On Gynocentrism, Russian Men and Homosexuality

On Gynocentrism, Russian Men and Homosexuality
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  1. Hinforta says:

    Hell yeah, finally someone touched the subject of those fucking russian tradcons.

    1. russian mgtow says:

      I think one of the reasons of such behaviour is fear. Like in wild baboons’ herd, where dominant males can just f*ck other males in their asses, and these males which are somewhere at the bottom of hierarchy ladder fear that, i suppose. Almost every time when i see some russian thread on the internet about homosexuals, it comes to assf*ck and how it is disgusting. These men are in deep great fear about their buttholes! The situation is getting worse because of religion and prison culture, that also holds on many people’s (especially males’) minds even if never were in prison.
      Suddenly state and many people have become concerned about “gay issue” and “spirituality and moral”. How can they speak about “spirituality” and showing such violent behavior?

      1. Hinforta says:

        Прекрасно понимаю, сам неизбежно с этим сталкивался.
        That’s why I kept telling that it is the russian men, who are the enemies towards other men, not women really. The culture is so fucked up with orthodoxian fucking-machomen-don’thitawoman traditionalism, it’s hard to believe that one can exist. The way the state and society treats men when talking about the military conscription, for instance, it’s outrageous.

  2. bob loblaw says:

    In my experience women generally don’t have a problem with fully homosexual men, but become disgusted when straight men display homosexual curiosity or behaviour.

    I’m straight and I made out with a male friend once (just for a laugh, and I’m comfortable with my sexuality) and my female friends found it disgusting, yet we also have openly gay male friends who they don’t have a problem with in the slightest. These same female friends have also made out with other females (they’re straight as well, they were doing it to turn guys on).

    I wonder, what’s the cause of this hypocritical behaviour? Or maybe it’s just my friends..

  3. George says:

    In asia it’s quite common for men to hold hands walking down the street with no implication of homosexuality. Many Asian countries not all. The Asian masculine ideal is far more feminine than here and many women find feminine men “cute”. A recent article in the nyt explained how Japanese men stay very thin and unmuscular and develop an epicene look because women prefer it.

    I personally suspect western women, at least on some level, dont like the macho western ideal for men. I’m sure most would disagree with me and the evidence is ambiguous and on other levels women might find the macho ideal hete quite useful to them as it makes men into workhorses, but after I returned from Asia after a few years of work and business there I had developed a much more feminine and less macho attitude and appearance, and the response I got from western women was amazing. It was almost like they were relieved to find a guy so un invested in his mschoness. It was a real eye opener. They did coment on how different I wad from most western men, tho.

    As many here write Its true that the western macho ideal is a huge source of weakness for men – and just plain no fun being “stoic” and macho, and kind of ridiculous when looked at objectively – and it takes a huge amount of courage to just drop the act and let go, whether you get women or not. But it’s hugely li erasing and life becomes fun.

    I have found, tho, that it can piss some men off and create problems with men. When other men who are trying so hard to maintain this grim image of themselves as serious and macho see you waltz into a bar all relaxed and happy, and full of smiles, with no macho act, and women respond well to you, it challenges their values and makes their hard work seem absurd. Many men react well to it, but some are seriously antagonize by it.

    No biggie.

    Our whole western culture needs to develop a less macho masculine ideal. Japansee men have always had a more epicene male ideal even when they were one of the world’s most ferocious warrior cultures, so one sees there is no me essay connection between being effective and capable and the stupid macho act.

    These days I tend to judge a a man’s confidence inversely to how compelled he feels to be macho. Its why you can’t argue with a pua – its not about women. Its about compensating for inner insecuritu, and that isn’t an intellectual argumemt, but a psychological case.

    1. braininavat says:

      Sounds like an indictment of “toxic masculinity” to me.

      Thanks, but I’ll stick with stoicism — not because I want to exemplify someone else’s idea of what it is to be a man, but because men live in human society like animals live in the wild. For men the world is a Hobbesian war of all against all in which life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Animals in the wild don’t show weakness, fear, illness, or disability. They will fight or flee to the extent of their powers until they collapse suddenly with their final breath. Because if they don’t, they will be destroyed.

      If you’re a man, you’re on your own. When you’re on your own, stoicism is a survival skill.

      1. George says:

        So, you think if you walk into a bar full of yuppies, you have to suppress all emotion and project strength or you will be viciously attacked because it’s a jungle? You can’t smile, relax, show happiness, pleasure, and good humor because that bespectacled lawyer in the corner wearing suit will rip into you?

        The truth is, the more you project strength, the more you make yourself a target, because people correctly smell fear underneath.

        Its an old law. People concerned with being strong are weak. They have a brittle persona to defend. People who are themselves are strong, even if weak.

        Women manipulate men through their need to be seen as strong, because such men are weak.

