Gynocentrism and Double Standards in Portugal

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  1. Cereal says:

    They’re trashing our rights! Hack the planet!

  2. MGTOW Mo says:

    This man presented a logical and rational defence and if Spock was the judge he would have won but unfortunately for him and many other men the judge(s) were human and human beings have biases. When African Americans living in deep South during segregation era were dragged into court falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit and they proved using logic and evidence do you think the racist whites in the jury and or the white judge cared? No, there hatred for blacks was stronger than their capity for logic and rational.

    If you strapped everyone – man, woman and tranny – to a lie detector and asked them if they thought they legal system was biased against males they would all say yes. Even the most radical feminists know this deep down but they just don’t care, the same way whites enslaved blacks knew it was wrong.

    This is why MRA’s haven’t had any success all these decades. By success I mean 1) pushing back new Gynocentric laws i.e. yes means yes and 2) pass laws that protect men from women i.e. False rape accusations, false DMV, paternity fraud etc.

    You can only present logical and rational argument to people who a) are open minded and have no vested interest.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      I’m left wondering if in the future, judges and agents of law enforcement can be replaced by robots, since “The Law” as a concept is something that is expected to float above the fallibility of humans, their sets of preconceptions and emotional responses.

      To use D&D lexicon, hardly a lot of agents of the law are in fact Lawful Neutral. So perhaps a bunch of Robojudges and Robocops would serve it better.

      1. Anonymous says:

        “So perhaps a bunch of Robojudges and Robocops would serve it better.”

        That’s why it will prolly not happen.

      2. ElisaSky says:

        You’re wrong. In fact, the problem is that too many agents of the law are in fact Lawful Neutral. Lawful Neutral follow the laws and traditions, and tradition dictates that men take care of women.

        You would need Lawful Good (or possibly Neutral Good, willing to bend the rules when necessary) agents of the law to reach any kind of Justice. Agents of the law who care more about people’s well being than tradition and keeping the status quo, who see the law as a tool to protect the people instead of an end unto itself, willing to discard tradition and change the laws when they don’t serve the purpose of protecting the people anymore.

        Okay, I’m stopping going on a D&D alignment tangent.

        1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

          No. The thing is that the fundamental laws are there to protect all people equally, the problem happened when the judges bypassed those basic laws to become in their view Lawful Good (according to the traditional notions of good and evil) to try to bestow extra protection to women and their children. Nowhere in the portuguese law, that I know of, it says that men must provide for women, so that was just the interpretation of a judge that tried to act as a lawful goody-two-shoes paladin.

          Personally I think that the typical D&D Lawful Good Paladin is a self-righteous, arrogant arsehole, a delusional fanatic that sees it as his duty to defend the ones perceived as weak (sounds just like a SJW doesn’t it?), and therefore unfit to pass judgement or enforce the law.

          I would agree that in places with unreasonable laws like Yes Means Yes, a chaotic alignment would be in order.

          Now excuse me, I think I’m going to play some Baldur’s Gate hahaha

  3. Tim says:

    This will make it all better:

    We’ve only just begun…

  4. Tim says:

    While watering my front plant’s (thousands of dollars of plants surrounded by tens of thousands in hardscaping) a woman innocently asked me for a plastic bag after her hound shat on the neighbors yard.

    I heard her the first time she asked, but pretended to have not heard her. After her second blast, I grumpily informed her that I had no pets and therefore had no plastic bags. I of course have a most notable French bulldog, who was screaming through the glass front door through the entirety of our first meeting.

    Be an asshole. It’s totally worthwhile.

  5. Gyrus says:

    Good ol’ conservatism, crushing men like a vise.

  6. Anon says:

    It’s funny how feminists always claim that men shouldn’t oppose feminism because according to them it isn’t a zero-sum game, as in “women gains don’t detract from male quality of life at all!” Of course, it’s the same people pushing for shit like this. Hard to tell if it’s just intellectual dishonesty or plain lack of empathy on their part.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      Why not both

  7. Nexus says:

    The comments are actually interesting read. Fun fact about the the conservative part is that before the correct republic there was such a thing as bastards, children of unknown father. So yeah men kind had the right to financially abort a child in the past.

  8. thesickmanofeurope_com says:

    This just brings Portugal in line with all the other gynocentric societies around the world.
    The REAL test will be when a woman can just pull a name out of the phone book (ANY NAME!) and demands that he should be “acknowledged” as the daddy by the courts…NO DNA required!

    1. MGTOW Mo says:

      In France DNA testing isn’t allowed and French men have to go to neighbouring countries like England and Swtizerland to take DNA tests. If French men use the Internet the authorities can intercept the delivery and they could be hit with a fine. The logic behind this is biology is not what determines who the father is but society and society they mean women.

      1. thesickmanofeurope_com says:

        Correct…however I believe this ONLY applies to a couple when they are MARRIED.
        As far as I know a woman and the state/family courts would require a DNA test before child support is required.

  9. anotherbastard says:

    Golden, your comments are always on point! Great opening article. Robocop for President.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      Thank you, my dear Bastard. Don’t mind me, I’ve been exposed to too many Robocop reruns lately.

  10. Fred says:

    Dont come to Portugal. it is a feminst hellhole

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