On Circumcision

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  1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    Speaking for myself, my foreskin never gave me health problems or got me rejected by women. Everyday I count myself fortunate for having parents that had the good sense to not mutilate me. My father was a doctor, so he knew that having a foreskin wasn’t even an issue. Thank you.

  2. N.T. says:

    I liked your counter argument to “it’s ugly/ women prefer it that way” by comparing it to liposuction etc.

  3. bob loblaw says:

    I saw a clip from Sex and the City where this chick was complaining about how gross it was to fuck an uncircumcised guy. Then they all agreed they would get their babies circumcised.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      Misandric show is misandric.

      1. big_red01027 says:

        Corollary: toxic women are toxic.

  4. numero uno says:

    this might be useful gentlemen

  5. BluDStaynD MGTOW says:

    The circumcision issue is so complex that its concerns are multifaceted in sex, religion, culture, gender, embryology & anatomy, pathology as well as ethics. Traditionalism plays an enormous part as well and in my observation, it acts as biosocial engineering, hence its implementation into various Abrahamic societies, there appears to be an abstract nature to circumcision, a gravitation towards obsessing with ideologic constructions.

  6. PontificusPinion says:

    Yep, rather than “fat shaming”, we actually have foreskin shaming as a cultural norm. We don’t live in a “rape culture”, we actually live in a cock cutting culture. It’s a societal sickness and mental pathogen that needs to be eradicated. See also my response here regarding a gay adult man considering circumcision:

    1. BluDStaynD MGTOW says:

      Well, in every infant circumcision the foreskin (which is fused to the glans) is PENETRATED and TORN. Some circumcision include the doctor eliciting erection to make the penis easier to guesstimate how much preputial tissue to remove.

      A child’s sexuality is changed forever.

    2. IntactivistJedi says:

      Actually we do live in a rape culture, because genital mutilation is rape.

  7. Joey Kira says:

    I disagree with you on the aesthetics of the vagina — as long as its well-groomed and cleaned and not abnormally fleshy, nothing turns me on more. That said, this is a great article with valid points.

    1. Rose says:

      It’s actually even more repulsive when it’s not shaved. The vagina looks like its full of viscera just read to dangle out of two small, pink cushions. They may feel great but they look absolutely horrible.

  8. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

    “As to the hygienic benefit, Is it outside the realm of possibility that surgically excising a part of a woman’s labia could theoretically result in a more hygienic vagina? or a decreased rate of std infection among women? ”

    Not only is it within the realm of possibility but its exactly why women are more prone to STIs than men are. Still, its a cruel, barbaric, and backward practice – male or female.

    1. IntactivistJedi says:

      That’s not true. Intact men in Europe are not more prone to STI’s than mutilated men in America. In many cases, they are actually less. The difference between men and women is the same in Europe in which MGM is not practiced: rates of UTI’s and other infections are much higher among women than men. It has nothing to do with mutilation or lack thereof. Intact female anatomy is much more prone to infection than intact male anatomy.

  9. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

    The cut penis may look better, but the natural penis provides more pleasure to women. Women who have experienced both attest to this. The natural penis glides and rocks rhythmically, the cut penis rams, which can be painful.

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