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Teenaged Boys Tired of "Sexist Video Games"

Sexist Video Games
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  1. bob loblaw says:

    These people tell straight men and boys that sexualized media is immoral (but only when it’s aimed at them, of course). So if this study’s accurate then it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Congratulations your propaganda’s working, that doesn’t make it right.

  2. Gyrus says:

    SOP of an effort to tell men and boys what they should like.

  3. Darth Sin says:

    Barb, there is no methodology or more details on the study…because…I don’t think there was ever and actual study.

    This “study” is, in all likelihood, similar to studies that demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathy and what have you.

  4. anon says:

    “The survey was a public SurveyMonkey link that circulated around feminist Facebook and Tumblr pages.”

  5. john Lord says:

    Let me guess, what teenage boys really want to see is scantily clad guys or very butch dikes in tight leather. Remember Boys, attraction to women is eviiil and sexist.

  6. MUG says:

    I think the “studies” are pointing in the right direction, unfortunately.

    I’ve noticed more and more boys wanting average looking and “pretty” looking video game and comic book characters. Look no further than the redesigned Lara Croft, a massive hit even with GamerGaters, who find her drop dead “sexy”. The trend will continue with more and more teenage boys desiring less voluptuous and curvy women for more stick thin, “realistic ones” with no ass and boobs.

    I’m one of those men who wants more and more over-sexualized sexy female and comic book characters with big jiggly asses and powerful thighs, small waist and wide hips, and I don’t see a single man like me that wants it to continue in future games. I absolutely love these kind of characters and I want to see them in all my games. Instead, I see beanpole Lara Croft with small tits and small ass, skinny legs (basically an average thin body type) which is in line with these teenage boys believe, where everyone including those here jump and down expressing how “hot”, “sexy”, and “gorgeous” she is. She isn’t, but it turns out that it’s subjective. In my opinion, she’s just *pretty*, a boring Victoria’s Secret model, like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman should’ve been played by Gemma Arterson or Jessica Biel, at least they actually have some ass and thighs, and with a proper workout regimen, would’ve become excellent portrayals of WW).

    It also has to do with teenage boys’ and young mens’ changing taste in women. These boys and young men are into the Taylor Swift and Gal Gadots, tall and stick thin beanpole magazine models, bereft of bigger, rounder asses and big boobs, and want their video game and comic book characters to resemble these obnoxious beanpoles. I was shocked that a stick figured no-ass nobody was cast as Wonder Woman, while Lara Croft and other female characters are designed with smaller asses and tits, but not anymore. I’ve come to expect it, and these publications confirm my suspicion.

    I do *a lot* of scouring on video game and comic book related issues, and I barely see any comments or complaints regarding the decline in sexy female characters; the few that do are heavily criticized and are told to get a girlfriend or go watch porn and laugh and ridicule and then shame you if you give the slightest suggestion or indication that you rub one out to female video game characters (which I do–there’s something that fantasy women have that real women will never have, which is what makes the even more sexy). Mortal Kombat’s women, for example, are being redesigned to be made less sexy under the guise of “realism”, and to look more like Rhonda Rousey (BARF). It’s funny that all the “realism” is concentrated on sexy female and comic book characters. It’s “realistic” to have a woman cleave a man in half and smash his face in, then rip his heart out, but isn’t “realistic” when she has a bigger, rounder ass, and a bigger bust, while she cuts opponents in half.

    In my opinion, which doesn’t really matter to GamerGaters anyway is that GamerGate is impotent and ineffectual, as far as sexy female comic book and video game characters go. I don’t support GamerGate, it does not have my interest and it will merge with feminism and it’s idea of what video games should be like, sooner or later. The best the movement can do is prevent the Anita loving assholes from making video games “boring”, which they already are with the “realism” developers are implementing.

    As for the teenage boys and young men, they will continue to lose interest in big, round assed women with sexy bodies in favor of Gal Gadot and Ariana Grande body templates.

    1. evilwhitemalempire says:

      “As for the teenage boys and young men, they will continue to lose interest in big, round assed women with sexy bodies in favor of Gal Gadot and Ariana Grande body templates.”
      Was your mother smoking crack when she was pregnant with you?

      1. MUG says:

        This is a comments section, and they’re welcome here.

        The whole idea of what I’m trying to say is that teenage boys are having different and ever changing tastes in fantasy females (like anime/manga) and less sexualized tastes, as far as gaming and comic book characters are concerned, which is caused by mainstream feminist efforts to desexualize the gaming and comic industries, and that feminists and gyno influence may have had an influence on this change.

        I’ve had a quick chat with my teenage nephews and his friends in the past and they all seem to love these new desexualized fantasy female characters. Asking them about old and current sexualized characters, they respond negatively to the old Lara Croft for instance, very well to the new redesign, and have positive responses to the new Batgirl redesign. They seem to be fine with under-sexualized Mortal Kombat characters as well and have negative views and opinion to the over-sexualized ones.

