Amy Schumer, Feminist Funny and Racist Rape Jokes.

Amy Schumer, Feminist Funny and Racist Rape Jokes.
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  1. big_red01027 says:

    Michael Eisner recently posited that “the hardest artist to find is a beautiful, funny woman”.

    Predictably, he was coerced into apologizing.

    One article that discussed his remarks noted that “Bridesmaids” proves that women can be beautiful AND funny. Hard to believe, but then again, I haven’t seen the movie.

    There were no other examples, surprisingly (not really).

    1. braininavat says:

      “Bridesmaids” was worth a few chuckles, but it didn’t make me laugh out loud. But what I do remember was that I saw this chick flick with a chick I was dating at the time, who was a perfect nightmare from a MGTOW perspective. Having strengthened my spine by reading MGTOW content in the years since, the last time she called me I told her that she only called me when she wanted something. She indirectly admitted this, but asked me if it wasn’t better to be called for this reason than not to be called at all. I have not heard from her since. It has been months. Good riddance.

  2. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    Seems like Schumer would be perfect to campaign alongside Trump.

  3. Lovekraft says:

    It’s feminism that has made a female comedian have to be presented as a Female Comedian so that the public is made to acknowledge her ‘specialness’ when talent should be the defining criterion.

    Btw, my favourite comedian in recent years is Bill Burr, a breath of fresh air from all dearth of PC-approved minority drivel we’ve seen for the past couple of decades.

    I have to add that the least funny of all is the Rosie O’Donnell type.

  4. TFCNU says:

    If you want a headache, you can read The Daily Beast’s think piece on the Schumer controversy. It’s physically painful to read but it does show you an excellent example of the feminist snake eating its own tail. Here we have an explicitly feminist comedian making a racist rape joke. They love Schumer but they can’t let this affront to the feminist gods stand. What will they do?


    1. Michael says:

      This feminist has no problems making fun of guys who are not circumcised. Funny how none of the feminists got upset over that.


      These social justice warriors are going to eventually devour themselves. I can’t see it any other way.

  5. but donchya know white womyn ™ cahn’t be waccist because they are part of the oppressedessed class ™…

    Of course, “Kate”Jenner, might not look like a womyn, but zie sure drives like one…


    But that’s not the joke, the joke is, in the office where zie got “her” surgery, the doctor had a picture of Mandy Marcotte and said, “If you look as unpassable as that thing, you get your money back.”


    Just remember, you have to laugh or you will be reported. I asked some SJW’s and this joke is okay because white, penis owning men have privilege and I am a half-breed so I get to say such things!!!!

  6. alozor says:

    amy is starring in a movie called “train wreck”… i’ll just leave it at that… just watch the fucking trailer…

  7. big_red01027 says:

    Bill Burr is defending Schumer on his latest podcast (7-9-2015).


  8. dan says:

    I try to play the video but I get the message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” My country is Canada. Probably some hidden YouTube default setting?

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