MGTOW is selfish (and so is parenthood)

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  1. Mask says:

    Hm… short RBK wasn’t expecting that. But, nice article it highlights the lack of self awareness the traditional mindset carries. And the hypocrisy of people calling MGTOW selfish for not signing the lotto ticket called marriage.

  2. Pellaeon says:


    That’s one of the things that I’ve thought quite a lot about: would I really want to pass on my psoriasis and my family’s history of mental and emotional disorders? We are just different – myself and all of my siblings, we just don’t perceive things the same way as the bar majority of our peers. Do I really want to put someone else through that struggle?

    I feel like it’s finally starting to pay off for me… But it may not work out for any offspring I bring into the world. Especially if he/she inherits the BPD that my aunt and cousin have. Right now, in thinking I won’t sire a child.

  3. Cosmic Muffin says:

    Fantastic article. I would alter this line:

    “We were brought into this world by either the selfish wants of our parents or the irresponsibility of our parents.”

    I agree with these but there’s a third option, and it’s no better.

    Or by the ignorant conservative values of our parents that made sense ten thousand years ago. People mention that without childbirth our species will die, but suggesting that even a tiny reduction in birth rate and population size is akin to destroying the species is ludicrous and should not be taken seriously. There’s also the matter of certain groups having children in order to outbreed ideological enemies but I won’t really get into that; let me elaborate on my core point.

    One of the problems with traditional cultural values is that they attempt to require child rearing of pretty much everybody. This is evident in the very premise of this article; people shame us for not having children because they view having children as something people have to do. The third option, after “wants kids selfishly” and “has kids by accident”, is “people who don’t even like kids but have them because they feel that they should”, and this “value” can actively lead to a worse society for everyone.

    It should be obvious that this is a one-way ticket to lousy parenting. Parents who never wanted to raise kids are naturally more likely to regret having kids, begrudge the kids, and blame them for “ruining our lives”. Even if the parents practice self control and are not outright abusive (acknowledging that a great deal of child abuse likely comes from parents in this category), there’s no way such an apathetic or bitter environment is the best way to raise children. If people who don’t like children make shitty parents, then clearly, it is in the best interest of children (and thus everyone) that people who do not want children be allowed and even encouraged to not have any f*cking children. Leave the parenting to the people who like kids; there are enough of us that the species will not die off any time soon.

  4. anotherbastard says:

    Nice. This reminds me of Stardusk(?)’s video on Anti-Natalism.

    “If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist? Would not a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation as to spare it the burden of existence, or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood?” ―Arthur Schopenhauer

  5. SisyphusBrah says:

    I have yet to hear a convincing ethical argument against anti natalism. Natalists are merely attempting to rationalize some meaning in their own biological drives, which incidentally (or maybe not so much) is the origin of a lot of, if not the majority of, ethics.

  6. Kaiser Puppydog says:

    It’s quite likely that most people have having kids are in fact unselfish, in that they don’t really like kids or want them. They are just doing it out of duty or to conform with others’ wishes and is damaging to a child. Can you imagine saying: “I never really wanted you out of selfish desire, I only had you because it was my duty and burden to do so.” Having a child is selfish only if it makes you happy and don’t view it as a sacrifice. Selfishness is moral, if you define it as pursuing your own interests, neither sacrificing yourself to others, or others to yourself.

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  8. not me says:

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