Circumcision; Shaming Campaign wants more Circumcised Men

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  1. Dex says:

    The number one argument I’ve seen guys use in justifying their circumcision is that “women like it,” it can get really disturbing how men can rationalize harm to themselves, as long as women like it.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    This is revoltingly misandric…

    I’ll make my own poster: “Stand proud, get Female Genital Mutilation”

    1. Akuma W says:

      Please do one I hope you’re not joking let’s see where this takes us…

  3. Meanwhile in the USA…

    Obama calls for end to female genital mutilation in Africa while US has highest rates of male circumcision

    During President Obama’s recent visit to Africa, he urged Kenyans to reconsider their treatment of females as “second-class citizens,” who are routinely subjected to violence, sexual assault and forced marriages while being prohibited from obtaining an education or owning property. What caught my attention, however, is *Obama’s calling for an end to female genital mutilation, in which he stated, “These traditions may date back centuries. They have no place in the 21st century.”*

    *A valid argument against FGM is that it is a painful procedure performed on girls without their consent, without attention to pain management, and without any short- or long-term benefits. Complications can include infection, severe blood loss, sexual dysfunction and death.*

    He’s full of it.

  4. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    Societies talk non stop about hacking and slashing foreskins, I just would like to know when are they going to face the problem that there are pussies out there that look like an overflowing ham sandwich.

  5. TheKangarooBoxer says:

    I saw this a few years ago on Ron Low’s forum, it was really disgusting. It’s always the same arguments over and over, after being debunked scientifically, by doctors.

    Women like it better
    It looks better
    You won’t get HIV
    You won’t get Prostate Cancer
    You don’t honestly miss that little flap of skin, do you?
    Get over it
    Is this really a priority right now?

    Deflections, falsehoods, projection of denial, outright misandry, and personal preference being used as a means to protect the torture of others.

    How can we win this? I suppose exposing the harm to the few receptive people out there, and increasing the awareness of intact men world wide. Follow the money, and expose the corruption.

    1. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

      How do we win this? Well, the first thing that is needed is to speak about male sexuality and development.

      It is known to almost no one that the foreskin is fused to the penis in childhood or that it naturally produces lubrication or that the most sensitive parts are in the foreskin and that the glans penis contains mostly “dumb” free nerve endings.

      When circumcised men learn of these things they begin to investigate, 80% of them come to an Intactivist conclusion. They only have to ask themselves one question to initiate the process.

      For example, is using lotion/lubrication for masturbation is an EXCLUSIVELY circumcised behavior? Yes!

      Why is that? The foreskin mucous membranes naturally create lubrication and the mobile skin system contains and preserves moisture during masturbation/sex as well excels in coitus (SexAsNatureIntended.)

      On the other note I have seen Intactivism use the excuse that women around the world perfer intact penises as seen in a Danish study that showed intact penises providing both men and women more sexual pleasure. Thats good and all but it shouldnt concern the owner of the body what anyone else thinks.

      Seeing how it goes both ways, this pandering to the preferences of women sheds light on how men approach and voice their issues. Men who are discontent with their circumcision status are less likely to voice themselves if the women of that culture dont like it. Complaining about circumcisions is a turn off for women which is one of the primary reasons why men dont initiate conversation about the issue.

      Ive seen the behaviors all over the internet. Seen it all.

  6. Political Cynic says:

    Once again the gynocentrism seeps through. We see the same argument made in support of everything from “he for she” to this: MEN have to do, be, act, and apparently be mutilated, “for women”. “Women and children first”. “Six people, including two women, killed”, “Men have to stand up for feminists and women”.

    Men are utilities in this construct-and their function is to do, be and exist for the benefit of women.

  7. cary harris says:

    having a foreskin may alienate a man from women? Sounds like a great reason to remain intact.

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