Not for Teacher, the Female Pedophile

the Female Pedophile
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  1. Tim says:

    The illusions and enchantments are what make life bearable. Dying is easy. Living is hard.

    All the little boys want to be Max. All the little girls want to be Furiosa.

    Men’s worship of women is critical to the survival of our species. Is that worship worth the sacrifice of the meaning of “humanity” and men’s lives en masse? Ever hear of the queen bee?

    Ever hear of worker drones? I don’t think our species can survive without men remaining fourth class citizens. Someone has to take it up the …

    Maybe the question is, “Should the human race survive?” Look at the hell we bring to the universe. Maybe, the human race should end. We bring zero value to the universe in our current.

    We don’t even qualify as the fleas and ticks of the universe, do we? That we’re the only intelligent form of life is our right to exist? Maybe we’re an aberration that should be eliminated.

    That we have our conscious thoughts may be unique in the great expanse of space and time. If humans never existed, would words, thoughts or concerns ever have been? Would the word universe, thought, concern or the concept of “universe” have ever existed?

    Without the illusions and enchantments, life is one horrific place.

    Constant turmoil is necessary for us to survive.

    Imagine an infectious disease one day asking itself if it should perpetuate.

    The female of the species have only survived because men are tit and vagina obsessed.

    Youth vs. age. Bugatti vs cabriolet. Mansion vs. shack. Blacks vs. whites. Steelers vs Patriots. Men vs women. Harvard vs. Yale. 2.5 vs 4.0. It’s all competition. Competition is what drives us. Nothing survives without competition. Remove it (competition) and you eliminate what makes life worth living. Capitalism is life. Socialism is death. It’s the competition between us that makes life worth living. The competitiveness of our spirits is what makes it all worth while. Through competition, we move forward. Feminism is socialism. Socialism is death.

    The desire for dominance over others defines humanity. Women achieve dominance over men through misandric law and policy. Women achieve dominance over men through title IX, Yes Means Yes, Affirmative Action, no-fault divorce, etc,. Why do men’s suicide rates spike so high after divorce while women’s suicide rates remain the same following divorce? Marxism and socialism are the forced transfer of wealth and power from one class, individual or group to another.

    There’s no reason whatsoever for men to engage in serious relationships with women. None. Jerking off is a far more efficient and effective form of sexual release for men. No kids. No STDs. No drama. No in-laws. None of the bad stuff and all of the good.

    Women think it’s OK to say that a man raped her and that man should be convicted and imprisoned based on her word alone. No presumption of innocence or due process for the man.

    Women don’t want to have to sign up for selective service or serve at 50% strength on battlefields, but want 50% representation when it comes to the most highly paid, most prestigious, most powerful positions.

    See, I think feminists are much like Vampires. Vampires suck the blood of their victims until their victims have passed and then move onto the next victims. Feminists are socialists.

    Women are vampires. Women suck the life from one man and then move onto the next – like a vampire.

    Who writes the misandric laws and policies that keep most men down? Other men. We call them white knights, manginas and captain save a hos.

  2. Tim says:

    The secret is to never get married. Is she holding the ultimatum? Let her walk. Is she pregnant with your kid (supposedly – no DNA test)? Let her walk. Does she think she should have a majority say in decisions? Let her walk. Does she feel her say should be equal to yours? Let her walk.

    The worst thing you can do as a man is to give a woman power over your life. Never give a woman power over your life physically, psychologically, financially, spiritually, legally or socially. Why? Because they will not only abuse that power but will use that power to destroy your life. What group makes certain women have the power to destroy naive men’s lives? The white knights, manginas and captain-save-a-hos.

  3. okay, well, maybe I’m just throwing gas on a fire but…

    …let’s learn a little something from the numerous, numerous mistakes of M(h)RA’s…

    …have any of you ever heard of Typhon Blue?

    from my point of view she is just pedaling rad fem to men and calling everything RAYYYYPE….

    ….have you ever heard of Eivind Birge?

    from my point of view he is nuts, but I do respect him for standing up against his corrupt government.

