Women are already being replaced by Robots

replaced by Robots
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  1. Tim says:

    Phuck Women – Tim’s Response to Phemale Nature

    Patriarchy and White Knight Tom Foolery – Written almost entirely by Dr. Travis Bradberry, with Tim’s extremely limited, pretty much comical contribution.

    Tim’s Contribution:
    Women have already been mostly replaced by technology, which is why most men prefer video games and porn to the alternative. What’s the alternative? The gynocracy, her diseased phagina, male phinancial divorce rape, paternity phraud and the insanity of the phempocracy/pheminsts and the gynocracy.

    Dr. Bradberry’s contribution to men follows for the remainder:


    How To Blow Your Boss’s Mind
    Dr. Travis Bradberry

    We all want to get ahead. Still, even when it seems you’re doing everything right—you’re never late to work, rarely take a sick day, and always meet deadlines—promotions can be few and far between.

    You’re putting the work in, so why aren’t you getting rewarded? The answer is simple: you don’t get promoted for fulfilling your boss’s expectations.

    Your boss’s expectations are the price of entry. Even if you’re making a great effort and doing all that’s asked of you, you won’t stand out. You’ll be seen as someone who completes the minimum requirements, and no one who builds a great career is seen this way.

    The trick to advancing your career and getting paid more is to add value by making certain your contributions are worth more than you’re paid. You want to go above and beyond so that you’re seen as someone highly valuable—someone the organization can’t live without.

    You should aim to exceed your boss’s expectations so much that he feels like he’s the smartest guy in the world for hiring you.

    This isn’t as hard as it sounds. In fact, you can blow your boss’s mind in seven easy steps.

    Step 1: Beyond developing the skills you need for your job, learn about your company’s industry, competitors, latest developments, and challenges.

    Professional development is important, but why stop there? If you really want to blow your boss’s mind, soak up everything you can about your company and your industry. For example, if you’re an IT developer, instead of simply learning the current best practices in coding, learn how those practices are being applied throughout your industry.

    Transferring your knowledge to the real-world context of your organization is a great way to add value. On top of knowing how to do your job, it shows that you know why you’re doing it and why it matters.

    Step 2: Instead of always having the answer, pre-empt the question.

    It’s a good feeling when you can answer your boss’s questions on the spot, without shuffling through piles of paper or telling her that you’ll have to get back to her. But if you really want to blow her mind, pre-empt the question. Anticipate what she wants to stay on top of, and send her regular updates. You’ll save her time and energy, and she’ll appreciate that just as much as your enthusiasm.

    Step 3: Instead of owning up to mistakes once they’re discovered, bring them to light yourself.

    Accountability is a lost art. Too many people try to cover up their mistakes, fearing the repercussions of admitting fault. Show your boss that you’re not afraid to own up to your mistakes, and he’ll be amazed. When you make a mistake, just give your boss a simple heads-up, and have a solution ready. Even better, tell him the steps you’ve already taken to mitigate the problem.

    Everyone makes mistakes. You’ll stand out by showing your boss that you’re accountable, creative, and proactive when you inevitably make them.

    Step 4: Instead of asking for training, do it on your own.

    Typical career advice is to ask your boss to send you to classes and workshops to improve your skills. But we’re not talking about what’s typical; we’re talking about blowing your boss’s mind. Pursue training yourself, on your own time. It doesn’t have to be expensive; there are plenty of online courses available free or close to free. While everybody else is asking the boss to send them to training, you can tell her what you’ve already done, and your initiative will be rewarded. You’ll save the company money and get ahead, and expand your skillset at the same time.

    Step 5: Instead of doing what you’re told, be proactive.

    Anybody (well, almost anybody) can do what they’re told. To blow your boss’s mind, you have to be proactive. If you see a problem, fix it. If you see something that needs doing, do it. Put together a how-to guide for new hires, document your processes and figure out where you can streamline them, or do whatever else you can think of to make a difference.

    Bosses appreciate vision more than anything. They love it when you see what could be useful to the company over the long term—and don’t forget to tell your boss about it. It’s only “kissing up” if you do it manipulatively or with the intention of making your co-workers look bad. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning your accomplishments.

