The Soft Collapse of Greece and the West

collapse of greece
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  1. Ob says:

    Gynocentrism may be one of the ingredient of the greek collapse but it is ot the only one neither the main one.

    You forgot to mention the power of the banksters in that crisis.

    Those guys helped past greek governments (especially G0ldm4n $achs) to falsify there comptability, accepted to loan money to the country that was already in bankrupt because they knew that via the EU they could make Germany and France pay for the greek debt in the pure spirit of privatisation of profits, socialisation of losses.

    Search the film debtocracy if you want more informations about that.

    You forgot also to mention corruption over public contracts, especially weapons which main beneficiary was the US militaro industrial complex.

    I think that the best description that we can do for the greek crisis is that some cartel of banksters use gynocentrism at their advantage to destabilize entire countries (all Europe in fact).

    One last point: before pointing your finger on greece you also should take informations about the euro crisis.

    Given the what economy of the Greece is that country should never have entered the euro zone but there are political ideologs comming from both sides of the Atlantic that forced the entrance of Greece in it and that today want to force Greece to stay in the euro zone even when many economists think that the exit of Greece is the only good solution to the Greek crisis.

    Ask yourself why the question Grexit is avoided in many debates.

    Actually the gynocentrism on continental Europe, especillay legal gynocentrisme was lower the the one we have in the US, Canada, UK.

    Ask yourself who sponsored the heforshe campaign, who funded the femen and you will see that it is the same guy that fund corruption all over the world.

    I know that the behaviour of those banksters becomes predictible when you understand that those guys are playing the gynocentrist alpha thug role at the global level but is is important to mention them if you want to understand what’s going on.

    1. You could all the things you mention … all the corruption and cronyism, and put it on one side of a scale, and I’ll put the welfare state on the other.

      Which do you suppose would weigh more?

      1. Rathernotsay says:

        You are looking at it to deterministically and strongly push it’s gynocentrism, which is a cause but not the only as he mentioned. Like when you say Rome collapsed because of gynocentrism, you neglect the other factor as highly contributing.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Ok, feminist woman, how about you go find an article discussing the other factors, and tell them about how they aren’t discussing gynocentrism as a factor.

          There are plenty of articles discussing this baloney as a way of avoiding discussing anything that defends women. Here, on the other hand, Bar is discussing gynocentrist socialism as an indivdual factor and it’s unobjectifable contributon, and any other factors are irrelevant in discussing this very relevant element.

          Where is the law that demands people discuss all contributing factors to a resulting effect? That’s all feminists can do, is try to shift the topic of discussion to the irrelevant without contributing or denying the point at hand.

      2. Ob says:

        I understand your point of view but I think that I the entrance of Greece in eurozone had not been forced, if the banksters had stopped to loan money to the Greece when corrutption and bankrupcy were obvious, if weapons seller and Public work companies had refused a potentially unsolvable customer that crisis would never existed, so yes I think that the crime of the banksters and world wide networks of corruption associated overwieght the gynocentrism in that crisis.

        Don’t forget to mention the corrupted International Olympic Committee and the role of athens games in the Greek debt.

        So I conclude again by saying that yes gynocentrism is a factor that explain the greek crisis but malevolent actors have deliberately amplificated it.

        1. Greece entering the Eurozone made the problem much worse, because it artificially lowered interest rates, and allowed them to borrow much more than was responsible. Also Greece is notoriously corrupt.

          1. Ob says:

            Can you give me an example of one conuntry that is not corrupted at any level?

  2. Suso Medin says:

    Sorry but this is an epic fail.

    The welfare, taxes, size of the state in Greece is one of the smallest in all the European Union. Germany has a lot more “socialism”, “help to women”, safety net than Greece.

    Thats the problem with a lot of mgtow. They have no idea about macroeconomics and try to push political agenda.

    ….. thats not what happened in Greece at all and the “women cuestion” has no relation with what happens in USA at all

    1. Your numbers must be missing categories, because according to my numbers Greece is third behind France and Denmark. Germany spends more in some categories, but Greece blows Germany away with their public pensions.

