men compared to women

You Are a Hero, and That's Your Problem.

You Are a Hero
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  1. CS MGTOW says:

    hey JTO, what an excellent post. I love the bit about sitting in traffic to work in a soul crushing job to help meet here bills. I have unfortunately been there and it is a sad, lonely and depressing place. Thankfully those days are now a distant memory.

  2. Dan Slezak says:

    Great read, JTO! Thank you!

  3. Frank says:

    I consider myself more like the anti-hero/noble archetypes – I do have a code of honor (it’s not society’s code, but nonetheless I have one) and I care about certain people (but *only* certain people – no “the greater good” or any such nonsense), but I ultimately live my life for myself first and put my interests ahead of all others. There’s strong desire in me to just sit back, watch the world burn and then pick up the pieces once it’s all over so that I can build something superior to this running joke of a social order that exists today.

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