Paternity Fraud and IVF

Paternity Fraud and IVF
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  1. Dan Slezak says:

    Yup! And its stateside as well. Uterus be damned, we want our wallets back, ladies!


  2. Darth Sin says:

    It just goes to show that regardless of technological advancements, biological-based behavior will almost always trump the day.

  3. Elsario says:

    Just wait until the first major case brought by a woman against a man occurs for paternity fraud via IVF, then everyone will be talking about how unfair it is and how the law needs to be changed to address this. Just to be clear, I’m talking about a man using IVF to impregnate his unsuspecting wife with another woman’s fertilized eggs, after which she goes on to carry the child to term, and raise it as her own, not realizing until many years later (and after getting her tubes tied) that it’s not actually her child.

    IVF allows for paternity fraud to be committed by either the man or woman, yet it has been curiously one-sided.

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