Gynocentrism ; Back of the Bus for Men, Sexism Worldwide

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    So the problem is that the parking spaceis pink, not that there is a space reserved for women only… I can’t believe they got away with that taxi in New York! Isn’t that illegal! It’s impossible to hang a “No Women Allowed” sign pretty much anywhere other than Saudi Arabia but more and more of society is being segregated against men. Even finding an apartement is tougher should you have a penis: “Woman prefered”, “Women only”. Fine, the more men are marginalized into homelessness, the closer society comes to collapsing and I say: good FUCKING ridence!

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Interestingly, Blacks in Montréal and Toronto sit at the back of the bus of their own accord…

  3. vortex says:

    Well, my only contact with “society” is my leeching. I am done fueling this system of hatred against my bretheren and myself.

    Sometimes, when i see a bluepiller chasing dat pussy or busting his arse for the state, i am reminded of medieval zealots, busy with self-flagellation.

    Pie mulieres Domine, dona eis requiem. BAM!

    Thx for your work bar.

  4. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    Recently in Portugal, there was a case of a barbershop that does not allow women in, so the fucking feminists went batshit crazy, complaining about sexism, yada yada, and they even stormed the place one day wearing balaclavas and began harassing the costumers and the owners. Guess who got taken to court?

    About a month ago the Mayor’s Office of Lisbon announced that it would be filling a lawsuit against that barbershop.

  5. MikeTO says:

    There is a male only space in Toronto. It’s for men over 50 years old. Mind you most women wouldn’t want to deal with these kind of men because some are homeless and most seem to be low income.

    “The Good Neighbours’ Club was started in tough times—some of the toughest this country has ever seen, during the Great Depression. Since 1933, “the Club” has been a home-away-from-home for men over the age of 50 who are in shelters and rooming houses, bunking on a friend’s couch, or even a park bench. Click here for more information about the services we offer.”

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  7. Nemesis says:

    This won’t end until all men wake up and smell the coffee. The message: “We let you off the leash, and even let you join in our boys games, You fucked up. Now get back int he kitchen and make me a sandwich, biatch.”

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