    He states that men cannot be raped by womyn.

    Here’s a great read for y’all…

    Apparently Gaad seems to share Eivind’s views and they both seem to be Anti-feminists…

    Personally I think both Eivind and Typhon have it wrong, but what do I know…

    And I think I should be able to defend myself with extreme violence weather it is a pin-up broad like in the above article or a creeper like Jack Donovan. My body my choice.

    But at the other end if a 16 year old and a 19 year old want to fuck each other why the hell should the government get involved?

  4. more info on the sad gad…

    I have my reservations about “libertarianism”–I also have my reservations about “evolutionary psychology.”

    If that makes me a “mangina” who should go back to mommies basement to squeeze my micropenis than so be it…

    I don’t see hopping onto a bandwagon just because fasionable feministas like Marcotte hate it…

  5. MGTOW MO says:

    The reason why men and women are held to different standards when it comes to sexual offences is because we view male and female sexuality differently. Male sexuality is viewed as bad and dangerous and female sexuality as good. If a man pulls his dick out in public and points it towards a woman he sexually harassed her but if a woman flashed a man he’s lucky and brightened up his day – same reason men pay women for sex and not women paying men. He compensates her, as if she didn’t enjoy it.

    Once you understand this core principle then you understand why male and female pedophiles are treated differently.

  6. Anenilikacracy says:


    In a 2015 “EduNet Webinar” presented on Thursday, May 14th, 2015, by Kenneth V. Lanning, former Supervisory Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired), titled, “Compliant Child Victims: Confronting an Uncomfortable Reality”, Mr. Lanning states (in his synopsis of his presentation)…

    “In this presentation, the term compliant will be used to describe those children who in any way, partially or fully, cooperate in or ‘consent’ to their sexual victimization without the threat of use of force or violence. Because children cannot legally consent to having sex with adults, this compliance should not in any way alter the fact that they can be victims of serious crimes. The primary purpose of this discussion is to being out into the open possible reasons for this compliance (i.e., grooming and seduction) and to discuss its complexity and significance for child victims and professional interveners.”

    Mr. Kenneth V. Lanning, is described as an M.S., and a consultant in the area of crimes against children. He was a Special Agent with the FBI for more than 30 years and was assigned to the FBI Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy for 20 of those years. Mr. Lanning is the 1990 recipient of the Jefferson Award for Research from the University of Virginia, the 1996 recipient of the Outstanding Professional Award for Research from the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, the 1997 recipient of the FBI Director’s Annual Award for Special Achievement for his career accomplishments in connection with missing and exploited children, and the 2009 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Service from the National Children’s Advocacy Center. He has lectured before thousands of criminal justice professionals.

    For my purposes here, let me begin by revisiting Mr. Lanning’s synopsis… and his synopsis alone… to determine whether this “Expert (so said)” is on sure footing, re his “rationale” for his “synoptic assertions”! So… to reiterate… Mr. Lanning states…

    “In this presentation, the term compliant will be used to describe those ‘CHILDREN’ who IN ANY WAY, PARTIALLY or FULLY, ‘COOPERATE IN (and I’ll add here… maybe INSTIGATE?)’ or ‘CONSENT’ to their ‘SEXUAL VICTIMIZATION’ without the threat of use (I believe he meant, ‘of the use’) of force or violence. Because ‘CHILDREN’ CANNOT ‘LEGALLY CONSENT’ to having sex with adults (and I’ll add here… due to UNCONSTITUTIONAL Age of Majority, and Age of Consent Laws!), this COMPLIANCE SHOULD NOT IN ANY WAY ALTER THE ‘FACT’ that they can be ‘VICTIMS’ of serious ‘crimes’. The primary purpose of this discussion is to being out (I believe he meant, ‘bring out’) into the open POSSIBLE ‘REASONS’ for this COMPLIANCE (i.e., ‘GROOMING AND SEDUCTION’!) and to discuss its ‘COMPLEXITY’ and significance for ‘CHILD VICTIMS’ and professional interveners (I believe he meant, ‘professional intervenOrs’).”