        Reading through thousands of online comments in the past and present, the vast majority people view favorably the idea of “realism” and desexualized females. They had a negative view of the Spider Woman cover, which showed off her big ass. Anything that has a big ass causes outrage and a call to arms is made. The majority of comments were against sexualized depictions of fantasy females, and wanted action towards the end of ending “sexism” in that field. Take the new Witcher game: the women in there are not drop dead gorgeous. How do I know they’re not gorgeous? Because there isn’t much outrage and their designs are viewed somewhat favorably, because the average female’s body is represented in these designs. They’re “realistic” and “pretty” and not too sexualized, but they aren’t Brazilian samba dancers, with bigger asses and tits, small waist, and womanly thighs. If the game was designed with such women, there will be outrage from every side, including these teenage boys–and you as well, telling by your feminist-esque reply. Another example is with your favorite bitch, Gal Gadot. There is no criticism regarding her appearance, and the vast, vast majority are in favor of her casting as Wonder Woman, and are in “awe” at her atrocious “acting” and “beauty”. Whoever says anything against this stick figured flat ass, finds himself heavily criticized, mocked, and ridiculed, just for suggesting that she is nowhere near womanly and sexy enough to play Wonder Woman and that there are better actresses who can play that role. Go ahead yourself and try to criticize her casting. Go to r/movies and see if your little balls aren’t removed from your shit body and stuffed into your mouth.

        However, tastes are also subjective and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You might like flat ass women, so you take offense to my view.

        The feminists spin it off as them “being tired” of sexualized characters (maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, I don’t really know for certain), but from what I’ve seen, they are growing increasingly attracted to the average feminist mainstream idea of beauty (Taylor Swift/Gal Gadot/Anne Hathaway–all flat ass stick figures); their tastes are changing in sync with the grand scheme of the feminists/gynos in the gaming and comic books realms, which was planned a long time ago, to the goal of phasing out sexy and over-sexualized female game and comic book characters. I’m just stating my observations, anecdotal evidence, and my opinion. That is my view: teenagers and young men who have bland tastes in women are being used by feminists to further their agenda (being “tired of sexist video games”) to move full steam ahead in their control of the gaming, comic, or any male dominated industry.

        That said, if your gripe with me is about Gal Gadot not being drop dead sexy, since you’ve just quoted my last sentence, then you can go fuck yourself, because she isn’t. She’s a stick figure that you should readily shove up your penis hole. If it is with the way I write, describe, and express my thoughts and ideas, you can go stuff yourself up Big Red’s flat feminazi ass.

  7. evilwhitemalempire says:

    “Many teenage boys are tired of the sexualised depiction of women in video games, according to the finding of a new survey.”
    Utter made up b.s.

    Clearly, in light of Gamergate, the SJWs have decided to do teen boy’s talking for them.

    If you cannot see that there’s no hope for you.

  8. Paul M says:


    “When the ads for Game of War started showing up on my students’ phones last year—they haven’t stopped—many were annoyed. They hated that it was impossible to close the ad, forcing them instead to watch the video until the end. But what really irritated them was Ms. Upton, in a full-cleavage-baring white flowing dress.”

    Wiseman draws the wrong conclusion. The boys are not annoyed at the sexism. They are annoyed at having girls thrust into their culture uninvited. They are not sick of sexism: they are sick of goddamned women.

  9. braininavat says:

    Ya gotta hand it to these activists who weren’t put off by some minor reversals during Gamergate. They are bound and determined to shape popular culture, and if one tactic doesn’t work, they will jump right in with another tactic — like planted “studies” that appear in mainstream media outlets, so people will know what it is right to believe. This is so damned Orwellian it’s spine-chilling. Clever girls. Except more of the same. Consider this a sign that the war against men will be waged relentlessly in every area of life. No quarter be shown.

  10. MgToW says:

    I think what they meant to say was;

    Teenage boys tired of hearing THE WORDS “sexist video games”!

    My guess is they did a study and chose to conflate the two.

    I’m tired of the phrase “sexist video games” too and I’m not even a gamer. SJWs probably asked this question and chose to interpret it conveniently for their own purposes.

    Are teenage boys tired of scantily clad women in video games? No.

    Are teenage boys sick of SJWs LABELING video games with their favorite victim word “sexist”? Yes.

    Big difference.

  11. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    How am I not shocked that this shit came from The Guardian?

  12. Anonymous says:

    They just can’t get enough of slut-shaming video game characters.

  13. John Smith says:

    It seems clear to me The Borg and all its allies are in all out war against our species and our species sexuality on all levels to reduce our numbers because they perceive human prosperity and over-population as a threat. Someone should make it into a video game.

  14. Akuma W says:

    I find this shit really hard to believe as well, I feel like punching a wall every time I see something like this but I live in an apartment and I know at the end of the lease it’s going to come back and bite me in the ass.

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