature couldn’t care less.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Indeed, it’s like the Nash Equilibrium: a man knows that if he snaps out of it, he is leaving himself vulnerable to everyone else. It’s kinda like voicing dissent when you know no one is going to back you up.

  3. Boozefly says:

    I’m forever grateful for the examples that the apex minds such as Nikola Tesla has given me personally. An insight into living for your dreams, whilst discarding these “realities” that many common folk among him lived to believe. Reproduction was their only end goals, but he had a vision, a drive to create.

    I believe that men can be fixated on two aspects of creation, the first being the most common and easiest: procreation

    The second being the least path walked: Visionary creation.

    The second is the one that has alway propelled humanity forward light years a head. All because when others told them what they were doing, or how they were living was wrong, or a waste of time, they simply ignored them and continued on their own path unapologetically.

  4. says:

    Sitting on the sidelines, beer in hand, cheering all those dumb beetles pushing and fighting over shit. Life is good!

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      That’s right because when you’re MGTOW, you simply don’t give a shit anymore 😉

  5. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    “Like Prometheus, our greatest advancements come from disobedience”, now here’s a quote for the books. Brilliant stuff.

    Interesting article, I also find quite interesting the mating rituals of certain birds, like the bowerbird that creates amazingly elaborate nests decorated with berries, flower petals and even colorful bits of plastic, to attract a female which then selects a mate based on which one has a more appealing (rich) nest.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Indeed, it’s hard for women to deny their lust for ressources when we point it out as a rebuttal to their accusations of sex objectification.

      Nature is what it is…

      1. Max Hydrogen says:

        Of course, when it is what women are attracted to, it is described as “what you’re supposed to do”; it is simply the correct way to be whereas when it is what men are attracted to, it is described as “disgusting, degrading, misogynist” and is criminalized to avoid competition.

        Remind women of that next time they complain of any “Double Standard”…

  6. Tim says:

    I love feminism. Why? Feminism inadvertently exposed the fact that it was men who were enslaved in marriage, not women. How? Men were tapped with supporting women and women’s children financially – by society. There’s nothing more oppressive than that – yet women and feminists claimed that women were the slaves. Men were enslaved to women financially – allowing women to destroy countless millions of men financially – yet women – according to feminists – were the slaves? I call major BS.

    You have to love how women can falsify statistics and twist reality into victimhood for themselves.

    MGTOW is valuable on so many levels – none of which could possibly be overstated.

    1. Cary Harris says:

      The absurdity, lies, hypocrisy and lack of necessary intellectual rigor that defines feminism will lead to its demise.
      That and the aggressive competition for victim status. Pretty soon everyone will be a victim, all trying to find the oppressor to point to.

    2. elementaltruth says:

      I began working on several theories about everything. Some of them including social life. I like what you said about feminism. It was a good thing, a push for an evolution. A social evolution to recognize the blatant lies we have been living in. Always evolution must benefit the man, it was so that man can wake up and see whats happening. It forces them to be better after all. Where as feminism will stay there and rot away.

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