    What unbelievable SOPHISTRY!… and one wonders why there is so much strife in America!… and around the world!

    He begins by asserting– and unequivocally (i.e., without prequalifications)– that ALL OF THOSE to be discussed (his said “VICTIMS”!) are “CHILDREN (i.e.– and in his view– ARE NOT ‘ADULTS’!… or, ARE NOT TO BE VIEWED AS HAVING A ‘RIGHT’ TO ‘SEXUAL AGENCY’!… or, ANY ‘AUTONOMOUS POWER OF SEXUAL SELF-DETERMINATION’!)”! He then goes on to state, that the term “COMPLIANT” will be used to describe those “CHILDREN” who, “IN ANY WAY”, PARTIALLY or FULLY, “COOPERATE IN”, or “CONSENT TO” their “SEXUAL VICTIMIZATION” without the threat of use of force or violence.

    Wow!… what a MIND-F–T (to coin a phrase!)!

    So… to restate Mr. Lanning’s perspective (at this juncture)… if these “CHILDREN” “COMPLY”!… “IN ANY WAY (but… maybe!… PROMULGATE!… and e.g., with words such as, ‘Sure!… let’s get it on!’… or… ‘Let’s do it!’)”!… “PARTIALLY OR FULLY” “COOPERATE IN”, or “CONSENT” (WITHOUT THE THREAT OF USE OF FORCE OR VIOLENCE!)”!… SEXUAL VICTIMIZATION, WILL– NEVERTHELESS!– BE MR. LANNING’S PREFERRED VIEW (AND “CATCH PHRASE”!), FOR SUCH “COMPLIANCE”!

    He next adds, because “CHILDREN” CANNOT “LEGALLY CONSENT” to having sex with adults (i.e., and e.g., until such “UNDERAGERS” give Mr. Lanning, and his minions, a swift kick to somewhere unpleasant– “metaphorically speaking!”– through a series of Constitutional challenges!), this “COMPLIANCE” SHOULD NOT IN ANY WAY ALTER THE “FACT (i.e., his PERVERSE VIEW of the ‘FACTS’ of many!… if not most!… of the scenarios he is depicting!)” that they can be “VICTIMS” of serious “CRIMES (i.e., if such PERVERSE VIEWS in many!– if not most!– of these scenarios are viewed irresponsibly as ‘CRIMES’!)”.

    He concludes his “synopsis” by stating, that the primary purpose of the “DISCUSSION” is to– and again, I’ll correct his “verbiage”– “bring out” into the open “POSSIBLE REASONS” for this “COMPLIANCE (i.e., and in his view, ‘GROOMING AND SEDUCTION’!… and– I’m guessing– he means, by way of the ‘adult’!)”, and to discuss its “COMPLEXITY (i.e., code for, ‘Let’s not say it’s mutually agreed upon sex!’… or… sex initiated by way of ‘CHILDREN!’)” and significance (i.e., “MEANING”!) for “CHILD VICTIMS (i.e., if any, indeed, exist!… and, if any ‘CHILDREN’ aren’t being FORCIBLY CONNED into viewing themselves as ‘VICTIMS’!… through threats of imprisonment, and/ or other acts of ‘PSYCHOPATHIC INSTITUTIONAL VIOLENCE’!)” and professional intervenOrs (i.e., and– in MY VIEW!… and in many instances!… “PROFESSIONAL BUSYBODIES!”… or, “PSEUDO-PROFESSIONAL ‘SOCIO-SEXUAL GATEKEEPERS'”!).

