Honora Bowen Unravels Again on Naked and Afraid, Quits.

honora bowen
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  1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    What a bitch! You could mention as well the two women laughing at the man’s efforts to hunt the capivara. He’s the one busting his hide to get food, and those two just sat on their asses not helping a damn bit.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Even worse is that they referred to the guy going out and busting his ass as “creepy”. I would have left their asses there and gone off by myself.

      1. danielle says:

        He actually does get sick if their laziness and goes off to fend for himself. Hes nice about it and let’s them stay in the hut he made without any of their help.

    2. Jonathan says:

      If you look online, there are still some women who discussed this on forums and consider him “creepy.”

      If you finish the season, you could argue that he proved to be invaluable. Especially when he used his last bit of strength to dig a well for drinking water all by himself.

      It’s almost like women don’t like any guy if he doesn’t appear to have something to offer them.

  2. Jbfamily3 says:

    We thought she was an idiot the first time and couldn’t believe she was in XL. She was so immature and definitely not someone to have in a survival situation! Later, when she blamed everyone but herself infuriated me as a woman! I cringe to see her in the reunion episode!!

    1. Jon Coctosin says:

      She is a classic Borderline, no doubt in my mind. I married one and am currently going through a divorce after 6 years of the constant emotional roller coaster ride. I have learned more than I ever wanted to about personality disorders, and have formed a keen eye to the disorder. She’s mentally ill, and it’s tough for the average viewer to resist the urge to see her punished for her actions, and lack of accountability, and always the victim mentality, but it is a disorder, and she needs help. The unfortunate part of the illness is that she most likely won’t seek help because that would be admitting something is wrong with herself, and the sickness is what keeps her from being able to admit fault, even though she is full of self loathing and really doesn’t think she’s worth anything. As for the show, it’s a TV show, a PRODUCED TV SHOW, so there’s really no life or death scenario, but I’m sure the producers would be glad to read that they have created such drama for the viewers. The producers knew full well what she is capable of, and got exactly what they wanted out of her. It’s just the way it is, no right, no wrong, just is. Honora, I hope you find the strength and courage to face your affliction.

  3. BRobBOB says:

    Honora Bowen is an asshole. She does not even belong on a reunion show at all. She is 0 for 2. When she was in Brazil she was mean to her partner. Body shaming her partner. Her stupidity led to her being carried out in an ambulance. Way to go with that stupid magnifying glass dumbass! Then, she obviously gets invited to 40XL to cause drama and boy did she bring it. Throws a fit, sabotages her team and quits. I cannot stand looking at her stupid face and hope to never see it again. Especially her crying victim face.
    I agree with the author, people like her would be shunned or killed in our ancestor’s times. She probably has no friends or everyone around her thinks she is a spoiled, conceited asshole. What she has to be conceited about…I have no idea. Ass!

  4. A Wow says:

    Hahah.. what a DUMB bitch.. Why would they bring a half wit turd like her back on XL? Because she’s batshit crazy?

  5. Robert says:

    This bitch should be dropped in a survival situation with cannibals.

    1. Tiago says:

      hahaha Canibals tribes eat only peaple with value because they want gain they skills.. is not about hunger.. so they would never eat her.. but would certainly kill her

  6. Jake says:

    This article, as well as the comments above, are likely to be penned by idiotic, self-righteous armchair philosophers who accept reality TV to portray the truth out there. Let me get this straight with you dipshits out, everything is scripted and dramatised to make it an interesting watch for you dumbfucks who wants to watch some wilderness survival show in the comfort of your own home. And before you vilify real people in a scripted environment, exercise that single neuron you have and don’t get your knickers in a twist with your mob mentality. Does abusing someone as a nameless, faceless group make you disgusting fucks feel good?

    1. SaTaN says:

      LOL Ok tough guy queerboi! And we will all guess, you must be jesus, all trying to scold and “teach” everyone that fake TV is FAKE, durp! Anyone who doesn’t already know TV is fake is as crazy as that ugly joo bitch psycho cunt Honora the man hating dyke cunt turd!
      TV might be fake, but that ugly joo bitch IS crazy, lazy, spoiled, rude, obnoxious, toxic, vile and a typically ugly joo dyke who thinks her shit don’t stink and that she’s also worth anything, when she has ZERO to offer, ZERO brains, ZERO personality, ZERO manners, ZERO everything!
      Duck her, and why bother making the “contestants” (PAID ACTORS) get naked, when it’s all censored out anyway? Joomerica is way too repressed!

  7. barbarossaa says:

    It makes us feel like real men to vilify a woman that can’t fight back. None of us here care that the show is scripted, we’re playground bullies and proud of it! The fact that my heavily-stained wifebeater tee shows off my big hairy pasty white belly and my jeans won’t zip up or button at the top doesn’t matter! I’m a man so I make it work! I just put a belt on and leave the rest undone! I would like to note that my comb-over is progressing nicely. So nicely that my video application to Project Runway (now on Lifetime -FABULOUS :-))))) ) has finally been accepted, after all these years!!! Watch me spar with Tim Gunn in 2017:-))))) I just know you’ll be supportive of my awesome looks (kisses)!

  8. Rangdrol says:

    Ive seen all the Nake and Afraid shows and this one was the most disappointing and also the most enlightening. Honora’s comments, that her partner Matt, was “fat” “lazy” and “stank” was very sad. Ive seen people being mean before but never like this. Furthermore, Honora never really appreciated the things that Matt tried to do for her, and the fact that if he had not been there, she would have died. As such, he saved her life.

    Matt, whoever you are, I was filled with admiration for you, because you did try to help her and yet saw what kind of personality she was and didnt try to foist your own beliefs on her, allowing her to run around in blistering hear for the time she was there. Quite simply, she was her own enemy.

    As a Buddhist and a monk, I understand that we are complicated, as human beings, and that compassion is not necessarily an attribute that many people embrace. You, without embracing some shape of religion, were the most magniminous and compassionate guy/person in all the shows. Your students are lucky to have you. You are an example to all, and were to me.

  9. Melissa Vigil says:

    Im sorry for her loss and all, but I’ve never seen a rider more insulting cunt in my life. Everything I’ve seen Honora Bowen in on TV proves that she is a spiteful piece of shit. I wish she’d read this. 🖕

  10. free proxy says:

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  11. Shu Shu says:

    I just watched the episodes with Honora Bowen. What a bitch! She’s certifiably psycho. How Chris and Luke tolerated her psycho ass is a question for the ages. I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had slapped her unconscious. I’d have dragged her ass in the river and held her under until she brought up their survival items.

  12. Frazier Isabella says:

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  13. barbarossa sucks pooh says:

    hey @$$hole, when’s the book coming out?

    #uck you for scamming MGTOW’s…

  14. Diamond says:

    Can you imagine Honora Bowen being married? Jesus, those guys should have abandoned her a long time ago on that episode instead of trying to convince her crazy triggered child self. She had a really great ass tho. Redheads drive me nuts

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