        A culture that makes men concerned with projecting strength will produce weak men trying to defend a brittle persona, men easily manipulated by women, and men unable to stand up for themselves when it really counts out of excessive concern for failure and damage to their image.

        In that sense modern western masculinity is indeed toxic – to men most of all. While women, I now believe, dont like it, many will exploit it and take advantage of it.

        Roosh failed so badly on that show because he was too concerned with the brittle persona of strength he created for himself to simply do what needed to be done without fear of failure. Thats why he appeared so iresolute and wavering and lacking authenticity.

    2. MGTOW MO says:

      Women find different uses for different men having them play different positions in their lives, whether they’d be masculine, feminine or straight out gay (pun intended).

      MASCULINE MEN aka ALPHA MALES: These are the workhorses who do the dirty and dangerous jobs. Those of them who don;t work in dangerous environments harm their health by putting in 80 hour workloads – these are the men who have no work-life balance. These men satisfy the provision and protection needs of women.

      FEMININE MEN aka BETA MALES: These men are the emotional tampons and are more likely to be feminists. These men are the ones who are also more likely to get ‘friendzoned’. In the animal kingdom they’re the ones who have a high level of parental investment while the alphas ‘pump and dump’.

      GAY MEN: These men are similar to the feminine beta males but the difference is they don’t want sex in return and the women don’t have to worry about the day they get the courage to ask for more than ‘friendship’. The fashion industry is full of gay men – gay photographers who make women look 10 years younger Mario Testino) designers that make the push up bras, high heals and revealing dresses (Tom Ford) and make up artists that make women’s skin smooth and glowing. It’s gay men who beautify women.

      These 3 groups of men don’t benefit from their relationships with women. Masculine men protect and provide for women who won’t protect and provide for them while feminine feminist beta males are emotional tampons for women who don’t care about their emotional wellbeing and gay men beautify women they aren’t having sex with. ALL ARE EXPLOITED!

      There’s a fourth group of men: MGTOW. This is a group of men who don’t try prove their manhood to women by displaying their provision and protection capabilities by spending their hard earned money on them and lifting heavy objects for them. MGTOW don’t try to show women they’re ‘good guys’ by joining feminism and MGTOW are certainly not interested in beautifying women, they actually want to see what’s behind the mask and stare true female nature in the face.

      1. George says:

        I think this is a great start at classification. The classic categories of alpha, beta, and feminine and masculine are not exhaustive and need to be further elaborated.

        Alpha and beta are both forms of male self-subordination in the service of women. In the game of providing women with services, betas simply provide a less valuable service, and are less insistent on getting value in return for what they provide. So naturally they get a worse deal. But alpha and beta are not a dichotomy – they essentially spring from the same mentality and approach to relations between the sexes and differ only in details.

        When i first encountered PUA, I strongly sensed that in some way the concept of Alpha they were advocating was not essentially different from their concept of Beta, yet I struggled to put it into words. I would privately think when they described an “alpha” mindset or attitude “but that’s so beta!” – what I was perceiving was that trying to be an alpha was essentially a way of making yourself lesser than women and subordinating yourself to them. It was no different than beta.

        The alpha”preoccupation with projecting strength, superiority, and “dominance” struck me as needy, insecure, and essentially psychologically dependent (on others reactions) – and thus quintessentially and fundamentally “beta”. Which, of course, it is. I could not accept this as a blueprint for an independent human being. It seemed the opposite of independence.

        MGTOW was the key that allowed me to unlock the this intellectual black box and better elucidate these murky concepts.

        As I mentioned in my comment above, I completely de-emphasize traditional masculine qualities (alpha qualities) in my relation to women, so I am much further down the so called “feminine” line on the continuum, but I am not in the least bit submissive to women and I also make clear that I am not lining up for the protector-provider role.

        I simply have chosen to exist outside these categories. I do not subordinate my desires, values, and interests in order to protect and provide for a woman, nor do I self-immolate myself as a submissive sidekick. I have no interest in dominating a woman because I grasp that needing to dominate another is to be dominated by them (because you now have to work to secure their compliance. You have become dependent on their reaction, rather than someone for whom their reactions are utterly irrelevant – i.e a free human being), nor would I allow myself to be exploited as some kind of sidekick.

        Life is way more fun this way, with or without women.

      2. Cat says:

        Well one could argue those gay designers and salon stylists are indeed getting something out of it, women’s money. Heck you could say they are exploiting women’ vanity.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    Indeed, how many of these men are simply “proving” to women that they are real men…?

    This reminds of an incident at work once, where I was talking with a man from the Congo during the break. When we went back to work I was shocked to find him holding my hand and worse, the looks of discust from other employees. I quickly snatched my hand away pretending that it never happened. Only later did I learn that in parts of Africa it is a sign of respect for men to hold hands. I retroactively regreted the incident but given the circumstances i.e. a North American working class environment, I had no choice.