    WOW, WOW, WOW!… if it wasn’t for NONSENSE, this chap wouldn’t have much sense at all! And it kind of reminds me of the 60s and 70s war… now recognized as a FAILED WAR!… on drugs (see, America’s Top Cops Just Called the War on Drugs ‘A Tremendous Failure’)…

    It’s one thing to champion the fight against TRUE VICTIMIZATION, and to offer aid to those who are in NEED of “DEFENCE”!… and, who, CANNOT defend themselves! But, it’s quite another, to INTERFERE in the NORMAL AFFAIRS of others!… and others, who ACCEPT THEIR MUTUALLY-AGREED UPON RELATIONSHIP, AND LOVE!… and who are FULLY AWARE OF, AND AGREE TO, THEIR DIFFERENCES IN AGE!

    Porn by males or females under the age of 18 (although, respective communities have raised this age restriction higher) is not allowed on the Internet. There are, however– CLEARLY!– “COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS” to this rule (i.e., if there is a profit to be made, and “ELITE ENJOYMENT” to be had, certain URLs will remain wholly unaffected!)… and, despite International and National Laws, International and National Courts, International and National Policing efforts, Internet and Social Protocol, and Advocacies!

    The horrendous sexual abuses against children notwithstanding (and e.g., the murder of children for “SEXUAL ENTERTAINMENT”!), there are a few sound reasons for abandoning what I call, “THE PORN AGE OF MAJORITY DOGMA (or ‘THE PAM DOGMA’)”, on the Internet… and, in Society!

    Let me begin by pointing out, that females under the age of 18 (throughout the world… and one– reportedly!– as young as 5 years of age!) can– BIOLOGICALLY!– have babies! Moreover, and most importantly, many who are pre 18 have CHOSEN to have babies (which is their granted Human Right, under various International, and National Constitutions… and other Legislated frameworks!)! “A COMPLETELY NATURAL FUNCTION AND PHENOMENON!” In other words, we (or at least, females under the age of 18!), are “BORN THIS WAY (i.e., are able to give birth!)”!

    The question– though– is whether… as an “UNDERAGE” female individual!… one is “ENTITLED” to one’s own “SEXUAL AGENCY (see: Sexual Agency_Making Decisions)”! But further, and again… as an “UNDERAGE” female individual… does one have the RIGHT (HUMAN RIGHT!) to “FREELY CHOOSE” THE AGE OF THE PARTNER WITH WHOM ONE HAS DETERMINED TO COPULATE WITH (and not by way of the “Agency” of one’s “adult parents”… “other adults (e.g., Guardians!)”!… and/ or, the Agency of “non-familial institutions, and organizations”!)? And yea… and yet further… does such an individual (unless, and of course, such is not to be viewed as an individual!) have the Right to “ENJOY”– “AND WITH GUSTO!”– the act of GIVING LIFE (and, God forbid!– should “underage” female “SEXUAL ENJOYMENT” ever be ALLOWED!– we “GRANT” the corollary foreplay!… so often accompanying “NORMAL SEX ACTS” usually associated with “ADULT SEX”!)!

    Thus, are we (us adults) to say: “OMG!… How perverse is God, nature– or both– in permitting the minds and bodies of these ‘poor young things’ to bear, and to give birth, to yet smaller children?” “What was God– and/or nature– thinking?” “Has God– and/ or nature (individually, or in some GRAND CONSPIRACY!)– set out to ‘P-SS US OFF (i.e., ‘WE’… ‘ADULTS!’… WHO KNOW BETTER THAN GOD, AND/ OR NATURE!)’?”

