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  1. y’know what they say, “when all there is to be done is backbracking labor for pennies on the dollar, you won’t find any libertarians, just like when a ship is sinking, you won’t find any feminists.”

    People have told me I am a libertarian, but I’m more likely an anarchist. I realize how other humans will torture and exploit others if given free reign to do so. Allot of the man-0-sphere “libertarianism” is coming from 30k millionaires, just like “game” they talk the talk but can’t walk the walk…

    Anyways, not a fan of Girl Writes What and how because she is a libertarian with some weird sexual orientation she gets to talk down to low status men and pretend she speaks for them…

  2. Darth Sin says:

    The human female has a biological tendency to gravitate towards anything that has perceived popularity and wealth. It is the behavior we find in groups of beings that tend to be very collectivist or herd-like in nature. Additionally, the natural tendency for females to form an in-group preference on the basis of their sex leads to more gynocentrism and misandry in that particular movement or activity. Lastly, the human female is obsessed with security and the illusion of being safe.

    Couple all that with white knighting and mangina behavior and you will see why feminism is everywhere these days. Because women are everywhere. By everywhere I mean whatever that is popular and makes lots of money.

    I guarantee you the moment something like construction work becomes easy, you will see women flock to it and infect it with gynocentrism.

    This is why having a male only space, a space where no women are allowed, IS VITAL.

  3. How can someone be a Feminist and a Libertarian? Feminism requires government to enforce things like gender quotas. Without those laws (and the entire welfare state that redistributes money from men to women) there couldn’t BE Feminism, at least not as an organized group.

    1. Jive Turkey says:

      Libertarianism and feminism mix like oil and water.

      1. Anonymous says:

        After liberal application of alcohol?

  4. MgToW says:

    Of course women are now becoming libertarians, it’s gotten bigger!

    Same thing happened with atheism.

    Men (possibly justifiably called nerds) discussed complex issues and had the courage to at least exercise their brains and think outside the box, all while being called names by women, until their work pays off and they’ve planted a flag in some area, some field……at which point women claim they now own it and they’ve owned it all along and things are about to change to suit them.

    Especially in the case of libertarianism, since it’s a political movement, it will change their message in any way they need in order to appeal to women. If they are successful, libertarianism won’t mean the same thing anymore, it will just be another version of the democratic/republic party and if they don’t, they condemn libertarianism to never grow in size.

    The above reason is why I view MRAs as naive and misguided. We might agree on the issues but so long as the political process is such that it must pander to women, it won’t be possible for men’s issues to be dealt with. The litmus test for potential political power is in appealing to women, pandering to women and ignoring men.

    1. I’ve been a libertarian since birth — my parents were both libertarians, including, omg, a woman, my mother.

  5. Speed Wolf says:

    Of course the first thing you see when clicking on the article is a modeling photo of the author herself. Totally not a narcissist. Nope, not at all.

      1. Speed Wolf says:

        Seems like just another attention starved little girl jumping on the bandwagon. As soon as she makes the rounds in the Libertarian scene, she’ll move on to the next flavor of the month…


        1. I’ve been a libertarian for 27 years so… sorry, nope, I’m in the liberty scene to stay, my friend.

      2. Looking for the part where I complained about positive male attention.


        Oh, right, you don’t find it. Because I understand nuance.

  6. Dan Slezak says:

    A link to a dating article? Come on Bar, tighten up! Were done with that!

  7. Ichigo Gyuunu says:

    Women go where the men are, especially if those men are enjoying what they do. The vast majority of women seem to be extroverts in nature to varying degrees, and need to be around others in order to have energy, hence why they’re always so keen to invade male space. They need the attention. They can’t function without it.

  8. Nils Dacke says:

    http://christophercantwell.com/2015/01/30/larken-rose-goes-full-blown-sjw/ im not a follower of Chris cantwell, bit i enjoyed some of Larken Rose’s writings. However, on a personal level he is a mangina for what i can tell. I wont throw out his political writings, like the ‘most dangerous superstition’ with the bathwather because of it. But its still telling of this phenomena.