    Step 6: Build relationships with other departments.

    It’s practically guaranteed that, at some point, your department will need help or input from another area. An excellent way to blow your boss’s mind is to build relationships throughout the company. Person-to-person interactions are almost always more effective than department-to-department exchanges. You can make your boss’s day by saying, “Why don’t I take care of that for you? I know someone who can get that done for us right away.”

    Step 7: Be the calm one in a crisis.

    Few things get your boss’s attention like your ability to weather a storm. Whether it’s conflict between people, everyone freaking out over a rule change, or what have you, make certain that you’re the one who remains calm, composed, and in control of your emotions. Your composure and ability to think clearly during a crisis demonstrates leadership potential, and leaders get promoted.

    Bringing It All Together

    The people who achieve the most are those who add the most value. Business is, after all, about making a profit. You want your boss and the company to know that they’re getting a great return on the time and money they’re investing in you.


  2. Tony says:

    As long as females remain parasitic instead of symbiotic like they should be, male invention and innovation is very unlikely to happen.

  3. Tim says:

    You know – now that women are logging dozens of false accusations (rape, dv, etc) daily, maybe it’s about time men start taking names and going after these whoores.

    You know what I mean? Instead of lying down and taking it, maybe we should go on the attack. What if men started not only identifying women who lodged the false claims, but started taking care of them as well? That would most certainly prevent false accusations, would it not? The white knights aren’t going to protect men, are they? Women just want men dead, don’t they?

    Who’s with me? If you have a claim, present it to me. Paying alimony and child support unfairly? Present your claim to me. Did a woman destroy your life with a false accusation? Present your claim. I need names and addresses. I’m capable of fixing your problems.

    Let’s fight women’s pathological narcissism and sociopathy with the same, shall we? Let’s ruin women’s lives the way they ruin men’s lives, shall we?

    1. Tim says:

      We could have the college kangaroo courts that destroy the lives of innocent men, and the men’s kangaroo courts that annihilate the lives of the man-hating college administrators.

      That’s fair, right? If college campus admins can form their own legal system against men, why can’t men form their own legal system to destroy college admins? The college kangaroo courts could disappear men and our org’s kangaroo court could disappear the college admins.

      We could call it, “The Society of Men Formed to Destroy Misandric College Admins”

      1. Tim says:

        One of the best ways to handle this man-hating situation is this:

        Each time a woman files a sexual assault or rape claim which bypasses the police and holds misandric kangaroo court, notification goes out and all males on campus. All males on campus could then file sexual assault and/or rape claims against the college admins (especially the female college admins).

        The nightmare that follows will end the man-hating kangaroo courts and force women to file their false claims with the police – which creates the proper situation in which women filing false claims are later imprisoned.

    2. That is not advisable. You’ll get thrown in jail, and you’ll get all of MGTOW targeted as a domestic terrorist group.

    3. Plasma Mongoose says:

      There is no need for any violence, in part because it would only feed the feminist narrative that men are evil misogynists, a better thing would be to make sure that as many men as possible know who these false-accusing women are so men can avoid her like the plague, after all what man would want to risk going out with a women who will likely to falsely accuse you of rape, thus ruining your life.

      TL;DR – Identify these false-accusers and put them on dating blacklists, they deserve to become lifelong spinsters.

  4. MgToW says:

    “maybe it’s about time men start taking names and going after these whoores…Instead of lying down and taking it, maybe we should go on the attack. What if men started not only identifying women who lodged the false claims, but started taking care of them as well? Let’s fight women’s pathological narcissism and sociopathy with the same, shall we? Let’s ruin women’s lives the way they ruin men’s lives, shall we?” – Tim

    While I love your enthusiasm, I don’t see the system responding the same way to men’s complaints as women’s. Men speaking up TRUTHFULLY can get thrown under the bus or, at best, half blamed for the lying cunt’s accusations and trouble making.