      1. Suso Medin says:

        check your numbers before the colapse of the private sector and loss of 25% PIB and 25% unemployment (aka not used resources)

        OF COURSE the safety net is lower than in Germany.

        90% unemployed have NO UNCOME AT ALL?

        Do you really believe that in Greece there are things like food stamps or program german HATZ IV.

        Do you really think that the unemployed in Greece are in their houses wayting for a goverment check or that they have a beneficts system like in UK or Scandinavia? Really? What kind of world are you living in?

        You can be so wrong?

        Anyway socialism? Most of the governs in Greece in the last years have been socialist? Really?

  3. I think your wrong on this one…


    If you want to blame socialists, blame the national socialist party-Nazi’s…

    1. alright for all the libertarian “tough guys”/wn’s downvoting…

      Let’s say a man is minding his own business, but is injured by a drunk driver-a sex positive feminist. Does he not have the right legal recourse to get back the financial damages he was forced to endure because of her recklessness?

  4. Jive Turkey says:

    Wow! I never really made the connection that left wing politics is driven by women, but , by God, it is! All of the liberals I know are women and effeminate males. I know that ancient Greece used the same old welfare scam. Create a government by concensus and pander to the idiot masses. The idiot masses vote for the guy who promises them the most free shit. When the demands of the welfare state break the backs of the middle class (who pays for it all) and rebel against the tax burden, the elite use class warfare tactics turn the poor against them. They say that tax cuts for the rich are going to compromise the “valuable” social programs that the poor depend on.
    They basically manipulate the poor and uneducated people by instilling them with a sense of entitlement. This gives the elite the green light to rob the middle class. Only a small fraction of the loot goes to welfare programs, yet, if the middle classers complain, the elite sic the masses on them. They scare the masses by telling them that their social security and medicare will be cut when, truthfully, they could cut half the budget without ever touching social programs. An age old scam for looting the very people who generate the economy.
    Giving women the right to vote was like pouring gasoline on the fire. Women tend to fall short when it comes to listening to reason and have a tendency to submit to their provider. When the state becomes the provider (or is perceived to be the provider) the women will drop to their knees and suck Uncle Sam’s cock, and no amount of logic and reason will ever dissuade them. Even a rabble rouser like Samuel Adams could not ignite the fire of liberty into the hearts of females and convince them to give up their goodies in exchange for freedom and future prosperity.
    I think the global elite understand this dynamic and are using it to knock down each nation one by one and make them debt slaves to the global banking/ corporate cartel. Women are master manipulators, but their Achilles heel is that they are very easily manipulated themselves. I believe that they are being used as pawns in the game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I would add that women are indeed master manipulators but there is little consideration or reasoning behind it that goes beyond immediate and short term benefit to themselves. Even their immediate offspring suffer because of the choices of women, and in many cases they themselves suffer because of their lack of foresight and predisposition for immediate gratification, which they gain from simple sexual manipulation and nothing more. That is why they are easily used as pawns.

      Because of this, women are often the biggest hypocrites, failing to realize that problems which they perceive to be caused by others, have been caused by themselves, at which point they then attack the problem, looking for someone to blame, never considering that they could ever have made a mistake themselves.

      Find one woman who will admit that her problems today are the result of her mistakes of the past. You simply cannot point out a mistake to a woman in advance of it causing a problem for them. Even when they perceive such a problem, they will not correct themselves, because they are never the source of the problem in their minds, and they then simply continue to act in the very same ways which contributed to said problem.

      They are an eternal burden.

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    1. Hmmm, almost none of the URLs posted. Oh well.

      1. Ezriel says:

        Thanks for the link about Puerto Rico, TFM. It’s hard to find an outsider perspective about our problems in the local media.

    2. Suso Medin says:

      The problem in PR and Greece is similar because:

      1) They have not their own monetary system with a central bank.

      2) They have an indepent fiscal systen

      Unified monetary systems without a fical union have never ever worked.

  6. Grinsekopp says:

    As already stated by others. Gynocentrism is not the main cause of the greek crisis.

    Like other southern european countrys they dont belong into an monetary union with the nothern block.

    But the problem existed even before the entrance into the euro.