    But some will say, that… and unlike sleeping, breathing, eating, drinking and waste elimination… “WE (i.e., those adults speaking on behalf of all ‘TRULY’ ‘MATURE ADULTS’, and, on behalf of the ‘MISGUIDED’ ‘UNDERAGE FEMALES’ of the world!… but!… usually ‘PROFFERING’!)” CAN SIMPLY ‘CHOOSE’ NOT TO GIVE BIRTH TO ‘UNDER-UNDERAGE CHILDREN’!” Inasmuch– these continue– as “WE (and… again!… ‘AS IF’ on behalf of all ‘TRULY’ ‘MATURE ADULTS’… and… all ‘MISGUIDED’ ‘UNDERAGE FEMALES’ of earth!) CAN ‘CHOOSE’ to ‘ACCEPT’ THAT ‘IMMATURE SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS’ ARE ‘UNHEALTHY!’… AND ‘UNWISE (but, ‘CODE’, for, ‘OUR’ ‘ADULT SOCIAL NORM’ SHALL HOLD SWAY OVER GOD, NATURE– OR BOTH!)’!” “After all, it’s ‘WE’ (THE VOICES OF WISDOM!) who can, and ‘WHO MUST DICTATE’, the lives of the ‘MISGUIDED’ of the world (i.e., ALL ‘OTHER ADULTS’ WHO DO NOT VIEW THINGS AS WE DO; ALL ‘UNDERAGE FEMALES’; AND– OF COURSE– GOD, NATURE– OR BOTH!)!” Albeit, BY FORCE! “And– these add!– LET US NEVER FORGET THIS!”… “AMEN!”

    Now– of course– young souls of just 10 years (e.g.), would find it quite difficult to bring into the world… and to care for… babies! H–l!… even adults of 50 years of age have found this tasking! Indeed!… some “ADULTS” have been unable to care for plants, or animals!… or, even THEMSELVES! And, as a consequence, such lacks in “THESE ADULTS”, have meant that their progeny are “equally inept” in caring for plants, or animals!… yea, THE WORLD! And hence, the reason– “I” feel– that “CERTAIN ADULTS” may disallow “FREE REIGN” by “OTHERS”, over “THEIR” “WORLD ORDER (and, even by way, of ‘THEIR OWN’ FLESH AND BLOOD!)”!

    But who (or what) is to be held to account for any lack in “Domestic Skills”– let alone, “Self-sufficiency”, and “Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Behavioral Competency”– within those who are beneath the Age of Majority, when our views at home… and within our educational systems!… would preclude any entrenchment of such skills for those who are beneath the age, of our Age of Majority DICTUM (see: “The Death of Psychiatry”, by Dr. Edwin Fuller Torrey)? If one doesn’t view “UNDERAGE SEX” and relationships” as “NORMAL”, one isn’t inclined to be “PROACTIVE” in giving those deemed “UNDERAGE”, the skill sets afforded to those deemed “AGEWORTHY”! And if these skill sets are not to be put within our schools… despite the gaps (and “MADNESS”!) in home settings!… then where is such “preparedness”, to be found?

    And so, who, then (and/ or what) is to blame, if a child of 10 (e.g.) chooses to defy/ challenge the “ADULT SOCIAL NORM”? Is it the Child?… God?… nature?… or all three? Surely!… it can’t be the “ADULTS (i.e., ‘CERTAIN ADULTS’!)”, and “THEIR” “ADULT SOCIAL NORM”!

    Let us now look at another set of truths!… in our “HONEST ATTEMPT” to examine the RIGHTS, we– as “MATURE ADULTS”!– should “BESTOW UPON”… or, remove from!… our “CHILDREN”!… AND THE “CHILDREN” OF OTHERS! TRUTHS to be found, in the writings of our Judaic/ Christian heritage!

    One example, is a quote attributed to Jesus Christ!… and, which states: “TRULY I TELL YOU, UNLESS YOU CHANGE, AND BECOME LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN, YOU (‘ADULTS’!… my emphasis!) WILL NEVER ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!” [Matthew 18:3 – NIV]

