Bolitas: Why Men Are Modifying Their Members For Women

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  1. N.T. says:

    my face when reading through the article

    1. vortex says:


  2. anotherbastard says:

    Fascinating expansion from the topic of circumcision. As we all are aware though, the true hardships men endure for female approval are the dangerous occupations and windows of violence that men of lesser means must endure.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    Great picture Bar! Did you make it or was it already like that?

  4. Darth Sin says:

    I am from Southeast Asia and was made aware of this practice when it studied the history of Philippines.

    It absolutely disgusted me and made me not want to give a shit about pursuing Southeast Asian women forever.

  5. Lord of minerals says:

    I had an apadravya, two dydoes, and a frenulum many years ago (pre-MGTOW). I think they might be describing an apadravya in the quoted text.

    … How far I had fallen…

    How much I had to climb…

    I can say that it came from a place of insecurity in my case in the past. I’m in the top 15th percentile of penis sizes but it was never enough. It reminds me of the series “Powered by Orgasm” that Barbar did awhile back – communing with the female void – it’s never enough. I found it to be an empty pursuit.

    The fact that I was willing to further mutilate my already mutilated member (I was circumcised after birth), only serves to show how indoctrinated I had been. It is as though male pleasure is something to be cut away and disregarded in the eyes of society.

    It’s an effort to recondition myself away from that thinking that was hammered into me from a young age.

    ugh. What a waste. I was literally and figuratively pouring myself into the void. It was a dark time in my life.

    Well… in any case, thanks barbarossaaaa, it’s been four years since I discovered GWW (through Stefan Molyneux, through Ayn Rand five years ago), then, ultimately, you (then Stardusk) in quick succession. You were instrumental in my overcoming what might be called gynocentric thinking (though it goes much deeper than that). There’s still latent shame about my dick, though – it’s a highly conditioned response. My sympathies to any man, still unawakened, who is caught in the cycle of shame and shaming and guilt. Even though sometimes JtO pisses me off, I’m reminded of his excellent point about “manginas” still being men, and that shame is not useful in breaking the cycle (to paraphrase heavily).

    It’s a powerful thing – shame… I guess it has to be. There’s no other way to have an equal and opposite reaction to male freedom, than to have the most powerful yoke. I just hope we don’t pull that yoke into space exploration – it would be sad if men reached for the stars while still being tethered to sexual shame, being powered by orgasm, so to speak. It is a noxious fuel that doesn’t burn cleanly, if I may wax poetic about that which motivates us as men.

    I hope this comment finds you well.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. Kurt Owens says:

    There’s a video on YouTube called “An Elephant in The Hospital” that debunks ( all the bullshit that says MGM is beneficial, there are no benefits to circumcision only disadvantages , to mutilating a male’s genitals. Also I’d like to add that there’s a company called Foregen ( ) that’s working on regenerating foreskin using stem cells. I hope you read this bar bar.

  7. BluDStaynD MGTOW says:

    Lets not forget the manual stretching some men do to elongate their penises at the cost of damaging blood vessels, causing neuropathies and tears.

  8. Rikus says:

    I live in south africa – where can I get this done??

  9. PDXDiamond says:

    Interesting article but it was hard to get past the appalling statement “Just like pornography, female pleasure is at the heart of male sexuality”. Sorely uninformed opening. The vast majority of women in porn have a history of sexual abuse and they’re reenacting this trauma out in demeaning acts where their pleasure isn’t even on the map! Look at the themes of porn and how the women make theatrical faces and noises for the camera and really honestly tell me women are AT ALL considered. Have a candid convo w/ the women in your life and get back to me. Real men don’t find women being abused and demeaned sexy. Rethink, Max Hydrogen.

    1. Duom says:

      Dumbass, he’s talking about the porn itself not the background history of those porn women

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