  5. Tim says:

    The consequence of men deprived of positive male role models (the point of misandry, feminism and Sweden)?

    A socialist society in which homosexuality and lesbianism is encouraged and forced redistribution of wealth from those that produce to those that don’t is encouraged.

    How much did the catholic pedophiles love the fact that those young boys were forced to participate? The dream setup of every homosexual and lesbian on the planet.

    1. Nils Dacke says:

      Dream setup of every homosexual on the planet? How do you know that? Yes the gay movement is politiziced and involve alot of state agenda forced upon the population, together with forced multiculturalism, integration and “we are one world” ish involuntary bullshit enforced in the public school system. But i do think there are gay libertarians and others outside of that political spectrum too. In fact i think I myself as a mgtow would have a quite difficult time to fit into a largely tradcon libertarian society. Even though i want an open ended decentralized and libertarian world myself.

      1. Nils Dacke says:

        The key for me at least, is open ended, a world where we all can go our own way if we wish. And i do think there are gay men out there who would like that too. But i do agree, this hole movement seems like a large clusterfuck of blame men + redistribution of wealth and submission of the evil white man who interestingly created the western liberal environment of freedom of expression they operate in.

  6. MgToW says:

    Great topic bar.

    There are many ways to come at this one;

    First, I understand SOME of the hostility by straight men toward gay men given how the gay movement is so closely aligned with feminism and anti-straight-male values. In that sense, I understand how many straight men feel threatened by gays. It doesn’t make the hostility justified, I’m just saying I see where it comes from.

    Second, we, as men, do need to examine our homophobia. I’m straight and grew up in a very gay accepting/liberal culture so never displayed any of this myself and neither did any of my friends but still, even among people like me, we have a serious aversion toward straight male physical affection and this really does need to change. You’re right that the majority of this hostility comes from men, not from women. Though I think we can see women’s hostility come out when STRAIGHT MEN display this kind of thing. Openly gay men aren’t attacked by women but straight men hugging each other or holding hands often gets ridiculed by women.

    I’ve been into fitness most of my life and read many magazines with half naked, in shape men on the cover and inside. I never found any of this sexually arousing (being straight) I just found it motivating and inspiring but I can’t count the comments from men and women hinting that this is “gay”.

    This is one for us men to work on among ourselves. Women aren’t holding us back on this nearly as much as fellow men are. Russia is composed of very feminine women and hyper-masculine men so this kind of thing shouldn’t surprise us coming from that culture. I’m sure we would find similar in small conservative towns in the US.

    I don’t know what’s to be done about it but opening the discussion is a good start.

    Question for my fellow readers; Do you regularly hug your guy friends? If so, do you do the “bro hug” where your handshake is between you to, or do you full on hug? I’ve always full hugged my guy friends and never been made fun of for it.

  7. russian mgtow says:

    Hugging is not a common thing amongst men here. Again, not a manly behaviour (at least, when these men are not drunk). I don’t like hugging because I prefer to keep some distance in social interactions. And my closest friends seem the same. Also i have never seen two men holding hands, although i live in 1 million people city (I’m in midtwenties). I think it’s because holding hands or something like that looks too inappropriate to others and it is dangerous to do so. You will be shamed by your neigbours, co-workers (likely an end of your career at this place), most of your relatives and friends, and maybe will be beaten someday.

  8. borabosna says:

    The duty of enforcing gynocentrism was always given to men, just like all the other responsibilities.

    All the knights’ orders in medieval Europe who swore to protect and serve women for example. Even in the Middle East when women decided to cover themselves up (which is explained by female control theory, to increase price of female sexuality and defeat competition from other women, male control theory did not find much evidence), when a woman wants to act on her hypergamy and show off more skin etc., other women expect men to enforce and put her back in her place. The only thing they do is slut shaming, which is verbal.

    This is the same. Women cannot profit anything from homosexual men (and homosexual men do not reproduce and do not have a womb so they are completely worthless) so men are expected to take care of the dirty work of getting rid of them, just like in every other area of life. Feminist hatred of gays is another example of this dynamic.

    Watch a lot of film noir, especially Double Indemnity to see women making men do the work they won’t do themselves.

  9. Kong says:

    Shocking. Russian culture has a lot of advancing still to do. I’m not gay but seeing stuff like that puts me off ever wanting to visit a place like that. There has definitely been a breakdown of morality and decency since the end of communism, and arguably the true effects of the communist era are still being felt. Millions of Russians want to leave their own country, the state is enacting more and more archaic laws and people there still seem to be under the thumb of their “leader”. It’s one of those places where you would feel on your guard at all times in case you say the wrong thing or act the wrong way.

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