    Now… is Christ saying, that we (“adults”!… generally speaking!) must become “CHILDISH”?… or acquire some “GENETIC MAKEOVER”? Of course not! He is speaking of the PURE, and GENTLE NATURE, that children possess! And so, the question for us “CHRISTIAN ADULTS”, is: “How does this ‘CHILD-LIKE MENTALITY (and ‘SPIRIT’!)’ translate– for example– in intimate situations?… when it comes to our intimacy with our partner?… intimacy, in the bedroom (or wherever)?” If “CHRISTIAN ADULTS” are to become LIKE CHILDREN!… and in the bedroom (or wherever)!… are we not then treating our sexual partner (IN CHRIST!) in the bedroom– or wherever!– as if our partner was a “CHILD”? And, if your partner is to be as if a “CHILD” to you (and you a “CHILD” to your partner!… IN CHRIST!), then what’s the difference between that, and being intimate with– say– someone “UNDERAGE (i.e., someone who has initiated… or, who has ‘FREELY ACCEPTED’, such mutual intimacy!… and, who has ACCEPTED CHRIST!)”? Or, is it– simply– that by mere difference in age (and possibly, PHYSICAL STATURE!)”, the “CHILD-LIKE” intimacy between an “ADULT” and an actual “CHILD (IN CHRIST!)”, must be looked upon as an “UN-ADULT_E-RATED EVIL”!… AND, AN “UNHOLY” THING!


    Therefore, is one ready to say… WITH ALL CERTAINTY!… that the intimacy that one might encounter between souls who are “BEYOND THE ADULT SOCIAL NORM (and between– potentially, and unwittingly!– those who’ve accepted Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit!)”, is– ACTUALLY!– INDICATIVE OF “EVIL”?… and rather, than an intimacy– INDEED!– SANCTIONED BY GOD? And, will “WE” find (i.e., “CERTAIN ADULT PURVEYORS” OF THE “ADULT SOCIAL NORM” AND “PAM DOGMA”!), that the “INTERFERENCE” in which (and by REPROBATE LIVES!… who’ve no semblance of the TRUTH!… and, who’ve rejected God’s love!…and/ or, GOD!), may– one day– owe a hefty price, for having judged so unwisely! And, indeed, will “CERTAIN ADULTS” be judged among those who have caused the deaths of both adults and children (in isolated incidents!… OR IN CONCERT WITH “SOCIAL POLICY”!) who have “STRAYED” from the “DICTATES” of the “ADULT SOCIAL NORM”, of their time?

    On another theme… if one is a Jewish male (and 13), then one gets to become an “OFFICIAL ADULT” through what is known, as a Barmitzvah! Similarly, if one is a Jewish female, and 13, then one gets to become an “OFFICIAL ADULT” through what is described as a Batmitzvah!

    Simply said, it would be a sad jest to say to a Jewish female “ADULT” of 13, or Jewish male “ADULT” of 13: “You are ‘recognized’ through Jewish custom as an ‘ADULT’ Jewish female (or an ‘ADULT’ Jewish male)… but (‘GOD FORBID!’), that you should– ‘EVER!’– become sexually intimate with another ‘ADULT’ of 13!… or, worse, that you should– ‘EVER!’– (AND, ‘DOUBLE’ THE GOD FORBIDDANCES!) become sexually intimate with someone ‘BEYOND THE AGE OF MAJORITY’!”

    And so… simply said… when a Jewish male or female became an “ADULT” through his/ her Jewish faith, and Synagogue, this meant that such “REALLY BECAME” an “ADULT”!– and, not just “SYMBOLICALLY”, and “CEREMONIALLY (or ‘METAPHORICALLY’!)”! Otherwise, such a Rite– in my view– would be tantamount to CHILD ABUSE (i.e., in leading a ‘CHILD’ to believe in one’s ‘ADULT RITE OF PASSAGE’, then– at once– stating that such is not to be taken SERIOUSLY!)!

    But what about the rest of us? Do we not have equal status under the law? And, if a Jewish male of 13, or a Jewish female of 13, were found making out with a person over the stated Age of Majority, would such not suffer the consequences of our Age of Majority laws? And, if such were found in violation of our laws, wouldn’t our laws be in conflict with “their” “RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS”? Or, could it be, that such “Religious Freedoms” are in conflict with our laws?… and “public morality”? It begs the question! And as a final footnote to the just aforesaid, I should/ would have you note, that “PRETEENS (i.e., souls younger than 13)” once ruled Israel! God!… go figure! Or… go figure GOD!