  9. Tim says:

    Feminism is socialism in panties. Feminism is hyper-gynocentrism. Feminists are the most evil, vile, two-faced, hypocritical, entitled, narcissistic, deceptive, manipulative creatures to have ever existed – in all the universe – EVER! Most women pay feminists lip service but are secretly thrilled with all of the privileges that flow to women from the feminist ideology. Look at all of all the anti-male, sexist policies and laws created that favor women over the last 50 years! Why are there never mass marches against feminism? I know why. Where feminists take joy in destroying men’s lives, anti-feminists are in the game for fear of losing their white knights and captain save-a-hos. Anti-feminists fear the backlash – AS THEY SHOULD!

    How does ISIS silence opponents to their extremist ideology? They destroy the lives of the opposition. How do feminists silence opponents of their extremist ideology? They destroy the lives of the opposition. Don’t need to give anyone here examples of how feminists destroy those that speak against feminism.

    Our male political leaders, for the most part, are manginas, captain-save-a-hos and white knights, so don’t expect anything to change in men’s favor any time soon. They will kneel to feminist desires or lose elections/re-elections. Very few men will speak publicly against the atrocities of hyper-gynocentrism.

    The best you can do as a man is to NEVER, EVER give a woman power over your life physically, socially, psychologically, spiritually, legally or financially. Don’t support women. Don’t defend women. Don’t buy their drinks or meals. Don’t go to war for them. Don’t sacrifice your labor for free on their behalf. Most importantly – NEVER, EVER, EVER get married to one! Marriage is the most anti-male institution in existence! You will never know complete and utter emasculation, defeat and suicidal ideation until you’ve gone through (1) a divorce, (2) a false rape/harassment claim or (3) a false DV claim. Tens of thousands of men, in the US alone, kill themselves every single year for very, very good reasons. Don’t become one of these men! Live your life a free man!

  10. The Plague Doctor says:

    Female libertarians are females (gynocentrists) first and libertarians second.

    Take at look at and down vote this misandrist concern trolling crap by TheLibertarianGirl:

    “How NOT to talk to people about liberty”

  11. Lovekraft says:

    we used to call them posers. A quick glimpse at their parents home will tell you everything you need to know. The poser may have the correct attire, hair etc, but their home will reveal all.

    College kids trying out a new social philosophy like a new hairstyle then telling people about it is a reflection of the digital, instant-approval age we currently live in.

    eventually, there will be various tests to determine if a person actually shares the ideology, most notably in how they ACT.

    1. My parents’ homes are filled with libertarian literature I was raised on….

  12. Hey, cool, someone spotted my article months later and decided to write about it.

    “This young lady is a feminist, and I was surprised to see, a libertarian.”

    Yep, there’s quite a few of us:

    “She is basically complaining about guys hitting on her at events and she proceeds to give some “advice” to men on how they should behave. It is a very misandric piece and is littered with feminazi phrases like “creepers”, “slut shaming”, and so on.”

    I’m answering a question that I’m asked frequently by guys — “why won’t women date me?”.

    “I have been a libertarian leaning person for about 15 years.”

    Nice to meet you. I’m a second-generation libertarian who adores my political philosophy and has been writing about it longer than you’ve been “libertarian leaning”.

    “After reading this article, I have noticed that feminists are now calling themselves libertarians and getting involved in the movement. I found this shocking.”

    We’ve been doing that since 1973, when Tonie Nathan, the Libertarian candidate for VP in 1972, founded the Association of Libertarian Feminists. Have you tried reading history of your own movement?

    “Libertarians, for the most part, have always been critical of feminism due to it’s authoritarian nature. Feminists have no respect for the Constitution, nor do they have any respect for civil liberties, especially for men! But there they are, speaking about freedom and live and let live out of one side of their mouth, while shaming and emasculating men out of the other.”

    I think you’re thinking of statist feminists, who seek to enact “equality” through government. I don’t use government for anything, thanks.