    Greece problem and for that of all southern europeans is a geological, geostrategical and cultural one.

    You only have to look on a map to see it. Greece has no major rivers which can be used for very cheap transport. So infrastructure is much worse than in the north. So they are already at a disadvantage. Germany has over 2000 miles of interconnected railway, highways, rivers and canal for the cheap transport of their goods to the big harbours in the north. Greece on the other hand has nothing but beaches and Mountains.

    To make a long story short.

    The adoption of the euro has largely been responsible for the current economic problems seen in Greece, Italy, Spain, and other nations. They were doomed from the beginning due to the inherent differences in each nation’s economic, trade and infrastructural base. But its not only the euro its EU as a free trade zone which is setup to only benefit the big countrys like France and Germany.

    The Welfare state as long as its alined with productivity of a country is not a threat to nations well being.

    BTW yes the southern europeans lived above their means! But one big country lived way below its means! And that country is my country Germany!!!

    When you have such a big advantage in infrastructure, join a monetary union and then intervene in the labor market and cut social security and standards to force workers to work for less money you are just asking for trouble.

    We the germans won the economic battle but in doing so we destroyed our own markets Europe. You cant export and sell goods to someone when you just declared them bancrupt.

  7. GhostThinker says:

    A few days ago, I read an analysis that stated that inasmuch as Greece suffered through centuries of Turkish (Islamic) oppression where only the most wily survived, the old Greece did not survive. I agree with TFM that gynocentrism is the primary underlying problem as it is worldwide, however, the ancillary problems of feministic voting patterns (welfare driven), autocratic governance and international banking cannot be absolved or ignored.

    I also think that Keynesian economic theory is also to blame as it, in my opinion, plays directly into feminism and gynocentrism as it appears to be a Ponzi scheme, at best. Just look at the unfunded and underfunded debt of Western pension schemes, primarily payable to — you got it — men. Drucker pointed this defect out 40 years ago. The shit is just now hitting the fan as these Ponzi schemes start to fail.

    I have also noted that gynocentrism also appears to be concurrent with crony-capitalism (corruption) which appears to eventually lead to a break-down of a strong middle class, of economic prosperity and of individual freedoms.

  8. GhostFaceMGTOW says:

    Nations (like the US, UK, Japan, and Russia) that are monetarily sovereign (issue their own currency) absolutely cannot go bankrupt or insolvent. However, countries like Greece, Germany and France, that use the Euro do have a problem and can become insolvent. It’s all explained by Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

    What this means is that independent, sovereign nations, which are monetarily sovereign, will always have well-funded welfare programs. What do you think the implications are for society? What will happen when women individually do not need a man for financial support or help in raising children (in their view)?




    @Monkey: Consider doing a vid on MMT, I think the MGTOW community would be receptive to how MMT explains economic reality.

    1. Bob says:

      Reading this article from an MMT perspective was inordinately painful. Good luck educating that monkey!

  9. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    Don’t mind TFM, he has a hard-on for bring back patriarchy, and will use anything to justify it.

    But he is NOT a secret purple-pill tradcon, NOR a secret alpha asshole looking for betas to dominate.

    carry on.

  10. Ichigo Gyuunu says:

    Gotta log the systemic collapse of nations. Debt slavery is the weapon of choice for banksters. I’m not gonna blame them for feminism or some shit, that’s just female nature given political power.

    Power corrupts, but female nature perhaps corrupts the power instead of the person. At any rate, when this happens here in the US I’ll make sure to greedily guard my tins of spam and corned beef. Chivalry be damned!

  11. Tim says:

    Marxism – The desire to forcibly transfer wealth and power from those that have it to those that don’t.

    Feminism – The desire to forcibly transfer wealth and power from those that have it to those that don’t.

    The fact that women have the two primary things that interest men most (a vagina and breasts) will be men’s downfall.

  12. The Straight Shooter says:

    Good article bruh! I think this situation and others like it basically prove that women and feminized men really don’t understand much when it comes to money. Kinda reminds me of a video I saw a while ago where a woman said water should be free.

  13. Tim says:

    N.W.A. Gangsta Gangsta

    Should she find your dick in her mouth, she’s a lucky woman.

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