    But further, and on yet a different theme, there are a significant number of young teens (“under the Age of Majority!”) who are a part of sundry GRADUATE PROGRAMS in Medicine, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and many other highly specialized, and professional fields of endeavour (see, Why This 14-Year-Old Kid Built a Nuclear Reactor…). And so, are we to say– and for example– to a gal of 15 in a 3rd year GRADUATE MEDICAL PROGRAM (and, who, in a couple of years, could be treating you– or I– in some regional hospital), that she can become a doctor… but, “KEEP YOUR PANTIES ON (‘LITTLE GIRL!’)”! And… “If you (‘LITTLE GIRL!’) are found having sex with that graduate of 22 in Computer Science across town, ‘WE’ (i.e., the ‘ADULT SOCIAL NORM’, and AUTHORS OF THE ‘PORN AGE OF MAJORITY DOGMA’!), will place him behind bars– ‘FOR RAPE!’– insult you (and your ‘SICK CLAN’!), and jeopardize (if ‘WE’ can) your hopes and dreams!” “After all… such little ‘sex maniacs’ are just dim witted ‘ijits’ for even considering having sex with ‘AGE OF MAJORITY’ grad students (say, the AUTHORS OF THE ‘ADULT SOCIAL NORM’!)… and… ‘WE’ WILL HAVE NONE OF SUCH ‘FILTH’, IN ‘OUR’ ‘WORLD SOCIAL ORDER’!”

    Now… imagine the abovenoted, with the following added features! The gal and young man of which I speak, are Jewish. Now add, that these, have recently become “Christian”! Now, also include, that the parents of both of these young people have all agreed to this relationship!… and, have offered, that whatever resources the two so desire and need– all being professionals themselves!– will be made available to their charges!… and should their charges’ relationship grow!… and the young female becomes pregnant! I ask you: “Is it the role of the ‘ADULT SOCIAL NORM’… afterupon the finding of some deemed breach of the community’s Age of Majority law/ Age of Consent Law!… to now DEMAND (AND WITH AS MUCH ZEAL AS THE HUNT FOR FINANCIAL WRONGDOING BY THE BANKING COMMUNITY, IN THE 2008 BANKING SCANDAL!) that these ‘WAYWARD PARENTS’ pay some ‘PENALTY’ for this ‘FILTHY BEHAVIOUR’ that these have allowed into the lives of their offspring?… and, in addition to the price to be paid by these ‘IMMATURE IMMORAL DEGENERATES, AND THREATS TO SOCIETY’?” “I THINK NOT!” Indeed, CURSED IS/ BE THE SPIRIT, AND THE GOD OF THE SPIRIT, THAT CALLOUSLY!– AND UNLOVINGLY!– SUGGESTS OTHERWISE! And furthermore, IT IS MY BELIEF, THAT THE “AGE OF MAJORITY LAWS/ AGE OF CONSENT LAWS (AND THROUGHOUT NORTH AMERICA!– AT LEAST!)” SHOULD BE EITHER DRAMATICALLY CHANGED TO REFLECT THE “REALITY” OF THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB!… OF JESUS CHRIST!… OF NATURE!… OF “MATURE MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITIES (THE GAINSAYING, ‘PSEUDO-ADULTS’, NOTWITHSTANDING!)”!… OF THE RIGHTS OF OUR “UNDERAGED (SO-CALLED!)” FEMALE AND MALE POPULATIONS!… AND… OF LOGIC!… OR SUCH BE THROWN OUT ALTOGETHER!

    Lastly, some might contend that to allow such a “Christian”, “Natural”, and “Logical” Sexuality to flourish today, would be to open the floodgates of “UNDERAGE PORN EXPRESSION” on the Internet!