    “When I got involved in the movement, it was a tiny group of people; mostly males.”

    The libertarian movement is approximately 30% females, when you observe membership trends across organizations. It’s a larger percentage of women if you observe the readership of popular libertarian literature, magazines, etc.

    Libertarianism has grown lately, and it’s awesome. That’s included more women, also awesome.

    “Now that Comic-con is huge, the feminists are getting involved and pointing their finger at anything they see as mysoginistic; which is, like, everything, right?”

    I’ve been a nerd most of my life and oh, though I’m a feminist, good luck finding any evidence of me accusing people or things of “misogyny”. I don’t really do that.

    “If libertarians are welcoming and embracing feminists into their camp, then I fear that the movement will share the same fate as the Seattle Grunge scene. Everything that gets huge seems to lose it’s heart and soul.”

    The Libertarian Party has had a contingent of Feminists since the beginning.

    “Anyway, this chick is off the hook in this article.”

    I know, how dare I tell men what they’re doing that turns off women. Wear whatever you want. Don’t complain if it’s not attracting the people you want. If you’re not having issues attracting women, this article isn’t for you.

    “I think she is just a self absorbed narcissist who attends events simply to seek out male attention and is dissapointed that there are no eligible suitors worthy of her to fuck.”

    I’ve been attending events because I’m passionate about libertarianism, as I’ve been in the movement my entire life. I dated an awesome fellow activist in the movement for a number of years, was single when I wrote that piece, and am involved in another relationship with another fantastic libertarian male currently.

    I don’t have issues finding eligible suitors. I just happen to have a lot of male friends who ask my advice about women.

    “Libertarianism used to be about teaching, educating, and discussing, in depth, the nature of government and statism.”

    I write on that subject all the time as well, but you seem to have no interest in context.

    Thanks for reading my article and sharing it. I’m sure some of your readers could use the advice. :)

    Avens O’Brien

  13. I also thought this was rich:

    “Women were almost non-existent in the movement. Now libertarianism has blown up and become a household term, and, like anything that becomes popular, women have to jump on the bandwagon that men created and put in their 2 cents. ”

    Men didn’t create libertarianism. Three women did.

    Their names were Isabel Paterson, Ayn Rand & Rose Wilder Lane.


    Again, with the lack of knowledge of history.

    1. Michael says:

      Why call yourself a libertarian feminist? Why not just call yourself a feminist?

      1. Because I’m a libertarian…

    2. Wayne Simmons says:

      Avens, Ayn Rand opposed Feminism, and Libertarianism. You should spend more time getting a deeper understanding of Liberty. To an Individualist, Feminism is anathema. It’s, at best, totally superfluous. I can defend individual rights for women without a need to reference it. Feminists have always been collectivists. Susan B Anthony, and Elizabeth Stanton opposed extending voting rights to Blacks. Once women got the vote, notice how women didn’t want to be treated equally with men? Did they want to be drafted into war? Did they immediately advocate banning of the draft? No. Instead, many shamed men into enlisting (White Feather Movement). You’re like many Libertarians, intellectually confused.

      1. You clearly haven’t read up on the extensive history of libertarian feminism.

        I linked elsewhere above.

        I’m thoroughly familiar with Ayn Rand (who was an Objectivist, not a Libertarian), and the fact that Tonie Nathan (the VP candidate for LP in 1972) founded the Association of Libertarian Feminists in 1973.

        Don’t tell me I don’t know libertarian history. I grew up on it. Kthx.

  14. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ The last relationship I had with a female was terminated because her peers, friends, & relatives didn’t approve of me. As the feminist cunt states that “whining about not being able to get lad is an instant turn off”, this is also linked to female collectivism. I just recently got involved with a female (only some initial kissing though before she got bored or something typical to female hypergamy) because I lied that I already had a girlfriend. ♂

    1. You appear to date shitty people if this is what happens to you. What are you putting out to attract that? Or what do you go for?

      Nobody wants anyone’s rejects. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with “collectivism”. We observe who others perceive as valuable. We’re social animals. Men & women.

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