    I have some personal experience with this:

    I worked at a place where a new hire female literally threatened, out loud, to multiple people, that she could LIE and “just sue” for sexual harassment, racial discrimination and/or sexual discrimination if she wanted to to get out of trouble or to punish people she didn’t like. This may sound like a joke but it’s not (I wish it was)! This bitch literally BRAGGED about INVENTING false accusations to many people and everyone heard it from her mouth and knew it. Management, supervisors and coworkers all heard her on multiple occasions and we all wondered why she wasn’t fired. There was a 3-6 month trial period at this company wherein they could terminate you with no questions asked but despite her red flags, she stayed on. I was present during conversations with the manager asking him why he didn’t fire her and he just hemmed and hawed. I have to assume he understood he would look like an “oppressor or women” if he fired her and that courts would view him with suspicion.

    The time came when she blatantly harassed me on camera (she grabbed by balls). I walked directly into the manager and told him of the incident and that we were on camera and nothing was done…….she grabbed my balls on camera and nothing was done! Stop and think for one minute what would happen to a man that grabbed a woman’s vagina on camera!

    ……So, with a system that so blatantly coddles females and sweeps their BS under the rug, what good does it do to ask that same system to change it’s ways?

    I’m not saying I have all the answers, I’m just sharing my personal observation which seems commonplace, not unique. In the scenario I described, I didn’t press the issue because others were doing that already with no success. Maybe my pressing the issue would have helped but I don’t think so. I saw no indication that it would which is why I didn’t. I just got back to being as useful to the company as I could!

    I DO however like your idea of men communicating with each other on an individual level to at least be on guard for these women! Maybe there is a way we can help our fellow males by banding together and speaking more openly about it, at least among ourselves.

    I’ve seen first hand how female false accusations are so accepted at the highest levels. I don’t think it’s news to them. I think they know perfectly well what’s going on. Threatening lawsuits of our own does sound like a good idea except I hate the thought of making judges and lawyers richer and that particular battlefield also happens to be where men are weakest!

    Again, I love your sentiments and your enthusiasm, I’m just not optimistic about it turning out well for men. Sorry if my post sounds negative. I’ve just seen too much to have faith in either government, the law or corporations being ANY help to males in these matters.

    1. Yeah the system is too corrupt to fix at this point. Just do what you can, and watch out for yourself. It will eventually collapse, and the system will re-balance itself once again.

    2. Darth Sin says:

      Taking an individual based initiative as opposed to a state based one, is the way forward IMO.

  5. Paul M says:

    A washing machine, by any reasonable definition, is a robot.

  6. Ray Manta says:

    In answer to this comes the proverbial “sex robot”, but such technology, especially if we are considering overcoming the uncanny valley,.


    There’s plenty of doubt that the uncanny valley even exists as is currently understood. Some features of robots may be off-putting but they aren’t necessarily tied in to how close to realism they are. From my own standpoint, the videos of female robots I’ve seen don’t trigger the “creeped-out” feeling at all.

    and making an android that is convincingly human, is generations away

    Interactive VR porn is much closer to competing with women sexually than sexbots are (in a matter of years). And I have my doubts convincing, reasonably-priced sexbots are even one generation away (in first world countries a single generation can be close to 30 years).

  7. Aaron says:

    “Continue to enforce “gender equality” by forcing companies to hire less qualified women. This will cause the companies to “go their own way” and move overseas, as well as pass along their higher labor and lower productivity costs along to their customers, which will mean a lower standard of living for everyone.”

    As far as I can tell, this is what TPP is all about. As labor inputs are too costly here for obvious reasons.

  8. Pat says:

    Sex robots should be here now, and in fact, there are numerous human ministerial functions robots should be able to do for humans to streamline the shortages in supply and demand that humans face, for men, and for women.

    Incubator babies may well be one of them for heterosexual or homosexual couples, given that cloning, and in vitro fertilization is possible already. sex for pleasure rather than procreation may become the instant gratification safer method of sexuality in the future given the degree of coercion, trafficking, and prostitution demand that causes these crimes. why not do it with robots instead of humans?

    Human versatility and innovation knows few boundaries based on human history, and people pursue profit endlessly for survival, and luxury. There is no innate morality or spirituality concerning machines and their use. No biblical complement!

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