    Let me ask the obvious: “Has society removed the ‘Age of Majority Porn’ from the Internet?… despite the ‘feigned Judaic/ Christian principles ‘FLOURISHING’ in our said ‘civilized communities’?” “Do YOU!– READER!– watch ‘Age of Majority Porn’?… but, then suggest, that ‘other types’ of ‘INTIMACY’ are ‘forboden’?” Maybe one’s contestation should be, that “Age of Majority Porn” should be removed from the Internet, ALTOGETHER!… rather, than contend that individuals have NO RIGHT to express some “sanctified”, “natural”, and “logical sexuality”! If “Age of Majority Porn” is ALRIGHT with you!… AND SOCIETY!… then the question (AND CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE!) becomes one of simple “AGE DISCRIMINATION”! But, if “Age of Majority Porn” is NOT ALRIGHT with you!… AND SHOULD NOT EXIST IN SOCIETY (“FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” NOTWITHSTANDING!)!… then the question (“LOGICAL QUESTION!”) becomes: “HOW HAVE SUCH ‘UNDERAGE ACTS OF CONSENTUAL INTIMACY (AND WHEREIN, SUCH IS INDEED THE CASE!)’, BECOME EQUATED WITH ‘ACTS OF PORN’?… AND ‘DEGENERACY’?” And, let us not forget, that it wasn’t too long ago that having sex with someone of a different race, was considered “DEGENERATE (i.e., by ‘CERTAIN ADULTS’!)”! But!… the list of discriminations have been many!… and, continues!

    It is said, that, “…THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!” [John 8, 31-32]… and… that, “…God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind…” [2 Timothy, 1:7].


    Adams’ nakedness was not filth before God’s eyes!… nor, was King David’s, when King David danced before the Lord!… in praise!

    For Christians, it is clear, that we are to be subject to that which is in authority (see Romans, Chapter 13:1-3). But!… it is also clear, that the PARAMOUNT AUTHORITY within a democratic country– at least!– is a country’s respective national constitution!… AND, WHICH INVARIABLY CONTAINS RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS! And so, to resist such!… and in keeping with Romans 13:1-3!… is to resist GOD’S AUTHORITY!… AND SPIRIT!



    Please!… no emails!

  7. Jake from state farm says:

    Here is my rant and thoughts..
    I hate to say it but that man explaining about teenage boys is right.I just went through many posts with all kinds of teacher/student articles,and many males were telling everyone off.they called people feminists and weak for being against the teacher student hookups.a lot of the people who defended this were men.i do feel for the boys who arn’t in their teen years and have no real voice here.all these people defending the teen fantasies don’t realise the door they are opening to pedophiles.they don’t see we are failing our children for the sake of some hormonal teenagers and disturbed adults turning to them cause they failed somewhere in their adult life.also,i bet you the majority of these teachers had some sort of sexual abuse.Most pedophiles were abused as children.I know of a female who is almost 30 and goes after boys between 15-17.this female was molested as a child and failed connecting with adult men.what i am saying is as to the males who tell people to shut up,dont be weak,a feminist etc. you are promoting many unstable and abused women to further their own illness and create confusion in a young boys life.then you helped open the door for pedophiles to get a boost of motivation,to only harm these boys and girls who havn’t even reached their teen years.and to you females who are in denial or too weak to have a voice.shame on you.

    This is all so much more than some teens fantasy,an adult cheering it on or double standards.These are children and teens,who have yet to be settled in a fully formed dare any of you weigh in your issues on their development to become functioning adults.All i see is a bunch of selfish or mentally ill adults in denial.Let these kids,whos brains arn’t fully formed,experience things with their peers.And if you can’t.You need to get help.

  8. Helenamupe says:

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  9. thenose says:

    My one and only comment is this…… Woman who have sex with young under aged boys are BREAKING THE LAW. If a boy is deemed under aged by the law, he can not consent legally even if he dreams about it all day long. Lets call it what it s RAPE. Woman should not be treated any different. All I hear is “equality” from woman…OK then… if a woman has sex with an under aged boy…then let that woman do the prison time of a man who has had sex with an under aged girl. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Perhaps one should investigate how many female teachers get arrested for having sex with under aged boys… the number is a LOT higher than you would think… too many woman getting away with it. About time they got prosecuted and got ” equal” treatment in the eyes of the law.

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