Circumcision "trainer" Kit on Amazon… Disgusting

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:


  2. ronwisegamgee says:

    “If you educate girls, they’ll grow up to be moms who will educate their children.”

    As opposed to using that education to get careers in their chosen field of study. Or worse, their field of study has no actual value (such as Women’s Studies) and they will “educate” their children.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As someone who was circumcised as an adult, I find this disturbing…

  4. tim says:

    Circumcision is disgusting. As a mutilated male, I’m glad to see a MGTOW website addressing this so emphatically. This procedure was designed to reduce male pleasure, and it should be abolished on the grounds that the harms are a certainty, whereas the benefits are questionable (more likely nonexistent).

  5. TheKangarooBoxer says:

    Yeah, i saw that a while ago. it’s pretty disturbing. it’s not a controlled medical device, so you’re getting non-medical people potentially buying these things and practicing. Not that i endorse medical setting mutilation in any way, i find it appalling and think it needs to be brought down in a flames. one thing that a medical setting does, though, is documentation. so if a kid does end up dying…oh wait, they still cover it up and blame it on something else….

    what a wonderful world. almost no compassion for me and my fellow survivors, and then we have to see THIS, when we’re trying to shop for whatever we want to buy on Amazon.

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